China’s Fighters, Drone Look Like U.S. Aircraft

Wing Loong

PARIS — China’s models of military planes at the Paris Air Show bear resemblance to U.S. aircraft, drawing attention to the rising concern in the Defense Department that the country is using cyber espionage to obtain sensitive defense technology.

The state-run Aviation Industry Corporation of China had a large exhibit of military and civilian models of aircraft at the show, held outside Paris at the historic Le Bourget airfield.

The display included three fighters and a drone: a single-seat version of the FC-1, a single-engine fighter built for the Pakistani air force and designated JF-17; a dual-seat variant of the FC-1 in development; the dual-seat, twin-engine L-15 trainer; and an unmanned system called Wing Loong.

The fighters looked like the F-16 made by Lockheed Martin Corp. and the drone bore resemblance to the MQ-1 Predator made by General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc., without the inverted tail. The Chinese drone is designed as a low-altitude craft that can fly up to 16,500 feet and loiter for 20 hours.

A spokesman from the Beijing-based corporation was quick to note that the FC-1 is “a lot cheaper than the F-16,” though he declined to provide a figure. The man gave a brief overview of the systems to but declined to be named, citing corporation policy.

Notably missing from the exhibit was any display of the J-20, China’s classified stealth-fighter program.

During talks this month at an estate in Rancho Mirage, Calif., President Barack Obama reportedly warned the new Chinese President Xi Jinping that cyber attacks against the U.S. threaten the two countries’ strategic relationship. Xi insisted China is also the victim of computer hacking.

Obama faced pressure to raise the issue after the recent leak of a classified section of a Defense Department report showed that designs for the most advanced U.S. weapons have been compromised by suspected Chinese hackers. The list of weaponry includes the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, the Littoral Combat Ship, and the Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System, among others.

The Pentagon in its latest annual assessment of China’s armed forces for the first time blamed China directly for targeting its computer networks. The attacks were focused on extracting information, including sensitive defense technology.

“In 2012, numerous computer systems around the world, including those owned by the U.S. government, continued to be targeted for intrusions, some of which appear to be attributable directly to the Chinese government and military,” it states. “The accesses and skills required for these intrusions are similar to those necessary to conduct computer network attacks.”

That document also concluded that the People’s Liberation Army, or PLA, considers the strategy of “information dominance” a critical form of defense against countries that it views as “information dependent,” such as the U.S.

China called the accusations “groundless” and “not in line with the efforts made by both sides to strengthen mutual trust and cooperation,” according to a May 9 article published on the state-run website, “People’s Daily Online.” The country is a “victim itself of cyberattacks,” it states.

A Chinese espionage group since 2006 has stolen hundreds of terabytes of information from at least 141 companies across 20 major industries, including aerospace and defense, according to a February report from Mandiant, a closely held company based in Alexandria, Va., which sells information-security services.

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  • hibeam

    China’s Fighters, Drone Look Like U.S. Aircraft. Astonishing! Could this have anything to do with the incompetent bozo’s who allowed all of our top secret data to be downloaded into China? I hope those people are on paid leave now. They deserve to be punished.

  • Ben

    They’re just poor copies of outdated platforms. No big deal.

  • blight_

    I’ll believe it once they start militarizing those GE engines built in China.

  • Tony C.

    The Chinese already copied all of the Russian designs, now they want new ones.
    The Chinese have a copy of teh Eurofighter also.

    • jtm920
      • NathanS

        Yep, they totally lack innovation…

        They were only the first to invent gun powder, paper, the printing press, hot air balloons, the pin-hole camera, multi-stage rockets, land mines, kites, negative numbers, maglev wind power generators, non-invasive prenatal diagnostics for down syndrome, certain forms of chemotherapy and the most effective malaria treatment to date.

        No, I’m not Chinese, and I am not pro-Chinese. It’s just a warning that we can’t take our technological dominance for granted because we continue to underestimate them. While we cut R&D, they’re boosting theirs.


