Iran builds silent drone, or so it claims

Iran leaders have told the national media it has built a drone capable of flying silently with vertical-take-off-and-landing capabilities.

These reports follow earlier claims from the Iranian military that it flew drones from Lebanon over Israeli bases. The Israelis deny these reports, but the Iranians claim to have the intelligence to back it up.

This would not be the first time the Iranians have made unproven claims of their technical capabilities. It would also come at a time the Iranian leadership would like to flex some muscle in light of the Israeli posturing for a potential attack on their nuclear capabilities.

Expecting the international media to call Iran’s bluff, military leaders said the drone will be displayed in February.

U.S. military officials, especially Air Force generals, have said for a couple years that they should start developing weapons capable of targeting drones. These weapons wouldn’t differ much from the ones that shoot down manned planes, but they should be prepared to target the smaller drones prevalent outside the U.S.

No photos of the new drone have leaked out, yet. We here at Defense Tech will remain skeptical until we see at least some visual proof.

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  1. We've had that same tech for a couple of centuries now too, it's called a balloon.

  2. I'll believe it when the Israelis shoot one down.

    The same is true of flying saucers.

  3. So…we know that the Iranians aren't capable of reverse engineer the Sentinel they "shoot" down, when will they ship it to China or Russia, have they already done that?
    Gimme your thoughts defense pros! :)

  4. I wouldn't trust what the state media of Iran says mostly crappy Islamic propaganda. Overall the best weapon against these small drones is a cheap FIM-92 Stinger SAM.

  5. The drone is so silent it doesn't show up in the plain of reality.

  6. Sounds like they put together a kit for a radio controlled electric helicopter.
    Hardly groundbreaking stuff even for many 13 year old kids around the world.

  7. Is that the drone that also causes hurricanes?
    (Read somewhere that Syria and Iran are claming to have caused Sandy.)

  8. Another news about Iran. Here we go lets hear it. Now everyone is going to complain and just wipe off everything as a lie. It's just like China and their stealth airplane. they don't have one.

    These news should not be published here anyways since most of the readers here are american. What is the chance of any news that is coming out of the Iran and published here get accepted ? None! So just stop posting those. This is my personal opinion.

  9. Ya'll really i figured it out in less than 10 seconds………its a ballon or blimp.

    Does all of those.

  10. Being Iran made this public , it says they have no space satellites that spy on the world. They resort to balloon drones & the tunnels for intel.

    Whereas western tech most likely has marked positions of every land air and sea craft Iran has.

  11. We had that years ago and some people are still asking questions,believe me we had them and have even better then 30 years ago..

  12. Besides the United States, Iran is the only country that has in its inventory the F-14 and the RQ-170.

  13. Frankly, I am not worried about what technology Iran can field. What we all should recognize after 11 years of war is that its not the technology that we should fear, but the spirit of those behind the weapon. Iraq and Afghanistan fighters have been using ’50s era weapon systems and causing thousands of deaths

  14. The ultimate silent drone. Can't be seen, heard…by anybody. Ever.

  15. Oh noes drones.

    These EVIL Iranians are (potentially) threatening our (Israels) world peace (dominance) again!

    We need to bomb them and wipe them off the map!

  16. I'm Iranian,first you should know that standards are different in Iran!
    I think for those stup!ds who build this paper drone,making less than 120db sound is considered silent! but for the knowledge of western countries i should say Iranians can do nothing without imported technology and machines from west….believe it or not they use imported west technology and machines to hurt west later!

  17. Erik Noel Nelsen | November 6, 2012 at 3:06 pm | Reply

    Mocking a potential adversary may make someone feel good, but it invariably leads to consistently underestimating their real capabilities. This leads to erroneous decisions which cost lives in the best case and leads to defeat at its worst.

  18. It's time accept the fact that other countries are capable of building some complex weapons, and seemingly doing it faster than us. Our arrogance could prove to be our down fall.

  19. By "drone" they mean "Islamic extremist"
    By "vtol" they mean shot from a cannon
    By "silent" they mean they duck-taped his mouth shut
    Their next gen will be weaponized- he will have a remote suicide vest.
    "Hey Mohamad, did Achbar land yet?"
    "No Saleem, oh! He just hit, push the button!"

  20. As sual the 5 stages of grieving starts with denial.

  21. Here is the secret (Mehran Tavakoli Kesh) to all of Iran's advanced technology capability, including the ability to intercept the RQ-170 drone.

  22. Yeah, we had silent drones when we were kids. We launched them with rubber bands…

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