F-22 Pilots to Discuss Why They Won’t Fly the Jet

So there’s been a bunch of commotion this week because two F-22 Raptor pilots say they want to transfer to flying different jets. Now, the pilots will go on 60 Minutes this Sunday to discuss the matter. Naturally, everyone’s freaking out since the pilots are apparently going to blow the lid off the jets’ safety issues that we, and everyone else, have written about over the last year.

As you know, the Raptors where cleared to return to flight in September 2011 following a lengthy grounding so that service officials could figure out what was causing F-22 pilots to experience hypoxia-like symptoms in flight (the grounding came several months after an Alaska-based F-22 crashed in November 2010 when its pilot lost situational awareness while trying to activate his plane’s emergency oxygen system). The Air Force still hasn’t figured out what’s messing with the F-22’s pilots and in fact, Raptor jocks have reported 11 instances of hypoxia-like symptoms since the grounding was lifted.

This has apparently prompted at least two pilots to lose faith in the jet as a safe flying platform, with one, Maj. Jeremy Gordon  saying he’s “not comfortable flying the F-22 right now.”

The other pilot, Capt. Josh Wilson described an instance last year where he sensed the onset of hypoxia and reached for the plane’s emergency oxygen system — just like the pilot involved in the Alaska crash — but couldn’t remember how to find the system’s poorly-designed activation ring.

From the Newport News Daily Press:

It was … kind of a surreal experience,” he says, because it took great concentration to do simple tasks. He attempted to pull an emergency oxygen ring and couldn’t find it in the cockpit.

“I couldn’t remember what part of the aircraft it was in,” he said.

Wait, it gets better.

The pilots were asked if some Raptor pilots had taken out additional life insurance.

“They are. Absolutely,” Wilson says. “We are waiting for something to happen, and if it happens, nobody’s going to be surprised.”

Ouch. This is pretty incredible, that after more than a year of research into the problem, the Air Force still can’t find the cause of a major and potentially deadly problem with the world’s most advanced fighter jet.

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  1. This is huge.
    For active pilots to put their careers in danger by going public really underlines how serious this is (and they are asking to give up their seats in the F22 which one would think would be the most lusted after job in the AF).
    Another big black eye for the AF and Loc-Mart (how many billions have we given them for two fighters that still can't do their job? )

  2. In other news, 2 Air Force pilots enter the civilian job market starting on Monday.

  3. You used to hear F15 jocks brag about how the air force had to types of pilots, F15 drivers and pilots who wished they were F15 drivers. I guess the F22 doesn’t have that honor. I find it hard to believe they cant find/fix this serious issue.

  4. Exactly how is going on 60 Minutes and criticising the F-22 different from criticising your Commander and Chief on your FaceBook page?

    That Marine got kicked out of the service, just like Billy Mitchell, for critising his superiors.

  5. Bunch of wieners….It the Pilots not the Plane….too powerful to handle…

  6. How the heck did we get here? America has lost the ability to make fighter aircraft that are flyable. All of our new aircraft are simply not suitable for the things they were designed to do. The F-22 for the Air Force slowly kills the pilot. The F-35C for the Navy can't land on a carrier. The F-35B for the Marines can't take off without breaking apart. Seriously, this is ridiculous and something has to give.

  7. Whats the difference between these men going on 60 min and that other soldier who criticized Obama on Facebook?

    Both are using a public forum when I taught just a while ago it was stated armed personael can't do that or something along those lines?

    TX if I'm wrong I'm wrong!

  8. The pilots were asked if some Raptor pilots had taken out additional life insurance.

  9. I guess flying several tons of awesomeness with thousands of pounds of thrust and stealth can get scary sometimes. I really hope they fix the OBOGs soon.

    Today's pilots don't have to deal with the issues past pilots did on the Century Series. They neglect to realize that as well. The F-22 is perfect when compared to past contraptions. Every new jet has problems. People need to get that. This is why there are improvements to the airframes and electronics, i.e. A,C, etc designations.

  10. I'll gladly fly one. I'll go put in my two weeks notice.

  11. Kind of glad they decided NOT to reopen the line. F-22 the Edsel of the skies.

  12. The F-22 will only perform well if the pilot actually has to breathe like everyone else on the planet, as air is important. Why does the brass ignore it?

