Mid Week Video: China’s Carrier Up-Close

In case you haven’t seen this yet, its the first close-up video I’ve watched showing China’s aircraft carrier, the ex-Soviet Varyag, actually conducting any type of operations. In this case, she’s returning to port following her latest “scientific” cruise.

Click through the jump to enjoy. The close-up footage is toward the second half of the video.

  • Andy

    I hope Phillipine and Vietnam launch a few TORPEDOS at night and take care this JUNK.

    • Alexander

      The PI armed forces lack the capability, and the will. Vietnam could, now that hey have purchased several Kilo class conventional boats.

    • tiger

      Andy. Lance & Alex. Vodka drinking & posting don’t mix. You 3 must be drinking…..

  • Alexander

    This series of short training deployments will continue for some time to come. Eventually, we will see flight ops, but that won’t be anytime soon. The learning curve to turn this carrier and it’s later to come air group into a weapon will take several years at the very least.

  • Leroy

    What the Chinese or Joe? Because with 14 active nuke carriers, and a lot of reserve Kitty Hawk class carriers that could be reactivated, my money is on the yanks! unless cut price toasters are now a form of weapon

  • Guest

    just so China can feel extra-safe with their new capital flat top, the USN will soon get rid of all their HARPOON surf to surf missiles in our Navy.

    Just in time, the USN is neutering itself.

  • Rohan

    China’s items: Use and throw !!!!

    Chinese military : Kill, destroy and throw !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sgt_Buffy

    While it’s good to be suspicious, has China been all that irresponsible with it’s military? The news usually focuses on the Middle East and Africa, and I’m a bit out of date with Chinese Military history. How EXACTLY have they warranted our disrespect? Specific examples. I know they sent us faulty/bugged electronics, but we’ve also bugged merchandise before. Stolen tech? Guilty as charged, but look at WWII? What has China done that’s so horrific as to validate our hatred towards them?
    He known as Sgt. Buffy.

  • Musson

    If we go to war with China – do we still have to pay off all the debt we owe them?

    Just asking.

    • Kool Guy

      Obviously we still do, but it wont be paying to the PRC but maybe ROC if we win, lol thats only if we win.

      • Hale

        RoC doesn’t hold much of our debt. China holds a bunch, and Japan and the UK each hold a bit as well. There’s a list somewhere.

        • Kool Guy

          Lol you dont get it, stop trying to act smart with the stats of who owns the debts. Im saying if we win then ROC takes over China, and so if we do repay China it will be paying the ROC cuss now they are the new representative govt of China, in case if we win, get it?

    • STemplar

      We don’t have to do anything we don’t want to, that opens up the conversation though to the insanity of a war between the US and China and how it would drive a stake through the heart of the world economy.

      • Kool Guy

        “We dont have to do anything we dont want to” that means we dont have to repay our debt? then what will happen to our credibility? our country will become a wild jungle and no one will want to cooperate. Look at the moment when S&P lowered US credit, it already sent a shock to the whole world.

        • STemplar

          I think credit ratings and interest rates would be the least of anyone’s concern if the US and China went to war with one another.

          • Kool Guy

            sure during the war no one care, how bout after the war, thats the question of the original post.

          • STemplar

            You mean after the two largest economies have battered each other into depressions? I still don’t think credit ratings will be the issue. Somehow we managed to butcher Japan and Germany and emerged OK. I am more worried about some tool thinking about the ‘limited’ use of nukes or some other non sense.

            In regards to the original question you can’t really say without knowing who, if anyone, won. Honestly without really going through its hard to say, there would have to be some sort of accounting in a negotiation. It really just isn’t as simple as paying off some treasuries.

  • blogger

    I wonder why ppl always talk about chinese army so low. the only “modern” war the usa won was the second world war, and they won only with allies. even germany would be a better enemy in 1v1. what happened since then?

    korea – truce/lost
    vietnam – lost
    iraq – lost, not a single objective was completed
    afganistan – lost badly

    I didn’t count the succesful coups of democratic states in latin america, where the us made coups only because they didnt like the elections’ outcome in the cold war

    china proved:
    – they can shot down us military satellites in a day. gps and gps weapons gone…
    – they can send all us ships down to davy jones with their DF anti ship missiles around the chinese soil

    like it or not but china would be a very tough enemy in a conflict with usa.

  • blogger

    911 was a controlled demoltion of the buildings. al qaida was just ‘let’ to flew those planes into them. there are a million proofs for that from the sprites to the thermite what made the steel structure melt

    more and more isaf troops die from day to day in afanistan, and right after the allies withdraw the country will be worse than before

    iraqi operation is a fail. iran’s first move in a conflict will be to invade it in a case of war, if they wont make a satellite nation of theirs

    the whole terror thing is an artifical thingy to justify laws and targeted killings all around the world. more civilians died from us drones than because of local militias in some places.

    gulf war was not an all out war, as the allied forces didn’t want to escalate it. majority of iraqi army remained. but surely usa could won there without allies too, just like in some other parts of the world too. but tat doesnt change the fact that china could be an ultimate opponent in a future comflict if happens.

