Introducing Iran’s Newest Attack Helos, Wait a Second…

Continuing it’s tradition of reverse engineering and fabricating its stockpile of 40-year old American weaponry, Iran annoucned that it is about to unviel its first ever domestically produced Cobra attack choppers.

Yup, nearly 50-years after the U.S. introduced the Cobra, Iran has figured out how to make its own. Kinda reminds me of Iran’s Saeqeh fighter jet — a Northrop F-5 knock of featuring some Iranian modifications and a paint job that resembles the U.S. Navy’s Blue Angels’ color scheme. The Iranian army flies American-made AH-1J Sea Cobras — some of which have been rebuilt in Iran as the Panha 2091 — that were delivered before the 1979 revolution.

Iran’s locally-grown Cobras will be armed with “different types of home-made caliber guns, rockets and missiles,” according to Iran’s semi-official Fars news agency. Yup, “different types of home-made” weapons. Apparently, these home-made weapons and other modifications to the Cobra design will make it “preferable to Apache Choppers (sic).”  I’m shaking.

Here’s more from a rather amusing press release, er news article, put out by FARS on the new choppers.  Pay attention to the last sentence, it says Iran’s military is purely defensive and shouldn’t be seen as a threat to anyone. This might be a small sign that Tehran is trying to slowly cool down the big nuclear-weapons related imbroglio it’s in with the U.S. and Israel.

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Iranian Army plans to unveil and put into operation Iran’s first home-made Cobra chopper in special wargames of the Army’s Airborne unit in the near future, a senior commander announced on Wednesday.

Speaking to FNA, Lieutenant Commander of the Army’s Ground Force Brigadier General Kioumars Heidari said that the unit would unveil the national military chopper in the special airborne exercises to be held in the near future.

As regards the capabilities of the national chopper, the commander stated, “The chopper is an advanced generation of Model 209, or Cobra, choppers which is also equipped with different types of home-made caliber guns, rockets and missiles.”

“All the phases of designing and manufacturing of the chopper have been done inside the country and the helicopter enjoys some capabilities which make it preferable to Apache Choppers,” Heidari said.

The commander further announced that different types of anti-chopper and anti-armor weapons will be tested in the wargames.

Iran has taken wide strides in designing and manufacturing different types of light, semi-heavy and heavy weapons, military tools and equipment. Tehran launched an arms development program during the 1980-88 Iraqi imposed war on Iran to compensate for a US weapons embargo. Since 1992, Iran has produced its own tanks, armored personnel carriers, missiles and fighter planes.

Yet, Iranian officials have always stressed that the country’s military and arms programs serve defensive purposes and should not be perceived as a threat to any other country.

Thanks to 4FingerofBourbon for the tip.


  • STemplar

    Interesting last line. Makes me wonder what is being said behind closed doors.

    • jamFRIDGE

      It’s probably similar to the Nazis building tanks and calling them farm tractors

  • harry9876

    They have to start from somewhere. Much better than starting from scratch.

  • Pilgrimman

    >Any sort of military engineering ability


    • ATSystems

      back to 4chan with you fool..

    • Ed Stupid Validation

      I bet you’re the same idiot who demands that we bomb them because they might have nukes.

  • Musson

    In 2020 Iran plans to introduce an Iranian built B-52.

  • Iran has never attacked any country, unlike its enemies US and Israel.

  • Rohan

    The commander further announced that different types of anti-chopper and anti-armor weapons will be tested in the wargames. :):):):):):)

    • blight_

      Like RIMPAC and REFORGER weren’t wargames that weren’t taken seriously? Though MC 2002…?

  • Ara

    I’m a bit surprised that you(DT) said it may be a sign!


    The Iranian government is always saying shit like that, although its safe to say that lying is one of the features of Iranians(not just the government!)

    also they cant build more that 10-12 of these! it’s statically nothing, less than nothing!

  • blight_

    If Iran wasn’t an enemy of the United States, we’d probably give them props for making the attempt. For example, if Taiwan attempted to build their own Cobras from scratch.

    That said, I’m more interested in the electronics fit on these refurb Cobras…

  • Michael

    Those probably aren’t real helicopters. They’re probably toys or models somebody took a picture of on a sidewalk.

    And that comment that they’re not to be perceived as a threat to anyone…that is anyone except a tiny country they refuse to recognize the existence of and threaten to wipe it off the map.

  • harry9876

    I dont get. Why is it that everytime insurgents use sophisticated weapons or technics we blame iran but when the iranians claim to have made some military equipment It is dismissed as a worthless piece of garbage.

  • matheusdiasuk

    A threat beyond our imagination. Game Over folks.

  • Phude

    Photoshop. I see two helicopters.

  • 4FingerOfBouron

    Ha. Bet we have more MANPADS! If I had a CMM and a Laser Tracker I could do that in the garage…Next up is a fleet of RQ’s….

