Muslims find ‘Call of Duty’ map offensive, Activision apologizes

Makers of the popular first-person-shooter video game series, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, moved quickly to erase a multiplayer map after complaints surfaced that it featured holy Islamic writings in a virtual bathroom.

Muslim gamers informed Activision officials that the Favela multiplayer map has mirrors in the bathrooms with the writing “Allah is beautiful and He loves beauty” written on frames that can be read when looking through the scope. In the Islamic religion, it is offensive for Allah’s name to appear in a bathroom.

Activision officials have since apologized saying it was an oversight. The video game maker has removed the Favela multi-player map from the game until the mirrors can be removed.

“We apologize to anyone who found this image offensive. Please be assured we were unaware of this issue and that there was no intent to offend,” Activision said in a statement. “We are working as quickly as possible to remove this image and any other similar ones we may find from our various game libraries.”

In September, a low budget You Tube video that disgraces the prophet Muhammad stirred tensions in Islamic countries spurring world wide protests. A militant group used the cover of one of those protests to launch a brutal attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya that killed U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

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  • Twidget at Large

    Wow they are desprate, if they have to look at games…

  • morty


  • DoubleHooks

    Which embassy will burn for this offense?

  • jamFRIDGE

    I was wondering why I haven’t seen that map….

  • guest

    I’ts offensive? Though luck! I also find it offensive when they burn (the usual scapegoat) american flags… and I’m not even american nor do I live in the US. This is getting out of hand, everyone is always walking on eggshells to acomodate and respect the muslims and their rules and rights, including when they’re in other countries, but they do nothing of the sort with foreigners in their countries, and get away with doing and saying whatever they want about other creeds/countries/cultures. I’ll never forget seeing on the news people on the streets in palestine and iraq cheering on the street when 9/11 happened… wish they had all been napalmed!

    • jeff m

      The middle easy is on track to annihilate itself in my opinion.

    • Ezra Shabot

      Shalom, am I correct in assuming that you are a brother jew?

    • MOI

      “I’ll never forget seeing on the news people on the streets in palestine and iraq cheering on the street when 9/11 happened… wish they had all been napalmed!”

      What a gentle heart you have…when they were celebrating, they were celebrating some festival of candy and it was recorded before 9/11 by some german television and later taken in context with 9/11 and arabs. YOU’RE BRAINWASHED OR YOU INTENTIONALY SPREADING DISSINFORMATION ABOUT ARABS AND 9/11. MOSSAD DID 9/11

      • A BiPolar Guy

        the muslims you speak of a re a small percentage of thr over 1 billion muslims on earth. I’m a Christian and I’d sure hate to be judged for everything that has been and is done by people claiming the name of Christian

        • Z

          That’s a bad argument. The christians that commit acts of violence and terrorism are loathed by everyone else here, they are pursued by the authorities and put in jail. The muslims that do the same enjoy the support of a majority of the populations in many places, are often hailed as heroes and given direct or indirect support by their governments.

          • A BiPolar Guy

            again this is by a small majority of the world wide muslim population. To tar all Muslims with the same feather is still racisms and detrimental to world peace. 1.2 billion muslims world wide are largely decent peaceful people who condemn these actions. aregional exceptions do not disprove this. the enemy in Afghanistan are Muslims. our terrorist enemies are Muslims. most muslims are neither

  • Guest 2

    Revised statements from the State Dept., the Dept. of Defense, and the White House confirm that the amateur video trailer had nothing to do with the riots in Muslim countries and the attack on the U. S. Embassy in Benghazi. Also State Dept. real-time logs noted that all was quiet until highly-armed men raided the compound on the anniversary of 9/11 and Libyians interviewed in the region said they knew nothing about the video but had been organized by Al Qaeida.

    Guest 2

  • BAJ15

    So, now its gotten to they say jump and we say how high I guess. I believe we have another defintion of insanity.
    It boils down to their view or a casket. We better wake up to this reality realize there is no rational solution, sadly just the tip of a spear/bullet. Sad.

  • Tad

    Muslems find something offensive? Shocking.

  • Jimmy

    What don’t they find offensive? This crap is getting ridiculous.

  • Raraavis

    My imaginary sky people are better then your imaginary sky people so I must kill you.

    If someday mankind wipes itself out in a Nuclear Apocalypse it will be over Religion.

  • Gunslinger6

    They find everything offensive but have no problem offending the rest of the world with their 3rd century life style. If it were up to me I would dip every round we send over there in pigs blood, and let them know when the are shot they will burn in hell!

  • Gunslinger6

    Also burry them wrapped in pigs skin face down, feet facing Mecca. They respect nothing so why respect them!

