Video: Brazilian Mirage Does a Number on Supreme Court

We got a heads up on this video courtesy of the DT Tip Link, and in it a Brazilian Mirage driver does a number on that country’s Supreme Court building. In fly-bys (as with most things) there’s a fine line between clever and stupid.

Busting the number at low altitude over populated areas is generally a bad idea. That may have been that pilot’s last flight. (It certainly would have been if he was American.)

It’s not a party until something breaks . . .

  • Attaboid

    The sound of freedom?

  • Mastro

    Really stupid- remember that Brazil used to have a military dictatorship.

    Imagine US jets doing fly-bys of the Supreme Court right after Brown versus the Board of Education.

  • Nick

    Is your “DT Tip Link” ? They seem to have most of what you guys carry, only hours sooner…

  • MJ34

    There were two planes, there was a large (and organized looking) crowd and I heard a band playing. Was this an official function with a scheduled fly-by that ended up being too low and/or fast?

  • Stan

    Could we get them to do this over here? Our “high” court could use a wake up call.

  • Black Owl

    That guy was probably thinking: “Huh… Didn’t see that one coming.”

  • Ward

    MJ34: Apparently it was during a parade celebrating the Brazilian flag.

  • A. Nonymous

    Tower, this is Ghost Rider requesting a flyby…

  • matheusdiasuk

    Nothing about this on Brazillian local media. And knowing this country, nothing is going to happen to the pilot.

  • prodozul

    So did anything happen to the building? Couldn’t tell

  • Lance

    No thats a fun day at the court.

  • Nadnerbus

    Those sonic booms took a lot of “Guile.” They will no longer have a “Blanca” check to do that kind of thing again. E. Honda.

  • willianqq

    I just imagine what our pilots (brazilian) would do with some new jets. Like bombing some big city accidently in an exercise?

  • tiger

    “I feel the need. The Need for speed.” -Pete “Maverick” Mitchell.

  • Guest

    This happened in the US decades ago. A supersonic fly by at the Air Force Academy blew out some windows. IIRc there were some injuries due to flying glass.

  • Pappa51

    I wouldn’t think that the idea was to see how many windows they could break. Accidents happen. I hope no one ws hurt by the glass. Hope the pilots are allowed to continue to fly.
    Get a grip…

  • mpower6428

    there’s gonna be a screen door shortage in brazilia for the next few months.

  • Red

    Question: If there is enough force from a sonic boom to shatter the glass, then do the spectators also feel a wave of force from the sonic boom, too? Like a powerful pressure blast-wave of air?

  • Olibas

    Corruption here is very great, Do not worry about the damage will leave the Brazilian tax of idiots

  • KSK

    I cannot wait to see their Military Exercises … hope they blow up Rio LOL!!