India readies nuclear sub for sea trials

India took another step Wednesday toward elevating its navy toward joining the other elite global maritime powers when it announced its first home-built nuclear submarine was set for sea trials.

In April, the Indian navy introduced a Russian-leased nuclear submarine into its fleet joining the United States, France,China, Britain and Russia as the only navies with nuclear-powered vessels.

The INS Arihant will mark the India navies and its defense industries next step proving it can build their own fleet. The Arihant (Destroyer of Enemies) was introduced three years ago as part of a larger Indian naval strategy to build five submarines loaded with nuclear tipped missiles.

“Our maritime and nuclear doctrine will then be aligned to ensure that our nuclear insurance comes from the sea,” Indian navy chief Admiral Nirmal Verma said.

The 6,000 ton Arihant will carry a 95-member crew with the potential to run 24 knots powered by an 85-megawatt nuclear reactor.

It will be telling to see if India’s coming submarine fleet launches a new arms race in the region.

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  • CaptD

    RE: It will be telling to see if India’s coming submarine fleet launches a new arms race in the region.

    How can it not?

    What is next, War Games with people that believe in re-incarnation?
    …. p.s. I’m not against any religions, just Nuclear Wars…

  • David

    So what is the over under for how long till this sub sinks? I’m assuming they received a lot of technical assistance from Russia which does not bode well for the Indian sailors.

    As for an arms race… With whom? Pakistan? You need capable adversaries for an arms race. I do not see Pakistan building a nuclear sub.

  • No War Now

    Investing in war, nuclear, and ego are humanity’s primary downfalls. There is no good reason to add more nuclear military to the ocean and world stock when what people really need are: health care, safe food/agriculture, and access to education and training in employment fields that support sustainable activities. India’s decision to throw another nuc sub in the oceans is far too expensive and does nothing for its people but put them and the world at greater risk. No Nukes, No War.

  • Lone_Skate

    In the long term, China is potentially a greater threat to India than Pakistan. Especially at sea. To achieve parity at some future date, India has to start now.

  • Joe

    Maybe india seeks t oinsure its OWN security and sea lanes as opposed to expecting someone else to do it for them. Nothing irrational about that.

  • Matt Holzmann

    “is your submarine turned on?”

  • Cato

    If Green Bay can host an NFL team, India can have a nuclear submarine.

    It’s a club, mom, and all the other guys are in it.

  • Given that 600,000,000 Indians suffered a power cut last week, perhaps they should plug that sub’s reactor into the national grid (they’d then only need another 240 submarines to make up the country’s megawatt shortfall, so perhaps not a practical suggestion), or at least invest in some infrastructure projects.

    Hundreds of millions of people in India live in poverty – over half the population by some measures. These are people who live without clean water, sanitation or sufficient food – still got money for nuclear missile armed submarines though. You have to question these folks’ priorities. Do India’s poor appreciate that their dirty, overcrowded, diseased and rodent infested slums are protected by the best nuclear umbrella that money can buy?

  • Lance

    You can tell the Indians have had alot of Russian influence on there sub design. There new sub looks like a older Soviet sub.

  • The Indian

    India is surrounded by terrorist countries. China on the north/NE, illegally occupying Tibet and Pakistan (Islam) on the North/NW. Both have bad blood with India.
    So India will have to fight two enemies at the same time as China has been propping Pakistan for decades basically with every weapon including nukes. Also, thanx to US for equipping it’s non-NATO ally with some of the lethal weapons which will be and have been used against India.
    For India’s survival, whatever India has is not enough and need ‘a lot more’ to match China.

    • Will

      Come on, a nation with a population of a billion has the resources to be original. Find another name to call people you don’t like. “Terrorist” is taken.

  • Zip

    They’d better hook up the nuclear reactor in that sub to their power grid. Good god, with a blackout for 700 million people last week puts India’s potential to balance China in perspective!

  • Howard

    “You didn’t build that!”

    • Prodozul

      Leave politics out of this.

  • Venividivici

    Talk about hypocrisy. The Indian kiss-up disgusts me. So when China decides to build it’s own power considering it is beating us in the long run, we need to shun it and put it down. I’m rather surprised since I haven’t seen a “well one of our coast guard ships can blow it out of the water her der”. That’s right, you people are dumb and this is why Americans are considered idiots. Giving India leniency when it’s one of the most corrupt countries in the world and is only an opportunist. Guess we Americans love socialists. Done with Defense Tech/Militaryphotoscrap and all this chicom rant. You know, I don’t see any complaints of Russia building a STRING of military bases along the arctic.

  • The Indian

    What does India & USA have in common?
    apart from democracy, they also share enemies. check this out

    Jehadi takeover can prompt Indo-US attack on Pakistan: book

  • stephen russell

    I can see a sub arms race with China & India big time, better bunker down in Australia for sure.
    Or use subs to harrass Pakistani ships?? scary.

  • jsallison

    Just so long as they don’t name one Shiva, Destroyer of Worlds.

  • Tiger

    My $.2???? At least they can name a sub decently. The Arihant (Destroyer of Enemies). Better than the USS Gabby Giffords.

  • Aegisblue

    Nuclear sub puts to see with nuclear tipped missiles but india cant keep the power on to a large part of the population.

  • DaveC


  • Dee

    We see a mix of what I assume are Indian Navy stances being adopted by the crew some are at the US equivalent of attention, some at the equivalent to parade rest, and others in between (feet spread and arms at the side).

    Assuming the guy waving is a civilian, thus we can exclude him from consideration, we have to ask ourselves if this navy lacks the discipline to stand in formation in a consistent fashion what other incompetent activities in their reactor and command center that may lead to this sub ending up on the ocean floor? This is a Russian sub and these aren’t noted for their safety records.

  • skeptic

    Excuse me!

    How does leasing a sub from Russia equal “home built”?

    • TLAM Strike

      Wrong sub, India is leasing a Akula (after its lease on a Charlie expired).

      This boomer is one they built.

      If you find my previous comment you can see an actual photo of it.

  • Jeffrey

    It is nice to see that India has a good line of defense :)