    • Paul

      Rather buried into the sea.

  • Menzie

    I say leave it!! It is a virtual mirror in a virtual world in a game….a game. WTH, did they not fulfil their embassy burning quota or something that they have to rage about a game? I see a previous comment asking which embassy will burn because of this offense to Allah. This is serious, I mean people die because of a bloody awful movie and now outrage over a game? Let them rage and dont sell the game to them, they shouldn’t have access to it in the first place, gives them an idea as to tactics, haha. I was fed up with this “religion of peace” even before the embassy burning but now I am even more so. I don’t have a religious intolerance I have an intolerance for a religion.

  • Jayson

    “Don’t blame the player, blame the game.” – College ‘pickup artist’

    Old game and only a set of events to actually notice it. I’m guessing in non-english script. I’m sure it’s been seen but no one cared until now and I will still say no one still cares.

  • DB-1

    I’m offeneded that we keep bending over backward’s for people that hate us and want to kill us. Please people lets not give in to them another inch. Now they offend me so what are they going to do about it to make me satisfied???

  • Peter Miles

    Is this a joke? If so then be aware I’m not laughing.

  • FedUpWithThem

    I don’t apologize to them!!

  • Lance

    leave it stop kissing yup to Muslim terrorist scum. the west will lose to jihadist because liberals wont let any one stand up to them in any small way.

    make a mission to kill a Iranian religious leader and laugh at the scum.

  • Mike H.

    The Muislim world finds it offensive? TangoUniformFoxtrotFoxtrot SierraHotelIndiaTango! Let the buggers figure it out for themselves.

    • GreyBeard

      I like it.

      Is this Magazine (DefenseTech) written for Americans soldiers or the Taliban and other Islamic jihadists? Just curious. Don’t really expect any kind of official response.

    • guest


  • R.A.

    I am done. COD is off my purchase list. Here is the proper response, “If this offends you as a Muslim, please don’t play that map.”

  • Joe America

    The barbaric religion of hate gets their way again.

  • Karl B

    Maybe they can replace the map with one that has a US Embassy in it so all these followers of the “Religion of Peace” can burn it down, fly the Al Qaeda flag over it, and then sodomize and kill another US Ambassador… F#@K them. APPEASERS ARE FOOLS. It only emboldens them. Free people need to stop cowtowing to them. They want you to submit or die – you know what, feelings are mutual – bring it bi#$ches…

  • Marcellus Hambrick

    Why are we so concerned about what the Muslims think? Lets face it, if we had shown similar concerns then the Native Americans (thats Indians for the uneducated out there) would still be roaming freely the North American continent and slavery of Africans would have never happened. The US needs to be more worried about the Red Chinese than the Muslims of the world’s concern about video games.

    • Menzie

      OMG I have never seen it put this way but you are 100%. You see our problem is that we are trying to grow as a society and still stumbling while learning. I saw it first when parents would go to jail for spanking their kids. The intention is good, we didnt want to see violence to kids, but what did it get us? A bunch of self centered spoiled kids who are bullies. But we have learned form that and I see more and more kids getting spanked and police laughing at anyone who cries child abuse. MAybe we should take a cue from how we learn form parenting to how we deal with the muslim world. Yes we want peace. But not at the expense of our society or lives lost learning that we have made mistakes. It amazes me that a socitey almost 250 years old is not this great and wise society by now, we are learning and will get there but not cow-towing to every minority group. Are muslims a minority anyways? It seems to me there a a couple of billion muslims and waay less christians or agnostics.

  • Kenn

    I could give less than a squirt of **** what they think. Maybe I should pull my per order of BO2 because I really don’t think we need to apologize for anything to those ********.

  • USA

    who cares what the stupid muslims think. dont play the game if you have a problem with it.

  • wolfvines

    It should have been on the cover in BOLD LETTERS! GOD Bless AMERICA! Yes, you can write that in a bathroom. I don’t think my religion has a problem with that. Just ask permission first. Or just do it in #2 pencil!

  • A True American

    They complain about this but yet Obama allows them to be EXCLUDED from the Obama Care! Why doesnt it work when we complain? In the details… it uses DHIMMITUDE as the way to cover it up.

  • Rationalist

    Why is everyone in the comments section so upset? This isn’t about a bunch of jihadists threatening an attack if the game isn’t changed, it’s about some (likely American) Muslims requesting the background on a level be changed minorly by replacing some flavor text. The company decided they didn’t want to offend any customers, and agreed to change it. What’s the big freaking deal?

