Iran’s photoshop team hard at work

Iran photo shop artists are at it again. This time they didn’t just put Iran’s supposed new stealth jet on a show floor, they have it flying over Mount Damavand.

The staff at GIZMODO took notice and quickly tracked down the stock photo at that was then featured in the media blitz for Iran’s supposed Qaher 313 stealth fighter.

We’ve been here before. On Feb. 2, Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Iran Defense Ministry Ahmad Vahidi were supposedly on hand when the Iranians rolled out the Qaher 313. Plenty of flaws were found in the supposed fighter to include the cockpit and the lack of rivets on the aircraft.

These new photos only go further to confirm the hoax.

Iran’s military has been keeping the photo shop team in Iran busy for awhile now. Who can forget in 2008 when Iran bolstered a supposed missile test by photo shopping a few extra missiles into the frame?

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  1. They have no shame…

  2. Isreal must be peeing their pants lol

  3. When will Israel just say enough is enough?….and send in attack aircraft and bloody their nose with the strike we all know is coming against the nuclear site?……just do it, I can't wait for the Israelies to make that unstable Achmedinejihad angry enough to do something really stupid…..I would hate for the peoples of Iran to suffer for it though, because we know the idiot leader of Iran will just cower in a underground bunker…

  4. LOL. Once again these people have shown just how stupid they are. Do they really think we will believe the BS?

  5. It's also amazing that Iran can construct an aircraft capable of flying mach 4+, right??!!

  6. It's so stealthy it doesn't exist!

  7. Hey I think Clint Eastwood is flying that "Beast"!! or was it Owen Wilson? lmao FAIL

  8. The photo shop team is pathetic it look cheesy as is. Seem they hired a Chinese movie FX team to do there propaganda. LOL

  9. Well, that's a first for me. Deleted comment! I really don't understand why, but, to continue.

    I seriously wonder what Iran's aims are here. Surely they knew that they were going to get called out over this. So, what is the point in their eyes?

    I would honestly love to know.

  10. General Parvez Arhmadinedinemeshtoian of the First Cartoon Brigade of the Basiji Fighters and Defenders of the Faith told FARS News today that they have been preparing a fleet of thousands of computer generated fighter bombers that will bring Death to America.

  11. They need Shoji Kawamori to help them with designs. If it really flies… let's STEAL it!

  12. I agrre that the picture is photoshoped. I photoshop pictures all day for my clients. The yellowish coloring on the aircraft is from low grade flourescent lighting from the room that the plane was sitting in at the time. If you look at the mountains and clouds, the glare should be more a a bright white. As we as if the plane was of proper stealth calibur, it wouldnt have any light sheen on it at all.

  13. |I want one.

  14. Maybe if America wouldn't have "given" nuke material and tech to israel all those decades ago Iran wouldn't be trying so hard to obtain nukes….

  15. ll iran is a sorry nation

  16. Include model glue in the list of sanctioned items and the Iranian military industrial complex will fold.

  17. Tribulationtime | February 14, 2013 at 4:33 am | Reply

    Well, A lot of Defense companies do infographics presentations, right?. I had been thinking about this show and I am very puzzle and spooky too. What kind of Goverment do so nonsense mascarade if that "Beast" can´t fly?. This question is relevant for me due i always thought that International Community were over pressing one Sovereing State avowed by UN. Maybe its time to change my mind.

  18. Perhaps we need to look past the obvious domestic propaganda use of the pictures and look at the history of the region, and the arc of regional powers. Then we might see that Iran is trying to re-assert what it believes is it's right as the "Persian empire" to do this you need a strong military or at very least, the appearance of a strong military.

  19. Those morons couldn't build a Curtiss "Jenny".

  20. Yes, but can they (Iran) put a man on the moon next?

  21. I remember the US wrestling team went to Iran about 10 years ago, and when a Black American wrestler took the stage and waved to the crowd, the Iranians went crazy cheering for him, and gave him a five minute standing ovation. I know as a Canadian that worked in Iran a couple times that many of the people like us westerners, and would be as happy as us to see them go. So don't be so quick to say "bomb them" or "hit em now", as many of the people that will die do NOT support the regime there. I'm not saying something shouldn't be done, I worked as a PSD contractor in Afghanistan for 4 years, I'm just saying don't paint all of Iran with the same brush.

  22. I've seen that stock photo before. There's a spot on there that says, "INSERT PLANE HERE".

  23. If you look VERY closely, you can just make out the Space Monkey at the Controls….

  24. If you look VERY closely you just make out that Space Monkey at the controls…

  25. omg
    lighting, glossyness, brightness, saturation, perspective-angles …
    they should have tried to read a tutorial in the first place!

  26. We should have a photoshop contest. Whoever photoshops the Qaher 313 into the least likely scenario wins.

    … oh… wait… I guess Iran already won.

    (you probably saw that punchline coming, didn't you?)

  27. Hahaha.
    Very odd yet they are cleverly stupid.

  28. It's made to mock you. They taught I ran….

  29. Take it easy guys. Maybe Iran simply wants to dominate in the virtual reality. In that case they're making a progress.

  30. There is a long history of Iran putting out false models and photos of aircrafts for propaganda reasons. But just when the west is convinced that it is all a load of garbage, hey presto! They come up with an actual flying prototype. Now the prototype may not be all they claimed to begin with. But it is not as bad as what west say it is. The reality is that they already do produce some stealth planes and drones and they have successfully reversed engineered (and fully manufactured) a copy of an F5. Also the fact is that a Q -313 aircraft (well a scale model of it) has already flown. The pictures and the models may not be real. But there is an actual aircraft and it would be foolish to assume that they are not capable of building it.

  31. Iran in 2013……. WINNING!

  32. Maybe they plan on it wearing a Bhurka, like their women!

  33. If it works like the F-35…..we'll bankrupt them.

  34. try again

  35. well, wonder what word I used to get the administrator… well, computer program to delete my comment instantaneously…

  36. What a joke! a second grader could do a better job

  37. Is that Wookiee in the flying seat?

  38. They can draw anything they wish with photoshop and say it will fly.. Using it for protection is a different story. The USA is only playiing a game with them.

  39. ما ایرانی هستیم ..ما از هیچ کس و هیچ دشمن اللخصوص امریکا ترسی نداریم اگر امریکا ب ایران حمله کند ..ما اسراییل و پایگاه های امریکا در منطقه را با موشک های خود با خاک یکسان می کنیم

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