          Multi-stage rockets? Huh?
          Its all in application, buddy. They might have “discovered” gun powder, but they sure as heck were beaten about in the 19th and 20th century. China uses its “innovation” in copying. At least what every comes out of our R&D is applied by us.

        • Davis

          Yeah NathanS cause only 13 notable innovations for a civilization that’s been around for 5000 years and now has 1.3 billion people is an great ratio.

          The US has only been a nation for 237 years and a billion less people than China and look at how often we pump out innovations that change mankind forever.

          I’d venture to say we’re a bit better at innovating new things than China.

          • Jeff

            Davis, I’m sorry, but our ‘innovations’ almost all came from Europe. Genuine ‘American’ innovations are the lightbulb, the movie projector, etc. Things that were invented by tinkering with ones’ honest hands. We didn’t start doing the fancy lab stuff until the European scientists fled to our shores to escape WWII, and by then, most of the juicy bits were already claimed by the Europeans: Theory of Relativity, modern chemistry, Quantum Mechanics, Jet engine, internal combustion engine, railway, etc…

            My point is that compared to history’s great innovators, and yes, the Chinese are among them, we Americans are not that special. Trust me.

        • Ken

          what?? multi-stage rocket and land mine were inventions of China? u gotta be kidding me bro. And you said your not Chinese? sound like you didnt even know that you got brainwashed by your own govt. North Koreans think that they are the ones who invented hamburger too ya know.

        • StillLovetheUSA

          I know my post sounded like just the opposite. But I couldn’t agree with you anymore. Can NOT underestimate China. Also people comparing their fighter to the F16. The F 16 is being phased out. It’s 1960’s technology. As far as the F22. There will not be a competitor to it until the 5th generation unmanned fighters are launched. As it sits the F22 is detuned to allow the human body to survive. It truly is no joke

      • Jeff

        I don’t know about that. We ‘borrowed’ plenty of German innovations, from modern rocket propulsion to the jet engine to the internal combustion engine. The Germans used to belittle our lack of innovation, as did the French, the Britis, and even the freakin’ Belgians. If you think our batwing B-2 was innovative, you should check out the 70-year old Horten Ho-229.

        The point is that copying actually requires innovative ability, believe or not. Once the Chinese master the ‘basics’, you’d better watch out, since they certainly don’t lack the money for R&D, or the qualified personnel.

        • Praetorian

          The American jet engine was ” borrowed ” more from the Brits then the Germans. Major General Henry H. “Hap” Arnold requested and got the plans for the engine that powered the British Gloster E. 29/39 in 1941. America had it’s first jet flying aircraft by 1943 long before the allies invaded France. What we learned from the Germans was Sweptwing technology which later turned into the F-86, and like you stated, rocket technology.

          There are some that would say, what we borrowed from Germany was considered War Reparations.

          • Jeff

            Actually, not quite. The German engineers were drafted into our service through ‘Operation Paperclip’, where they continued their research into jet engines on our behalf, while passing on their technical know-how.

            The British, on the other hand, were reluctant to part with their industrial secrets on jet engine once the war was over because they were looking to monetize the new wonder. Although inexplicably, the Brits did assent to selling their engine technology to the Soviets, but that’s the damned Pinko Labor Party for you.

          • Praetorian

            Most of America’s first jet aircraft where powered with American turbojet engines that where designed before 1944 :

            P-59 Airacomet – General electric J31-GE-3 ( the British engine )
            FH-1 Phantom – Westinghouse J30-WE-20 turbojets ( first run March 1943 )
            P-80 / F-80 Shooting Star – Allison J33-A-23 turbojet ( A lager version of the J31 started development in 1943 )
            F-94 Starfire – Allison J33 ( same engine as P-80 )

            All of these engines and Aircraft although not great, where produced with no German help.

