Pic of the Day: Foam Party!

Yup, the ceiling-mounted fire suppression system at this Eglin Air Force Base hangar was set off by a welders spark; submerging an A-10 Warthog, an F-16 Viper and an F-15 Eagle sitting inside the massive hangar in foam in a matter of minutes, according to the guy who posted it on Reddit.

Hope they had fun cleaning that up.

  • Sgt_Buffy

    I want to get in the pilots seat, make whooshing noises, and pretend I’m flying in the clouds.

    • Uranium238

      LMAO!!!!! That is hilarious!

    • WRG01

      Settle down Harvey Milk.

  • DC2 Jennings

    it also looks like the F-15 has had panels on the wing removed…. not good.

    • joe

      Well – if it was a welder’s spark, they had to have been welding something, I guess.

    • Michael

      Looks like flap or aileron access pnl to me.

  • Nicky

    Where are the bikini girls, Dj music and the drinks for this party

    • LeoC

      Don’t forget the Disco ball.

      • Nicky

        I know some places in Euro where they have naked foam parties

        • coolhand77

          Heh, apparently you’ve never been to the Texas Rennisance Festival camp ground parties…they had one of those a couple years back in a surplus tent…just sayin! [I was stupid in love with my now ex wife at the time so I didn’t attend, I just saw the aftermath]

    • blight_

      Sign this disclaimer that you read the MSDS…

  • Jeff

    Nice to know it works.

    • Hotel55

      Maybe the AF can get the foam system designers to work on the F-22 and F-35?

      : )

  • DC2 Jennings

    AFFF is going to ruin those planes. At a minimum they will require repainting in less than a year. AFFF is very corrosive. But as Jeff said, at least it worked.


    • Vaporhead

      Depends what AFFF they are using. Anything made in the last decade or two are non corrosive.

    • Chris

      That’s not AFFF – it’s high expansion foam, HEF. Not corrosive at all.

      • DC2 Jennings

        good call guys. guess i am old school.


  • Guest A

    Ain’t no party like an AF party, ’cause an AF party don’t stop!

  • 4FingerOfBouron

    FOD anyone?

  • Rohan

    Was that carelessness ???????????????

  • Riceball

    OPSEC violation! The bad guys will look at this picture and know that we have use foam fire suppression systems in our hangars and either reverse engineer our formula and/or use the knowledge that we have foam fire suppression systems in our hangars for nefarious purposes like coming up with ways of making fires that are foam proof. Because, you know, every picture posted and every little detail about our military is an OPSEC violation. You never know how knowing that our guns shoot bullets, our troops eat MREs in the field, and our vehicles run on gas/diesel can potentially be used against.

  • DGR

    Iran will announce next week that their mighty fire suppresion system can fill a hanger in 2 min or less! Iran’s fire technology is much better and more efficiant and will stop any attack by the American pigs!

    • Rebel Boy

      communist bastard

      • DGR

        You do realize this is a joke right?

        I have a feeling that your sarcasm detector is broken, might want to have that looked at……

        • salovel

          Shazaam, a joke? Detector is up and running. Bad joke, marginal sarcasm.

        • John Moore

          I LOL nice!

      • Josh

        Rebel Boy, you know Iran isn’t a communist country right?

        • blight_

          Iran kills communists. That makes them…darn, in the old days it would have been friends.

    • Anonymous

      Then America will announce there is WMD hidden underneath the foam and will launch an invasion then occupy for 10 years!

      • Anonymous

        Awww, is it not as funny when you mock our side and not the evil bad guy’s side? Or is it too close to the truth?

        • PorkRoll

          No, it just wasn’t funny. Might want to try harder next time.

    • EW3

      Suspect they will need it within the next year.

  • miles

    Bad Defence tech Bad SYFY wire had this story for a couple of days now.

  • JackBlack

    Plane-wash wowowow it’s a plane wash babe, yep.
    F-22 is missing here, but he is not present due to paint peeling off from water. OMGLOL

  • Ron

    Clean up Hanger 5.. Need bucket and mop..

    • DGR

      “Ya boss, were going to need leef blowers and firehoses over at hanger 5.”

    • Gollum

      And lots of fans.

  • DGR


  • Jayson

    Since the f22 has super duper capabilities, lets see if it’s engines can blow all the foam out to doors too. Dog fight, intercept, knock out the pilots and grounds crew and clean up.

    What CAN’T the F22 do?

    • Anonymous

      “What CAN’T the F22 do? ”

      Go above 10,000 feet.

      • Anon

        LOL! Well played, sir.

  • Lance

    Because the Oxygen system would suffocate the foam.

  • Lance

    Looks fun wheres the drinks. LOL

  • tiger

    Is it safe to say A welding job opening is available?

  • Just-Joe

    Funny, usually these systems are set off by a manual lever or button, so that inadvertant “sparks” dont set them off. Same actuation as the halon systems they replace. These fire systems are also far from secret, and used in civilian/corporate hangars.

    • Chris

      No they are set off by water flow from sprinklers also in the hangar for the past 10 years and perhaps before that. So esentially a heat detector. There are a few that have other types of detection like IR which is probably what was here IF reports are accurate and they are often not. Halon was never used in a hangar, in the engine enclosure, but not the whole hangar. Halon requires a sealed space which hangars are the definition of unsealed in most cases. And I’ve never heard of a manual only fire protection system for buildings and been doing this for 20 years. But suppose there could be one out there. They CAN be set off manually but do NOT require manual.

  • JackBlack

    Air brake is lifted, so the currents down there must be immense.

  • Bruster
    • Davyd

      I cannot for the life of me figure out what is happening in that picture. Snowblower aimed the wrong way? That has to be more of the same – an AFFF test, or something from a truck. Unless it’s a shop. The grass wouldn’t be that visible if there was that much snow.

  • DriftingJesus

    I god. We’ve got a redditor on our hands…..lol

    Well at least we know the fire suppression system is in order.

  • Justin

    It looks like there’s foam outside too? haha

  • Penguinsix

    I’m so old the first thing I thought of was The Brady Bunch.

    • tiger

      I’m so old I would have said Jack Lemmon blowing up the laundry in “Mr. Roberts.”

    • elmondohummus

      I guess I’m a dirty old man. The first thing *I* thought of was that old “Wild On E!” travel/party show. :D

  • Kole

    Whoever has to clean that up better be paid overtime!

  • Dlfisgreen

    These are hard working planes. Probably needed to soak in a bubble bath after a long hard day. Can someone find the loofa I dropped

  • Gunner

    Cleanup in aisle 5—LOL!

  • elmondohummus

    Well, I’m impressed. This is a more adult crowd here at Defensetech than elsewhere. I haven’t seen a single pornographic joke about what the A-10 did to the other two jets so far. ;)

  • Fredhawg

    This will reflect badly on your EPR.

  • Davyd

    Those are hangar queens – hence why they tested the AFFF there. Closer inspection of larger pics shows all kinds of things missing from the Eagle (including an ominous looking fincode), the rear part of the Falcons’ cockpit is covered indicating some kind of frame/avionic work. The Hog looks like it might be in the best shape, but why test this stuff with the cockpit and engine bay open? Plus, look at how far onto the tarmac the foam spills out. This was an out of the way place – the kind of place you put spares in.

  • 0311 USMC

    Surprised this one didn’t make the daily news in Niceville. Pretty sure i’ve been in that hanger a time or two.

  • Michael

    Ahh they are only kidding!
    It’s just dry ice covering up the pot smoke party.

  • Kerplop

    If ya fire up that F-16 right now it’ll be the world’s most expensive bubble machine!