  13. This has been a long time coming. There are a lot more problems with the co ckpit of that airplane than just the oxygen system. The environmental system is inadequate and keeping the temperature of the avionics just right trumps taking care of the pilots. The flight station itself is poorly laid out so it is very uncomfortable, especially on long flights. The displays and controls are not well integrated. All you're seeing with this oxygen system is the tip of the iceberg. The F-22 is famous throughout the USAF for it's badly thought out accommodations. Don't worry about them, though, Lockheed stands to make billions more fixing what they screwed up in the first place. After all, they never forget who they're working for.

  14. tribulationtime | May 4, 2012 at 1:28 pm | Reply

    Meanless to pilot a computer-flying which your "skills" are remenber the combinations of buttons and lights, thats is pilot-meanless

  15. OBTW, the F-22's OBOGS (oxygen generating system) is the same piece of equipment that's installed in the Navy's F-18 Super Hornets. The SH's pilots have experienced several dozen hypoxia incidents similar to those that have plagued the F-22s. So why hasn't 60 Minutes and others been similarly all over the Navy long before this? The answer is that the F-22 is a convenient whipping boy for the "anything that isn't built to fight terrorists is a waste of money" crowd. As for the F-22s capabilities, no one claims that it isn't the finest air superiority fighter on the planet. Perfect? No, but name an aircraft that didn't come off the assembly line only to discover improvements that only the accumulation of flight hours and real-world line experience can reveal…..

  16. The problem is that we have a degenerate contractor culture that says make the pilots fly and risk thier necks rather then embarrass us.

    Lets hope this scandle lets the whole of America see what a bunch of greedy lazy incompetent scumbags Lockheed are.

  17. These guys appear to forget there’s a reason for mandatory physiological training. Their slowness in recognizing and reacting to hypoxia symptoms is easily correctable. The aircraft’s sporadic and unrepeatable breathable air problem is taking longer than anyone would like to identify and correct. If these guys don’t feel safe they don’t belong in the air. There are plenty of non-flying jobs for pilots like them. Going on TV won’t find and fix the OBOGS any faster. They’d make much better use of their passion and talent by volunteering to work with maintenance and the contractor to find a solution than complaining to 60 minutes. One big missed opportunity.

  18. The Sopranos …

    What ever happened to Gary Cooper? … the strong silent type.

    Once they got him in touch with his feelings … they realized they couldn't shut him up.

  19. Matt Holzmann | May 4, 2012 at 2:36 pm | Reply

    maybe the Air Force can turn the F-22's into drones. "We don't need no steenking oxygen".

  20. Since the pilots are so disgusted with the f22, they should trash them. Blame hypoxia, they felt they were about to black out, couldn't find the ring so they ejected over some non-inhabited location.

    It'll weed out the flawed/defective designed plane eventually or at the least get some fire under the engineers to get the redesign done. Or maybe give a second look to the runner up design in the competition.

  21. Its a sad shame. The USAF high leadership wont address this problem. By adding the older oxygen system from the F-15 to the F-22 would fix this problem but no General listens, so here we are.

  22. I think people should wait on judging these guys either way until the story has run. We really don't know if these guys have other motivations. They could be the best people in there unit or the worst.
    I am more inclined to defer to there side because of the past issues with the jet though.

  23. I guess there going to have to make them unmanned since no one wants to fly them.

  24. US Military should look into any of the F-22's electronic components first if any was made in China regardless how insignificant it seems to be. I wont be surprised if chinese electronic components have been planted with bugs to sabotage western weapons systems and steal top secret information.

  25. 50 cents bridgade | May 4, 2012 at 8:37 pm | Reply

    A lot of comments about the Chinese J20 is a crap flying machine, and what a better surprise, the American is making an even better crap jets. It look like a flying coffin like the Indian MIG21. Made In USA is not what it claims to be, I guess, its military hardware is only good in the Hollywood and maybe against some 3rd world countries.

  26. To bad the Air Force doesn't have any money left to fix this problem, every penny they get goes to the ( cough ) New JSF. They are even getting rid of all their New C-27's and scraping most of the schedule "Upgrade " programs for the rest of their fleet to fund this monstrosity. It's got to cut back some where.