          • Jeff

            Dude, you are missing the context of this thread, which is the supposition that those who copy cannot innovate. I disagree with that, thus naming the US as a prime example of those who copied to catch up and then went on to successfully innovate. We are not arguing over minute details on how US fighter jets in the immediate post-War period had engines that came from the Brits. The point is that those engines did come from the Brits initially, and after the Brits refused further ‘assistance’ after the war, the German scientists and engineers took over, and then after that, genuine ‘natives’ took the innovation baton and ran to the lead.

            So yes, those who copy not only can innovate, but those who innovate often copied in the beginning.

      • blight_

        Give them more credit. When you want to get ahead as quickly as possible, you buy, and what you can’t buy, you steal. You can dial back when you catch up, but not before then.

        Blast from the past: The UK used to be a leader of cotton mills until some upstart nation called America ripped it out from under them. The UK’s lead in the Industrial Revolution did not last long.

        Some key names from the period: Waltham-Lowell; spinning jenny, spinning mule, water frame, Paul Moody, Francis Cabot Lowell, Samuel Slater. The latter two especially so.

      • El_Sid

        They used to say the same about Koreans. Now Samsung generates more patents than IBM.

        • Jeff

          Or the Japanese before that.

  • John Moore

    I hope they are planting false networks and feeding them 1/3 truth mixed in with 2/3 bull which hopefully comes back to bite the CH in the end.

  • Edger

    DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! China been copying Russian and NATO designs since the PRC was born. think of it all hte MiGs they copies there new Stealth fighter looks too much like a F-35A. Face it CHina’s never made a ral design of there own.

    • PolicyWonk

      Well, at least if they copied the F-35, they aren’t doing so well. Unfortunately, netierh are we, according to the test results published by Aviation Week.

      • Rest Pal

        China most certainly hasn’t copied the F-35. The closest thing, the J-31, has two engines on a smaller, slimmer airframe. It makes the F-35 look even uglier than before.

      • deko

        I don’t think the Chinese are so dumb as to copy the F-35 when they are smart enough to be making the J-11 (an improved domestic version of the Su-30, which is better than the F-15) and the J-10 (a single engined light fighter that is aerodynamically superior to the F-16 block C/D). Heck, even their light export fighter jet FC-1/17 has proved to be more than a match for the F-16 in dogfights.

  • carlos

    It’s a good thing for them to copy our systems, this way we know what they have, capabilities and how to defend against it. Otherwise we’d have to rely on espionage to figure out what they have…

  • strumpanzer

    China can’t innovate so they have to replicate.

    • Beno

      Sorry, i hate this as much as the next westener.

      But I think they bloody innovated cyber warfare !!!

      Continuing to underestimate your foe is only going to make this worse.

      Any assumption that china isnt right at the top of the cyber warfare tree right now could be fatal. We have been had gentlemen.
      Simply caught by surprise. ill give you that.
      i suggest we very quickly steal back some cyberwarfare tech and get learning.
      We have a better capability right now to adapt and innovate. We need to kick it into gear.

      • the borg

        I’d say they are pretty bad at ‘cyber warfare’ since they are repeatedly outed. If I had to take a guess, I’d say that the United States is far far more proficient at ‘cyber warfare’ than China. It is just that offense is significantly easier than defense in this case.

        • netrob

          Agreed. Snowden has leaked that the NSA has repeatedly and illegally hacked into computers at major Chinese Universities and stolen various information.

  • CDD

    1. Of course they look similar; they’re designed for a similar purpose.
    2. All countries copy things when they’re starting from behind. America copied a lot from German rocket technology and then, with time and money they took it much further. Exciting to think where China will take American technology now it is they who have the money.

  • CDD2013

    1. Of course they look similar; they’re designed for a similar purpose.
    2. All countries copy things when they’re starting from behind. America copied a lot from German rocket technology and then, with time and money they took it much further. Exciting to think where China will take American technology now it is they who have the money.

  • Professor Ski!!!

    Lets just nuke while we still have the stocks to do it with, before the guy with big ears takes it all away, sayying a piece treaty will keep nukes from flying at us. Mr. President remember your history!

