Air Force Developed Bombs Capable of Destroying Syria’s Chemical Weapons

The U.S. Air Force has spent years developing so-called “Agent Defeat Weapons” designed to target and destroy stockpiles of chemical or biological weapons without dispersing or releasing them to surrounding areas, service officials said.

“The U.S. Air Force has Agent Defeat Weapons designed to limit collateral damage and effects,” Air Force spokeswoman Jennifer Cassidy told “The munitions are PAW (Passive Attack Weapon) and Crash Pad.”

Both of these weapons would be carried by aircraft such as the F-15 or F-22 fighter jets and B-2 or B-1 bombers. It’s likely the Air Force would deploy the weapons from a B-2 or F-22 to take advantage of their radar-evading stealth technology considering the advanced air defense systems in Syria.

Could these weapons be used if a strike on Syria is ordered? Air Force officials would not comment upon whether the Agent Defeat Weapons were part of the discussion or strategic calculus regarding Syria.

An official with the Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Martin Dempsey, did not offer any specifics regarding planning details or ongoing considerations – but did tell that planning sessions, meetings and considerations were currently underway.

“The Joint Staff continues to meet and plan in order to provide the best possible military advice and options to the President. It would be inappropriate to speculate on what decision the President might make and what military options might be used in support of that decision. The U.S. military remains postured to provide a range of military capabilities as directed by the President,” said Cmdr. Scott McIlnay, spokesman with Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Pentagon.

The CrashPad, or BLU-119/B weapon is a high-heat explosive bomb designed to incinerate chemical agents before they can be harmful, according to defense officials and DoD documents.

The weapon is a 420-pound, high-heat incendiary weapon with what’s called a “blast-fragmentation” warhead. The Crash Pad is built from an existing standard MK 84 bomb body. The “PAD” in CrashPad stands for “Prompt Agent Defeat,” referring to the weapon’s ability to destroy chemical and biological agents without causing contamination, official documents describe.

The Passive Attack Weapon, or PAW, involves firing a host of steel and tungsten penetrator rods to create a “kinetic energy” battlefield effect without using an explosive. The weapon, first used to knock out antennas in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003, is among the weapons used to advance what strategists call “effects based warfare.”

The idea with effects-based warfare is to achieve a strategically valuable battlefield “effect” without necessarily having to damage or attack large portions of the infrastructure of the attacked country or area. The PAW penetrator rods, which range from several inches to more than one-foot, can disable an enemy fuel tank, antenna or helicopter without necessarily damaging people.

One analyst said if the PAW were to be fired from a high enough altitude and was able to travel with enough terminal velocity – it could destroy chemical weapons stockpiles without releasing contaminants.

“When you hit something at high velocity, what you get is a flash of incredible heat in a confined area extremely fast. That can vaporize everything in small area,” said Daniel Goure, vice president of the Lexington Institute, a Virginia-based think tank.

Goure likened the effect to the impact of so-called “Sabo” Kinetic Energy 120mm tank rounds fired by the U.S. Army’s M1Abrams tank.

“A Sabo round is essentially the same thing, a combination of spalling and heat effects. The round melts its way into the tank,” he said.

Being able to generate enough heat sufficient to incinerate or neutralize the harmful agents is an essential ingredient to the success of Agent Defeat Weapons, according to military officials and scientists.

“Most agent defeat options—including nuclear weapons and high-explosives—neutralize chemical or biological agents by raising the target’s temperature. Thus, to assess any weapon’s effectiveness, we must first determine the threshold temperature for rapid agent neutralization,” Brookings Institution Scientist Michael A. Levi said in written testimony to the National Academy of Sciences, 2004.

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Kris Osborn
Kris Osborn is the managing editor of Scout Warrior.
  • moondawg

    This cannot be so. Our president and Sec. State say differently.

    • Globalstrat

      since when did what either of those (whoever fills those positions through history) think or say mean jack?

    • Luke

      And you’re going to believe them?

    • ChuckL

      That’s enogh for me to believ it. If they both deny it , it must be true.

    • Baduyo

      The ideal weapon to remove the danger of Chemical or Bio agents is call a 50 Megaton Weapon; Makes a nice glowing parking lot also that in a few thousand of years can be used for parking; and remember with proper protection, one can drill thru glass

  • Nadnerbus

    I’m sure the AF has some cool tricks up their sleeve for situations like this, but I just don’t see how you can possibly be sure that you have accomplished the task of eliminating chemical agents without some boots on the ground. I’m not naive, I know there are probably already some SF types there. But if you are going to strike into a nominally sovereign nation and you want to make sure the chems have been eliminated, I would think you would need a fair number of troops to secure the sites, while specialists inspect them and ensure destruction.

    If you don’t, how the hell can you ever be really sure of your BDA and know that you have accomplished the goal?

    If you do put even a moderate force on the ground to do all this, it greatly complicates the task, and increases risks. I would think you would need at least a ranger battalion to insert by helicopter to secure the site. To send them in, you are going to have to make sure IADS and ground forces in the vicinity are eliminated. You will need a QRF of Marines or big Army ready to go if the Rangers get bogged down, etc.

    I am obviously not a military strategist, so can anyone tell me where I am wrong and this can be done with out larger engagement?

    • octopusmagnificens

      There are some boots on the ground: Al Qaeda fighters.

    • citanon

      They cannot go after the CWs correctly without boots on the ground. It’s at least a division sized operation - ie, a full scale invasion.