    With the original price of a F-35A of $60 Million, which is out the window, and with the current numbers in the neighborhood of F-35A Cost: $172 Million. Makes one wonder if this is a " Smoke Screen " to take the " Heat of the F-35 " with all the bad press coming out of Canada about the "Pricing Cover Up " and Australia going to wait 2 years before deciding if they really want any more. I smell a "Smoke Screen" they have to make the F-22 look bad because they "Canceled it because it was to Expensive", but now looks like it's going to be much cheaper than the F-35A .

  27. B-29 engines had a tendency to catch fire and burst into flames pilots are paid to risk their lives no sympathy for these losers. How long do you think these babies would have lasted in 104's, Chuck Yeager they ain't.

  28. I think the pilot were concern about the oxygen system the F-22 have. It's very obvious safety comes first. The designers of F-22 should re-examine the oxygen system of F-22 and should adopt the F-35 oxygen system to make it 100% safe to fly it.

  29. For what ever reason a jet has problems. Let them be reminded they have a security clearance, alot of politics in many countries have orders for the F-22,lets hope they cleared this up the right way,Prices have been higher then when signed,now world press has issue on front page..A carefull outspoken answer can delay more orders,work.But we want no dizzy pilot flying a expensive jet to crash nobody wants that..safety first.

  30. We probably need to ask the pilots why.

  31. ted parsons | May 5, 2012 at 12:08 pm | Reply

    If it was completely safe to fly military airplanes, there would be no need for FLIGHT PAY!

    Ted Parsons

  32. Let them fly the Warthogs…

  33. Somebody want to explain to me why it's so damn hard to fix an oxygen system!!!

  34. It's probably time for to make a squadron of starscreams or airforce bot.

  35. Just use either the F-35 or U-2 oxygen system revision design and fix for F-22

  36. SteveAdams | May 5, 2012 at 6:58 pm | Reply

    Human pilots?? Sounds like a debate on defective buggy whips.

  37. Finally the public gets to hear the short commings of the aircraft. An next week on 60 Minutes Costly F-35 Program!

  38. When I was in the Marines on the nite shift, one of our birds kept coming up with the same gripe for my shop. I kept refusing to sign off on the gripe each nite, and each day, the day shift would sign off on it, only to have it there again that night. Maintenence control was getting very made with us at nite that we would not sign off on the gripe again, and was practically suggesting action against us if we did not sign off on it. I told them to do it if they must, but I was not going to sign off on that bird. The next day it came to light that the electric shop had cold soldered a couple of our wires, which caused our gear to not operate right, and it proved that I was right not to sign off.

  39. Alwyn Walton | May 6, 2012 at 12:43 am | Reply

    I tend to believe both F-22 pilots are Air National Guard aviators. Part timers. More than likely airline pilots for their main source of income. They won't miss the few dollars the ANG pays monthly.

  40. YF-23

  41. The F-22 was chosen over the YF-23 because the F-22 was cheaper per unit.
    Was a Lockheed-Martin fan for the longest time but this "hypoxia issue has forced me to re-evaluate.
    If the United States must pursue a super-sonic stealth fighter, I would love to see the YF-23 get the nod.
    You get what you pay for.
    Besides, the YF-23 looks intimidating as hell!

  42. As said over a year ago just upgrade/refit the F-15s for stealth and maintenance and the prob is solved.BUT NO it is always about money….

  43. This sounds like a UAV program director's wet dream. Therefore, I am suspicious of the media attention regarding this plane.

    I'm tired of being distracted to look one way, with all the controversy and hand wringing, while they are just robbing the bank again.

  44. Probably the F-22's have the manufacturer's warranty on it for its oxygen system failures.
    Or probably the manufacturer can exchange it with YF-23

  45. So did anybody see the interview???? I was game playing.

  46. thou shalt not put the jet before the pilot

  47. Liam Babington | May 7, 2012 at 8:15 am | Reply

    The fact that the problem has not been found regarding teh oxygen system is a serious one…AF & Loc-Martin need to dissect the A/C and find teh needle in the haystack!!

  48. Its about time someone has the balls to speak up. Our illustrious Generals are probab ly figuring how to discredit them.