    • hibeam

      If we get rid or our nukes everyone will like us. The apology tour thing didn’t work. This is sure to work.

      • blight_

        We should be eliminating silo-based nukes: go submarines and aircraft. Or TEL’s if we must maintain land-based missiles (Army instead of Air Force? The horror!)

      • Jeff

        What is your temperature tolerance? Are you made of the same material as Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit?

    • greg

      It is a peace treaty not a piece treaty.

      Good thing that you aren’t in control of are arsenal.

      • zach

        Don’t you mean OUR arsenal? sorry, couldn’t help myself haha

      • Jeff

        He must be using Redneck Spell Check 1.0 Turbo.

  • Peter

    Maybe I’m taking the wromg view here but one thing I can’t understand. It looks simple to me but surely if you have computer systems holding information this sensitive then why is that system EVER connected to the net?

    OK, I’m not a major world power but I have a laptop that I use for my work. That laptop (or at least the software on it) is so valuable to me that I never, ever connect it to the internet. Anything that goes in it is loaded by DVD or Zipdrive after it has been scanned first.

    Am I wrong or is this really not rocket science?


      Yeah, its the pretty obvious answer. Or, if you really want to, maybe the government make their own system that uses a totally different computer system to access; almost like another dimension (which is pretty sci-fi).

    • Jeff

      The problem is that personnel working on these designs are scattered across the country, working for various sub-contractors, who have the need to share design data efficiently and quickly. The Lockmart has a central server where it keeps all of its in-house design data, which by all accounts, is quite secure. The F-35 data was mostly stolen through the said sub-contractors who need to have Lockmart’s design data to work on their assigned tasks, but the sub-contractors are all over the world, mailing in thumb drives is simply not practical.

    • Bruce

      That is a solid plan as long as only you need access to the data or if you work in a tiny team that can work off the same isolated PC. In reality these projects are run between many teams that are often spread across a large geographical area and they all need to be able to collaborate. Obviously they need to do better but the idea of working off the grid for projects like this is impractical the days.

  • djwork

    “and an unmanned system called Wing Loong.”
    Almost as funny as the name nodong for a missle

    • WC
      • Jeff

        Like ‘cooter’. Hehehehe, hahahaha…

        Major, order a cooter strike in sector 14!

    • Kim

      Ok, so somebody in China has a good sense of humour…..


    NO WAY! Its not like China has been hacking US defense contractors, and government agencies, in an attempt to get information to make these cheap Air Hogs. Obviously.

  • david

    Big surprise. China, Russia and Israel have always done all they can to steal American secrets.

    • Ivy

      You can’t really say that when the so-called secrets are either not secrets at all, or products of first/second/third generation Chinese/Russian/Israeli engineers.

      Few American students study science or engineering in college, and those who do tend to be mediocre. The number one science/computer/engineering student population in America is Chinese, followed by Indians, Jews, and eastern Europeans such as Russians.

  • blight_

    I guess if we were out of the sneaky reverse-engineering business, we’d have to clean Tonopah out. Goodbye S-300. Goodbye radars. Goodbye Migs and Sukhois. Goodbye ELINT aircraft designed to analyze enemy radars.

    Did I miss something? That said, the US will still steal stuff, even if it’s perceived as lower-technology. Why? Knowledge is power.

    • majr0d

      Stealing is different than turning around and producing it. You have a point but you take it too far.

      BTW, I also do business in China. The Chinese have a different perspective on intellectual property. They consider copying a form of flattery. Hard to accept being a westerner but it remains part of the equation.

      • blight_

        I’m debating if them semantically agreeing to license technology for production would make anyone feel better. They’re already partnering to build CFE engines with General Electric, which means the experienced workforce to build the engines is being grown and cultivated there. Experienced managers and local personnel can probably buy similar equipment from elsewhere and have a go at making better engines with or without insider information from GE.

        And of course, designing high performance electronics or engines will require the metallurgy and fabrication skills to make them possible. Nobody is looking into where China will acquire /those/ skills…yet. I suspect they may try to do so by buying out foreign “heavy industry” when it goes bankrupt and moving the assets back to the PRC.

