Now Anybody Can Be a Sniper

Check out this video from Tracking Point about “the world’s first precision guided firearm”:

So basically, once the shooter designates the target, all he or she has to do is walk the sight around until it matches a solution for what’s designated and then it’s bullet away!

Reminds me of the difference between dumb bombing in the F-14 and dropping a GBU using the LANTIRN system.  Accurate dumb bombing in the Tomcat was hard; smart bombing was just a matter of the RIO designating the target and the pilot driving into a launch basket.

So now you too can be a sniper.  Think of all the money the military will save on training and such.  And just in time for the sequestration cuts.

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  1. I wonder how this system will work with a slowly moving target?

  2. Technology fails. The basics must still be taught.. TO do otherwise would be a grave mistake. Not that I see them shutting down any sniper schools.

  3. i LIKE THIS!!

  4. I don't think this should be commercially available.

  5. Wounder when computer fail what will these smart guns do? I feel staying to basics is better. Computers are not the answer to best shooting skills.

  6. Poor animals.

  7. When can we all buy one?

  8. I'm still waiting for the guided bullet.

  9. Except most of what snipers do doesn't involve shooting

  10. I can see the advantage in some quick upgrading of skills among regular infantry, although there is still the issue that most engagements are closer range.

    As for hunting: well, call me old school. Unless it is for vermin control why use this sort of system? Where is the skill?

  11. You can see many positive and negative points with this system. It does what it says. Which is great. It also allows anyone in your squad to pick up/carry a sniper and be able to use it with minimum training. But it will also allow the enemy to do that too, which is a big problem. like someone already said 2 rifleman and no spotter. Why do they even make a video on the internet just give it to the troops and dont say a word lol sheesh

  12. Nice toy, but nothing like old reliable Kentucky Windage when your batteries die…

  13. Wow, this could be seriously scarey if this thing's price tag would go down below the 20k. I wonder if militiaries out there aren't calling these guys or already have them. This would cut down on need for guided bullet program.

    Anyways, weapon system like this kinda take sport out of hunting. Makes into Duck Hunter (game).

  14. thats a really neet idea

  15. 홍보영상은 참 좋은대.. 쓸때없이 동물을 죽이는건 좀 안타깝군요

  16. The 1st thing Hitler did after taking power was make it illegal to own firearms. Don't let that happen in America people!

  17. I wonder how these new weapons will perform in combat inasmuch EW and EMP will create new battlefield opportunities and vulnerabilities in the future?

  18. Bit late…

  19. once upon a time the bow was the best weapon out there, but it was very costly and took a lot of training
    then came the musket, which was inferior to the bow, but was relatively cheap and relatively easy to use

    the value of this system is not that it will replace conventional sniper techniques (yet) but that it can make a decent shot out of pretty much anyone at a relatively low cost
    and in the next years this system will keep getting better and cheaper and it'll become too good not to use

  20. Jackass Biden thinks Americans should only be allowed to own shotguns. No pistols or rifles. Idiot!

  21. While that may be able to calculate the elevation required due to the distance, it isn't going to handle wind. And at long distances, estimating wind speed and knowing the appropriate correction is vital to making the shot. Anyone who has shot a high power rifle match at 600 yards on a windy day knows this firsthand.

    So, no, that won't make someone a sniper.

  22. Congrats to the shooters in the video, hitting an animal that is roughly 2m long by 1.5m high in the gut on one and the rear in another at 580 yards and not killing it instantly. Yeah I'm sure Snipers everywhere are concerned for there jobs (much sarcasm implied). I was always taught when hunting shoot at distances that you know you can make a first round kill, after all cruelty is not the purpose. And as for Snipers I would like to think that those in the trade would want better than a gut shot at 580 yards, I may have also read a few things to indicate that 1200 yards for a .338 is well below its effective distance. Anyway fancy gadget that clearly has a bit to go.

