PACOM contractor charged with sharing nuclear secrets with China

A former Army officer has been arrested and charged  in Hawaii for sharing nuclear secrets with a Chinese woman living in the U.S. on a visa, according to a report by a Hawaiian television station.

Benjamin Pierce Bishop, 59, is a defense contractor working at U.S. Pacific Command. He allegedly passed information relating to “nuclear weapons …  the planned deployment of U.S. strategic nuclear systems … the ability of the United States to detect low- and medium-range ballistic missiles of foreign governments, and … the deployment of U.S. early warning radar systems in the Pacific Rim,” according to court documents.

Bishop, 59, had a relationship with the Chinese woman, 27, which he hid from U.S. officials. He was arrested Friday at his office at U.S. Pacific Command. He was arrested without incident, according to the report.

Bishop was charged with “one count of willfully communicating national defense information to a person not entitled to receive such information and one count of unlawfully retaining documents related to the national defense,” according to KITV’s report. He faces a maximum sentence of 20 years in jail.

There were no further details in the affidavit about the content of the information Bishop allegedly shared with the woman, according to the report.

The arrest comes on the heels of the announcement by Defense Secretary Hagel that the U.S. will boost its missile defense system to protect U.S. borders.

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  • Nadnerbus

    Was that wrong? Should he have not done that?

    “Bishop, 59, had a relationship with the Chinese woman, 27, which he hid from U.S. officials.”

    It’s always the wrong head guiding these decisions.

    • Teddy
    • Musson

      Aw come on. She was just with him because he was ‘so funny.’

    • ArmyofAll

      He should be sent to Gitmo and she should be sent to hell- The Contractor should have their clearance totally revoked- and the CEO arrested for treason and also sent to Gitmo

      • Lulz

        LOL – Send em all to GITMO!!

      • Nadnerbus

        What is up with the “send ’em to Gitmo” meme? Do any of you really advocate extra judicial punishment for American Citizens, regardless of the severity of the crime? If he is guilty of treason, which on the surface he probably is, he should be duly convicted and serve the appropriate sentence. He shouldn’t be extradited outside of the sphere of US law so he can have all rights removed without due process. That is a loathsome strategy and should be abhorrent to anyone who believes in the rule of law.

    • bruce

      wonder if he is related to slick willie……..

    • Guest

      Federal A$$ Rapin Prison.

    • Luis reach

      Sure she was looking not only at a sugar daddy but also at Avery stupid man.


      KILL HIM HE’S A %^$*#(@)) ((*&^ WASTE AT BEST

  • Yeah

    Should have reported her to the officials. why? he was not having a relationship he was planning on giving secrets to Chinese. Hell with 20 years give him life.

    • DAVE



      Yeah, no shout-fest from here. But yes, giving away ANY top secret info should result in a serious punishment. Whats more, these missiles are kinda important. Knocking out nukes on missiles might be a capability the US may need to have, especially after all this hulla-bullo about NK and Iran.

    • JDC

      20 years my hiney. This is high treason and should be punishable by death, peacetime or not!

    • art vandaly

      Try him and then execute him for espionage. Let’s get it over with. Oh and by the way lets make sure we stop his retirement pay.

  • William_C1

    When your girlfriend starts a detailed discussion about the deployment of strategic nuclear weaponry and ballistic missile defense systems, something might be a bit off.

  • Davis

    Reported or not, Bishop, an older man with nuclear secrets, didn’t find it suspicious that a much younger national of an enemy government (YES enemy – no typo there), would out-of-the-blue want to have a relationship with him?

    Oh, and because I’m shameless, can we get a photo of the Chinese women he was seeing to find out whether she was worth spending up to 20 years in jail for?

  • Tri-ring

    It’s obviously a honey trap, how else would a guy at the age of 59 get a girl at the age of 27 unless he was loaded.

  • oblatt

    Army officer sells his country out to become a contractor and then its hardly surprising that he sells his country out again to the Chinese. No doubt most contractors would do the same if they had the chance.

    • William_C1

      Do you even have a job?

      • Lowe
    • romeo

      Let me guess…you try to be a contractor but you never finished high school, right?
      Oh, right, you got kicked out the military cause you cause you are special…So now you are hating on contractor making good money. lol

      • oblatt

        Sorry sounds a lot closer to your milieu then mine.

    • Ajax

      I’m a contractor and I’m entirely loyal to the USA. Go suck on those sour grapes of yours elsewhere.

    • southernkid

      A-MAN brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • pat

      Sells out his country to become a contractor? Most contractors would do the same if they had the chance? Who the hell are you to say that? You have zero idea how things work and obviously zero understanding of the military; get a clue and apologies for generalizing that patriotic americans who work as contractors are somehow all spies…you suck!

