Video: China’s Carrier at Sea

Here you have it. Some video that appears to show China’s first aircraft carrier, the ex-Soviet Varyag, steaming under her own power during her eighth sea trail that just concluded this week.

Click through the jump for the video.


22 Comments on "Video: China’s Carrier at Sea"

  1. Still no planes or Choppers looks so sad w/o any.

  2. Where's the launch ramp?

  3. This is a ca ca carrier!!?? ah hah aha ha ha ha hah ah ahhah ;-)

  4. Tribulationtime | June 26, 2012 at 4:14 pm | Reply

    Seems just like a Graff Spef (?) or a Bismark. Without a Navy to backup her, thats its a expensive Port-Queen. The only use of "Mao Tse Tung" it is prestige, like sending "Taikonautas" to do what had been do it, 60 years back during Cold War.

  5. dubweiser101 | June 26, 2012 at 6:28 pm | Reply

    It isn't exactly cutting edge in terms of carrier development as far as the USN and RN are concerned, but I guess you have to start somewhere.

    This ins't anything special and I don't think China sees it as such either, but you have to start somewhere. 20 years down the road we might see a competitive carrier sail out of China.

  6. All I see is a fat target.

  7. She (Shi-Lang) must have alot issues, if they're still trying get bugs out of the power-plant. Despite her size, i'd still be little nervous flying off a deck without a catpult. Rough seas must be "fun".

  8. They're in no rush to fight the US Navy. Fat targets are near. Even Taiwan would not need a carrier. Feint and fight — elsewhere.

  9. Hope she gets butt fucked by the French Navy.

  10. steaming under her own power during her eighth sea trail

    What is a sea trail ? … Is that like a bike trail, or a hiking trail or trail mix?

    Could you have meant TRIAL ?????

  11. Why are you people always wanted a war between the US and China? Body bags manufacturers had surplus inventory or just wanted friends and families to come home in one?

  12. i agree but once china gets its sea legs,and figures stuff.out,then makes copies of the stuff they stole or bought covertly from our contractors,they will be a power to recon with,they have all the money now,so it wont be long before parity,is achieved..and soon enough.our contractors /big business,will sell us down the river,for them,big corporations buy our govt reps,for there own benefit,imagine,what will happen,once programs get cut,they are like Judas.and will sell us out in a moment ,believe that

  13. Clean and neat in appearance, so they aren't using it for flight operations.
    US Navy carriers look rough after flight operations start and the deck gets
    blasted by hot jet exhaust. This carrier is a way for China to learn how to
    build carriers. Then they will build their own designs and design jets to
    fly from them. In a way, it is reminescent of what Japan did prior to Pearl Harbor!

  14. RUSSIAN MADE and a start for China.
    Give them a few years and they will built their own….


  15. How much do you want to bet that the first Chinese designed built carrier will be a clone for whatever the newest American carrier will be?

  16. harpoon magnet!!!!

  17. yep, copy for sure, don't see US suing for patent infringement on stolen technology in this or any other administration LOL, considering China's had a taste of capitalism, like it, and too much $$$ to be made by US to go after them

  18. they just needed a platform large enough to carry back all the paper for US debt instruments they are buying….ok j/k so check fire

  19. Anyone remember when the Chinese sub surfaced right in the middle of one of our carrier battle groups? Maybe we should stop by and say hello to their "new" carrier.

  20. I'm thinking SS Minnow. I wonder how you say "Gilligan and the Skipper too" in Chinese.

  21. Winston ODell | June 27, 2012 at 7:57 pm | Reply

    Don't laugh. If it can launch aircraft, it will do damage and will ruin your friggin day. Hey guys, don't let your postings be idiotic ramblings sounding like armchair wannabe's. The Chinese are a very serious and highly capable military threat.

  22. Nice and neat, but I think a more practical design is needed to keep the pirates from
    raiding the oil tankers that Chana PRC imports thru the Straits of Mallacca and the
    indian ocean. Needs catapults, Jump jets,, attending frigants, destroyers, and attack
    subs to protect. as well as AWACS. Every time an oil tanker bound for China is hi jacked, it costs 20 million to get it back. Having a few of these should stop the piracy.

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