  • David

    Israel has NEVER allowed any nuke agency including the IAEA to visit any of it’s nuke sites. Why the hell should Iran be forced to. Either Israel opens it’s doors or Iran has no obligation to. Simple.

    • STemplar

      Israel isn’t a party to the Non proliferation treaty and has no legal obligation to Iran is and does. Simple.

      • kim

        But is Iran party to the non Profileration Treaty?

        • Ara

          yes it is a party to the NPT check the link below

    • Ara

      1. Read this article:
      2. Israel isn’t a danger to the whole world, while Iran have actually said Israel must be cleared from the face of the earth! not once not twice but every day.

      people like me who lived in Iran know that this is just a beginning,and if the world doesn’t stop this mad government before it gets too late, they’re gonna pay for it

      • Mark

        1. Please stop repeating the false translation over and over… The president of Iran said the zionist gov. of israel should be overthrown. You dont have to agree to this idea but thats something totally different than “israel must be cleared from the face of the earth” He never said that. Iran is not threatening the people in israel… Its not helpful to repeat that false translation. 2. Israel isnt a danger??? Just because they are not signing the proliferation treaty they can have hundreds of nuclear warheads and threatening their neighbours? So your solution would be to tell Iran to cancel that non-proliferation treaty to be able to act like israel? You think thats helpful? Omfg…

        • Ara

          Dude! first of all I AM Iranian and I know what he and the supreme leader said(I repeat EVERY ******* TIME)

          second, I didn’t say that Iran should cancel anything to be free of what they’re doin’ I simply said that they agreed to not to make a nuclear bomb by themselves nothing more!

          third, I believe Israel already have nuclear weapons and I also believe that they’re never gonna use it cause it’s a strategic thing to normal people(not mentally disabled leaders of Iran)

          you know it’s like a knife,it’s dangerous cause some people can’t use it properly, but for other people who have no intention of killing another human being it’s free to use, now the more dangerous you get the less people you will find who can use it for good(don’t wanna write so much I hope you understand my logic)

        • STemplar

          Spare me the poor poor picked on Iran and false translation excuses.

        • Bob

          Ahmadinejad is unstable, and Iran’s elections were suppressed. Netanyahu is a hawk, but he’s not insane, and he can and likely will be voted out if he does something stupid.
          That said — the Iranian people deserve better. They’re actually quite skilled engineers — they’ve been working with almost nothing and have produced several home-grown designs.

          All that to say — stop hating on Iran. They’ve got some bad leadership, but by and large their people disagree with what the leadership is doing.

        • Chuck

          Israel isn’t interested in invading Iran just living in peace. The nukes thay have has given them a semblance of peace, unless some insane group (the Iranian regime) gets nukes and uses them to create armageddon that their religion calls for. Seeing as Israel has proven to be a sensible owner of nukes, I am fine with that. I doubt anyone can say the same of Iran. In fact, even if nukes aren’t used by Iran, they will hide behind them as they slaughter millions outside their country via terrorism. If Muslin countries spent more time improving their countries instead of causing most of the violence in the world today, the whole world would be a better place.

    • Hajjihunter

      Because Iran is the Monomaniacal Suicide state that is MANDATED by it’s own edict to use a nuclear weapon as soon as it gets one… Not Israel!

  • JE McKellar

    What use do the Iranians have for an attack helo right now? They’re too vulnerable to fighter aircraft to be useful against a US or Israeli incursion, and it’s not like any such incursion would involve an armored division moving overland towards Tehran. They might have some utility harassing ships in the Persian Gulf, but that would make them even more vulnerable to all sorts of AA fire, without the cover of terrain to give them some partial protection.

    I can only think of three possible scenarios in which they might prove useful:
    1. Quelling a domestic uprising in the mountainous hinterland.
    2. Resisting a land invasion by proxy forces from Afghanistan, Pakistan, or Iraq/Kurdistan.
    3. An offensive/”peacekeeping” operation by Iran into the same areas mentioned in #2. This assumes the US, with her air superiority, has withdrawn from the region, leaving the locals to defend themselves.

    • blight_

      Probably to hedge bets that Iraq might not be under their control in the long run, and might send export Abrams across the border. Or Russia.

      Against the USN, they need to focus on the Navy and Air Force and equipping and training their paramilitary forces amply. Take what Hezbollah figured out about the IDF (though their experience is against IDF reservists) and see what can be applied in Tehran. They also know that the US Army has broken conventional MOUT doctrine with Thunder Runs, and can expect shock action rather than standoff attack with artillery in urban action. We also have a long train of vehicles resistant to insurgency fare such as IEDs. After Chechenya the Russians acquired a fair amount of counterinsurgency experience, and after Iraq so have we.