  • johnvarry

    The FC-1/JF-17 is hardly new. First flight was 2003 and entered service with PAF in 2010.

  • mr. murica

    they are copying what we have on the coasts, probably missing things, and lowering quality.
    china obviously hasn’t gone further than us in technology. if these are the things the military is showing us, imagine what our military really has

  • Stratege

    Well, about their J-20 aircraft, It looks it have an relatively original airframe (not an “rivet-to-rivet” stolen design). But its canopy looks almost like an exactly copy of the F-22’s canopy… Of course Chinese are using foreign ideas, but i don’t believe that Chinese can’t innovate at all.

    • LindaBodicea

      Provide some examples of Chinese innovation since the invention of gunpowder. I can’t think of a single major invention.

  • Franklin

    I can’t believe the paranoia, and the fear of some of these people. Do they really think any of this is new and has not been happening for a long time. America has always and will always lead the world.


    Well look at it this way, now we can send our predators to conduct surveillance all over china! and the chinese will think its one of theirs! what more in time of war!

  • Joe Morris

    What does DOD expect when the computers they use are most likely “made in China”?

  • So Snowden is a hero? So you hate top secrets by our government? President Obama should tell everything we are doing to the public. Now you complain because China has a direct link to all our sensitive data? Why are some Americans so stupid??

  • truths4all

    Zero surprise here. It is clear the Obama administration has been lax and derelict in securing our military designs and secrets from the Chinese.

    I only wish that some designer would make up a totally nonsensical design, then designate it to be Top Secret and watch and wait to see how long before the Chinese and Russians trot out their version of the faker design. Betcha it would only be a matter of months.

  • JohnB

    One of the most embarrassing scenarios is when you are beaten in your own games, by your own stick, right at your home, and in front of the wife and kids — Sun Tzu page 101.

  • brok3n

    FC-1 = Northrop F-20 Tigershark
    Yilong = General Atomics Reaper/Predator
    L-15 = YAK-130 / M-346

    • Rest Pal

      FC-1 = F-20 Tigershark??

      You obviously don’t know what you are talking about.

    • brandy

      What part of FC-1 looks like F-20? You need to have your eyes examined.

  • eagle275

    So when will Biden be brought up on charges of treason for spilling the beans on the SEAL’s that were in the chopper that was shot down,eh. Or the details Obama gave out for a GD movie? I say find the biggest tree for all of these thugs.

  • Matt

    This is bad. If they have compromised our most sensitive systems like AEGIS and F35, then imagine what they got that our government isn’t telling us. Classified and black programs. They most likely got it all. Sub technology, stealth technology. Why not? Everything has been compromised. Even the private sector tech has been completely stolen.

    They have everything. Like “carlos” said at least we know what they have. And I would like to think we had some back door defenses on stolen files or sabotage capability. Doubtful.

  • Bill

    The reason why they are so cheap is, when you don’t have to put in the R&D, the overhead decreases. China are thieves. Equate them with the Ferangie.

    • Restore Palestine

      When it comes to stealing, China is nothing compared to the US, which steals hundreds of billions of dollars a year from other countries, including China, Japan, Korea, and Saudi Arabia.

  • Papi1960R

    Hopefully our government will learn from this. Why should we waste $billions on developing products when we could hire a bunch of hackers for a few thousand each year to “acquire” our new designs. We are so stupid.

  • hibeam

    The Chinese are building up their military in a big way. I can only assume someone made a hateful video.

  • GeneralA

    Time for a different approach to China simply this invest and developed West, South Central Africa and Mexico to manufacture goods so we can buy from them and leave China alone for good. Stop trading and buying from China period!

    • Jeff

      Too late. Mexico is already too expensive and too unstable. Who wants to brave hailstorms of drug cartel bullets to get to work in Mexico? Remember, the parts of Mexico with the lowest labor cost are also the most infested with drug cartels.

