North Korea builds EMP munition

North Korea is developing an electromagnetic pulse munition to jam South Korean and U.S. military electronics, according to a Communist Party-controlled journal citing GPS disruptions observed by South Korean aircraft flying near the demilitarized zone separating South and North Korea.

An EMP munition can jam electronic-based weapon systems ranging from fighter jets to hand held GPS units carried by soldiers. An EMP blast occurs when a nuclear weapon is detonated and spews electromagnetic radiation frying electronic systems in the area.

Military Analyst Li Daguang wrote the article for the monthly┬áBauhinia journal saying the North Korean are specifically targeting the South Korean’s military equipment.

“North Korea has always planned to develop small-scale nuclear warheads. On this foundation, they could develop electromagnetic pulse bombs in order to paralyze the weapons systems of the South Korean military — most of which involve electronic equipment — when necessary,” Daguang wrote.

Militaries can create an EMP blast by detonating a nuclear warhead in the Earth’s atmosphere. However, this is not the only method to cause an electronic blackout. North Korea has completed two nuclear tests. The Communist government has failed to produce a ballistic missile capable of delivering a nuclear warhead with any sort of accuracy.

Daguang suggests the North Koreans could use the EMP blast to knock out power in South Korea ahead of an invasion of North Korea’s special forces.

“Once North Korea achieves the actual war deployment of EMP weapons, the power of its special forces would doubtlessly be redoubled,” Daguang writes.

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  • Pilgrimman

    HAHAHAA Oh GOD my sides!

  • Mark

    Time for miniaturized precision gyroscopes implemented into our smart phones so the jamming with do no good.

    • Thunder350

      How does preventive measures in smart phones have anything to do with a EMP bomb disabling anything with a circuit board in it prior to a invasion?

  • DGR

    What missile will they use to launch it, the fake ones or the ones that fall apart?

    • Russell

      Who said anything about a missile? Why not on a tower or a ballon? It does not have to strike something to operate. Think of the EMP device in Ocean’s Eleven. It wasnt a missile.

      • EW3

        EMP is a “line of sight” weapon.
        To effect a reasonable area the weapon has to be at high altitude.

        • blight_

          They could use it in mortar shells or rockets on Seoul, or put it into a Scud, if they still have working ones. But to be useful against say, Pusan…

        • Russell

          Yeah a large chunk of the frontier is vulnerable to 3 hills. Line of sight. Even 4 cities can be EMP’d from 3 hills, 2 land forces bases, 3 air bases, 1 naval base. All from the top of 3 hills with line of sight to them.

    • Bob

      They will use the Chinese missiles that Bill Clinton gave them the technology to launch while he was under strict orders to keep that technology under wraps but gave it to them anyway.

  • Tim

    Well… It sounds like someone who is already in a jam trying to get others jammed but didn’t realize how he got himself jammed in the first place…

  • Dave Barnes

    An EMP weapon is a great idea for the NORKs.
    The blast would surely disable most of South Korea and its allies in the theatre.
    The NORK Army would have a huge advantage as their equipment is so old that it would a lot less impacted.

    Just one minor problem. You can’t do an EMP without setting off a nuke. Oops. How would the USA, Russia and China react to a nuke going off?

  • yogiberra111

    I’ll bet this makes Kim Il Sung pulse in his grave.

  • Roy Smith

    I really wonder how many of North Korea’s weapons & especially missiles are really “made in China?” China has already let South Korea that they will NEVER allow a Korea reunification. China said that if they have to,they’ll move troops into North Korea to stabilize the country if things really went south & s**t hit the fan. China will never allow what happened to the former Warsaw Pact eastern bloc nations to happen with North Korea. Any EMP weapons that North Korea will no doubt have come from China. China is the hand in the North Korean sock puppet.

  • F35

    Who wrote this article? Defensetech is usually really knowledgeable but the writer of this article seems to be confusing an EMP weapon and GPS jamming. These are two completely different things. North Korea has been jamming GPS signals for years and this has NOTHING to do with building an EMP weapon. An EMP weapon does not “jam” anything, it fries and burns up electronics in a single burst, destroying them permaently. I’m shocked to see this crappy misinformation article copy pasted from a major new site on Defensetech.

  • Riceball

    I could mistaken here but I was always under the impression that most, if not all, military electronics are hardened against EMPs; is this true or just an urban legend?

  • leeretArmy

    You don’t need a nuke to create an EMP device popular science discribed a device several years ago that with the exception of the conventional explosives could be made from off the shelf parts from hardware stores. Equipment that is shielded is not that protected up the joules and you can still fry protected equipment. EMP can be the poor mans equalizer.

  • dubweiser101

    This new weapon will be just as spectacular as North Korea’s last rocket launch was.

  • mpower6428

    wouldnt a hacking offensive be easier and cheaper…?

    except that you can count on one hand the number of labtops in NK these days.

  • STemplar

    They need to build hot dog stands and ice cream parlors not EMP weapons. The nork leadership should be hung for the state it allows its people to live in.

    • blight_

      More like tractors and farming equipment to boost agricultural productivity, and once agricultural productivity is enough to put you beyond survival farming industry can develop too. The present model is lopsided, in that they assume industry first will modernize the country. Can’t modernize when you need to feed the masses.

