Bin Laden Worried About American ‘Tracking Chips”

It looks like al Qaeda was increasingly worried about the possibility that anyone who could have contact with Western authorities might inadvertently lead Americna commandos or drones to terrorist hideouts. This letter from Osama bin Laden, published by the Army’s Combating Terrorism Center at West Point, highlihts the fear that he and other al Qaeda officials had that journalists and other visitors to al Qaeda’s strongholds may have been involuntarily marked with ‘tracking chips’ allowing the U.S. military to track ther wherabaouts.

The letter even refers to how terrorists released from American custody were tracked — leading to the capture of al Qaeda operatives. This could simply be fear and paranoia on the behalf of bin Laden and his crew or it could be legit (that’s a GPS chip shown above, pretty darn easy to hide.

You have to keep in mind the possibility, though remote,that the journalists may be involuntarily monitored, in a waythat we or they do not know about, either on ground or by satellite, especially Ahmad Zaydan, and it is possible that a tracking chip could be put into some of their personal effects before coming to the meeting place to conduct any business with them, or to conduct an interview with one of the brothers, and as you know Ahmad Zaydan has interviewed a number of the Taliban leaders and also with Shaykh Sa’id Allah, have mercy on his soul, and the Americans did not kill any of them or know his┬álocation from surveying Ahmad Zaydan except that it may be amatter that might attract their attention, as they identified the house where the brothers Abu ‘Umar al-Baghdadi and Abu Hamzah al-Muhajir Allah, have mercy on their souls, were staying in, across satellites, by monitoring some brothers who were released from prison and who went to them after that. And based on that, it would be prudent and a defeat to the enemy to avoid any meetings with journalists
  • Tribulationtime

    Well… Maybe thus chips can work as do it security bands in markets. You send a wave and chip answers but running not like a “Bip-Bip” red light on screen and the operator looks your nose. I think more like triangulation radio browasting stations. I think with a budget you can do it with tech and science from years ago.

    • ishkababble

      Your what?

      • tribulationtime

        I know I know I don´t speak english. Someday I gone become a topic. The stupid ideas from a silly man who don´t talk in english either, Maybe a new cyber weapon to brainwashing?

  • Guest

    Read “spy-dust” and fast forward to today’s tech

  • Rohan

    SPY KIDS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DGR

    A whole new kind of tag em and bag em!

    Or wait, maybe its not all that differant…….

    • Same Guest

      Bug-splat says what? Too many tags in one spot? Call in a pred

  • m167a1

    Tag filled!

  • Pat


  • oli

    I remember making suggestions blogging years ago as to take special care of prisoners by putting them to sleep and giving them dental work or even conducting surgery where RFID is implanted in there bone structure without them even knowing. Weapons like ak 47 and even explosive and there materials could flood afghanistan have RFID and give a mosaic of where who the enemy is . We could have provided the enemy with these arms that would be a Trojan horse but it’s obvious it wasn’t implemented because this war lasted a little too long. We also took too long to train the people of Afghanistan to fight there own war and support them monetarily.

    • blight_

      Watchin’ a lot of movies..?

  • blight_

    Wonder how they resolve the battery life issue. That said, GPS chips will enable you to determine position, but it takes a powerful transmitter to send that information at ranges where it can be intercepted. Then you have a battery budget to meet where the GPS must be long-lasting, along with a transmitter.

    • spill

      seems like an ideal application for nanogenerators, if the technology is mature enough.

    • EW3

      Speaking as a GPS engineer – while the chips are small the antennas are not. Unless you are attached to a cell network and can get your ephemeris data from it, you’ll need a reasonable size antenna (18x18mm ceramic) to get a decent fix. Beyond that, since these antennas are extremely directional so you need good placement.
      Ideally you keep the GPS in a sleep mode where it gets down to sub micro amp current, but the transmitter will gobble up a lot. You will also need a decent antenna for the transmitter.
      Don’t confuse the GPS in a cell phone with a standalone GPS. Two very different critters.

