Bin Laden’s Death Warrant

Ok, not literally, but in case you haven’t yet seen the piece of paper shown above, its the April 29, 2011 memo by then CIA Director Leon Panetta authorizing the May 1, 2011 raid that killed Osama bin Laden at his home in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

It reads:

MEMO FOR THE RECORD Apr. 29, 2011, 10:35 a.m.

Received phone call from Tom Donilon who stated that the President made a decision with regard to AC1 [Abbottabad Compound 1]. The decision is to proceed with the assault. The timing, operational decision making and control are in Admiral McRaven’s hands. The approval is provided on the risk profile presented to the President. Any additional risks are to be brought back to the President for his consideration. The direction is to go in and get bin Laden and if he is not there, to get out. Those instructions were conveyed to Admiral McRaven at approximately 10:45 am.

Leon Panetta, DCIA

Click here to read more about the historic memo and mission.

  • Ems

    looks like a doctor’s prescription note.. great thing they released this so soon!

  • Musson

    Put it on EBay and lets see what it goes for!

  • DGR

    Id be tempted to make a copy of that and frame it. Ill always remember that day the news broke! This raid is what legends are made of, I cant wait for 50 years down the road when the details get released in full.

    • blight_

      I don’t know if it ranks as high as “always remember that day”. I reserve that for 9/11, having been too young to remember the Berlin Wall coming down or the dissolution of the USSR or perhaps Tienanmen square.

      If a 9/11 is a red, perhaps OBL’s death is an orange or yellow, compared to the lowest state of memory, green.

  • Mastro

    Phaaah- I want to see the photo of them peeing on his corpse-

    I can’t believe its not on You Tube-

  • Nicky

    I wonder if they can make a plaque and hang it in the Smithsonian

  • Lance

    Old new no longer relevant.

  • passingby

    looks like excellent evidence of war crime committed by the US. Hopefully in the not so distant future, we’ll see arrest warrants issued against Panetta, Tenet, Clinton, Obama, GW Bush, dick Cheney, Rumsfeld, Paul Wofolwitz, Richard Perle, Joe Liberman (and other scum US senators & representatives like him) , …. all senior US military officers involved … for trial in front of a competent international war crime tribunal (not the kangaroo court in the Hague of course).

  • Nessuno

    Not only is this nothing like a warrant, it’s nothing like an order.

    This is a memo to record other orders and decisions that were made (and signed) elsewhere.

    Find those and you’ll have something.

  • PorkRoll

    This looks about as legit as Obama’s birth certificate.

    • passingby

      while it’s always hard to rule out forgery in the internet age, I’m willing to bet that it has a better chance of being real than Obama’s birth certificate (which is practically nil).

    • Brandon

      Porkroll, while I dislike Obama and his policies, I do not follow the birther movement but I must say it made me laugh when I read your comment.

  • David

    Pannetta is trying to take credit for the seal mission just like his buddy Obama

    • blight_

      Uhh, that’s what happens when politicians sign off on missions. Like “We got Saddam” and “We kicked out the Taliban”. There’s always a sick interplay between politics and the military, and it’s easy for politicians to pretend that everything is their idea.

    • DGR

      1) The Seals where not the only unit involved, giving them all the credit is just as bad as stealing there credit.

      2) The Seals do not operate without orders, this memo just provides a path of where those orders came from.

      3) Pannetta was in command of the Seals since this was a CIA mission. So if were going to be technical, he deserves his credit.

      • blight_

        Was it a CIA mission?

        Military aircraft, military operators, military backup Chinooks?

        The CIA had a station near Abottabad for surveillance, but I’m pretty sure the military held all the keys and had their finger on the trigger. Otherwise the op would’ve gone to SAD and not DEVGRU?

        • DGR

          Technically it was a CIA op. Its the only way they could operate since the CIA is technically not US military. Now, it was Seal operators, and Army pilots, but they where all temporarily under the CIA for the mission. All operations of this kind have to be/should be under the CIA unless there is a formal declaration of war. Or at least thats the way its supposed to work. Not saying the military didnt have some sort of control over the op, but all the troops involved would have been under the CIA for the duration of the op.

          Otherwise an assault by uniformed US troops under US military control would mean a declaration of war/military invasion. The CIA is able to get away with this since they are not technically US military and they operate under a differant set of ROEs. Note the word technically is used, ya its still US troops in uniform, but technically they where CIA guys for the mission. Its why all/most of the drones over Pakistan are CIA as well. The Air Force might own them but they are all “on loan” to the CIA and under CIA control.

          • blight_

            They probably weren’t even sheep-dipped.

          • passingby

            LOL @ DGR

            your BS is getting thick.

            was Obama’s nationally televised “we got him” speech totally blocked from the rest of the world????? US military has even killed Pakistani soldiers and civilians over the course of this phony war on terror.

            you really think this nonsensical CIA vs US military distinction on your part (not the govt’s part) would actually make a difference to Pakistan???

            I suggest you get some background info on international law and the UN Charter before continuing on with this CIA vs military nonsense.

    • Brandon

      Yea, it sucks when poli’s act like they were the ones that accomplished the mission and gathered the intel and went into harms way. In reference to the comments below, it really sucks when the first SEVERAL years of the intel network and resource gathering was done by the guy before you and you still act like you swooped in and won the game like the back up quarterback that was waiting to get in the game. At least that guy before our current potus actually initiated the downfalls of Saddam and the Taliban as well, so if anyone were to be able to say look what I did, it would that evil, plotting war criminal G.W. Bush who secretly is an evil freemason and has warrants for his arrest in all of the countries that hate the U.S. or something like that.

  • EW3

    And to think the liberals went crazy over CIA involvement in Vietnam.

  • ltfunk

    One wonders how many more Americans will die because the raid to capture bin Laden was so bungled that it ended up shooting the target.

    The magnitude of the bungling really makes the raid to capture adeed in solmalia and the tehran hostage mess look like slick well run affairs.

  • Marcello

    i find it somehow worrying that this kind of things are still written by hand, the handwriting is practically illegible and could be interpreted as almost anything…


  • Hotel55

    election year….

    • bleh

      If that’s what we get from an election year we should hold more elections.

  • Old Navy

    It is an election year and BenObama needs all the credit he can get for being tough on
    terror. As for passingby get a life – you are an idiot or worse just stupid. If you are a US citizen – just thank God there are troops out there to protect your right to write your trash talk. And if you are not a US citizen go join the Taliban but stay away from the goats they have rights. Better still take the “A” train to your heaven and meet the 72 or what ever virgins.

  • Nightmare

    Sure would like to know where passingby is. I’d like to add him to a war crimes list. What an A**H***. Most likely a enemy conspirator crying over the elimination of another fanatic.

  • Carroll Knapp

    Should have hung his body up in World Trade Center Square, for all muslims to see.

    • St Peter

      Just because he was muslim doesn’t make all followers of that faith agree and sympothise with what he contributed to. Your ignorance is quite possibly what would make regular peace loving muslims vote for the other man.

    • sobriquet

      Anyone who’s ever worked alongside REAL Muslims know that they are the most honest, trustworthy, honorable, and downright dependable folks you’ll ever meet. Xenophobic bigots like yourself, Carroll, make this war a lot longer for all of us. Islam is not the problem. Islamofascists are the problem. Go someplace else.

  • Desert Guy

    I was always hoping to see OBL’s head on a pike near the tourist fence on the White House south lawn. Flanked by an all-service honor guard. Barbaric? Yes, but how satisfying!

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