X-47B Completes Cali Flight Testing, Moves to the East Coast

Anyone out there see a second UFO, I mean shrink-wrapped Northop Grumman X-47B  unmanned combat air system demonstrator (UCAS-D) being shipped across the country via flatbed truck this past week?

Remember how a small town in Kansas had a little UFO freak out in December as the first shrink-wrapped X-47B passed through it on its way from Edwards Air Force Base in California to Naval Air Station Patuxent River in Maryland? Well, small towns across America just had another opportunity to mistake the second X-47B for a flying saucer as it made its way from Edwards to Maryland this week, arriving at Pax River this morning (shown above).

That’s because X-47B number two just completed its flight tests out at Edwards, ending the first major phase of stealthy jet’s flight testing — dubbed air worthiness testing — meant to ensure the plane will fly as designed.

Both X-47Bs are now taking baby steps toward landing and taking off from an aircraft carrier, starting with flying carrier-like landing approaches, then landing on the outline of a carrier flight deck painted on one of PAX River’s runways and finally landing on a carrier in 2013 using a version of this technology. Oh, and in 2014, it will perform air-to-air refueling using this tech.

Click through the jump to watch the video of Kansans reacting to the first X-47B going through their town.

  • EW3

    Wasn’t just the small hick towns that freaked out.
    Yesterday, Washington DC freaked out. http://www.myfoxdc.com/story/18785637/beltway-ufo…

    Imagine when they are seen in the air !

    • Prodozul

      DT got an honorable mention

    • EW3

      Meant to add that DefenseTech is mentioned in the fox news link above. This site is becoming famous.

    • WRG01

      Imagine if one bumped into the Washington Monument. Anyone get this? Anyone?

      • Guest A

        Ah, I see what you did there…

  • Ron

    Yup. It went through Pittsburg, Kansas a couple days ago on Highway 126. Looked damn cool.

  • Technoweapon

    Would have been great to have a few big black Gov’t looking trucks, with various biohazard signs, rolling in convoy with the craft.

    Could have been “accidentally” dropping alien paraphenalia just for lol’s. Ah, but there’s no humor in the Gov’t anymore… Well… Other than all the cynical stuff you could point out. But you get my point, smarta$$. :]

    UAV’s are the future of aircraft.

  • Lance

    Cant wait to see the Naval version land on carriers. Not for UAVs to replace fighters but the flight test should be awesome to watch.

    • Technoweapon

      Why not replace fighters? I understand these UAV’s cannot replace them… But what if we could design a UAV that met or exceeded current fighter designs?

      I think they could, so long as real pilots were operating them from base. Your thoughts?

  • Colby

    Ya i saw it pass through Farwell Tx

  • Doug

    Remember, many years ago our Moms & Dads told us that there are no jobs out in the world that required computer game skills. Looks like they are increasingly wrong. In a few years even pilots will be able to work form home.

  • Chuck

    LOL, seems like it would make more sense to fly it to Pax River instead of by truck. Then it could really be a UFO. Hard to be afraid of Unidentified Trailer Objects.

    • 6113

      From what I’ve been told by people in the know, the FAA isn’t really keen on the idea of unmanned aircraft flying over heavily populated areas. They’re pretty restricted as to where they can fly right now.

  • Sam

    I saw it on Interstate 44 around Rolla, Mo last Friday.

  • Vaporhead

    It’s funny how this UAV resembles “Max” from the movie Flight of the Navigator. Looks almost exactly like the spaceship.

  • Aaron Evans

    to bad it didn’t go threw my town here in kansas.

  • Black Owl

    Suddenly that truck transforms and reveals it was Optimus Prime in disguise!