  49. Tk Buckley | May 7, 2012 at 9:49 am | Reply

    Don't we all remember the F16 Drivers that Died the air force said some where Bad pilots ie pilot error . hell they said one killed him self but his wife stood her ground and they finally admitted to having a wire chafing issue with the engine cross over harness's . guys where dieing for a two dollar part that was all . and now when the pilots finally step up and say no we call em snivelers . hell with that Man up and fix the bird . hell way back when in the first days of o2 they problems with ice in the lines just a nu ff to cause weak flow pilots lost their S/O and Blacked out or panicked . when its all said and done it will be a flow issue or a bit of code some where that causing the bug .

  50. The pilots are correct, in their decision NOT to fly the F-22 as is….wit the LOX problem. This problem is deadly and has killed pilots!!! This isn't the first Acft. that was classified as such, there have been others. Pilot refusal to fly them led to their being MADE SAFER!!!! So I hope they stick by their guns and the DOD can stuff it until a fix is made that protects the pilots???

  51. HarveytheRabbit | May 7, 2012 at 11:46 am | Reply

    The emergency oxygen green ring on the ACES II ejection seat of the F-22 is in the exact same place. The ring itself is the exact same design and it is stowed the exact same way as that in every other jet in the USAF inventory. It has been so for 30 years. Can we get some F-16, F-15, A-10, B-1 or B-2 drivers to chime in here about the ergonomics? It does not make any sense to assign all this design defect blame to the F-22. What is going on here?

  52. Take Notice take Action.
    The problem is the oxygen system period. How much did the taxpayers pay for this plane.?? The plane works the oxygen system doesn't.!! What the cure.?


  53. At the start of WW2 US submarine commanders were complaining about the torpedos not working. The people who designed and manufactured them blamed it on the submariners. Because of the cost of the torpedos, they were never live fired in practice situations. It got so bad that the submariners were forbidden to talk about the failures. Sound familiar?

  54. Liquid Oxygen systems are used on the F-16 and the B-52 as well as many aircraft in between. These systems are more maintenance intensive but they are very reliable when the pilot needs oxygen.

  55. There is a big difference in what these pilols are doing and what the Marine posted. These pilots are NOT critizing the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. They are going public, probably with the military's permission, and talking about a serious problem with the plane they are flying. The Marine was kicked out of the service for breaking the UCMJ. He stated publicly that he WOULD NOT OBEY orders from the President of the United States.

  56. my hats off to the former pilots…took a big set to put out the AFs dirty laundry on 60 min. Hopefully someone was listening

  57. if it's not Boeing, i ain't going.

  58. man-o-man. I sho like one of them on my stand in front off my trailer home. sho would clase up tho place.

  59. Guaranteed solution.

    Require daily flights for the following:
    – the top 10 layers of F-22 Lockheed management
    – the top 5 layers of military leaders involved with clearing the aircraft for flight
    – the Politicians involved in the selection of this aircraft.

    I guarantee that putting the lives of this group on the line will instantly spur a maximum effort to find a fix.

    Will it ever happen ? Absolutely not.
    These people feel that pilots are expendable but they are not.

  60. I heard about the new fighter the F-22 Raptor in the drawing boards about 40 years ago. And to see recently the price tag of this aircraft is ridiculous and the oxygen system not to be reliable is just a shame. The technology of today and still cannot find the the problem or is it the human body what we want to be able to withstand at these greater speed and altitudes. Do we want a rocket or fighter jet to maneuver at all cost to avoid the aggressors (Aliens). Future will be advance in technology more expensive and we will most likely not see it, need to work from year to year for next events. We have the supremacy but not for long with the aircraft companies and vendors selling at all other country's….

  61. USSChallenger | May 7, 2012 at 8:23 pm | Reply

    Hmmm. I smell a rat. A few infact. Does any one recall the story on how military equipment is being made in China?I think that there is a Chinese connection in this and that the Obama adminstration is covering it up.
    Second does this ring a bell to any of you? remember the Ospery not too long ago? that plane was droping like flies but they still put it into production. I think that the F22 was a political move more than a Military one and that it is slowly but surly being exposed.

  62. Ken in San Jose | May 7, 2012 at 11:11 pm | Reply

    If you watched the 60 Minutes piece, when asked about the F22 both of the pilots' eyes light up. The expressed it was the best fighter plane in the world and they loved flying it. There problem is with not wanting do die for nothing.