  • Tad

    Now that the cold war is over, and the GWOT in turn is over, we really need an enemy to be afraid of. The Iranians and Syrians just aren’t panning out. I’d say EMPs in NK will do nicely. Now please, for all our sakes, donate more money in taxes to help combat this terrifying threat.

    • Russell

      Donating implies a choice. Taxes are compulsory so really we have no choice. Pay…or else.

  • john moore

    And the UN will continue to plead for food for NK and the West will quietly agree.

  • Max

    Whatever is that……, South Korea always prepare for whatever need arises. Technologies keep changing, so experts that south korea have something better than north. We only hear from from the north. what about the south.

  • Guest

    Lots of US conventional EMP test history is on the web. Just GOOGLE:

    Enter into Google: EMPRESS EMP

    No need to reinvent and speculate.

  • Tiger

    Too bad they can not use their brain power to invent a way to feed the starving people of North Korea. You can not eat a EMP weapon…..

  • Musson

    Meanwhile the US is working on grenade sized EMP weapons to disable vehicles and command centers.

  • Ems

    this does not sounds credible, they really need to master nuclear weapons before they can build a low-yield nuke with substantial EMP effects..otherwise it’s just a nuke…the effects of which would have way more consequences (ie. rendering an area radioactive and inhabitable by anyone) than EMP pulse itself.

  • Jeff

    While an EMP is a consequence of a nuclear weapon, generating an EMP blast does not require a nuclear weapon. An EMP blast can be generated simply by taking a charged capacitor of sufficient voltage and exploding it at a quick enough rate.

  • blight_

    A Soviet perspective on EMP, derived from testing nuclear-warhead tipped ABM’s.

    “The worst effects of a Russian high altitude test occurred on 22 October 1962 (during the Cuban missile crisis), in Operation K when a 300 kiloton missile-warhead detonated west of Dzhezkazgan (also called Zhezqazghan) at an altitude of 290 km (180 mi). The Soviet scientists instrumented a 570-kilometer (350 mi) section of telephone line in the area affected by the detonation in order to measure electromagnetic pulse effects.[2]
    The EMP fused all of the 570-kilometer monitored overhead telephone line with measured currents of 1500 to 3400 amperes during the 22 October 1962 test.[3] The monitored telephone line was divided into sub-lines of 40 to 80 kilometers (about 25 to 50 miles) in length, separated by repeaters. Each sub-line was protected by fuses and by gas-filled overvoltage protectors. The EMP from the 22 October (K-3) nuclear test caused all of the fuses to blow and all of the overvoltage protectors to fire in all of the sub-lines of the 570 km telephone line.[2] The EMP from the same test started a fire that burned down the Karaganda power plant, and shut down 1,000 km (620 mi) of shallow-buried power cables between Astana (then called Aqmola) and Almaty.[3]”

    [3] is

    [2] is

  • tribulationtime

    Three lines:
    1 SK $ US is more High-Tech (NK is not tech at all) so in theory bigger damage will be.
    2 Any Any Any nuclear explosion produce EMP, details aside is not necesary a dedicated atomic bomb.
    3 2 is knowed from the begining of nuclear race so any major weapon system (ships, planes, tanks) have theirs critical sub-systems protected. Big nuclear sovietic anti-ship missiles are designed to blow a full-carrier group with nuclear warhead, Someone belive that a EMP (from a regular nuke) 20km away can turn off warships?.

  • Jeff M

    They’ve already got a nuke… wtf?

  • jms

    Good for them…yeah….???? So…ah… Do the DPRoK invaders plan to escape from on enter into the fallout?

  • Matt

    North Korean’s with EMPs? Oh no, Kim-Jong Un finally got a copy of Homefront

  • Frank

    This article is a real fruit salad. EMP has nothing to do with GPS jamming. An EMP event is going to get the world’s attention in all zip codes, not just in the Pacific Rim.

    It is not out of the realm of possibility to do a ground burst, so the LV issue and the comments that relate to that may or may not be key.

    Not all military equipment is hardened. There are of course systems that are, but we have lots of COTs/MOTs hardware, software and networks that will never by EMP protected.

    A fleet at sea may be far more concerned with nuclear fall out patterns than EMP. (this was evidenced during the Japanese Earthquake), and on GPS jamming or denial which can be attained locally or regionally without international collateral political damage….

  • AMMO461

    That’s a “surprise….” Too bad our politicians are so fixed on gutting funds for new technology. Our war fighters deserve better. We can be assured the communists have not forgotten their mission.

  • carlosg

    Whoops – looks like the NK’s have finally got their acts together on the missile part. All they have to do now is stick a couple of nukes on top of their UNHA-3 missile and detonate it over Central US – sending the country back to the stone age (assuming the US is unable to intercept the missile of course)!

    But in all seriousness, at the end of the day this is all about getting food aid. The N Korea regime are building these weapons in order to terrify and extort the overly paranoid West into taking on the burden of feeding their population. This then allows the N Korean regime to spend all their resources building even more terrifying weapon to blackmail the West in the future if and when the EMP weapon becomes obsolete. It’s a good little scheme they have going… and from the looks of it this vicious cycle will likely continue for a long, long time.