Syrian Government Forced to Bomb its Own SAM Sites

So the Syrian rebels recently took over a battery of what appear to be Soviet-made Vietnam war-era SA-2 Guideline surface to air missile. The rebels got their hands on the SAM site after members of the Syrian army’s 743d air defense battalion defected to their cause. However,  government forces soon bombed their own air defense site to prevent any missile systems from falling into rebel hands. Yes, the Syrian government is being forced to conduct air strikes against its own air defense  facilities.

Click through the jump for a video of the missiles and another that apparently shows the aftermath of government air strikes on the site.

  • Bombs Away! The motto of the Mid East. Everything comes full circle. Enjoy your time in the sun as a floating pink mist. Lets send weapons, vehicles, equipment, just flood the place. Let the bodies hit the floor people. They don’t care about us. Iranian stooges and radical Islamists fighting eachother. Where’s the popcorn? Only thing left is US air strikes… Everyone loves a good pile-on. What are we waiting for? All the terms of Libya have been actually met in Syria. Only difference is Russia has troops sitting in the bunkers with Syrian Govt forces. Really an alliance of tyranny. The protests in Russia are no different from the protests in Syria except the government hasnt started shooting yet. The people want the same things: basic, fair voting rights to control their own destinies. The corrupt governments in both places will never be legitimate in the eyes of their people, or the rest of the world. They will never acheive the greatness they fantasized about. Only achieve the pink mist.

    • You should apply the same medicine to yourself first due to hundreds of thousand of refugees from Iraq, Afghanistan Kosovo that YOU HAVE caused. And lets not forget thousands of unnarmed civilians that you have killed in ex Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Lybia in last two decades. Look at official UN figures for all these countries and then apply the same logic to yourself.

  • Jay

    “All the terms of Libya have been actually met in Syria”

    No, unlike Libya, Europe doesn’t buy a big chunk of their oil and gas from Syria. So naturally there is less incentive to intervene. They also buy energy from Russia, so as long as Russia props up Assad same story.

    “The people want the same things: basic, fair voting rights to control their own destinies”

    That is true for some, but the Islamist factions in Libya, Egypt and Syria want to gain power in order run the place by Sharia, and control the destinies of everyone in their countries.
    They have wisely embraced democracy as a tool to get them into power. One man, one vote, one time – then a new government they control.

  • Nick

    This is not Libya. Libya had a very small minority oppressing the vast majority. Syria it’s 30% oppressing 50%. That’s called civil war.

    • Black Owl

      Who is the missing 20%?

  • Black Owl

    I’m surprised there hasn’t been an article on here yet about the Russians giving the Syrians attack helicopters.

  • Riles

    What a mess. There’s obviously a desire among most to stop the wanton killing (seriously, who likes seeing children slaughtered), but there is currently no practical way to end it from what I can tell. And if someone did intervene against Assad, who exactly are these rebels? They haven’t really said who they are or what they believe and they seem to have little organization. And you have Russia mucking around and continuing to sell weapons to Assad. What a sad, sad situation.

  • Dave

    And we (the free peoples who won WW2 (mainly US and UK) would have rebuilt Iraq and Afghanistan like we did Germany and Japan if they weren’t a bunch of self-loathing savages. Only a simple minded fool would consider Saadam still being in power a good alternative. Perhaps we should have let Hitler take Europe and the UK so no innocent people were killed in the process. War sucks, people caught in the middle of it die. The goal is to maintain a just society and not let despots take it over so that others have to come and clean up your mess when they are finally threatened enough by your decrepit civilization.

  • Lance

    Not much of a loss. SA-2s are very old and obsolete weapons. fact is there is no battle line in the Syrian Civil War (YES its a Civil war). So a safe place to set a base up on day would be center of a battle the next. This will give Syria an excuse to buy more modern SA-10 and SA-20 SAMs anyway.

    Doesn’t matter some here feel so sorry for the rebels. Well they are Islamist and most Al Qaeda backed terrorist moments. While Syria is no US friend the rebels are and will not be either. time for a Iran-Iraq war solution… Let them blow each other up for a decade.

    • tiger

      thumbs up.

  • saladin

    The more of them that kill each other the fewer left to kill us !!!!

    • anonymous

      No, your own people will start killing you off one day.

  • richard obrien

    Last time I checked, the “rebel freedom fighters” were going door-to-door, ejecting Christians at gunpoint from their homes. Christians in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia are being terrorized, in a story heavily suppressed by the mainstream media.
    Mindboggling ignorance – or worse – on the part of the Obama Administration, in supporting the overthrow of secular gov’ts across the Middle East, triggering a refugee crisis and paving the way for a major war by fundamentalists against Israel.
    64 thousand dollar question: WHY?

  • Ronnie

    Just love the little rocks all in a row around the rocket launch sight. So 1950’s British army. This may or may not help the drone dudes with target info.

  • Catch22

    for a cradle of civilization the middle east isn’t very civilization friendly now is it

  • Cardinal

    Will the western world please suck the middle east of its remaining oil reserves from the other side of the planet ? Possible ? With the advent of the modern technology only available to the west now i think it sure is and let hell break loose over there .

    • blight_

      They’re hitting peak oil and in a few decades they will be as depleted as the United States is now. Then they’ll use hydraulic fracturing and try to get whatever’s left. Russia, western China, the Levant (there may be offshore oil/gas in Libya, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Syria).

  • Rob

    We could offer the rebels a safe haven in US. It may be the only real peaceful option at this point. If we use any military action it will trigger war with Russia and China for sure.

    Personally I think it’s time we stop policing the world as our country slips into bankruptcy.

    America should set a new example. Drop all sanctions that do not impact our manufacturers and exports.

    End our futile wars. All we have done is our enemies more of our weaknesses.

    Focus on remodernization within. Increase the mobility of our entire military..

    Call for a G8 conference to determine ways to make the global trade routes more efficient.

    Use the United Nations Assembly to call for global stimulus packages for all countries willing.

    It may never fully be peace on earth but if do even part of what I listed above, there would be much less death and dismay across the planet. Prove me wrong.

  • It’s all good news for the Russian arms industry. Don’t know why they’re getting so uptight about Syria, just send them a SAM brochure and quit whinging.

  • Meh, silly arabs. They should just divide entire mid east between the jews and be done with it. Whoever wins in Syria, it will just become more radical. Saddam or Ghadaffi or Mubarak or Assad or whatever are not the ones causing this. Its the cats that spend their oil dollars on wars and whores and its in their interest to keep their neighbors occupied with killing each other as long as the prices stay up.

  • Great use for Syrian bombs.

  • anonymous

    People use what they can afford, it’s better than nothing.

  • Kloss

    What Turkey will do in Syria, concerning now the aircraft case?

    Attack or use FSA as a proxy to fight Assad’s regime?

  • aissa

    so the syrian air force is already able to conduct SEAD missions

  • max

    Both the Syrian and Iranian military should be simultaneously and overwhelmingly degraded to nothingness. Troop withdrawal immediately after UN peace keepers finish election. Then GO!.

    To GO to the Philippine sea with the proverbial “fustest with the mustest” before they do.

    Be sir to take a few Canadian and Australian friends with you. Looks serious.

  • sali

    Muslims are killing each other……………..
    they are cruel people………

  • satan

    Americans are stupid cretins without any culture.
    Asia up.
    Fuck the old civilisations