  63. All that matters in the end is Money.

  64. stealth090 | May 8, 2012 at 1:53 am | Reply

    You have to see a video of the F22 doing manuevers to understand the INTENSE amount of G-Forces that must be present…Frankly, it's not only mind boggling…but FREAKY that the pilots can survive such measures. The F22 and F35 are the last fighter jets…Drones don't get paid for a lifetime in GREAT benefits for a designated amount of salary and service…Uncle Sam needs to cut corners WHILE upgrading weapons. Take the "fragile" human out of the cockpit, add thrust vectoring, and you have a FIGHTER jet that can do 100 hr missions and take technology/supermanueverability to a whole new level.

  65. nging cabato | May 8, 2012 at 5:52 am | Reply

    its very simple just fix the damn thing, its the best fighterjet in the world whats the matter with the AF, they dont produce chuck yeager, richard bongs Mcquiere

  66. Sorry guys, you don't feel safe flying that platform, turn in your wings and give up your flight pay. No one is forcing you to be a pilot and in the military you rarely get the chance to chose the platform you fly. If I was your CO I would attend your little TV appearance and if you said one thing I considered to be FOUO I would then charge you with a security violation and you wouldn't have to worry about flying an unsafe platform ever again.

  67. Ill take their job!! Ill take the risk. Some people like me would do anything to be in their position

  68. This is troubleing…must see T.V.

  69. michaelusaf | May 8, 2012 at 1:34 pm | Reply

    Can't find the activation ring, eh? Maybe he should go back to flying something he can manage and not blame the technology……………….

  70. Ralph Guymon | May 8, 2012 at 5:50 pm | Reply

    As has already been mentioned, the century series fighters' oxygen systems worked well. The F-102's that I helped maintain used liquid oxygen that ensured that no outside air, that might contain toxic gases, would get to the pilot. As a tax payer, I suggest that its time that the Honeywell system on the F-22 be scrapped and the old reliable LOX system be installed in its place.

  71. Simple fix, get rid of the O2 generator and refit with an "older stye" LOX bottle. Yes, I over simplified it, but in some cases keeping proven systems, regardless of how sexy the new technology is, is the right thing to do. Besides, to build a plane that can stay aloft for days doesn't mean its pilot can. If that's what they seek then build more drones and Reapers.

  72. There is a vast difference between a member of the US Armed Forces publicly bashing their commander and chief, and bashing a piece of equipment.

    As a military member, you forfeit some of your civil rights.
    One of which being freedom of speech, when pertaining to negative comments about your superior.

    That does not extend to equipment purchased by your superior.

  73. I'm not shocked that these two pilots had to go to 60 minutes to get action taken. The Air Force has a history of screwing people over that make waves, what are they going to do wait until we have dead pilots to figure out there is something wrong with the aircraft.

  74. Well, that's what you get for putting prima donna whiners in the cockpit.

  75. i m fm lb ,i knw sm infs yu nd to pt in ftrxxx f22 if yu pt ,it wl gs gd sd to me

  76. I'm convinced that Lockheed will fix the problem, even if it means beating the subcontractor/vendor that provides the OBOGS (and I'm not sure who that may be). Lockheed has made some seriously good aircraft in the past and I expect they still do, however as complicated an aircraft as is the F-22, they are going to be working to get the bugs out, just like every other aircraft flying. Remember the F-16 as being referred to as the "Supersonic Lawn Dart" when it first came out? Cable chafing on a fly-by-wire system gave them some fits, and there were some serious accidents before they got it all figured out. I do remember a pilot's wife on 60 Minutes complaining how that little problem killed her husband–no controls all of a sudden.

  77. Concerned Maintainer | May 8, 2012 at 6:53 pm | Reply

    Could it be hysteria? A few pilots experience hypoxia for a variety of reasons, then more and more manifest symtoms because they are focused on it. Let's keep trying to solve the problem, but we have to keep flying in order to do that.

  78. Pretty cheap to rig up an oxygen monitor for the pilots. Can't see why Lockheed wouldn't do that tuit suite.

  79. I'm not surprised. Don't blame the engineers. Blame the supply chain. Theres a common saying amongst design engr's, we've been sold out to the buyers club (alias: the bean counters) They seem to be in micro-control, and Congress loves it.

