Tossing Bots at AUSA

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An iRobot official at the Association of the U.S. Army’s annual conference explaine how soldiers can operate the company’s First Look robot. Soldiers can throw the robot up stairs or through a second story window and the robot automatically rights itself before driving around and providing the unit situational awareness.

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  • ltfunk3

    A great tactic to use is to throw a few grenades out the window the bot came in.
    You can then always just step on the toy they threw you.

    • blight_

      Sad but true.

      It will probably lead to people throwing flashbangs first, then the bot, and once the bot verifies the presence of OPFOR frag grenades or concussion grenades.

      Maybe people will strap a flashbang to the robot…though a flashbang would probably fry a CCD.

    • Thomas L. Nielsen

      “….throw a few grenades out the window the bot came in”

      So the soldier throwing the robot in throught the window just stands there, looking at the window, waiting for grenades or gunfire to come the other way? Does this sound likely?

      “You can then always just step on the toy they threw you.”

      Sure you could. So what? Humans cannot react immediately. By the time you realise what it was that just got tossed into the room, and have stepped on it hard enough to render it inoperable, the robot could very well have the images and info it was sent to get.

      Regards & all,

      Thomas L. Nielsen

      • Dan Gao

        Shut up with your damn facts and logic. Technology is bad! Why, anyone who doesn’t go into battle with more than a loin cloth and spear is a pansy!

        On a more serious note, I wonder when those concepts of tiny spider bots like the kind from the moive Minority Report will be viable? Imagine how useful a swarm of those would be for clearing a tunnel or building.

  • Dan Gao

    Robotics is definitely something the Army should make a priority. It’s great to see some development in UGVs that isn’t solely EOD related.
    I think that small “throwbots” like this and the ReconScout XT should be made standard issue at a squad or platoon,even ASAP.

  • Lance

    Don’t know like Itfunk3 said be best tactic. BUT those are some of the cutttiest robots. small portable.

  • Anthony

    I wouldn’t worry too much about any percieved flaws in the use of throwbots. I read an article in the National Defense Magazine that stated that they are highly sought after by commanders in theatre and that thousands have already been fielded this summer under an emergency needs program. I would wager that this is an indication that these systems perfom just fine.

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