  • mehrdad

    I am a Muslim from Iran and i didnt find it offensive …..GOD BLESS USA

  • Pappa51

    Where are the Moderators on this? These comments go way beyond the line of what is acceptable. I am not for censorship; we just need to consider the source of these remarks and that should be enough. Lets grow up gentlemen

  • eugene rodriguez


  • Tocky

    Wonder if anyone ever thought of the very simple technique of when something is offensive to their sight. DUD, don’t look. But alas its really not about that, ln reality its a certain religious group trying to impose its beliefs onto others who have different beliefs.

    Plan and simple, give in to every demand of any group, religious or otherwise and soon that group will be in charge and otherrs will be looking at each othrer and asking, “How did that happen.”

    Wake up people, do not let your constitutional rights be trampled upon by any minority (meaning in numbers and not necessarily religious) or you will wake up one day and realize you no longer have the Freedom’s granted to US citizens by our consitituion!!!!

    • Mike H.

      Well Said! I, for one, refuse to cower in terror from these offensive maniacs.

    • Menzie

      Well said…Tocky for Prez!!

  • carloscardoso

    I´m offended because as a brazilian I asure you no favela is so clean, levelled and ethnic mixed as the one portraited in the game. Also, no open sewers and no evangelical churches?

    Also: Really? A stupid phrase on a mirror? That´s enough to “offend” those guys? Hey, muslim brother(hood), you really need to get laid.

    • Menzie

      No do not tell them to get laid!!! They will find all the little girls and boys. I know that was tasteless but I am fed up with religion and its corruption of the human spirit!!
      When a religion as a whole is a benefit to society then I will revisit my thoughts.

  • ffjbentson

    “Allah is beautiful and He loves beauty” this must be why they say “Allah Akbar” after they kill someone or blow something up….because everyone knows that destroying humans especially innocent humans is a beautiful thing right….WTF

  • They should never give in to their demands. Never.

  • Menzie

    This is what we will see in their home grown games in the near future and we will not do a thing about it because we are appeasers!!
    سوف اعتناق الإسلام أو أننا سوف تقتل لكم جميعا.

    We need to wake up!! I am not a KKK member and don’t believe in white power I believe in the power we ALL could have as a society if we we all unified. But I will tell you a prediction…Islam will burn and as it dies there will be attacks like the world has never seen as they die their last breath, still grasping at world domination.

  • Sick and tired

    How DARE Activision put Mohammeds name on a bathroom mirror! Are they out of their minds? If they had any intelligence they’d of put it on the inside of the toilet bowls and urinals.
    Talk about grasping at straws looking for reasons to cry. It’s a game, meant to be fun. If they have to look that hard for things to cry about, I say let them cry.

  • dubweiser101

    What doesn’t offend the Muslims these days? It’s a fucking video game…

    Remember the move Dogma which made fun of Christians? I don’t recall any Christians getting their shirts in a knot over it.

    It’s called entertainment, movies, video games, cartoons… Its just for fun.

    Activision should not have apologized; it just enables the problem further…

  • Sergei

    Is there anything they don’t find offensive?

  • Woody

    The whole idea of this page is what?……how cool US weapons are and how effective they are right? I want to borrow a line from “Star Wars”…..”We are now the ultimate power in the universe, I suggest we use it”….lets them give savages something to be really offended about….Anyone see that video of the Taliban executing that Afghan policeman with a recoiless rifle?…….screw them, bomb them into oblivion….

  • ace529321

    So they have nothing better to do than look through a scope in a bathroom at a picture frame…. The stupidity of these people astonishes me… Why didn’t the president send at least one attack helicopter and shred the fucking crowd? Teach them what happens when they fuck with us.

  • scooter

    I’m offended that there offended our freedom of speech and expression.

  • Jay

    From the original DT article:

    “In September, a low budget You Tube video that disgraces the prophet Muhammad stirred tensions in Islamic countries spurring world wide protests. A militant group used the cover of one of those protests to launch a brutal attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya that killed U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens.”

    That is NOT correct.

    There was no anti-video protest on 9/11/12 in Bengazi. What did happen was that the brother of the jailed al-q ‘blind sheik’ led a group of armed terrorists to storm and burn the consulate to protest our holding of said brother. Somehow, they got the fall back safe house outside as well (how did they know…?) Yep, surely the work of some angry protesters.

  • Vaporhead

    ActiVision creates a game around killing people for fun, yet they bow down to some Islamists who find something offensive? Bigots.

  • Guest

    The thing that gets me is that it dosent matter how many times you apologize, how many htings you change, unless you submit to their will, they will still hate us and want to kill us, people forget that. The simple fact that we are alive and breathing is an offence to them!


    Why the hatred of Islam . I am a Muslim and I am not a terrorist , bin Laden’s sly