  23. be careful what yuo wish for. once obama gets it we all better watch out

  24. Wow. It's so accurate. It's deadly

  25. Really, it's come to this? Pretty sad if you have to rely on that much tech. to drop an animal [not a great job at that either]. Not much left to the sport of hunting, every tool with one of these guns will be out there killin' shit just 'cause they can….I'm thinkin' a few more extinct animals……

  26. This bothers me, a lot! Yeah it's impressive but it's also going to be commercaily available. At least at the moment if our enemies want to ake our militaries on they have to do some training, and they're still not good enough. But, to me, this levels the playing field too much. At least they can't buy an F-35 off the shelf.

    Oh, wait, no-one can! :)

  27. Poor animals,

    Trophy shooting with that kind of tech seems pointless …
    Surely the could have tested the equipment without any bloodletting …
    And high fives after killing an animal !

    Nice …. Douchebags …

  28. I imagine the spotter will be able to mark targets and upload them to the shooter's system. No need for chit chat.

  29. Accurate shooting does not a sniper make. Marksman, perhaps, but not a sniper.

    Snipers perform long range observation as a primary role, and need supreme navigation and infiltration skills. Sure, a precision guided round can help make difficult shots, but sniper job security is still assured for some time.

  30. Regarding concerns about hunting:
    Do you think the guns maker Tracking Point would have thought it wise to release a similar marketing video but instead with soldiers taking down paper targets, or crappy animations of virtual soldiers killing virtual hostiles? No, thats either innefective or flat out bad PR, they dont want that. A vid with hunters scoring real game makes for a convincing demo in order to spice up interest for military contracts, which is the most desirable bread and butter for any defense co making expensive, complex, war caliber weaponry. Do you think these guys are relying on their sales from the few rich, lazy hunters in the world willing to shell out >$20K? Of course not, theyre not trying to sell bugattis to 100 people, theyre trying to sell large military contract batches of deluxe sooped up range rovers that can drive themselves: expensive but still affordable and necessary in large numbers to those who will need and want them. Namely, militaries.

  31. Obviously this technology does not belong in the hands of civilians. Imagine what will happen when criminals, terrorists and gun nuts put this onto a .338 or a .50 and start targeting police cars, VIP motorcades, ambulances and fire trucks, police stations, power lines, police choppers, airliners, etc. Need I say more?

  32. How soon can we get one of these in every classroom? Teachers need this kind of point and shoot technology.

  33. I see a lot of posts ripping this for subtracting from the craft and art of being a sniper, and to an extent I agree. Those skills need to be maintained so as to not turn being a sniper into being a weapon system hauler and button pusher.

    But at the same time, I don't want to be a Luddite and simply rip on this. Results are what's important. Technology doesn't necessarily render all things moot; for example, navigation has had to endure constant evolution since the days of the sextant, and progressed through the development of the compass and chronometer to radio navigation (LORAN) and the current GPS system we have today. Yet no one in their right mind thinks that the skill is so commoditized that it can be done with a GPS unit and an untrained individual. Same with this system. What would it do to **simplify** some of the tasks that fully trained snipers now do? (cont'd…)

  34. HERKEY ANDERSON | February 11, 2013 at 4:28 pm | Reply

    only a nut would use this for hunting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. there's a world of difference between "sharpshooter" and "sniper", and it's not the firearm – it's the real weapon, the man and his training

  36. Mac from Dallas | February 12, 2013 at 7:02 pm | Reply

    Ludmila Mihaylovna Pavlichenko, 54th Rifle Regiment, Soviet Army, killed 309 Germans with a Mosin 91/30 sniper rifle in WWII.

  37. Notice how they can pick up what the scope sees using a tablet as a display? The next step is to send that wireless video feed to an augmented-reality eyepiece, so the sniper can see what the scope sees even if they're not looking through the scope. One could theoretically make thousand-yard headshots while leaning their weapon out a window, not exposing any part of their body. We're looking at the future of warfare, right here.