    • respawnd

      Spoken like true loser

  • STemplar

    Hang him.

  • romeo

    you know “SEX” / “WOMEN” is always going to be the motive.
    Especially with tiny women.
    It’s the most successful and ancient spy weapon. And man will always fall.
    I bet you this white boy, which there is not doubt he’s white, thought he was on top of the world. lol

  • Dannyk

    “lol”. Racist idiot.

  • Dennis Barrett

    And the woman? Arrested for being a spy? No other story on that?

  • blight_

    Benjamin Bishop
    U.S. Pacific Command
    Camp H M Smith, Hawaii (Hawaiian Islands) Military

    Senior Analyst
    U.S. Pacific Command
    May 2012 – Present (11 months)

    JROC/JCIDS and Cybersecurity and Operational Energy
    Lieutenant Colonel
    U.S. Army
    Government Agency; 10,001 employees; Military industry
    February 2002 – May 2012 (10 years 4 months)

    Special Forces
    Strategic Planner
    U.S. Pacific Command
    May 2010 – April 2012 (2 years)

    J5 Planner on Extended Deterrence
    Aloha Shrine
    2001 – 2012 (11 years)

    Special Operations Planner
    US Joint Forces Command
    Government Agency; 1001-5000 employees; Defense & Space industry
    April 2008 – February 2009 (11 months)

    Special Operations Planner within Joint Enabling Capabilities Command

    Naval War College
    2003 – 2009

    Case Western Reserve University – Weatherhead School of Management
    MBA, Management Information Decision Systems
    1974 – 1977

    Groups and Associations:
    American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, National Sojourners, Free & Accepted Masons

    Honolulu Free Masons

    Special Forces Veterans

    U.S. Army Special Forces (Green Beret) Alumni

    U.S. Pacific Command (PACOM)

    USSOCOM Alumni

  • looselipsnukeships

    What kind of moron (who works in the defense industry) wouldn’t assume a Chinese woman half his age was a spy given their track record in these matters?

    Treason has one punishment

    • Tyler


  • guest

    The Soviets ran a successful espionage program against the US for decades yet as we now know they had no intention of taking on the West in a contest of arms. Can we say that about the Chinese with any confidence? Between cyber-espionage and the old fashion face to face sort, the US could lose whatever the Chinese start before we realize they’ve started and that we’ve lost. The US needs to reform its counter-espionage attitude by assuming there are far more traitors then we’ve seen in the past and to assume their are far more foreign nationals spying in one form or another for other governments. From these assumptions we should become far more aggressive in monitoring, investigating and punishing those we catch.

  • Ron

    A woman’s private part is the most powerful weapon in the world, history be told empires as well as powerful men all fell cause of it.

  • Prodozul

    On the flip side the FBI just arrested a Chinese spy for having unlimited access to NASA’s projects and stuff.

    Best part was he had a one-way ticket to China when they got him.

  • Jane

    Men are so weak. All the Chinese, Russians and Israelis have to do is send a good looking woman, flash boobs and the stupid male reveals everything.

  • oblatt

    >At least this guy didn’t do it on purpose.

    Because when every day you betray your nation as a corrupt contractor, handing over secrets to the Chinese just seems a natural.

    >It’s the most successful and ancient spy weapon. And man will always fall.

    Sounds like you would do the same. Maybe if a north Korean nuke penetrated the US missile defense and wiped out a city because of the information the contractor handed over – you’d wipe the smirk off your face – but probably not.

    No doubt the Chinese secret service knows what the KGB knew that contractors are the easiest target. As Gordievsky says in the history of the KGB the contractors unlike other organizations – all had a price – and usually it was surprisingly low.

    • defense_contractor

      I am a defense contractor and take offense in your personal assessment of our loyalty to our nation. Many defense contractors are ex-military, so you don’t have a monopoly on military service and dedication.

      It appears that you are a wanabee defense contarctor that was rejected, that is you didn’t make the cut!!!

  • Mikey

    I can’t help but think that if the U.S. would start shooting these traitors instead of jailing them. I’d bet that they would at least think twice before giving up our country. Shoot the SOB

  • Lance

    Not surprised lonely American men make easy targets. its China’s new ultra new weapon: hot Sexy Asian women!!! Idea is make make the USA 1/2 Chinese by 2050! Joke….

  • Yeah

    wonder why he was targeted look at the linkedin post. be smart people and not tell your life. Its not a secret but you are just making yourself a target.

    • d. kellogg

      and part of various Army awareness programs we received every year was to do exactly opposite what he did: do NOT broadcast yourself to the point you become the mark (targetted individual) of foreign interests looking to undermine the US.
      You absolutely do NOT post up all that stuff about yourself, ESPECIALLY if you have the kind of sensitive information access this nut did.