  80. This is in responce to Uncle Bill. why should they be court marshaled? Maybe if the problem got fixed when they found out about it instead of waiting for pilot being killed maybe it wouldn't have gotten this far. As far as people saying pilots are payed to take risk. Yes they are, but equipment isn't suppose to fail over and over again even before they get to combat. It's suppose to work unless it gets damaged in combat or wearing out. These are new jets so it should work properly.

  81. AJ GUILLOT | May 8, 2012 at 8:10 pm | Reply


  82. I had to educate myself on the subject after reading a few comments. Maybe some others on this site should learn that lesson.

  83. f-111 had complaints about the TFR and pilots used to dread it. Still flew them even though they were not reliable. F-4 had no gun. F-4 smoked from far, far away. Blimps were very very dangerous. The point: all military flying is very dangerous, including helos. All of it. Carrier landings are insane, low level support in thick air is inherently crazy and B-17's had no real armour. Doolittle was suicidal when he went into Tokyo. Fly it or leave. The general mission is to fly and fight, not drive a bus. War comes fast and is always deadly. The mission comes first; all new fighters have bugs. All pilots are vols. Fly and fight, not have a nice day or try your best.

  84. even if raptor is a turd they wont admit it thats some Generals retirement

  85. When I was working on the "new" F-111's, there were numerous reports of failure or problems with the aircraft. These are the "swing wing" fighter bomber" that saw action in SE Asia.I think that they eventually redeemed themselves, after many upgrades.
    I still miss the USAF.

  86. John Beebe | May 8, 2012 at 9:32 pm | Reply

    They could go back to the tried and true, good old fashion lox bottle for oxygen. Must be too simple of a fix.

  87. I guess Congress does not want to offend anyone by in acting a "Lemon Law" like you have on your car.

  88. Why can't we just stick with the F-15, F-16, and the F/A-18. These aircraft are the best in the world. Why do we have to spend billions on research and develpment on aircraft that are hard to drive and dangerous. There were problems with the Osprey and 40 people had to die before they figured out the problems with that aircraft. Let's stick with what we have, it works.

  89. Reminds me of the F16 avionics debacle – saving a few cents on cable ties cost at least 2 pilots their lives as they thought they were pulling UP while (actually) diving to earth due to an electrical malfunction in the artificial horizon. They even made a cable-TV movie ('Afterburn') telling the story. The wife of one of these pilots sued and won $3 million – the award was overturned due to DOD contractors being given blanket immunity to lawsuits.

    So much for the 'Federal False Claims Act'

    Having worked on the Hubble Space Telescope (testing optical guidance systems AND the Primary Mirror) as well as other DOD projects I saw first-hand the screw-ups and cover-ups but no one in authority seemed interested in correcting the design errors OR punishing those who knowingly caused the errors AND lied instead of admitting there ever WAS an error. Lives were endangered and lost in addition to millions of taxpayer dollars ($1.5 billion on the HST alone).

    And, Yes, I realize design errors are commonly found and corrected through actual field use instead of lab experiments but that doesn't excuse blaming dead pilots for being victimized by yet another contractor screw-up.

  90. juan canela | May 8, 2012 at 9:57 pm | Reply

    The First Amendment should apply equally to all Americans.There are no excepted classes provided in the First Amendment. The Usurper, now residing in our Whitehouse, is ineligible, unqualified, and incompetent, for the office that he occupies. Barry Soetoro or Hussein Obama II, or whoever you are, or claim to be, this is the United States, and we have a congress of elected representatives, and Barry has trashed our Constitution by appointing non-elected Czars to govern the populace.

  91. ABO has generally been inspected by POL QAR REP's at Contractors Plants for
    meeting Mil Spec MIL-O-27210A. Both Liquid & Gas. The problem seems to exist in
    the distribution system to pilot. It's possible lines, etc are causing some chemical
    reaction when exposed to O2 before pilots usage. This could be resolved by
    sampling O2 at pilots mask for contaminants.

  92. What we have here is, we are finding out that we may have a weapon that needs to be fixed. I don't think the actual reason for the problem means much to most of us, and it could cloud the issue. For a pilot to say no to a ride like that….it's gotta be a risk-to-bennie decision. Fix the problem. HEY YOU!! YEA YOU WITH THE STAR ON THE SHOLDER…….FIX IT! Sorry everybody, I, like most of you, can get mad enough to shout. The pilots may see hard times, but they will live to fly your but to LAX in the civilian world. I'd rather ride with a safe pilot.

