Air Force May Reopen Light Attack Contest

Well, after the Air Force cancelled its award to Brazil-based Embraer for 20 Super Tucano light attack planes, the Pentagon has apparently told Brazilian officials that there will be another chance to supply the Pentagon with turboprop-driven attack aircraft.

Late last month, the Air Force canceled a relatively small contract — $355 million —  with Embraer and Sierra Nevada Corporation for 20 Super Ts, after hinting that the service made some errors in the contracting process.

Remember, the Super T beat out Hawker Beechcraft’s AT-6 in the Air Force’s light attack contest that was aimed at helping build up the nascent Afghan air force.

It looks like the two firms will have the chance to go at it again, according to an AFP:

The United States has told Brazilian aircraft maker Embraer that it will reopen bidding for 20 light support planes after canceling a contract with the company, a Brazilian minister said Friday.

“They did not give official notice, but informally, they said: ‘Wait for another tender, we are expecting a new tender,'” Industry and Trade Minister Fernando Pimentel told journalists.

Washington assured Embraer that “there will be another round, there will be another tender,” he added.

30 Comments on "Air Force May Reopen Light Attack Contest"

  1. So, we're supplying aircraft for Afghanistan? I think We could use some Light Attack aircraft ourselves.

  2. The purpose of the airforce is to have manned bombers and fighters. All we need now is an enemy that will co operate with this strategy.

    The brass made it clear that they dont need the A-10, C-27, MC-12W, or a new JSTARS.

  3. Competition. It's not over until the lawyers say it's over.

  4. The military procurement system is beginning to look like Fifty First Dates.

  5. chaos0xomega | March 26, 2012 at 2:22 pm | Reply

    Hopefully this time we don't end up paying 18 million dollars for a plane worth less than half that amount…

  6. tribulationtime | March 26, 2012 at 2:38 pm | Reply

    i´m sure boeing kc767 will win this time. Oppss sorry that was other open bid contract.

  7. By the time we actually get them we'll be out of Afghanistan and the mission planned for these.

  8. Let Karzai pick the aircraft he wants; and pay for it with the money we're already giving him, or pay for them with hisw drug money!

  9. Giving planes to a nations whose solders shoot our won is a biggest fupa in decade's. Let Afghanistan buy there own planes and spending millions we dont have to let foreign makers sell foreign planes to a nonfunctional nation is a waste of money. Let Karzi fend for himself and let him buy his own weapons.

  10. Can heat-seeking Shoulder launched SAM's track the exhaust of turboprops?

  11. here we go again, maybe this time all the right palms were greased and post retirement consulting contracts struck.

    they dont even care how rediculous they look anymore.

  12. Contest my ass. The Tucano is ready to go. Proven and can do the mission. The rest is sour grapes & flag waving.

  13. 1. Go down to Davis-Mothan
    2. De-Mothball about 200 Able Dogs (A1E Skyraider)
    3. Enjoy REAL Close Air Support!
    Just Cuz it's old don't make it any the less dangerous to the Opposition!

  14. An unbiased comparison not supplied by either manufacturer…

  15. No need for acompetition. 10 – 20 of each – DONE. No political bs, no loser whining they lost. Everyone wins and Afghan has an AF to be proud of finally and start defending against the Tali's

    Or am I making this too simple, easy and logical …

  16. Can we finally fire the Acquisitions leadership and revamp that command? How many mulligans can we give and at what cost?

  17. Folks I 'm gonna say that the a/c are gonna be American MADE….

    Second HTF can the Air Force get the a/c ready if the US is gonna be out of that country in no more than 2 years?

    Who is the Air Force gonna give these 20 American made piston a/c to?
    THEY ain't gonna keep them….

  18. rpbfinancial | March 28, 2012 at 1:55 am | Reply

    As long as this doesn't keep the tradition of supplying our future enemies i.e. North Vietnam before Vietnam War, Iraq before Iraqi War, Egypt undetermined, we keep the Saudis well equipped…

  19. Hawker-Beech T-6 aircraft has met and exceeded all requirements for the aircraft; bested the super tacano in every category, has produced hundreds of similar trainer aircraft for the US Air Force and Navy and international clients. All with no problems and total customer satisfaction. Why the tacano was chosen is open to question. What deals were made and whose palms greased?

  20. bert rhutan designed and tested a Fighter he called the mud fighter designed to get down and diry price around 1 million, sngle ofset jet with minny gun

  21. The WW2 warhorse P-51 Mustang was supposed to be this kind of aircraft after modifications. I saw it in one of those Flying magazines. It look quite interesting and potent. Why not bring back the P-51 Mustang (heavily modified) as a COIN aircraft.

  22. So "Made in America" is still not making a impact on our procurements and product control purchases…..stupid is as stupid does.

  23. We need a new Commander and Cheif to turn the ship around in the right directiton. This military cutback is reckless at a minumum, treason in light of treats our country faces, as we play politically correct to the Muzlim and knock down Christainity at every opportunity.

  24. USA should Train and give F15 to afghan air force if they want a strong Afghanistan

  25. USA should put sanction on Pakistan and not giving them a penny to use your money to help the Taliban and kill Americans in Afghanistan Pakistan is the nest of terrorism

  26. I got an easy plan for finishing Afghan war in one year which work prefect this is for American officials my plan is since every body knows by now that Pakistan is behind all these terrorist and Taliban and pakies are their supporter therefore each time that a Taliban attack or kill Afghan or American then USA and NATO should bomb in the heart of paki land including military installation and ISI headquarters then the next time the will think twice before sending suicide bomber to kill US and afghans also placing a tough sanction on Paki land

  27. USS ENTERPRISE | March 19, 2013 at 9:42 pm | Reply

    My question is why is the plane in the picture on a bed of cotton balls? Honestly, at least get a fog machine. As for light aircraft, I think it could/ would work. It did on the Top Gear team. Don't see why it won't work on some insurgents.

  28. are not helicopter a better option? the p-3's are gone. seems the jet engine is the future.

  29. these should be supplied to china, so when the chop suey hits the fan, we can easily take em out. like a turkey shoot.

  30. Our muslim-in chief, don't want to have the a10 to be used because his fuzzy-wuzzy's do not like it. it is way to effective….

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