Sequestration will not kill Army’s NIEs

Army leaders confirmed Wednesday that the Army’s fourth Network Integration Evaluation will occur this spring even if sequestration hits, like many expect, on Friday.

The Army stood up the NIE to test the service’s next generation battlefield radios. It has been lauded by Army leaders for allowing the service to have real soldiers test the radio prototypes in combat scenarios. The Army’s top acquisition officer said the NIE has already saved the Army more than $6 billion.

However, some worried that the NIE would be a casualty of the massive budget cuts associated with sequestration. The Army will have to cut $18 billion from its budget between March and October should sequestration occur. The military stands to lose $500 billion over the next decade under sequestration.

Despite the cuts, the Army still plans to run the NIEs two times a year as previously scheduled, said Maj. Gen. Robert Dyess, director of Army Force Development.

The scope of the NIE might be reduced because of the cuts but the NIEs will still be held out in White Sands Missile Range, N.M. and Fort Bliss, Texas.


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Michael Hoffman
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  • Lance

    Didnt expect NIE to go. its waste like GCV that should go.

  • BlackOwl18E

    F-35, LCS, GCV, JLTV, and now NIE the list of useless programs is short, but the list of contractors is long. Cancelling some of these could avoid the across the board cuts for the sequester all together.

    Can someone explain to me how these are worth handing a 20% reduction in pay to our DoD civilian workers and decreasing the quality of training for our servicemen?

  • redordead

    correct me if i (simple dutchman) am wrong, but sequestration occurs when reps and dems cannot agree on budgetcuts to try to control the deficit. it’s just a complicated word to hide incompetence and lack of unity?

  • Anonymous

    Losing a $50 billion a year out of $655 billion dollars. Somehow I think we as a nation will survive with a military budget hundreds of billions of dollars higher than it was pre-Bush/Obama.

  • blight_

    What’s stupid is that programs like NIE will deliver tech that will go into GCV et al someday, and shorting the NIE means that someday GCV will have to reinvent the wheel when someone decides it needs a doodad that would’ve been paid for by NIE, but noo, it’s part of GCV and everyone has to wait five years for it to mature.

    We’d still be in chariots if we had to reinvent the wheel for every application.

  • oblat

    Good news, nothing must stop the army from executing it’s primary job of funneling money to contractors. Not sequestration, not war, and certainly not the security of the USA.

  • SFP

    Much of the military’s costs are human, because you can’t give soldiers Walmart-style compensation and expect them to do their jobs well. Human costs have been going up since the AVF’s inception.