Video: Flamethrowers, Syrian Rebel Style

It’s been a while since we’ve shown you any videos featuring the makeshift weapons used by rebels fighting dictators in the Middle East. Well, we’ve got one today and it’s a doozy.

The video below shows Free Syrian Army rebels attacking a government checkpoint, capturing army troops and, wait for it . . . using a fuel truck and its hose — you know the kind of tanker that resupplies gas stations — as a mammoth flame-thrower.

All we know about the incident is what Twitter user @NuffSilence said about the video.

Assad army sprayed: “Assad or nobody” on wall of check point in Atareb. #FSA came in & liberated it capturing soldiers

Seriously, watch a couple of minutes of combat around a destroyed Syrian army checkpoint (you’ll see a burned out Soviet-made BMP armored vehicle) and some footage of the captured troops. Then, at the 2:40 mark you’ll notice some dudes standing next to a tanker truck. For a second, it almost looks like they’re high-fiving. Then you realize they’re holding a hose and you think they must be trying to put out a fire that you can’t see.

However, it appears as if we might actually be seeing one rebel holding up the truck’s hose while his buddies light the jet of fuel that comes out of it. Next thing you know, boom, their target is a blazing inferno.

Click through the jump for the video.

  • Black Owl


  • Oscar

    Haha! Creativity at it’s finest!

  • wjs

    This here is a hot topic!

  • Anu

    Looks like the FSA caught this week’s episode of Game of Thrones. Resourceful!

  • Tribulationtime

    Like videos from Lybia. Mercenaries fighting tiny shoot outs. Nor return fire, fake IED attacks, only men thirty or forties, no main stream media on the ground, nor emblematic famous places you can reckonize, nor helos or planes, and always the say bunch of guys. I feel shame for what we are doing. “Bad things happens because good people see to other way” quote, I don´t know who.

  • Technoweapon

    The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire. We don’t need no water let the motherfkr burn.

  • deusvolt

    Assad is running a coalition government of muslims, christians, and alawites. These rebels are islamic fundamentalists who are seeking a new caliphate - we shouldn’t support them - did we not learn our lesson with the Taliban coming back to bite us?!

    • Morgan

      Any coalition government of Muslims, Christians and Alawites that massacres its own civilians… well, I don’t want that government in power. In any country.

    • Ross

      The FSA are a coalition from all segments of Syrian society. There hasn’t been an Alawite or Christian town massacred but the army has been butchering towns that have protested against the regime. Most Syrians just want peace and democracy. There is nowhere near enough support for Islamists in Syria for them to form a government in the near future.

  • Jeff

    Those crazy Syrians.

  • Black Owl

    I can’t believe this has happened…

    So I need to warn everyone that next time an article about the F-35 comes up I’m going to make a statement that is going to make a lot of you guys really happy. I gave my paper to an FA-18 pilot and he wrote me a review of it. We talked and we came to some pretty enlightening conclusions. Well, I’ll save it for later…

  • Richard

    This is old news, Arnie used this method in ‘True Lies’, and used it well. It was a documentary about a spy combating Islamic radicalists :)

  • Richard

    Also, it looks like all they did was coat the building with fuel, then light it. Not lighting the spray as it comes out of the nozzle in order to look bad ass, which would be an actual flame thrower.

  • Rebelscum

    This kind of shit is soon going to happen in my country Spain. I am taking ideas

  • Pappa51

    Anyway you look at it they are killing a lot of people over there. It would seem that sooner or later one side is going to run out of soldiers. Assad is one bad SOB; and the Muslim brotherhood isn’t any better. I only with some one could get in there and stop both sides. Assad needs to go, and has for a long time. Right now he’s trying to be a bigger Bad *** than his Daddy. and I think he just might be. He needs to look at some reality, and leave with a great deal of the countries money and go some place that he can keep out of trouble. All of this is leading up to an aggressive Muslin middle east. Sooner or later Assad will be gone and the Muslin Brotherhood will have one more country to arm against Israel. Too bad too; the regular people over there are tired of war. and I think would like to just raise their children up to not blow themselves up because some E-mamm told them too. I would be more incline to believe what the Talibin and the like have to say if the bosses would do some of the blowing up personally. Seems to me that they would have a little more credibility …
    Well that’s my opinion… you all think what you want.

  • Tom

    Thats great product placement by Pepsi…

  • Cardinal

    Well the domino theory exist here in the arab spring , one by one arab countries falling in to the hands of the so called reformist,revolutionaries, when in fact they’re actually ” islamists”, out to create a caliphate for a world dominations . As soon as they got on their leader’s heads , they start to scream for the complete annaihilation of ” Israel”. Watch out the big ” MB “, is on you door step .

  • C I A


  • John Russell

    OK! OK! OK! which one of you brave souls of MUHAMMED want to hold the end of this big fuel pipe while I light it up and shoot it at the enemy>>> WHAT? NO VOLUNTEERS WHAT???CMON you all made your peace with ALLAH this morning right? ahhhhhh! LMAO! yeah right?