      Maybe he can use the Petreaus Ego Defense, believing “as important as I am, I SHOULD BE allowed to get away with it.”

      Or maybe it’s all one big plausible deniability hoax to garner more support for even more big budget defense contracts now needed to undo the potential damage this guy caused.
      More money for missile defense now!
      More money for cyber warfare now!
      More money needed to study methods our leaders can use to actually get away with it next time!

  • majr0d

    Great news! Bradley Manning will have a roomie.

  • Tweedle Dee

    did she blab to the chinese or is this a case of just trying to crack down on leaks?

  • Bob Harper

    I’m 73. Do you think I could get one of those 27 year olds if I told Secrets ?

  • Manuel Sanchez

    This offense is a National Security Violation, consequences well know by the general populatuion as equal to treason for release of Top Secret Information, and should be dealt with swiftly by execution. I agree, this person should be shot to death. The could mean a re-living of ” Pearl Harbor “. A Vietnam Veteran.

  • Cav Vet

    I’m sure we know that a lot of men can be persuaded by women. I am certain that we use the same tactics against our enemies. Our intelligence agencies know that Chinese and other foreign men are very attracted to American women and use them to get information/secrets that we want. Tit for Tat!!!

  • Jim Voelkl

    Give him the same punishment the Chinese would give one of their own for committing the same offense.

  • Jack

    Why aren’t people like this being charged with treason any more?

  • Restore Palestine

    Sounds like the US government is trying to frame the 59 y.o. engineer with entrapment and fabricated charges.

    I’ll bet there are tens of thousands of young Chinese women in America. And brainless freaks on this board would label every one of them a Chinese spy.

    To me, it’s perfectly normal for an experienced engineer to recite his knowledge or accomplishments to his wife or girl-friend. In fact, I’ll bet that ALL of the good-at-nothing US hypocrites on this board would even make up some stories to impress their girl-friends.

  • WPG

    I don’t know wether to laugh or cry

  • Fred

    Twenty years, my ass, give him death. Mr Bishop is a traitor. This would set an example for anyone who tried this

    • Restore Palestine

      Ha! Not even the slightest doubt about the truthfulness of the claims in the story. If it’s a charge by the government, it must be “true”, right?

      What a simpleton!

      Any wonder why your country is going down the toilet so fast. Too many gullible, uneducated overgrown kids.

  • Jim

    Hang them both – treason, were they politicians

    • Restore Palestine

      How old are you? You sound like 6 or 7, with an IQ of the same magnitude.

      But thanks for providing additional evidence to support my well-grounded assertion that Americans as a group are the most naive, and easily manipulated bunch in the world.

  • Simple Man

    Hey GI! Me love you long time!

    I hate to say it, but polygraphs should be standard on any classified work being done by 1st or even 2nd generation foreign nationals from potential adversaries.

    Just like our intel services, our counterintelligence services are ossified and sclerotic. Maybe understaffed? I don’t know. But when the alarm bells are going off about Chinese political, trade, and military espionage and the massive hacking of our networks, we really need to look at what we are doing and how and why.

  • William C. LeFay

    Bishop’s acts are Treason,if proven and he is convicted! Should that be the case, the Death Penalty is demanded by this citizen and veteran of this United States. Damn the “Do Gooders” and their ilk who would suggest otherwise.

  • sarge

    and why hasnt this guy been charged with treason. and once found guilty taken out and shot.

  • ibsteve2u

    The irony is all you have to do is become a CEO of an American corporation and you can give the PRC all of the American technology and know-how you want to in the name of profit – and that goes double if you destroy American jobs and the tax base it takes to fund our military in the process.

  • ibsteve2u

    The irony is all you have to do is become CEO of a major corporation and you can give the PRC all of the American technology and know-how you want in the name of profit – and that goes double if you destroy American jobs and the tax base it takes to fund our military in the process.

    • Restore Palestine

      Considering how much money the US government is stealing from China by printing worthless dollars day and night, the US would still come out ahead if it gives all its technology to China. Besides, most of the so-called “US technology” isn’t worth a damn (military or otherwise) after taking its negative environmental impacts into account.

      • Jonathan

        “negative environmental impacts” It’s military technology it does what it’s supposed to do. You’re judging it on it’s ability to hug trees? I guess that makes sense coming from someone who want to “Restore Palestine” a country which never existed.

  • Mikee56

    Just goes to show you what the caliber of the Dod personnel has degraded to. I say put him in front of a firing squad and let it be known that treason will not be tolerated !

    • Restore Palestine

      not anywhere as low as you have, brainless punk.

