Friday Video: British APC Destroys A Minnesota House!

How about a video of an armored personnel carrier demolishing a Minnesota home to kick off this weekend of celebrating Cinco de Mayo/The Kentucky Derby?

The video below shows a British-made FV432 APC from the 1960s completely wrecking an abandoned 150-year old house in Kasota, Minn. Apparently, the company that owned the property had the great idea of hiring Drive-A-Tank (seriously, these guys exist, go rent one!) to demolish the property in style!

Per HuffPo:

MarKessa Baedke-Petersen, event coordinator for Drive-A-Tank, told The Huffington Post that her company did not think twice about the request.

“You pay us enough money and we’ll destroy anything with our tanks,” she said.

“The basement had to be filled with wet sand, because we did not want the tank falling in. We also had to go through and make sure the electricity was disconnected and all the pipes were shut off,” Baedke-Petersen explained.

Once the all-clear was given, Tony Burglum, Drive-A-Tank’s owner and operator, drove the 15-ton behemoth through the two-story home. It took about four passes for him to completely destroy the structure.

“From start to finish, it took maybe 20 minutes,” Baedke-Petersen said of the military-style makeover.

The property on which the home was situated was recently sold and the new owners are planning to build a home on the now-vacant lot.

According to Baedke-Petersen, her company may be doing another home demolition in the near future.

Now go crack a Corona or make yourself a mint julep and the click through the jump to watch the APC wreck the house.

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  1. In Maine we are so poor, and some so thrifty, people actually tear down buildings piece by piece and resale to those for starter homes or other projects. But, I know boys likes their toys and destruction is the American way, today

  2. Man, Americans are fat!

  3. A new hallway in the historic home.
    That is the America/ns for you, no respect for history, no wonder self annihilation is pending.

  4. Looks fun and its the way of making a new house. LOL

  5. Yes overweight but it's an issue with most Western countries. I'm impressed the old guy driving the tank didn't mistake the throttle and ran into the neighbours house too. Now THAT would have been epic cool.

  6. needlesscommenter | May 5, 2012 at 12:46 am | Reply


  7. It may be a British tank, and driven by an American, but I sense Ahmadinejad’s evil hand in this matter.

    There’s only one way to deal with this attack on America’s homeland… the invasion and occupation of Iran!

  8. Off topic…..

    Anybody have any info on if Obama flew on a ARMY Chinook into and out of Kabul?

    I saw a picture that looked like it …..

  9. Baron von French | May 5, 2012 at 5:31 pm | Reply

    Funny how everyone stereotypes "Americans" from a few video clips. If I were to make identical comments but base it on something like skin color, people would freak the hell out. We have forgotten our manners in society.

  10. Ok…
    I'm happy to answer my OWN question…
    Yes there WAS an Army One movement of the POTUS…..

    160 SOAR drivers….

  11. thanks jamesb , the link is incredible .

  12. I like to see the driver with the dog . The dog is the inconditional frien of humankind , in peace or war , poor or rich ……… . And now is learning to drive a tank . Americans are so crazy .

  13. reuse, reuse, reuse. ..
    there looked to be enough door and window frames in the house that could have been used, not to mention siding perhaps ?

  14. Mondo excellent!

  15. Well with all of the negative comments here, I would like to state I love this. F it, sometimes the economics of leveling a house and promoting a smaller midwest business out weigh other concerns. To do it in this fashion is sweet as hell, wish I would have had word about this I would have went to watch.

  16. In the Dakota's we burn the old houses, gives the Fire Department practice and cleans as it goes. Most of the old houses around here have recently become vary valuable and are selling rather well thanks to the Oil Boom up north, in fact a real estate agent called me the other day, seems somebody heard me complain about my house, he says he can sell it for twice what I paid for it 15 years back, I would consider it but then I would have to find some place to live… Oh that was filmed in Minnesota, we in the Dakota's are much thinner thanks to the lack of employment, and thus food!! That is unless you want to work the oil field, and I am in No shape to work there.

  17. not a tank!!!

  18. Unique way of doing a demolition job. Since it took the tank four attempts to destroy it completely, that says a lot about the construction of the house.

    Gilly Gamgee

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