  93. As a former aircraft crew cheif in the military and as a civilian one it seems to me that its the oxygen. If the F-18 SH is having the same issue then fix it!!. This I will say. The Raptor is the best ever. As with most new highly sophisticated planes there are troubles. The F-16 had major issues. So did the Hornet, the Army's Apache did and so on. Fix the O2 issue and the pilots will wait in line.

  94. How about the F-23?? out performed the 22 in a big way!
    Politics anyone?

  95. Does anyone know what the difference is between an OBOGS on the F-22 and the Litton MSOGS system flown on the F-15E? I worked on Strike Eagles the last six years of my career and can only remember a few stright up MSOGS fails and can never remember a crew member haviing a physilogical problem

  96. Could this be like when a diver goes to deep and you need a diffrent mixture for him to breath.Or is this from something other than O2 levels ?

  97. Remember your history…. The "Buffalo" of WW2? Some of the early bombers and fighters were problem children. The facts have yet to be determined for the F-22. Until then, keep upping your insurance and think good thoughts!

  98. Has amyone considered that it might be a human factor common to those pilots who experience the problem and not necessarily the F=22?

  99. Lockheed's aircraft designers decision not to use liquid oxygen containers on this aircraft should be easily retrofitted to include liquid oxygen containers some where. If the Super Hornet has the same design defect guess what. Lockheed pays to install these oxygen containers on their dime not the taxpayers

  100. With all the technology that went into the F-22, something that has been incorporated in military aircraft since WWI is its downfall. You would think that after nearly 100 years of refinement we would have all the kinks worked out of that particular system.

  101. Chuck Shannon | May 9, 2012 at 12:01 pm | Reply

    The lox converter has been used back in the 60es and before.I wonder why they changed the system???..

  102. Rule number one in the USAF "it is never the planes fault, it is always the pilots fault." Lets remember when the F16 was new and killing pilots, the USAF did every thing possible to blame the pilots. It wasn't until the wife of a dead pilot sued them and proved it was the plane, did they admitt to the problems. Thats my Air Force

  103. Rather then junk a WC-135B the USAF and Boeing engineers disassembled the fuselage and replaced the bent parts of the fuselage that was caused by a hard landing as a resulth of a bolt installed incorrectly for the elevator surfaces. The WC-135B was repaired and flown for several more years. Don's ask about the repair bill as that was probably classified or hidden in the budget for 1969

  104. I'm hearing a complete change out to the system used in the F-15E. The system in the F-15E at the time the E's were developed was an all new system from the F-15C's system. The F-15E by no means fly and maneuver at the altitudes that the F-22 is capable of but is said to have roughly the same capacities and pressures that the Raptors system uses.

    One of the reasons is because the F15E's system needs to have the capacity to handle the two man flight crew which is what the F-22 needs at it's max maneuvering altitudes.

  105. sooner or later it will all be traced back to Haliburton

  106. The problem is politicians. There corrupt. Look at the new rockets being built at a fraction of the cost that these major corporations are charging. What we need is MONEY ALLOCATED FOR THE NEW ENGINEERS', NEW BLOOD COMING AT IT WITH DIFFERENT INNOVATIVE IDEAS. Look at these new start up companies. Amazing how smart some of these new graduates are. Develop a new system from scratch. Were going to be in serious trouble soon. Who do you thing bought that drone from Iran. Russian or Chinese. We need to do everything we can to stay in the lead because the it just got a lot shorter.

  107. Is there new, metaphysical (?) technology at work that is effecting the pilot.?

  108. Courage comes in different forms…… These two pilots should be highly commended for taking action and potentially saving the lives of other F22 pilots. The unfortunate reality in the service is that at times working within the system just get the job done! Whether it be ego, pride, knowing the Bizillions of taxpayers dollars that have been wasted on an aircraft that is not needed would be an embarrassment sometimes the HARD HEADED individuals in charge put the project far ahead of safety……. Inexcusable! Thank god for these very brave pilots who are willing to risk their careers to save lives, lives of fellow pilots who should not be put at a known an unecessary risk. The "whistle blower" protection is well deserved for these two men and a t $40,000. per flight hour vs. $8K-$16K for the F16, F15 and F18 what the HELL is the military thinking?????? Scrap the F22, learn from the $100's of billions dollars spent on the new technologies BUT stop the madness, The country is BROKE, the hay day of the late 1990's economic is over.! Corporate America and the Defense industry have made their money, end the F22 EXPERIMENT!!!

