China’s Second Stealth Fighter Getting Ready for Its First Flight

Just a quick update on China’s stealth fighter program. We’ve all seen the pictures that emerged recently of second J-20 stealth fighter, dubbed 2002, sitting alongside the first J-20, 2001, on the flight line at Chengdu — something that indicates a test flight imminent. Well, here are some pics showing good ole 2002 making a very high-speed taxi run. As you can see, she reached a high enough speed that her nose wheel lifted off the ground and had to use the drogue parachute to come to a halt.


H/t to David.

  • Minnocent Bystander

    I wonder. Supposing this jet was built on stolen technology (and it presumably was) What are the odds that the J-20 pilots will suffer Hypoxia?

    • Anonymous

      None. The jet is fine, China will blame the pilot!

      • Black Owl

        Search up MiG-1.44. I’m pretty sure this was copied from a Russian design and slightly modified.

        • JRL

          It looks nothing like the MiG 1.44, other than its basic twin engine canard configuration.

          • ajspades

            Then the J-20 looks nothing like the JSF or F-22 either, because neither of them is a canard configuration and there can be no argument that China is copying anyone.

          • Praetorian
          • Lance

            This sit admits the Chinese took alot from the MiG 1.44 design to make this plane.

          • Jeff

            “this sit admits”

            What?! Are you five?

          • JRL

            Yeah, a good read , but only if you like rumor, conjecture, and innuendo. I suggest that people who believe that the J-20 is copied from the MiG 1.44 take a closer look…

            And incidentally, given that Lockheed Martin openly purchased technical data from Yakovlev concerning the mechanics of the supersonic VSTOL Yak-141, would you then say that the F-35B was copied from the Freestyle?

          • Stratege

            Not copied from the Mig 1.44, but inspired by MiG.

          • Praetorian

            Your right it is rumor, and im not saying the J-20 was copied by the Mig 1.44
            either, I just provided the link.

            On the Yakovlev Yak-41M Freestyle, yes it was copied. How could you say otherwise? Yakovlev was openly seeking funds for the project that they could not fund any longer. Lockheed stepped in and gave them 400 million dollars.
            Yakovlev also did the sane thing with the Yak-130.

          • Praetorian
    • Vec

      Stop being delusional and having a inferiority and fear complex. U.S. steals more than any other country.wake up now that China has its own technological base.

    • traindodger

      They’ll develop their Chi to a supernatural level so they can perform missions while only taking in a single breath before donning their entirely superfluous oxygen mask.

    • Bob

      Probably not stolen at all, Bill Clinton gave them almost everything we had on aircraft and missile technology, Clinton was and is the worst enemy America has ever had, Him and Al Gore. China couldnt put a missile into orbit or even guide one until Clinton gave them the technology, and they said that they wouldnt use it in offense, DUHHHH HUHHHH. The first satelite was a spy satelite, the second was a satelite that they announced that they could knock out any satelite in orbit, DUHHH HUHHHH. Hey Slick Willy, the joke is on you.

    • TeaPartyPatriot

      I hope that happens and they go crazy.

  • kski

    You gotta point their! What other problems do you think our comrades behind the bambo curtain are having? Ejection seat not working, a broom stick for control, no cup holder? Who knows.

    • Jeff

      Exactly, just as I wonder what’s behind the sand curtain in Afghanistan: when the ‘best’ military force in the world can’t win against a bunch of camel jockeys.

      • tiger

        Uh, There is no sand or Camels in Afghanistan.

        • Jeff

          This are both. Asiatic camels are native Afghanistan. Sand? You’ve gotta be kidding me, right? No sand in Afghanistan? What, no fat people in Ohio either?

          • tiger

            More mountainous than anything. As for the camels? (You actually made me search for stuff about camels, I must be bored…) Bactrian camel is the name.

            The Bactrian camel is the only truly wild, two-humped camel in the world. It lives in the Gobi Desert and, like the one-humped camel, it can go for long periods without water. The Bactrian camel is named after the part of the region it inhabits, Bactria, on the Afghan-Soviet border. The first camels appeared in north America 40-50 million years ago, descended from an animal the size of a small dog. They migrated to Europe and Asia two million years ago and became nearly extinct in their original habitat.


            Once found over a vast range in Asia, Bactrian camels now inhabit only Mongolia’s remote Gobi Desert.

            More than I ever wanted to know, on that topic.

  • Richard S

    In other news, the family of the test pilot of the new J-20 was executed today because his taxi speed was too high and his nose lifted off the ground. One party official described it as “an assault on everything we know as Chinese people” and added, “when that parachute came out, it was like common sense took over again.”

    • blight_

      I think they’ve learned from their mistake of assuming they knew everything and shutting down all innovation for four centuries…until the west came knocking on their door with opium at the end of a rifle and cannon.

