Video of Bagram Plane Crash Emerges

An unidentified individual has allegedly captured Monday’s cargo plane crash near Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan, that killed its seven crew members.

The video was posted to Live Leak and You Tube Tuesday. Pentagon officials have seen the video and are working to confirm its authenticity.

The plane was not a U.S. military aircraft. It was one of the many contracted airliners that fly in and out of the main logistical hub for U.S. forces in Afghanistan. The aircraft that crashed Monday at about 3:30 p.m. Bagram local time was a National Air Cargo Boeing 747-400F, which appears to be the plane shown in the video.

National Air Cargo owns the plane. It was slated to fly to Dubai carrying unknown cargo. The U.S. and its allies have depended on these types of contracted carriers to carry everything from MRAPs to soldiers into Afghanistan.

As seen in the footage, the aircraft crashed shortly taking off from Bagram. It appears the aircraft stalls after taking a steep ascent shortly after taking off. Taliban leaders have tried to take credit for the crash, but U.S. officials have said they do not suspect a Taliban attack to cause the crash.

The U.S. National Transportation Safety Board has started an investigation into the crash. There is no evidence in the crash footage that an attack caused it.


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  • Nick

    Avationist says the weight shifted after takeoff causing the nose to pull up and the plane to stall. Poor crew.

  • Sev

    Lets wait until we get the flight recorder and voice recorder before drawing conclusions. The stall couldve been caused by any number of things. Bad weight and balance, improper trim settings, a break in the cargo restraints sending the cargo aft.


    My god. While I don’t like to suppose things, it looks like the plane stalled, and fell into an uncontrolled descent. Dang.

  • Chris

    I have load planned many aircraft with everything from pallets, wheel and tracked vehicles. Either this bird was not configured properly or the cargo shifted due to tie down failure or failure to tie it down.

  • Josh

    I’m no aerospace engineer, but that doesn’t look like a good angle for a cargo plane on take-off.

  • Penyfan

    Tha loadmaster perished in the accident. I would have to believe that he would have checked the load plan and load locks prior to block out given the nature of the load (vehicles). Keep in mind that the vehicles had likely been lashed onto unit load devices (ULDs) prior to uploading into the aircraft. The acute angle of attack on takeoff would tend to suggest extreme CG shift aft; hence, lashing failure (vehicle to ULD) could have contributed to this very sad incident. A similar accident occurred in Miami in 1997 when the load shifted aft on a Fine Air DC8-61F on takeoff. Notwithstanding the foregoing, a very sad day. Rest in peace, dear crew.

  • JH
  • JH
  • Justin
  • aarongilliland

    No apparent debris or vapor trails prior to impact. I’d like to see the Taliban explain how they shot down an aircraft without marking it. Are any civilian cargo fleets outfitted with softkill APS?

    That stall looked awful. Not enough speed for the pitch control surfaces to do anything, not enough altitude for recovery.

  • John

    RIP. I read that the crew radioed that they had cargo shift onboard right before the crash.

    This clip reminds me of this C-2 crash on youtube. It crashed immediately after takeoff.

    One of the commenters wrote that it was carrying crates (properly secured) with heavy generators inside of the crates (not properly secured). I also read that the original loadmaster refused to certify the cargo and the CO of the carrier still insisted that the c-2 take off and ordered more junior loadmaster to take the flight. The original loadmaster was told he would be court martialed for disobeying a direct order. He watched the crash from the deck.

  • Derrick

    Please issue an apology. You just watched 7 people die. Regardless of your thoughts on politics or government agnecy procedures this is not the forum for that discussion.

    May these men rest in peace.

  • I suppose there could have been some kind of pre-flight sabotage, but that plane was not shot down.

  • Mikey

    Words are not enough for those that were lost and their families. Our hearts and prayers go out to them and may God hold this crew close to Him always.

  • Pathfinder

    Looked like a high angle of attack/stall from the footage but I could be wrong.

    As for other comments above about shifting loads, the load master is “God” on an cargo aircraft- before the owners and before the pilot. If he he or she says the aircraft stays on the ground until the load is sorted out to their complete satisfaction, then that is what happens. No exceptions. We have run full 120,000 kg loads on AN-124-100 safely and if the load master says to do something, then: “it is written”.

    If in this case, someone bullied or forced control of the aircraft away from the load master, then they need to be investigated immediately, and if evidence indicates then prosecuted with “criminal negligence causing death” If convicted, I would also like to see them flogged for causing the death of their co-workers, but hell, maybe that’s just me?