  • ltfunk

    Yep and then after we lose we have to pay reparations on top of it.

    Though if you watch our Secretary of State’s 6 monthly visits to Bejing to beg largess to keep our economy afloat, its pretty clear who won WW3

  • Lance

    The site is overestimating PRC’s military capability. Yes they have a carrier but they lack planes for it now they dont have a integrated defense for the ship they lack the technology to make it a real threat now.

  • mpower6428

    THATS COSMO, he’s chinese*

    • Belesari

      I gave you a thumbs down for the simple fact that made no sense lol.

      • mpower6428

        one day all of you will finally see “boogy nights”…. im still waiting.

  • Marcus

    People, people, people….China can’t win a war against the U.S. Why? China doesn’t have the natural resources to substain a war. China doesn’t have the military infastructure the US does. If you say we lost the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, you are wrong! I was there in Iraq and Afghanistan. Seems to me like we achieve our objectives. Our hands were tied in Iraq and Afghanistan. We steam rolled into both countries and we occupied them. Were we driven back…NO! We didn’t even use our FULL capabilities there in Iraq and Afghanistan..why? Because we were trying to limit civilian casualties. If we were to go to the war with China, we would unleash our WHOLE arsenal against them. Our military infastructure is VAST and it is way more advanced than China. We can get troops to anywhere in the world on a moments notice.

  • Pat

    What to say, what to say…

  • Guest

    Yes i have something to say
    China can win a war against USA
    Using the most fast and devastating missile that there >>> SS-N-22s Sunburn or an stealth and hypersonic missile can wipeout a entire U.S navy fleet
    There is no defense for this missile at the moment

    • Chuck

      We already use a similar Russian missile, the Coyote, to test our missile defenses, so I don’t think the SS-N-22 Sunburn would be much of a threat. In fact, the Coyote is smaller, and just as fast so I imagine it would be actually harder to hit than a Sunburn. Of course, if you don’t know what you are talking about, then it is easy to make these mistakes.

    • Liam

      Yes and those ships and subs equipi with those SunBurns will be the first targets for the USN sub force and B-2 Stealth bombers. The US knows what the threats are and will make sure there taken care of before they send in the big wigs. Oh and the F-22 will make quick scrap of those mighty Tu-16 look-a-like bombers China has so many off.

  • Belesari

    OK just so everyone in the world figures this out. You know those russian people? Well they used to be called the soviet union. Those Super missiles……yea the russians had something like that awhile back…..thats why we built tyco’s and DDG’s….

  • Joel

    The chinese can’t even make safe baby formula. And when was the last time they showed any military ability, never mind pushing around the Nepalese or the Tibetans.

  • Snuffy Smith

    Never underestimate an opponent, no matter who they are.

  • Chuck

    War with chine interesting i think the way you should think about it business is war, not war is business. The Chinese will not go to war with the US for two reason, one its bad for business two its bad for business enough said, 400 million middle class, over 2,000 billionars and millionars some of them Military Commanders Really?

  • duuude

    I, for one, welcome our new Oriental Overlords.

  • Tribulationtime

    I actually don´t know what hell it is stopping them to fully operational condition.
    All gentlemens in this room know that put one Battleship from museum to fight takes 10-12 minutes.

  • That guy

    If china mil hardware is as tough as their toys, it doesn’t stand a chance….

  • Ted

    Wojna to pieniądze a wy Amerykanie jesteście bankrutami . Chiny wygrały!

  • Edward Frugone

    In II WW — due to lack of logistics — it took the allies two weeks to accept the surrender of only a few million germans.

    The chinese population is 1.3 billion people, they will have 100 million in the military fighting back and 100 million surrendering.

    Do we have enough soldiers to watch over 100million prisionsrs and enough food, medicine, blankets and hospitals to care for their wounded. We don´t need the chinese as enemies .If we can´t beat them its best to join them !!

  • Realist

    China has around 1 Billion 360 Million People. The US has about 340 Million People.
    In the next 10 years China has to produce about 340 Million Jobs for their growing population. If they do not, the people will revolt. China does not want war, they want markets for there products (including military arms). They want land for their crops, and they have the money to buy it.
    They do want Tiawan, and if they sent some of there Million Man Army over, We could not stop them. They would occupy before we could react. But, that would be bad for business.

  • Abosolute

    China is currently on its way to its peak of power. China is a businessman with a communist streak which makes it a very shrewd businessman. The rest of the Democratic world like from where i come from have “resolve”. Like all businesses China will eventually wane. Maybe not today but it will. Resolve to stop aggression if there will be overt or covert is up to Uncle Sam, NATO and their allies. I am sure somewhere along the line before anything fires up something will happen that will makes small the significance of the Chinese threat. If not there is always wishing for bird flu.

    • passingby

      Wrong on all counts.

  • we2rborg

    If anyone seriously thinks China wants to wage a war against the biggest warmongering nation on the planet, they must be kidding.
    They can probably afford to BUY the USA.

  • True WARRIOR

    fuck china n fuck their bullshit toys, n everything else they make.Third class rated shit.

    • tiger

      True moron is more likely. Beer muscle posters say silly things.