Navy Contract Will Produce Missiles for Germany

The U.S. Navy is helping Germany arm its fleet with more than 400 anti-ship missile systems.

The Navy announced the March 29 $343,550,330 contract award to RAMSYS GmbH, Ottobrunn, Germany for the production of 445 Block 2 MK-44 Mod 4 Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM) Guided Missile Round Pack (GMRP) All-Up-Rounds, according to a Defense Department contract award notice.

The RAM Guided Missile Weapon System is co-developed and co-produced under an International Cooperative Program between the United States and Federal Republic of Germany’s governments. RAM is a missile system designed to provide anti-ship missile defense for multiple ship platforms.

This contract will be funded 100 percent by the Federal Republic of Germany, according to the announcement.  Contract funds will not expire at the end of the current fiscal year.  Funding in the amount of $1,347,902 will be obligated at the time of the award.

The Naval Sea Systems Command in Washington, D.C., oversaw the contract, the result of an international agreement between the governments of the United States and Germany.

About 50 percent of the work will be performed in Tucson, Ariz., with help from facilities in Andover, Mass., and Rocket Center, West Virginia. The remainder of the work will be performed in Ottobrunn, Germany. The project is scheduled to be completed by January 2019.

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    Dang. I can see the future now, where people will come an comment to testify to the evils of the defense contractor. I, though, predictably, support this. I wonder what particular ship the Germans want to equip.

    • blight_

      Indeed, since all of their frigates have RAM already.

  • Lance

    America makes German missiles for Germany. Hitler must be rolling over in his grave LOL!!!!


      Eh, that statement is wrong on many levels. I know this sounds cliche, but it is true. The Nazis invaded Germany before Czechoslovakia, Poland, France, Russia, etc. Germany wasn’t the enemy in the European theater, as Germany represents all the people of Germany. We were fighting Nazis.

      • Jacob

        Well unfortunately, enough Germans accepted the Nazis as being their legitimate leaders, and so we had to fight the Germans to get to the Nazis.


          Yes, but you will notice that after the war, the German military had many of the soldiers that once had a pledge to Hitler. Yes, we had to kill Germans to get to Nazis, and many Germans were Nazis, and vice versa. But the fact is that post World War I Germany was lost, confused, shocked, horrified, and hated. Seeing such a pragmatic leader rise to power would have been a relief. One final note: Hitler was Austrian.

          • Bill

            Agreed, not to mention that german men were forced to fight for the Nazis for fear both they and their families will be executed. Of which, many stood trial in western courts with the “following orders” alibi, which were shot down saying you could defy orders on moral grounds.

            Between a rock and hard place much? You can also equate that to the current Bradley Manning debacle, “:defy orders on moral grounds” they told the germans, and then he gets charged for treason.

            Its not at all nazi sympathizing, people just have to remember that not all the german conscripts were nazis.

      • matt

        I lived in Germany 20 years ago and found German people to be very
        conscious of the Nazi legacy and most were horrified by it. I once heard
        in a bar in Berlin (in German, naturally) “I never want to hear ‘Yankee go
        home’! The Americans destroyed the Nazis!”

      • Tad

        Bunk. Sounds pretty. Sounds nice. Sounds sooo…. PC. Along the lines of, “Oooh, the Wehrmacht never did anything bad. It was only that naughty SS.” Sorry, my friend, but your aircraft carrier ran aground on the shoals of historical truth.


          I didn’t say that. Or imply that. I am saying that the image the word “Nazi” conjures up is associated with the SS. Wehrmacht did some bad things, but technically, they weren’t official members of the Nazi party. Its like saying a US soldier is Democratic because the president is Democratic.

    • Karl

      That’s just plain silly, and unfair to today’s Germany. You might as well refer to Americans as slave-holding plantation owners. Just as untrue.

    • Restore Palestine

      If America lets Germany make its own missiles, there is a 99% chance that over 95% of the missiles will work properly and not be susceptible to Disable Signals from the US military in the event of a conflict.

      When the US is involved in manufacturing those missiles, there is a 99% chance that around 50% of the missiles will not work properly if at all.

      • blight_

        Depends on the next time Germany and the US go to war. That said, the Germans are making half of the missiles, so as long as they mix production they should be fine, as long as the supply chain isn’t contaminated.


        Odd. I remember reading that the Block 0 missiles had an accuracy rate of 95%, and it was US built. Read facts.

    • Frederic

      Hitler is gone, that history

  • Rick

    The contract is for rounds, not launchers.

  • Otto Hahn

    Its only to help US to keep their jobs, we dont really need this, especially for a 2019 timeframe. We are more worried about our gold reserves! I found LANCEs comment highly inappropiate and insulting and i guarantee, these comments could get you into huge trouble in Germany. ANY comment about Hitler or WW2 will let us rolleyes and increases your chance of being punched into your face. Americans dont want to get asked about blacks slavery, prohibition, killing indians, guantanamo bay, CampdenNJetc ALL of the time, do they?

  • CarsonRay

    We “government “has lost their ever loving mind.What next?Give arms to North Korea ?

  • Belesari

    Wow the stupid is in full force in this article. Of course most of it comes from “Restore Palestine” but then with a name like that we should expect so much…

    • STemplar

      It is an odd conversation over a very dull procurement announcement article about ammo essentially.


      Hmm yes. And this is just a procurement article. Nothing really special. All thanks to a Nazi joke.

  • bob

    Stop all the nonsense about “protecting their families from the nazis”. You do realize these people had a choice at the beggining right? They didn’t make that choice and chose to be apart of a mass murdering system because things were going out “nicely”. Who wouldn’t want to put the blame on somebody else?

    Absolutely pathetic you German sympathizing idiots.

    • Turgon

      Hey, the war ended 68 years ago. Get over it.

      If you really wanted to point the genocide stick at someone every country in the world would be guilty. Are you going to blame Mongolia for killing millions because of Gangis Khan? Oh wait, Italians should be on the list too because of Julius Caesar slaying hundreds of thousands with his campaigns in Gaul. You go back far enough you realize genocide ain’t nice but it also ain’t new. How in the hell do you have the right to blame anyone.


        Exactly. We don’t sympathize the Nazi cause, but the German people who fell victim to it. After WWI, Germany was ruined. The German people needed a strong, powerful leader, and Hitler fit the bill. He stayed in power by using, of course, the SS, the Holocaust, and war. Yes, the German people could have chosen another leader. But all their other leaders were bringing down the already low Germany.


    Perhaps. But once again, it raises the question, how many missiles do they have, excluding this order? I am not trying to go against Germany, which is an ally and partner, but seriously, why some many missiles? I mean, its not exactly a country with millions of haters (NK, China, US, Iran, or rather, the Middle East).

  • William Millard

    RAM is not an Anti-Ship Missle. You can call it an Anti-Anti-Ship Missle.

  • RJLipscomb

    The US and Germany have been partners in defense technology and production for a very long time. This is just another example of the bond between the two countries.

  • Mclee2009

    Make sure they’re democrats…

  • Frederic Mulika

    Germany is NATO , A friend to United States there is no need to worry.