  • wally

    This is bull. Bring back the old Army how would have this guys butt against the wall and the firing squad doing a lock and load.

  • Bob
  • Marine Corps Vet

    Yes, he is a ” TRAITOR “, and what he done is known as ” TREASON “. It is punishable by ” DEATH BY A FIRING SQUAD “. If he is found ” GUILTY ” then they should carry it out to the fullest extent. Let the ” GOVERNMENT ” show the ones who do these despicable crimes against ” OUR COUNTRY “, that ” WE WILL NOT ” tolerate here in the ” UNITED STATES of AMERICA “.

  • Jerome

    He is only accused at this time right? No judicial process, just shoot him and be done with it? Glad you guys and gals are on the internet and not a jury box. Shame on you. This could be a set-up for all you know.

  • Bill
  • bob

    Fucking execute this bastard. Firing squad now.

  • Locaber

    What happened to the good old days when providing national defence information to an enemy during a time of war was considered Treason and was punishable by death. we are still at war i believe. in Afganistan.

  • Leoncefalo

    There are a lot of racist comments here. . .but ‘sleeping with the enemy’ is a punishable crime. . .nuclear secrets much more so. . . .these traitors who think with their ‘small head’ need to be publicly exposed and sentenced to LONG terms in prison. . . .it is an open secret that the Chinese will do anything and everything to obtain American military and corporate secrets. . . .but this kind of behavior cannot be detected when it remains hidden. . .to put it bluntly. . .a STIFF DICK has . . .NO conscience. . . .so think TWICE before putting it,and with whom.

  • Montego
  • Cyclopps
  • usa

    maby if the U.S would start to kill people that do stuff like this maby just a thought maby they would think twice about telling sensitive secrets. this is the type of stuff that can put our national security at risk. just one person like him can cause that to happen. kill the SOB

  • Emory Golden

    This SOB, give me the guillotine I’ll be the executioner; Prison is to good for him, 20 years is not enough, life @ the edge of a precipice is more suitable for his serious crime against our U.S.A.. Race as nothing to do with this Benedict Arnold, evil can enter in anyone. ( demon incarnate from Hell, whisper’s in gullible ears ).

  • Perry

    I think this guy did not read a spy news in the last 10 years. All he has to do is inform his boss then feed all the wrong info to the young chinesse spy while getting a piece then get medal of something at the end.

  • Adam Majkowski

    Since “defense” to americans means attacking everything and everyone in sight, other countries need to know what our criminal military is up to, to prepare actual defenses for our planet.

  • candor

    nooky nooky for nu-key nu-key

  • dustime8

    This type of crime is worth the death penalty.

  • USA

    kill the SOB. he is putting our ENTIRE national security at risk. i belive stuff like this should be punishable by death

  • Zeeman

    You guys have it all wrong. She was helping him write an autobiography of his heroic days in Special Ops. It was going to be titled “All Over.”

  • Tom

    Can’t we please execute him!

  • CRC

    Traitors are and should be place in front of a firing squad and give them the honor of possessing all available lead. That’s what this stinky needs. DVA is supposed to take his check away.

  • Papi1960R

    It goes both ways. I was part of a 16 man detail assigned the mission of getting to know Thays and Sandra Noriega, the daughters of General Manuel Noriega in Panama 1987-88. We reported directly to General Bernard Loeffke. We were all younger 18 series NCOs. The initial personel request asked for Spanish speakers with Salsa dancing ability.
    Thays and Sandra loved to lose their DENI security team and frequent the bars of the Belle Vista area as well as the Marriot Continential Hotel & Casino. I got to know Sandra very well and spent many nights in Panama’s famous “Love” hotels “pumping” her for information. No real intel came of it but I worked really hard on the task. In the Winter of 88 President Bush decided that General Loeffke had become to chummy with a young Panamanian woman himself, so he was gone as were all of his programs. Everyone involved all got orders back to CONUS.
    Later at the US Embassy in Istanbul, we seemed to keep a stable of Blue eyed, Blonde, All-American Barbie dolls who seemed to always be in the company of very unsavory men from across the Middle East.

  • CMo

    She’ll only be 47 when he gets out! ;-)
    but if he lives to 79 in there, she may have lost interest.

  • Arturo Freeman
  • Arturo Freeman
  • GroUpFolks

    Bottom line, “there is not fool like an old fool”. Shows that no matter how old, a man tends to let his “johnson” dictate is life. Unfortunately his ego costs a whole country of people their security. CONGRATULATIONS STUPID!!!! This is an act of treason and the death penalty is called for.

  • GNBA

    Does anyone know what company this loser worked for? Interesting there’s no apparent media scrutiny on Bishop’s employer like there has been on the Snowden Booz Allen case.