VIdeo: ATK’s Hatchet

ATK showed off a compact little bomb it’s developing for use on small UAVs at the Navy League’s Sea, Air and Space show in Maryland this week. Dubbed the “Hatchet,” this 60mm munition can be mounted on platforms such as the ScanEagle and is designed to offer a low-collateral damage alternative to the Hellfire missile — originally designed to take out armor — carried by the Predator.
The Hatchet features a miniaturized Laser JDAM Seeker warhead, made by Elbit Systems, and can be guided on to a target by GPS or an inertial guidance system. ATK is working with the Army, Navy and Air Force to develop the system for use against soft targets in urban areas. By that we mean it can be fired into a bad guys living room and not necessarily wipe out an innocent family next door.
— Matt Cox
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14 Comments on "VIdeo: ATK’s Hatchet"

  1. Next up – Laser guided Estes Rockets!

  2. Sounds good to me!

  3. Wiley Coyote did this years ago put wings on sticks of dynamite.

  4. The peace nicks will love this.

  5. Hmmmm nice………sounds interesting !!!

  6. How much does this thing weigh? The guy in the video says 100 could fit in a rotary launcher the size and shape of a hellfire. But a hellfire is only 100 lbs or so, which would imply the hatchet only weighs 1 lb each. Which I don't believe. So I'm assuming the ATK PR guy misspoke here.

  7. Reminds me of the BAT. Something overly specialized. I doubt this sees the light of day.

  8. Too Cute! Little ScanEagle wants to be a Predator drone! Dawwwwww. (smiles fondly)

  9. cool… with the ability to track multiple targets at once, these would make a good counter to speed boat swarm tactics. At least until some Apache gunships with the M230LF arrive.r

  10. Cutest bomb ever.

  11. Basically a 60mm mortar with wings? Not a bad idea. Yet another reason For the A-10 fan club to dispair. Few targets really require a Maverick or 30mm DU rounds to kill. Save those for tanks. These are more than enough to blow the bedroom of a Al quedia to bits or kills those guys with a MG in a pickup truck.

  12. For a drone weapon that would have little to no collateral damage why not mount a stabilized gun of some sort and turn the drone into what would essentially be a flying sniper? Maybe something in the .300 Win Mag, .338 Lapua Mag, or even up to .50 so you have a long range gun that's still relatively light.

  13. Cool looking mini bomb make me wonder how many a F-16 can carry that's alot of antipersonel bombs.

  14. Awesome, i would like a few for the boys overseas to play around with and see how they can really be used, Who knows what sort of ideas these guys will come up with?

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