Video: Syrian Rebels Destroy a Government Fighter Jet

Check out this footage of Syrian rebels using an antitank weapon to destroy a Syrian government fighter jet sitting just outside its hardened aircraft shelter. Yup, it looks like the rebels used an antitank missile to hit what looks like a Mig-23 Flogger (maybe it’s a Mig-29 fulcrum or Mig-25 Foxbat — it sure has a boxy shape and huge engines).

Enjoy the video after the jump, and forgive the camera man’s shaky hands.

  • Tim

    It looked like they missed the target…

    • Bill

      with what the security looks like at this Air base, they could have probably just went up to it and set it on fire.

  • David Cenciotti

    Here you can find some additional information about the Mig-23MS hit at Abu-Dhahur airbase:…

  • dddd

    Worst. Cameraman. Ever.

    • Brian Black

      That’s just the raw footage. Post-production this’ll look like saving private Ryan.

    • Jamesy

      Agreed, but my hands might be a little shaky too if I went down the road here and fired a missile at the air force base.

  • m167A1

    Hit the HAS behind the A/C, likley damaged it …

    Um not the best AB security… Looks like the PTA attacking……

  • oppervlakkig

    No way that’s a Fulcrum or Foxbat. I momentarily doubted between a MiG-23 or a MiG-21 due to the rather high lifted nose, but I think that’s because of the bad quality. It has clearly one engine and what appears to be a huge tail-fin. Ergo: a MiG-23.

  • TMB

    Are Syrian airbases so spread out or undefended that those guys could be so casual about attacking it? For the first minute, I thought they were getting ready to go fishing. I half expected one of those guys to crack open a beer with them just standing around next to their cars. The situation didn’t appear to be remotely dangerous until they ran up on the bunker and a few shots rang out. And I’m not forgiving that cameraman. How hard is it to the damn thing pointed straight? I got dizzy.

  • Sean

    Dude holding the camera must have parkinson’s or something.

    • Insig

      He’s just scared S**tless. Notice how it gets shakier as the video goes on.

      • TMB

        It’s not the shaking, it’s the constantly pointing down that is disorienting.

        • ziv

          Insig is right, the guy is scared shitless and just ran up a hill for the first time since he was 12 or so. The drops are due to him looking up at the security guys and/or over at the gunner. He had the camcorder zoomed in as far as it would go and everything was compounded by the extreme zoom. I would have been scared shi***** too. The guards may be amateurs by American or European standards but they are plenty good at killing thousands of this guys fellow rebels.

  • grnich

    wikipaedia says this: On 7 March 2012, Syrian rebels used a 9K115-2 Metis-M antitank guided missile to destroy a Syrian Air Force MiG-23MS while parked at Abu-Dhahur air base

    • oppervlakkig

      But what is the source of the Wikipedia info?

    • ffjbentson

      I found the shot site on Google Earth. It is at:
      35 43′ 36.65″N 37 04’40.71″E
      It looks like it was a 2,730 foot range shot or just over a half mile.

  • Liv

    It looked like they missed, but I’m sure the debris from the bunker that smothered the plane and most likely got into the engines would have made it hard-down for quite a bit.

  • johnny d

    Metis-M for sure, probably Mig 23, or SU 24 given the single engine and wings. Cameramen flinched after that Metis went off, it has an incredible concussive force once fired. i have known people blow their eardrums out standing next to Metis being fired. 127-130mm rocket, not the most humane thing for the operator to use, typical soviet design.

    • oppervlakkig

      Su-24 has 2 engines.

  • MrGoodKat

    AT-13 Saxhorn-2 (NATO designation for the Russian 9K115-2 Metis-M Anti-tank)

  • Mr.T

    torn up; many hours of repair needed … good job

  • Lance

    Its a MiG-23 and they missed it and hit the aircraft shelter above it. while fragments of the shelter damaged the MiG i doubt its destroyed. Poor marksmanship and tactics by the rebels.

    • MrGoodKat

      It’s actually a MiG-25… As you can see in the video, the plane has 2 vertical tail fins while a MiG-23 only has 1.

      • oppervlakkig

        It has only one tail fin, and thereby it has only one engine and I doubt this painting scheme is used at MiG-25’s. So sorry, no, it is not a MiG-25, it is a MiG-23.

  • steve

    It takes a lot of hell to fight, as a civilian, for freedom. Particularly as untrained. (Not to take away from soldiers - just to make the point of the hell when you ARE trained let alone untrained). Shows how important FREEDOM is!!!! Should be mandatory education in American schools!

    • jhm

      weapons in the hands of us americans? untrained? teens? duuuude

      • blight_

        Clearly the point is to train.

        The second amendment mentions militias…and we all know what militias are.

  • Richard

    Watch the youtube for a bigger video…
    Pause it at 0326. To me it is quite clearly a mig23.


    Way to waste a kornet. Btw that was a mig23 or a 27.

    • blight_

      Better to kill aircraft on the ground than in the air.