      As for setting up factory in Africa, we’d have to ask for Chinese permissions, since they practically own the continent.

  • Stratege

    Once i heard story how the US designed made almost exact copy of the Soviet pontoon bridge…


    Just hack the commies and keep your mouths shut, espionage is all about wrecking the other guy before he makes you look stupid and weak……..are we to late?

  • android5000

    So what else is new?

  • Louis

    Snowden is a coward and a traitor as far as I’m concerned, if he truly believes in what he did and america can tuly accept homegrown traitors working in places with secrets then come home and take your ass whipping like a man. All the papers and rights activist in the world will be their to take the pain away, our parents and government set rules in their house for your protection and theirs you wanna break those rules and be your own man then you no longer need their help too face the world or will he just be another Benedict Arnold who dies in silence in a foreign land.

    • Jeff

      No, you are a coward and a traitor, as far as I’m concerned.

  • Chimp

    The JF-17 isn’t a copy of anything, as far as I can tell. It’s got little hints of features from all over (LERX, DVI) but it’s in essence a fairly conventional lightweight jet fighter that was built out of modern composites, fitted with good enough engines and avionics, and delivered on time, under budget and fit for purpose.

    Now, they didn’t copy that from the USA, did they…

    • brok3n

      Overall design resembles the now defunct F-20 Tigershark, DSI’s stolen from the F-35.

      • Restore Palestine

        The FC-17 does not resemble the F-20. Another jet does (I don’t know the name), but that one is for ground/ship attacks. The DSI is not stolen from the F-35; it just looks similar. The FC-17 entered serial production long before the F-35 did.

        • Chimp

          I think it’s pretty clear some of that tech is stolen from the US, though not necessarily by Chinese spies. That Indian dude who worked on the B-2 programme sold everything he could get his hands on to anyone who had money.

      • Chimp

        It certainly didn’t steal the development and procurement process from the F-35 programme. That was kind of my point…

      • jeff

        J-17 has a superior airframe in terms of aerodynamics, with LERX, DVI, not to mention superior avionics by the virtue of it being a much later creation. Moreover, it doesn’t really resemble the F-20.

        If I had to play your blind man’s game, I’d say the F-20 is a copy of the Saab Draken and Dassault Mirage 2000, a really ugly copy.

        But seriously, get your eyes checked out, but not before your head.

        • Chimp

          Yes, from the side it has a real Mirage thing going. From below, it reminds me a lot of the F-18; I guess that’s the LERX. It’s not really “ugly” per se. Utilitarian.

          • Jeff

            Well, the way Tigershark’s nose tapers really strikes me as unnecessarily crude aesthetically. But hey, it’s all subjective ;)

          • brok3n

            “J-17 has a superior airframe in terms of aerodynamics, with LERX, DVI, not to mention superior avionics by the virtue of it being a much later creation. Moreover, it doesn’t really resemble the F-20. ”

            Where is your evidence? Do you have aero charts to compare? Avionics data to support? All the reports coming from the PAF aren’t exactly positive on the new A/C. And it doesn’t resemble the F-20? You need to get your eyes checked along with your manners.

  • johnbbroke

    Of course the Chinese aircraft resemble U.S. aircraft, can’t point fingers how, so they must have stumbled across U.S. aircraft on the internet LOL.

    A quote from Gen. Keith Alexander, Chief of U.S. Cyber Comman d and Dir of NSA said: That the loss of intellectual property due to cyber attacks amounts to the “greatest transfer of wealth in human history.”

    To me, that means they stold the farm, what probably cost the U.S. tax payer trillions they (whomever) got everything for nothing.

    • Rest Pal

      “stold the farm”? trillions of dollars? LOL.

      Put the crack pipe down, will ya.

  • wellduh

    B.S. The US is intentionally giving China these designs. That is the only conclusion possible for hiring and rehiring Chinese nationals who aren’t even naturalized at places that produce nuclear weapons. Then after being caught shipppng secrets one time that same person is rehired. For those of you who remember trends starting in 1990s.

