What is Going on in China?

All these rumors of a coup in China this week have been good for one thing here at DT, this pic of the what appear to be the PLA’s fairly new Type 05 mobile howitzers painted in digital camouflage. The vehicles pictured are largely believed to not be part of any coup force, they seem to have just been posted online as the rumor frenzy built.

Still, chatter has been flying about this coup for days now. It would be nice if Beijing could just let us know that all’s well in the authoritarian state.

While an actual coup hasn’t happened — as far as anyone can tell — something big has apparently gone down in Beijing.

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  1. Pics are from a parade in 2010. Nothing new in China.

  2. confirmed

  3. I’ll cut off my Johnson if there is a coup going on in China!

    • Your Johnson is safe then. I’ve seen plenty of similar ultra-lame BS from Taiwan over the years. The “news” isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. The writers seem to be copying Fox, Rush Limbaugh, or their ilk.

  4. I once had a Falungong member tell me that in every person, there is a small TV in the belly that can be turned on through thought alone. Not the first wacko Falungong member I’ve met either I’m sure there are sane members, but all the ones I’ve met have been a bit crazy.

    • How sane can a Falun Gong cult member be? They remind me of members of the

      Boxer rebellion during the pathetic Ch’ing Dynasty, who believed that they could become

      bullet-proof by performing some idiotic rituals and believing in Jesus Christ. Well, to their

      surprise, laws of physics trumped their idiotic rituals and Jesus Christ every time.

      • crackedlenses | March 23, 2012 at 11:14 pm | Reply

        Uh, the Boxers hated foreigners and their Christian faith. One of their biggest targets were missionaries. If anything Jesus Christ was probably guiding the bullets of the Western soldiers cleaning their clocks…..

        • the cocaine is talking again. or is it heroin? have a nice Friday evening with your beloved pipe.

        • passingby got the Boxers mixed up with the Taiping rebellion of the 1840’s, led by a guy who claimed to be Jesus Christ’s little brother.

          • You are right. I got them mixed up. Stand corrected. Thanks.

          • You are wrong again, keep up the good fails.

          • well, I’ve been diligently studying how LMT engineers are doing it on the F-35. It might take a few years, but thanks for the encouragement. Be sure to follow my posts closely. LOL

      • Are you sure? See, I was told by a FLG member that there is a “wheel” inside each person that can “spin” on command from the founder of FLG, and this spinning gives you good karma, or something’…

        Scientology all of sudden feels sane.

        • Clearly Falun Gong has an evangelical sect that believes in TVs instead of spinning wheels, based on a reinterpretation of a particular passage…

        • Jeff, please refer that FLG member to the nearest Church of Scientology.

          Is it fair to say that the FLG founder has more power than the Pope and the Buddha? Thanks to his good karma, many FLG members are currently in jail. In a country that can seriously use some eugenics, the FLG founder may prove to be a blessing.

  5. Nothing happening another military parade in Beijing BIG DEAL Yawn!! Digi camo on Vehicles is a laugh with thermal sights and laser targeting system Digi camo is a waste in paint LOL.

  6. Of course the pictures are fake, and irrelevant (what good is a SP howitzer in a urban coup, anyway?), but the real story is that something is going on in Beijing, even if all we can get right between the state-controlled Chinese Media and the farcically inept US media are unsubstantiated rumors.

    And this is a big deal, between the global economic crisis finally hitting the ground in China, Bo Xilai’s fall from grace, the North Korean transition, and uncertainty about what the US is going to do in Afghanistan and Iran in the coming months, China maybe nearing a critical point.

    The real tech angle, anyway, is how useful China’s censorship apparatus is in controlling the Chinese people’s and international community’s perception of whatever is unfolding right now in Beijing.

  7. Dig the white-painted rims…why bother with the digital camo?

  8. Coup in china, yeah right, what have you been smoking, please share.
    In the other news Nixon is still president.

    You know how a coup would end, big square and a bullet in the back.

  9. matheusdiasuk | March 23, 2012 at 12:50 am | Reply

    Good were the time when we could just ignore it. Or send the Navy, if british.

  10. Interesting. The turret looks like rip-off of a Russian MSTA-S howitzer.

    • crackedlenses | March 23, 2012 at 11:16 pm | Reply

      No kidding. Could it be a an upgraded form of the Type 83, perhaps?…..

      • PLZ-05

    • Interesting…a lot of military equipment looks like Russian equipment hmmm

  11. Nothing is going on in China. Uninformed speculation is happening on the internet.

  12. So has the coup started yet? Or has it already been completed? I’d love to see whose heads are rolling. LOL

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