DARPA’s Cheetah Robot Hits New Speeds

Deborah Netburn (great Internet name) of the LA Times reports the following:

A new video released by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency shows the robot, inspired by the anatomy of a cheetah, running as fast as 28.3 mph before it trips and falls on what would be its face, if it had one.

If it’s any consolation, the robo-cheetah is only a bit faster than the human speed record holder: Bolt set the mark at 27.78 mph in 2009, during a 100-meter sprint.

And robo-cheetah has a way to go before it can outrun a real, living, breathing cheetah. A cheetah at the Cincinnati Zoo was recently clocked at 61 mph.

It should also be noted that the robo-cheetah has only been tested on a treadmill in a lab. It doesn’t carry its power source, and it has a boom-like device that holds it up and keeps it in the center of the treadmill.

DARPA said it will be testing out a prototype of the robotic cheetah on natural terrain sometime next year.

Read the rest of Deborah’s story here.

  • Pilgrimman

    I for one welcome our robot overlords.

  • rickythehalogeek

    Thats fast

  • tomatojuice

    That robot runs a bit faster then Usain Bolt

  • DougieR

    That thing is so freaky it doesn’t even need weapons to get the enemy runnin the other way!

  • Tad

    Yes, but will it fetch?

    • Timer4ever

      Thanks Tad…I needed that laugh…

    • connor

      will it blend?

  • JohnB

    Looks like it fell on its butt instead of the face ? It should be called hyena due the long front and short hind legs.

  • Brian

    Let’s see that ***** Linda Hamilton outrun this.

  • tyler


  • Might be fast, but with that clunky gait it’s never going to sneak up on anybody.

  • Tiger

    Cylons do not make good pets…..

  • john

    Needs guns.

  • puresaltA1A

    Yeah Hadgi!! try in hit that fucker with an RPG!!! now all we need a lazor strapped to its freaken forehead…

  • puresaltA1A

    *Hadji*…. sorry…got a little excited this morning.. and boom goes the dynomite…