    • Jeff

      In other news, the US air force is using F-22 pilots as guinea pigs to collect more data on why the $420 million+ jet doesn’t have a proper oxygen generation system.

    • Vec

      Carry on with your delusion and envy.

  • Marc

    Lets face facts, the J-20 will do what ever it’s supposed too. And if it is built off of stolen tech, so what. Remember way back when a russian pilot gift rapped a Mig-25 for the united states. I hope china is stealing tech, because if they aren’t, then there is nothing any one can do about their conitnued rapid progress. It would mean that they can produce high tech weapons and what ever else they need with out outside help. Mean while the f-35 is turning into a pipe dream, and the f-22 has pilots scared to fly it.

  • Peter

    Those must be Russian engines. Any ideas what model?

    • JackBlack

      Officially, the WS-15 :

      Read this:
      “However, as J-15 itself is in prototype stage, unlikely, Ws-10G could be mature at present and being installed on J20 prototype.

      The j-20 main contractor, CAC has a close working relation with Russia’s Salyut, Salyut secured AL-31F contract from Saturn because of Chinese order ( CAC’s J10), and developed improved AL-31F-m1, m2 , m3 etc, solely for CAC initially, although later the Al31F-M1 became the standard powerplant of Su27SM. The AL31F-M1 reaches 13 ton max thust, slightly higher than wS-10 current allowed max thust . M2 reaches 14 tons, currently the best can be offered by Salyut to CAC, I suspect the Al-31F-M2 could have been installed in the J-20 prototype.

      But nevertheless, J-20 will be powered by Ws-15 turbofan”/
      post by: Pinko 12th December 2010

  • Lance

    Not surprised. Overall this plane is based on MiG 1.44 tech and stealth technology came from a F-117A shot down over Serbia in 1999. SO in the end not surprised they are experimenting with there combination of the two technologies.

  • Marc

    Skyepapa, thank you for informing me, and I hope the F-35 is as good as you think. But right about now if I matched it up with an f-16 or F/A18 Super, who do you think will come out on top?

    • Skyepapa

      I’d say the F-16 or the F/A18 since the F-35 isn’t operational and pilots are not trained yet. You can’t pit a puppy against a seasoned junk yard dog, even if the puppy is a pit bull. Give the platform time to mature. Then we’ll play this game.

    • Jeff

      That’s unfair… we’ve got only, what, two dozen F-35 against over a thousand F-16s… of course the F-16s’ gonna win.

  • Speedy

    Umm. How big does a fighter get before it is too big to be a fighter?

    • tiger

      In the 100+ years of aviation, planes have increased in size. The Red Barron would have thought A P-38 to be big. Guys flying F-86’s would call a F-14 or 15 big as well.

      • Speedy

        So, there is no actual rule of thumb?

        If a B52 could dog fight, it would be a fighter?

    • UAVGeek

      It’s all about Wing loading and thrust to weight ratio. Of course when you get bigger it’s hard to get strength to weight, and when you get heavier, it’s harder to get engines big enough. Reference Bf-110’s failure as a fighter.

  • duuude

    Ahh, the F-35 JSF, where the “Joint” means it’s shit that all the services are gonna have to eat, and shit that all the fanboys love to smoke.

  • Bob Bradly

    know thy enemy.

  • Scott Bradley

    Consider that this is an attempt at a Stealth fighter, not a competitor with the F-22 or the F-35…not yet anyway. They are trying to develop an F-117 like Stealth Fighter here, and based on size it probably will have some bomber capabilities… time will tell.

    As to the delivery of O2 under high speed and altitude (vac) conditions… well, many programs have had to overcome this. I am sure that the AF is trying to define the hypoxia issues and correct them… perhaps this information is what we should be striving to control in our less than secure Military/Industrial complex.

  • Stratege

    AFAIR Chinese engines still have extremely short life cycle

  • Jim

    Maybe the Chinese can send over some of their airplane developers and fix our F-22 oxygen problem? IF, and that is a big IF, they did steal data from us that is being used on their J-20, perhaps they also wound up with all the technical information about what might be causing these oxygen mishaps? Hey, just a thought Right?

  • suvo

    chinese all arms is copy by russia&us.china have not capability to make any modern arms.

    • King

      jealousy!, sour grape bitch! and looser lol!!!!!!!!!!.

      Russian, west and jap stolen our inventions such as gun powder, rocket and others. If wasn’t us you would still butt naked and have no toilet paper to clean your hairly and dirty ass!

  • johnysmith

    As general aviation in the United States slides further into apathy China has discovered how useful a network of general aviation facilities. Is the Future of General Aviation in China?

  • david

    no bad, i heard the news about the china flighter , that is wonderful.
    i have a strong competitor and it is good for us.
    hope f22 have solved all problems!

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