Video: Brazilian Mirage Does a Number on Supreme Court

We got a heads up on this video courtesy of the DT Tip Link, and in it a Brazilian Mirage driver does a number on that country’s Supreme Court building. In fly-bys (as with most things) there’s a fine line between clever and stupid.

Busting the number at low altitude over populated areas is generally a bad idea. That may have been that pilot’s last flight. (It certainly would have been if he was American.)

It’s not a party until something breaks . . .

  • Attaboid

    The sound of freedom?

    • blight_

      Brasil has no problems with “freedom” from enemies, foreign or domestic.

  • Mastro

    Really stupid- remember that Brazil used to have a military dictatorship.

    Imagine US jets doing fly-bys of the Supreme Court right after Brown versus the Board of Education.

  • Nick

    Is your “DT Tip Link” ? They seem to have most of what you guys carry, only hours sooner…

    • blight_

      Next is the story on the C-130 that crashed while supporting a firefighting mission in SoDak…or a cyberwar piece

    • DCP

      Thought it was just me – glad someone else noticed that.

  • MJ34

    There were two planes, there was a large (and organized looking) crowd and I heard a band playing. Was this an official function with a scheduled fly-by that ended up being too low and/or fast?

    • Praetor

      Yes that was scheduled (not the boom of course). That was a official parade celebrating the changing of the National Flag. That plaza is the exact center of the Capital. You see the plane coming over the Presidential Palace (some broken windows too), fly over the Plaza were is the ceremony, brake some windows of the Congress, than destroy almost all the windows of the Supreme Court building at the end of the video…

  • Stan

    Could we get them to do this over here? Our “high” court could use a wake up call.

    • aaa

      Oh no, the Supreme Court only upheld the fucking law

      • blight_

        More accurately, they said that the Affordable Care Act wasn’t unconstitutional, and kicked the ball back to the politicians and the people to fight over.

        • Stan

          It did not occur to you, fools, that I was talking of Citizens United.

          • blight_

            Nope, because there are detractors for almost every Supreme Court ruling, and chronologically the ACA ruling is more recent.

    • kim

      With this particular court, about which I’ve have little good to say for some years now, I think a good number of flybys would be a fine idea.

  • Black Owl

    That guy was probably thinking: “Huh… Didn’t see that one coming.”

  • Ward

    MJ34: Apparently it was during a parade celebrating the Brazilian flag.

  • A. Nonymous

    Tower, this is Ghost Rider requesting a flyby…

    • UAVgeek

      “Your snot nosed jockeys pulled a fly by on my tower at over 400 knots! I want some butts, I want them now, I’ve had it!!”

  • matheusdiasuk

    Nothing about this on Brazillian local media. And knowing this country, nothing is going to happen to the pilot.

    • Praetor

      In fact it was extensively aired last night on the TV. On the newspapesr we didn’t see much headlines. It was like “ok… It happens, no big deal”

    • BRIC Together

      The pilot is suspended for investigations.

  • prodozul

    So did anything happen to the building? Couldn’t tell

  • Lance

    No thats a fun day at the court.

  • Nadnerbus

    Those sonic booms took a lot of “Guile.” They will no longer have a “Blanca” check to do that kind of thing again. E. Honda.

  • willianqq

    I just imagine what our pilots (brazilian) would do with some new jets. Like bombing some big city accidently in an exercise?

  • tiger

    “I feel the need. The Need for speed.” -Pete “Maverick” Mitchell.

  • Guest

    This happened in the US decades ago. A supersonic fly by at the Air Force Academy blew out some windows. IIRc there were some injuries due to flying glass.

  • Pappa51

    I wouldn’t think that the idea was to see how many windows they could break. Accidents happen. I hope no one ws hurt by the glass. Hope the pilots are allowed to continue to fly.
    Get a grip…

  • mpower6428

    there’s gonna be a screen door shortage in brazilia for the next few months.

  • Red

    Question: If there is enough force from a sonic boom to shatter the glass, then do the spectators also feel a wave of force from the sonic boom, too? Like a powerful pressure blast-wave of air?

  • Olibas

    Corruption here is very great, Do not worry about the damage will leave the Brazilian tax of idiots

  • KSK

    I cannot wait to see their Military Exercises … hope they blow up Rio LOL!!