  109. Like excessive cost of the F22 END The Osprey project as well. At a cost of 8 times per Sikorsky 46 both in acquisition and operational cost to carry 30% less payload just to attain a 35% greater speed????? ONLY the government could make sense of this! Not too mention the accident rate and fatality rate………….. Again, the country is BROKE, trying to spend our way out of this economy is a FAILED strategy!!!! As Buffet put it, "We can fix our deficit immediately………..Make it law that any sitting elected officials (Executive and Legislative) cannot continue to serve as long as there is a deficit!"

  110. In Russia pilots know we shoot them for asking for transfer. So no ask for transfer. Plane flies fine.

  111. Has anyone investigated the possibility that chemicals from the composite material are outgassing? The symptoms are very analogous to chemical overload that affects nerve transmission.

  112. Problem could be removed in a way that part of the dome is reduced, because all too visible dome can disorient the operator / pilot view (problem) Work on the isolation of the cockpit can reduce the problem of concentration. Reduce the visible … fields will help. ;)

  113. the whole F22, was a bad idea to begin with, the YF 23 was the real deal, almost all the internals on the YF 23 WHERE THE SAME AS THE F15!!!!!!, tried and true technology in a newer sleeker air frame!, same landing gear, same awesome ejection seat, all the same electronics and LOX system (im a former AF crew-chief, blue to greened into the Army to become an avionics tech on longbow H64 Apache), the reason we have the stupid F22, is because of BUREAUCRACY! the YF 23 was superior in all categories, but it cost a little more to produce per aircraft, tho since all the infrastructure: mechanics, part factories, contracts, where already in place making parts for the F15, there was a savings of BILLIONS of dollars because there was NO NEED for a new infrastructure to support the YF23, the F15 had already done that, The F22, needed new factories and contracts to make parts that DID NOT EXIST! a whole new set of contracts in wich politicians and private parties where able to CUT CORNERS IN CONSTRUCTION AND DESIGN!, all using designs and techniques not proven to be safe yet, YES LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, all you F22 pilots where GUINNEA PIGS! and pawns of the DOD y and reclamations, to see if they could get rich, while risking your lives, instead of taking the aircraft that even tho it cost more to produce 1 each, the cost of maintenance was already LOW! before the aircraft was ever produced!!!, and thus, opened the way for CHINA and RUSSIA, to use our design and make their own stealth fighters, wich are superior to our F22, and they used tried and true technologies in their Stalth Fighters, borrowed from their Mig 29 and SU series of jets, china took, the stuff from their jets they bought from RUSSIA and their own development over the decades and used their ALREADY SAFE and trusted electronics, oxigen, fuel and avionics into their aircraft, WE! in the us, tho, have a paper mashe stealth craft, we cant use safely due to all the STILL EXPERIMENTAL BS installed in the aircraft that we need to be able to trust! In the mean time, one of the Northrop Yf23 is hanging from one museum, gutted like a fish, and the other sits at the end of a runway baking in the sun, getting ruined by the environment

  114. Have you guys/gals ever flown a combat jet? The time between thinking you are fuzzing out and taking action to save the craft and your life can be measured in tenths of seconds. Things happen so quickly and the craft is moving so fast that there is an infinitesimal amount of time for corrective action. If you are low then you're screwed. Until we know when these blackouts typically occur we're pissing into the wind. It's easy to judge someone until you're in their shoes. I can't think of a better way to help make this issue go away than getting onto national tv and letting the public know what has been going on. And to those of you who say these guys are not cut out to fly…get a life. They have hundreds if not low thousands of training on sims and in real craft. These guys weren't given the chance to fly the 22 by luck. The vetting process is arduous. The bottom line is that the air craft needs to be fixed. The last thing a pilot needs to worry about is his O2. Think about it. Think. Period.

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