    Why? Hard to say what LSD dreams the State Department is working with. Chinese allies against Russians?

    Or is it just DOD trying to get new toys faster. if enemy is falling behind in arms race …give them some of your designs that are going stale. F-22 Raptor was pushed through Congress based on rumors Chinese were copying upgraded F-15 with vector nozzles.

    • Rest Pal

      Why would the Chinese want to copy the F-15 when they have been flying the Flanker, a superior fighter jet to F-15, since 1990? The Chinese are now making their versions of the Flankers with their own EW suites, avionics, and composite material.

    • LoveUSA

      That seems like a sensible hypotheses – the MIC manufacturing consent to build the next gen of war toys. Post WMD and that 15 yr fiasco in Mespotamia you would think we have learned a thing or two and not jump when the DOD screams bogeyman.

  • crm114

    They only look like the F16 if I ignore any actual pictures, close both eyes, and engage maximum imagination.

  • NeoconBrony

    If the Chinese did steal F-35 designs and they can actually get the damned thing to work, then props to them I guess.

    • deko

      Nobody would do that. It’s easier and cheaper to start from scratch instead of fixing something someone else has designed. The Chinese seem to have already come up with a better jet – the twin engined J-31. It’s sleek, with clearly smaller drag; coupled with two engines, it’s going to be much faster and more maneuverable than the bulbous single-engined F-35.

  • LoveUSA

    The USA is building a fighter bomber that evades radar, flies faster and thus able to drop precision munitions at will – an aircraft that will give it remarkable advantage if deployed in battle. That a foreign nation is trying to steal design and engineering secrets of this warbird by remarkable cyber spyware American become so incredulous and sanctimonious – well people what did you expect them to do? Isn’t that what spy craft is for anyway? It is the game. Perhap we have watched too many Hollywood movies and the action hero spies are all too busy saving the world from evil instead of doing what is normal for spies – espionage!

  • limhui

    Well, just put it this way. All the world know that US is the culprit of computer hacking. Even its own citizens are treated as suspects. So much for land of the free. Anyway, now the US accused China of hacking its military secrets. My question is if the US is so good at its technology, how can its computer be hacked. Assuming China can access you computer, then don’t you think China is superior than the US in computer. If this so, what make the US think that China can not make jet better than F-35? That’s what happen when stupidity is combined with arrogance. The result is a country called the USA.

  • LindaBodicea

    Since paper and gunpowder, the Chinese have invented nothing. They are not an innovative culture nor race. Lowest ratio of Nobel Prize winners per population outside of Africa.

  • Henry

    This isn’t new. Look back at the US F-15, F-22, F-35, and they just look too much alike. Makes you think some designs are being shared, stolen, sold or something. It can’t just be coincidence or the result of common logical technology.

  • E.fulton

    The Chinese will always try to steal our tech just like we will take whatever new tech that we can use from any1 else. Can’t be mad if u got a better pistol then me then I want yours but I see you looking at my rifle an try to hide it cause it far superior to yours…everyone wants the best…USA is jus used to haven it an need to remember envy an want move the world too

  • E.fulton

    It has to do with people in general they are selfish meaning full of self..there is no United States anymore its just a hole lot of people out for self…no unity…no pride in country…an no praise from ur country rather. It’s sad really

  • Jaeger

    fighter planes will be replaced by drones, and china is stealing it, let them, because the next stage of technological revolution is already being dreamed of by our young minds and will be made available in 20 years or so.

  • 衛星 TV のウェブサイトに参加した後 取得 ダウンロード ノート パソコン テレビ用フリー ソフトと を設定 で お使いのコンピューター。このシリーズは私を捕まえて、瞬間 LisaNova のチャネル (後述) で始められるそれ。Youll の方法 できる
    フォーカス と彼ら フットワーク 他と共に 側面 から、 ゲーム。Veoh にはビデオ
    クリップが含まれています も 音楽 ビデオ。