  • Chris

    Interesting comment about the Loadmaster….. Are USAF Loadmasters configuring, tying down and flying on these civilian contracted aircraft flown by civilian crews. If in fact it is true…..hats off to the Loadmaster…. Had similar issues in the past, especially the quantity of fuel in vehicles and CFR 49/ HAZMAT… If I didn’t feel safe to fly, neither did the bird….. You sign your name when certifying the load.

  • Mark Arjomandi

    I wonder why the dash cam video shows the wrong date….

  • Steve B.

    Amazing how much name calling goes on here. You would think the subject matter would lend itself to a more refined discussion. I actually get a better read on the incident from one of my bicycle forums.

    That said. The viewing aspect of what is in all probability a valid video, by itself cannot be used to determine forward speed of the aircraft. At that viewing angle, a plane climbing steeply appears to have very little forward momentum, especially as the camera is itself moving forward.

    Still, it appears the plane stalled. The left wing dip and then the over correction to a right wing dip, is seemingly a stall, then an attempt to correct, with the engines redlined and loss of forward speed and lift and that’s all she wrote. The gear is still down as the crew had no time to retract as they dealt with the nose up and shift of center of gravity. Not really much more to discuss except a heartfelt thought for the families who watched their relatives die in this video.

  • Alexis

    My mother-in law is over in Afghanistan and phoned home to check in and tell us of the horrific misfortune. M family and I want to express our deepest sympathy for the families co-workers and associates that were impacted from the devastating crash. I pray that what ever the cause was of the crash becomes determined and things like this can be avoided for future references.

  • SSgt Lawlor

    This aircraft was just at Kunsan’s flightline last week. We loaded it with cargo for a redeploying TSP going back to the States. Worked with this aircrew for a few hours on the ground and in some pretty crappy weather and they were good guys. Still hard to believe this happened.

  • tribulationtime

    Despite the pilot can´t defense himself. My opinion is that crew take -off pushing the plane to limit trying to gain altitude as manpads defense. Somehow, this time didn´t work. Nevertheless, it would be a lot of reasons to crash without a crew fail.

  • marc27

    cargo shift there was no way the couldnt done anything on time to prevent the crash is too bad.

  • OneFryShort

    I’m kind of glad we are assisting in the middle east destroying itself. The entire middle east is full of nothing but worthless p.o.s..

  • Dennis Allen

    Unless procedures have changed a loadmaster is part of the military aircraft crew but not so for civilian aircraft. For civilian cargo aircraft the load placement is usually computed by a load planner sitting in a chair on the airport grounds. A load breaking lose in the aircraft during takeoff could move the center of gravity aft enough to cause a severe high angle of attack leading to stall. If tiedown was preformed properly, one chain breaking or one lock failing would not cause a catostophic failure of all tie down devices. Redundancy of chain tiedown was usually the case, at least in the military aircraft. If cargo shifting during flight is determined to be the probably cause, I think you will find someone failed to secure an entire vehicle or rollerized cargo causing a cargo shift and domino effect as one vehicle or pallet slammed toward the rear of the aircraft.

  • Vaporhead

    You guys are committing the #1 no-no when it comes to mishap investigations like this. NEVER assume it was XXXXXXX without factual information. If you go into a mishap investigation with a mindset that “cargo shifted” then you will more than likely ignore other possible causal factors and the truth will never be known.

  • F-15 Eagle Keeper

    Has anyone stopped and thought for a minute, why would someone be shooting a video while driving down the road like that ? And all of a sudden there’s a 747 taking off. This person was at the right place, at the right time to video this. Looks like this person is involved with this possible sabotage / terrorist act. Need to investigate this person ASAP !!! F-15 Eagle Keeper

    • Vaporhead

      Looked to be a dashboard camera, which starts recording when you turn the vehicle on. Same type of video the Russians love to make about their car crashes.

    • Penyfan

      Looked like a military vehicle with a bonnet antenna. The one word spoken sounded like it was spoken by a Brit, Aussie or Kiwi.

  • SFP

    I have load planned many aircraft with everything from pallets, wheel and tracked vehicles. Either this bird was not configured properly or the cargo shifted due to tie down failure or failure to tie it down.

  • carolwilliams24

    Well that accord story was just somewhat correct… It appears that accident was due to the CIA having some good times with the Russian’s back in the day. Makes Russians stole the fundamental plans of that plane from the USA… Unfamiliar to them… The arrangements had a blemish in them that was deliberately included.