  • Helepolis

    I’m not knowledgeable about the Cobra, but why is there only half a rotor blade? That’ll get up into the air, I’m sure.

    • blight_

      Pixellated as hell; perhaps one is colored white/gray and the other black?

    • Jonathan

      Originally, the AH-1 was of two bladed design not four-bladed like today.

    • JD Stone

      That’s part of the re-engineering. Silly americans. Building helicopters with two rotor blades. The second one’s just a spare. ;-)

  • Mainely_Moose

    I figured Iran just put weapons on flying carpets. Oh wait that what they use for training.

  • Lance

    While im not shaking over Iran’s technology upgraded the AH-1 design is a solid and great chopper. However These are NOT advanced AH-1Z and AH-1W versions they are copies of older AH-1J and T Cobras which in US service along with older single engined version where retired around 2005 from Marine reserves. Iran dose have good combat experience with Cobras in the Iran Iraq war they where the only nation to have helicopter air to air combat and shot down Iraqi Mi-24 Hinds. This area of air to air combat was a exception when in regular plan combat Iraq MiG-21s and Mirage F1s had higher kills over Iranian planes except the F-14 Tomcats they had.

    Yes Id agree there helicopter would not be a match with a AH-1Z or AH-64D in our Army/Marines have. BUT compered to Iraq’s pitiful army and that of some of the smaller Gulf States this is more than a match.

  • tee

    As someone who has worked with PhotoShop for 20+ years, theses guys S__K!!!, look at their repeated mistakes.

    • blight_

      So you operated Photoshop 1.0 in 1990?

    • tee

      I started with PhotoShop 2.0 in 1992, on a Mac running system 6. I still have the original set of disks, plus the upgrade to PhotoShop 2.5 that was on a CD. I still have the original box,manual and CD, we keep them for our Mac collection.

    • Infidel4LIFE

      Its FAKE!! LOL!!!

  • Prodozul

    Do these new attack helicopters also come with Iran’s new flounder shaped stealth fighter?

    • Pete

      HA HAAAH!!! The A-1 “Flounder”? Or is the Flounder an old Russia fighter… ;D

  • hirbod

    every time iranian gov says that they make something new, you (DF) say it is old, useless and we have built it 200 years ago.
    you never analyze what they make. but each time you put a pic of F-22 and F-35, you’re starting to say oh my god, it is the best of all and no one could defeat us. like the children.

  • ltfunk

    Iran continues to make the US look weak. Not only because every time we initiate a proxuy war with them they seem to come out on top but because our foriegn policy is so obviously driven by the shame of the hostage crisis.

    More like humiliated teenagers than a world power we continue to cut our nose to spite our face. The great irony is that once Iran is nuclear we will have to grow up.

  • Keeper_of _Horses

    Well…nothing new here…

  • Logic Mine

    Also equipped with a secret compartment for the gunner to hold his “EMERGENCY BACK-UP SLINGSHOT”.

  • Mark

    I worked with someone in the late 1980’s that had worked for Bell Helicopter in Tehran before the fall of the Shah. He told me that when they were evacuated from Tehran there were still alot of huey’s and cobra’s in crates waiting to be assembled. The Iranian’s did not have the technical ability to do it themselves.

  • Over-confident idiots got us into Vietnam.

  • Chris

    Clay Pigeons, more Targets of Opportunity, allowing more Iranians to meet Allah.

  • Kski

    Probably a piece of junk but with a few committed pilots and some ATGMs they can and will do damage so thats why our future plan to fight them involves having plenty of Stingers for good measure. Big worry is the naval side.

    • blight_

      Says a lot about our ADA that Stingers are the only defense. Or the presumption of air dominance. SL-AMRAAM, where are you…?

      • Stingers ( or the FIM-92X) aren’t the only means of ADA whther ground or sea based. You forget theater ballistic missiles such as the Patriot missle defense system (HIMAD). Honestly i’d love to see the resurrgence of the GAU-18 (M61A1) Vulcan on a prime mover. Truthfully a pair of Avengers would be able to cover alot of dfense for a battlaion on the move. and Honestly with a trained crew the Bush Master 25mm would be more than a threat for these Helo’s- the only draw back is the ammo expenditure….

        • blight_

          At its broadest, ADA does include TMD, but I was thinking in terms of air defense systems meant to defeat enemy helicopters and aircraft at low and high altitudes. The Soviets had ZSU-23 (Vulcan analog) and eventually Tunguska, and the closest we have is Bradley Linebacker.

          Still think we’re a little short in the missile department. The Stinger has half the range of an ATGM like a Hellfire. Though I suppose its range is about the same as a TOW missile, which Iran is known to have…and TOW requires a stable, non-evading platform, game over for helicopter.

          • Benjamin

            Hellfire has a secondary air to air capability.