      • blight_

        It’s probably worse in AfPak, where there aren’t cell towers on every mountain. Perhaps OBL was a little too paranoid…but then again, he was hiding in Abottabad, and a GPS tracker there would’ve functioned adequately.

  • oli

    Also I made a suggestion to re-engineer the poppy plant so it no longer reproduces spreading its genes to other poppy populations. If you can produce seedless grapes you can do the same with the poppy plant. You could have also engineered it so the main chemical that it produces to create heroin could be muted, was it done who knows. Instead a fungus destroyed some plants like you didn’t want to wipe out heroin. It was stated that the poppy plant helped sustain the Taliban you should of wiped it off the face of Afghanistan.

    • Jayson

      Uh Pakistan sustained the Taliban more than Poppies. Pakistan gave them sanctuary, training, weapons. More than a poppy plant would.

      • Indian

        whereas the americans gave them billions of dollars as reward for ‘doing the good work to find Bin Laden’.

        How ironic?

  • william

    “re-engineer the poppy plant so it no longer reproduces”

    And how are you going to get rid of the wild type ??

    • blight_

      Sow sterile opium poppies, and when they intermingle with the wt the F1 generation sterilizes. I guess the idea is taken from the pages of mosquito control regimens?

  • Lance

    This would never happen the ACLU and the ”do gooders” never allow it. This is something regular Americans need to fear more than any terrorist.

  • STemplar

    He shouldve been more concerned with 5.56mm FMJ rounds.

  • Noha307

    Anybody seen the movie The Four Lions? Looks like they were right to start eating the SIM cards in their phones! LOL!

    • blight_

      The best way to do it would be for the CIA to set up a front cell phone company and just infer mini-social networks for all of their customers. Then when Person A is a person of interest, just search their local network of people called and bag ’em for transport out of the next Pilatus Porter and a dirt airstrip.

  • stephen russell

    Used same scenario in Enemy of the State, 90s Will Smith movie
    & maybe thats how they tracked Team 6 to Osama hideout home.
    Makes sense.

  • Brian Black

    Is that a very small chip, or a very big match?

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  • shawn1999

    Stick it in Bin Laden’s porn! Oops- too late :~D

    • passingby

      Cheney and Bush are still alive. Try theirs.

  • blight_


    Intel acquired Infineons GPS line of products a year ago.

  • “…it may be amatter that might attract their attention, as they identified the house where the brothers …. have mercy on their souls, were staying in ” we know what that means. BOOM

    “have mercy on their souls” “have mercy on his soul”

    How many times has he said that in the last 10 years? LMAO

    May Allah have mercy on your soul as well OBL :)

    • Tamben21

      That is always good to say when you are speaking of deceased or the soon to be deceased “bad guys” who may not have had time to repent and ask forgiveness from their sins” before “5.56mm FMJ rounds ” were delivered.

  • Infidel4LIFE

    This is true. Its one way the US tracked certain bad guys. You just drop it near an HVT’s door, and one night that door will get kicked in, or bombed. OBL is burning in hellfire you “true believers” no virgins, no nothing. Mercy went out the window long ago.

  • Mortius Nuntius

    he worried if he pooped in his bathrobe , lady slippers ,and towel .

  • oli

    Blight the chips can be passive a strong frequency or signal could be sent out and even boosted from a network of aero stats and uav’s or ground vehicle covering a large portion of afghanistan whatever listen stop playing around. There are all types of frequencies and techniques that can be applied. Also if you need power the enzymes bacteria acids etc could power the chips if u feel the need for the chips to have there own power source the water in your mouth for Christ sakes can power the chip stop playing.

  • oli

    Correction not amophoric meant memory shaped alloys.

  • oli

    Amorphous metals

  • Popsiq

    He didn’t shave, so Gillette was nothing to worry about. The NGOs operating in Pakistan are being pegged as bug planters.

  • traindodger

    This is one of the reasons why I have to laugh when Iran says they’re reverse-engineering a captured RQ-170. That thing is no doubt loaded to the gills with tracking devices. Now, the CIA knows exactly where they’ve taken it, and is marking those locations off as potential military targets.