    • oppervlakkig

      Syria does not have MiG-27’s…

      • Riceball

        Regardless of what exact model of plane it is/was, what the hell was it doing sitting outside of its shelter like that virtually unguarded. As someone previously posted, our civilian airports have more security than this Syrian military airbase. Whoever is in charge of the base is a real genius or an opposition sympathizer because, why build hardened aircraft shelter when you don’t bother parking your planes in them?

  • citanon

    Are those guys unloading the missiles from the back of a new Porsche Cayenne? They are better financed than I thought!

    • citanon

      Nevermind it’s not. No idea what that car is.

    • blight_

      Hard to say. Cars for different markets can have different lights and such.

      I’m leaning towards a Kia or Hyundai, but it might even be something you don’t see in America, like a European vehicle.

      • citanon

        You’re right, it’s a Vera Cruz I think.

        • citanon

          By a vera cruz I meant a Tucson……

  • paperpushermj

    Didn’t you see the guy standing behind the missile at launch.

  • Glockster20

    I think they missed

  • Kski

    Either they missed or the it did little damage

  • ffjbentson

    I found the shot site on Google Earth. It is at:
    35 43′ 36.65″N 37 04’40.71″E
    It looks like it was a 2,730 foot range shot or just over a half mile.

  • MGC

    and these are the same gents who have sold loads of gear to their Hezbo and Hamas cousins and yet we all root for them and label them friends yeh right.

    • Jay

      No, the Assad regime supports Hezb’Allah and Hamas. These guys are against Assad. However, many of the rebels seem to be allied with the muslim brotherhood, which is not so good for the long term prospects if you want democracy or freedom.

    • SL44

      The rebels sold no such gear to those political groups, the rebels themslves are very low on any type of weapon, in fact, those groups you mentioned are allies of the Syrian government, which are the ones these rebels are fighting against. It’s amazing how you could post such a rediculous comment.

  • JES

    Hell yes, I root for them and anybody else fighting for their freedom just as we did in our American Revolution. Extremely important we support them. Actually in the long run for OUR survival

    • passingby

      LOL. Those aren’t freedom fighters; they are NATO/US armed thugs doing it for money. It’s the same script used on Libya. It’s geopolitical game for land grab and control of oil fields.

      The real freedom fighters are those protesters in the Occupy movement, like Occupy Wall Street.

      None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.
      — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

      The above quote is a perfect fit for the vast majority of Americans today.

      • jamFRIDGE

        Did you really just call “Occupy Wall Street” freedom fighters? You know they quit their jobs so they could protest being jobless?

        • passingby

          Let me guess … You got that from some presstitutes on FOX, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC or CNBC???

          • jamFRIDGE

            You left MSLSD (MSNBC) off of your list. Are they to be considered truthful, then?

          • passingby

            of course not. can’t you recognize the “NBC” in “MSNBC”? both belong to the same owner

          • crackedlenses

            passingintoinsanity gets all his news from YouTube. Go figure?…..

      • ffjbentson

        Hay passingby by your own analogy I guess that makes you and all the OWS people communist propagandized thugs doing it for Carl Marx, because all you want is more government handouts given to you off the backs of the real hard working people in the U.S. It’s the same script used on China, Cuba and North Korea. It’s geopolitical game for land grab and control of peoples personal freedom. You like quotes here is one for ya from me:

        “No armed man will be enslaved, for if the enslaver makes the attempt he will feel no more, as the expanding lead exits his cranial cavity releasing his gray matter from the confines’ of his skull.” Bentson12 Chapter 6 Verse 19

        • passingby

          LOL. To summarize your post: BS

      • @GONZ0HUNTER

        which guy was nato? …..oya….none had military training or they would have taken some cover instead of standing on a hill so as to be in the most easily seen position.

    • Jay

      If they were “fighting for their freedom just as we did” then I would agree.

      You should understand that “Freedom” to the jihadi types means the ability to put in a muslim theocracy, or at least a consitution based on the Koran, and oppress women and minorities. While some Syrians want American style freedom, as we saw in Egypt the muslim brotherhood types have the numbers, money, and power.

      We are better off supporting the rebels just enough so they can be a nasty thorn in Assad’s side, since Assad is allies with Iran. But if these guys actually win the long term outcome is not going to be freedom or democracy and apple pie. They will probably ethnically cleanse the alawites and shiites first…

  • JJMurray

    Looks like they missed the A/C to me and no it isn’t a MIG-25.

  • Chuck

    Worst camera man EVER. Really take that camera away and kick him in the dick

  • Uranium238

    Meh. It’s only a MIG-23.

  • JackBlack

    It is very hard to confuse mig 29 or 25 with a single tale swing wing 23.
    Also they could have hit it with a rock from that distance, or with a mortar right across the hill, without even being seen.

    • Josh

      I think is was much farther that it seems in the video since the camera was on zoom.

  • bob

    syrian rebels with an anti tank weapon carried around in their, wait for it, porsche 4 wheel drive…are these the wealthiest rebels in the middle east??!!

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  • JPE

    Direct hit into the planes most difficult and expensive to repair compartment, the cockpit. Professionally done, special forces type.

  • Jeff Nmi Ruiz

    I’ll join the rest of the choir and say that it looks like the missile/weapon missed its intended target.