Pic of the Day: Zumwalt Takes Shape

This great image shows the progress being made on the Navy’s first brand new destroyer design in decades, the USS Zumalt (DDG-100), as she is built at Bath Iron Works in Maine. That’s Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Jonathan Greenert standing in front of the ship. He and a handful of other dignataries were in Bath to celebrate the start of work on the second ZUmwalt class ship, DDG-1002.

Click through the jump to see a pic of the very first work being done on DDG-1002.

Click here to see DDG-1000’s keel laying ceremony a few months ago.


  • Joe

    I christen thee the USS Edsel.

  • dddd

    What was the cruiser going to be called?

  • P.J. Busche

    Regardless of those who may have negative thoughts about these new destroyers, I love the new 155mm naval gun that they all will be armed with.

  • moose

    Only 2/3rds of the hull is on the ways and she’s already bigger than most Surface Combatants at sea today.

    Bath Built Is Best Built

  • Jacques Daspy

    Does the US really need a “Blue Water” Navy? Is there any need to go further out than the 300 mile zone?

    • DGR

      Almost all of our international trade is done via water, why would we not want to protect that?

    • Pat

      Well “brown water” Navy is SWCC and that doesn’t cut it.

    • Kool Guy

      The US Navy is the last and only “Blue Water Navy” nowadays, if we don’t maintain one it will be too risky. Look at China, if they decide to go crazy in the Western Pacific who will response? And it sure seem like China will do something like that. Look at how China have dare to claim all of South China Sea, the open public sea that has tons of commerce transportation, and also an operation area of the US Navy.

      • Jayson

        True that. If the US pulls out from the SCS China and India would go bonkers on each other.

    • Tim

      What a silly question which came about 100 years late. It’s not all about “need” anymore. It is about tradition and legacy of this great nation.

    • Greg Donovan


    • tiger

      3/4th of the Planet is water. Ever hear of US lands like Guam, Puerto Rico, USVI?
      Yes, you need a blue water Navy.

    • Big-Rick

      No Jacques, the only thing we need is a bathtub navy….don’t be ridiculous

    • Chris

      It is how we control our interests around the world, project power, and keep the all too important trade lanes open.

    • TGR

      Seriously? Do you not realize how international affairs really works?

    • justin

      Have you EVER read a history book and much less drawn a mental line connecting dominant world power and Naval fleet size and capability?

  • dddd

    there is some evidence to suggest that the zumwalt class will, in the long run, be a much better option than the ddg-51s because, absent a major redesign, the arleigh burke’s will probably lack the necessary power capacity to run the AMDR and associated directed energy weapons. And, hopefully, a railgun.

  • TonyC

    This ship should have been designated a cruiser, it is too large for a destroyer.
    The crazy hull design should be interesting to watch during sea trials.

  • Mark

    FYI - DDG-1002 is the third hull, not the second. DDG-1001, Michael Monsoor, is the second.

  • Phil

    A class of only 3 ships is a colossal waste of money, cool new toys or not. A destroyer for the price of an aircraft carrier?? The Navy’s budget rose 50% in the last decade yet force structure fell 15% because of ridiculous things like this.

    • Ben

      As technology advances we’re able to do more with less (ships that is). We need advanced ships like this to accommodate the game-changing technologies of the future.

    • blight_

      We’ve been there before, like with the Long Beach class CGN’s.

    • andy

      you get what you pay for

  • Lance

    I find those cranes more fascinating that they can hold a 1000+ tone section of a US destroyer for hours while its being fitted.

  • WeeMightWynn

    Probably a pretty dumb question but can the AGS be used in a anti-ship role or is it only for attacking targets on land?

  • Belesari

    And a new version of the Des Moines Class or a pocket battleship would be 10x as survivable and 20x as powerful and probably the same cost or less.

    • tiger

      I miss the Newport News. The Basin at Philly looks empty without her.

  • elportonative77

    Is is possible that after the first few are built and all the teething issues have been dealt with we can power these ships with nuclear propulsion? Perhaps a reactor that shares parts and some designs with the new reactors for the Ford class and Ohio-Replacement class.

  • @E_L_P

    Congratulations. Yet another weapons system that is too expensive to use for non-anti-access scenarios and too vulnerable to be anywhere near an anti-access scenario.

    • William C.

      God forbid we push the envelope and pave the way for future ship classes.

      Look at the how the Seawolf class was followed by the Virginia class SSNs for example.

  • Rob

    I’m bothered so thin hulled these ships are. Couldn’t they have made it double hull? They didn’t learn anything from USS Cole bombings….

  • Belesari

    @Ben (and everyone else) No Ben thats a slogan beloved by clerks and kiss ass politicans. Our Military is already past doing more with less its at doing less with less.

    Those ships are worthless if they cant be where they need to be. And with the insane amount of entirely new untested technologies, reduced crew, higher maintanence needs etc more than likely only 1 or 2 will ever be operational at one time so when the marines need them they are going to have to come in from another area giving the enemy time to dig in. with a bursting charge of just 24lbs the guns have NO penetration.

    So the Navy will send in its smaller fleet of carriers and aircraft (because now with the F-35 we get the more with less thing again) to establish air superiority.

    Wana know what REAL do more with less looks like?

    A modern 16in gun could deliever probably the same weight of HE in a single round as a AGS could in 10. BTW thats a VERY, very, conservative estimate.

    THAT is doing more with less.

  • John L. Porter

    Steampunks rejoice! C.S.S Virginia reborn!

  • thumper_0007

    needs rail guns mounted on it