          • Riceball

            The Marine has or had an AD (Stinger equipped) LAV variant and we also have AD Hummers which have a turret on the back that mounts Stingers and (I think) a .50 cal. Of course both of these aren’t really all that much more than mobile platforms for mounting Stingers and nothing too terribly sophisticated or all that much better than a man with a Stinger.

  • Renato Kloss

    Hehehe now US should pay more attention concerning Iran..

  • Deane Gilmour

    Author of the article needs to learn how to spell or use the spell check

  • WarPony

    Iran is one of the last few nation-states (Syria being another) that is not beholden to the central-banskter cartel mafia. They couldn’t get good/free press if they wanted too (AP/Reuters – out of the City of London/the one-square-mile financial district within London the City). Certainly, the people of Iran think their leadership is evil, but no more evil than the luciferian banskters who control D.C. So call the kettle black and pretend otherwise, but let’s not send our troops to die for their battles anymore?
    Tell NATO to send in the Mossad and let the Isreali army fight their benefactor’s battles. We (USA) gave (enough already) at the office.

  • the apache and cobra helo’s are p.o.s. iran just remanufactured US crappy designs

  • darren


  • CIG147

    I remember back in 93, I was on board the USS Nimitz as a member of a hornet squadron deployed to the gulf as part of southern watch. The Iranians deployed thier new submarine and they could’nt make it submerge. I have a feeling thier “home made weapons” might have the same problems. LMAO!!!

    • Mike

      That was 20 years ago, mam..



  • fred

    Yeah your shaking.
    Wow we can’t even beat a bunch of tribesmen with aks designed in the 40s.
    Enjoy spending 600,000,000,000 of our soon to be worthless dollars..

  • charles

    Bow and arrow which is the oldest weapon in the world can inflict serious wounds lets be serous here , its like cut and paste if the human rights policy is improved and the nuclear thing is really use for safe purpose,the world will be a better place.

  • Zlatko

    Soon the new bicycle corps, balloon flotilla, and pigeon communication battalion will be ready too!

  • Auyong Ah Meng

    errrhhhh…excuse me…

    Is the pict above photoshop or similar?

    Or those are full sized or close to cobra specs to as props for a hollywood or bollywood live action shoot/movie?

    I noticed the 1st few choppers has their rotor blades attached to “hardpoints” in the ground to prevent the blades from angling due to wind / etc…notice the rest in the background don’t…or i can’t make it out from the pict.

    Plexiglass cockpit/canophy looks very shiny too.

    Kind of obvious why iran keep flashing their supposed “hardware” and “capabilities” to the world…trying to delay the obvious while they can…

    Once the iranian gov”t (not actually representing the majority of the peoples of iran) detonate a successful nuclear test…they know…nobody will be able to “touch” them…and they can use this “leverage” to get concessions.

    Sad to see this if it pans out that way in the end.

  • bydand

    Iran has never attacked any country? So that 10 year war with Iraq never happened?
    The only reason Iran would make us look weak is because we have a weakling in the White House. And another former white house weakling allowed their Mullah to re-enter the country.

  • Super Tex

    When are the Iranians gonna roll out the F-14 Tomcats ? lol…..

  • James Black Omar

    With their western reserve engneering equipment together with Russian and Chinese weaponry coupled with home-grown types, the Iranian can’t be taken lightly because are increasingly self sufficient…

  • James Black Omar

    sorry…reverse engineering not reserve engineering…

  • Rich

    Wake up people’s….we have Iranians here going to colleges on aeronautical degrees that our US government allows and probably on grants…When i was in active duty in the early 70’s and naive of our government/CIA agendas i was ready for taking action on Iran on the ordeal they pulled in the mid 70’s and i new very well the Southwest Asia countries were looking for confrontations with us. Just not to long ago they had a Naval ship cruise by (California) with many government agencies unaware !!! Something not to take very likely. True we are the superpower, but for how long? Will China supersede us? Our electronics parts,were are they being manufactured, the blood sweat and tears that went into aircraft manufactures where have they gone and only a few left that we can trust? We do not know whats under the hood !!!! Any of you young and old ready to sacrifice your lives…i doubt it in this new era of today’s B.S.

  • Infidel4LIFE

    CGI. They are NOT real. Nice try idiots.

  • Samir

    At least this is a start, if you remember the Apollo 11 Rocket to the moon was an advanced copy of the German V2 are you thinking ..I wonder

  • meee

    cobra is still working and USA deploys it in different wars, so why you call it an old old chopter !!! moreover USA is selling cobras to many countries while Iran is manufacturing it by itself

  • Ab
  • Ab
  • One Persian

    Did you know the prisoners of Iran both male & female are subject to rape & sodomy and the jailer/rapist (s) get rewarded with god’s blessings equal to visiting Mecca.

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