  38. the anti gun lobby is already gearing up……………..

  39. I am a bit uncomfortable in any item that gives my enemy a potential edge. Even if this is restricted for sale in the US only. How long before the technology is over on the other side

  40. Obviously the title of this piece is misleading, it implies anyone will pick up this weapon and nail long shots in no time. It seems the system locks on to the selected target, you pull the trigger and the system waits to fire the cartridge until the user wanders the sights over the target at a point the system feels is optimal for success.
    We see it working in the video with expert marksmen on animals that are stationary or nearly so. Possibly relevant to situations in the field, but maybe not so much.
    Again, with expert marksmen.
    I can't help but note the comment made by a knowledgeable reader about windage adjustments.
    If this system isn't calculating for wind speed it's not up to specs, at least for what the article's title claims.
    I think that "anyone can be a sniper" thing won't happen with a dumb, ballistic projectile.
    Tiny missiles, with a radar set in my eyeballs. It's the new normal.

  41. Peter S Williamson | February 14, 2013 at 2:01 am | Reply

    And the criminally insane can target people with virtual impunity !!! What a shock to the troops when the Afghan snipers started using the .50 against them ! What happens when the battery goes flat ? "Commercially available" means that someone will buy them and export them to anyone who has the money to pay, anywhere in the world.

  42. This takes all of the fUN out of the gUN

  43. I'm sure AQ and all the other terrorist networks out there are getting ready to place their orders.

  44. …does nobody else realize how ridiculous this is? It's a toy, in no way can it replace a snipers training…. frankly it not only couldn't aid him but would hinder him, i know a former Marine who was a Scout-Sniper in Ramadi, he could make 1050 coldbore with a .308. I saw him make multiple hits on targets 500-600 yards without so much as a pocket calculator. Furthermore, he saved many lives by spotting IEDs along roads from 15 football fields away! He didn't have to sit there dicking around with the rifle till the computer thought he had it alined, he knew himself!
    Trash this junk, it would do more harm than good.

  45. This should ONLY be available to the military and law enforcement. It wouldn't replace real snipers but would give a squad or platoon a long range shooting capability. The lack of quick kills in the video shows that training is needed. Sport hunting should NOT have this capability; real hunters would reject this. This is not what hunting is about, to prove that you can kill and not have any skills is murder.

  46. those guys are horrible shots and should be embarrassed. if thats a guided rifle id hate to see how they shoot with a real LR/ELR setup.

  47. It might enhance shooting but it does nothing but detract from hunting.

  48. The latest version allows you to instantly send the sight picture to facebook, twitter or youtube. If you order now you will get a free microphone-earpiece set with an additional LCD so you can communicate with your friends via Skype.

  49. Ever wonder how master chief (fictional character) can snipe while strafing in halo? while now you can! with the TrackingPoint PGF 2000! only $59,000 at your local FFL dealer available in Pink, Tan and ACU. Who the (-) is gonna sell that? seriously. Buy one, get a M1A1 Abrams tank free while supplies last. Oh and that's not all, we'll throw in a fleet of F-22's if you call now. *poop on that*

  50. Shooting animals just for showing a fucking rifle ,, your a bunch of sick assholes!!!!!!!!

  51. I consistently place better shots at longer distances than the video shows with a custom built .338 Lapua Mag Hunting rifle and a decent Schmidt Bender scope. No gut or buttock shots and no wounding.. I have hunted ethically for more than 40 years and have trained many snipers who would laugh their asses off at this technology shit !!!

  52. Kenneth E. George | April 26, 2013 at 8:57 pm | Reply

    This gross carnage reminds me of the 19th Century Buffalo Shooting Party railroad train excursions sold to weapons freaks who could not afford to go to Africa to slaughter elephants. If you want to practice with this weapon, then put towel heads in the sights.

  53. Technology fails. The basics must still be taught.. TO do otherwise would be a grave mistake. Not that I see them shutting down any sniper schools.

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