      Right now they can only hit delivery mechanisms (Syrian Air Force) from the air. One would hope that they are also taking this opportunity to train and arm a serious moderate opposition force.

      It is beyond folly at this point to hand wring about the dangers of arming the opposition when very well armed and financed Al Qaeda fighters are taking over the opposition and the regime is morphing into an even greater monstrocity.

      If neither of the above are acceptable victors, then there has to be a 3rd army capable of defeating both Assad and then immediately after, the Jihadists. This has to be done before the entirety of Syria’s opposition decides we are worthless and radical Islam is the one true banner.

      What a f***ing mess.

      • Nadnerbus

        See, I don’t think there is any way to achieve a politically palatable outcome. The aftermath is going to be a giant mess, and the US can’t achieve a goal of “better outcome” because there isn’t one.

        To me the only legitimate military mission here is to make sure chemical weapons don’t fall into jihadi hands. That is the only legitimate mission of national self interest that I see. And air strikes just can’t do that. For all we know, we blow apart the facilities holding them, and it just makes a hole for the jihadis to sneak in and take the left overs.

        The whole thing sounds half baked to me, I just hope the people making the calls know what they are doing. Obviously they are better informed on this stuff than I am, so maybe it is the right call.

      • Bb
    • therock

      Thermite plasma. But it’s only in the test phase…Hummel knows this. We are dealing with one smart SOB!

      • Nadnerbus

        Sean Connery is probably too old to take on this mission. Nick Cage is going to have to go it alone this time.

        • Ranger Rick

          Daniel Craig might be up for the task. He appears much more fit than Nicholas Cage.

    • Frank Schiffel

      Without knowing CW dispersals, there are other things to target. If we want to take out CW, that is going to mean 80k boots on the ground. I don’t care if other nations walk around our craters. There are others that want this SOB hanging from a light post. We can buy the gas for the IDF for all I care in this one. As far as BDA, we have at least 2 U-2s in the area.

    • obama 2nd class

      Were already there ! Sounds like nothing more then phosphorus bombs

  • Reserm

    Totally agree. In Iraqi freedom the US was not able to disable all of the scud missile launchers. There is no way to pinpoint every chemical loaded round or filled tank and destroy them.

    I do not see a strategic importance high enought to use and risk F22s and B2s.

    Also… This is not a situation in which you want a prompt victory by the opposition that is so divided and infiltrated by jihadists.

    I expect a limited attack for three days. Damaging the sirian command structure, arm stockpile and first of all the airforce and airports would put the regime in a difficult situation by loosimg a safe supply channel from Iran and close air support/bombing capability.

    Hopefully this will weaken Assad and give a chance to put pressure on the regime for some sort of transition.

    • IknowIT

      Er, to what? Islamist control? That’ll be really good.


      But how dangerous is it for B-2s and F-22s? Heck, its worse for F-15s. Air superiority over Syria hinges on taking out its SAM systems. The only way you can do that is to stealthily get in, drop some bombs, and get the crap out. While the F-15E can do the bomb dropping, it can’t exactly be stealthy. F-22s aren’t really going to be very good for air to ground. B-2 is the only plane left (F-35s are far from being ready for something like this). Maybe cruise missiles are the only way…..

    • Frank Schiffel

      I agree, use Navy and AF standoff assets, don’t even launch from near his national boundaries. Level everything not near a population center. Send hm a photo of his palace with crosshairs on it when we’re done.

  • Bob Bousquet

    If we have expended good money to develop this weapon, & it is deigned that we will be making these strikes; then let’s not get “cold feet” & “blink” on this. Beyond this, I would be pressing Turkey to weigh in & support this, along with France. Turkey has, most probably, the largest & best equipped military in this region; & they have a very contentious situation along their border with Syria….

    • Chris Parmele

      Israel is the best equipped in this region..

    • timothyj999

      “We should use the weapon because we HAVE the weapon” is a very dangerous line of thinking.

      Also, the weapon itself isn’t the most important consideration. Gas shells are small and easily moved. In order to strike effectively, we would need very specific and up to date intelligence on the location of the shells-something I doubt we have. If we were to strike the gas weapons specifically, and we only destroy a portion, it could very well prompt them to use the ones they have remaining.

      A military move in Syria has unintended consequences written all over it-and almost all of them are worse than doing nothing.

  • platypusfriend


    • WulfTheSaxon

      Plus the comparison isn’t exactly valid in the first place. The CBU-107 PAW is subsonic*, and certainly not comparable to an M829, which uses [pyrophoric] depleted uranium. I could understand comparing a Mach 5 (?) CBU-97/CBU-105 Sensor Fuzed Weapon with a M829, but not this.

    • Paul

      sed ‘s/Sabo/Sabot/’

    • blight_

      sed is your friend

  • WulfTheSaxon

    There seems to be some confusion between CrashPAD and the BLU-119/B Shredder (which is a modified BLU-109, not Mark 84)… See…

  • Ben

    “The PAW penetrator rods, which range from several inches to more than one-foot, can disable an enemy fuel tank, antenna or helicopter without necessarily damaging people.”

    Somebody’s going to have to explain this one to me: How can a spray of near supersonic foot long tungsten rods not utterly destroy a human being? Did DARPA finally create pure magic?

    • WulfTheSaxon

      I think the idea is that they don’t create a shockwave that could destroy nearby buildings, unlike explosives. In 2003, they were used to destroy an antenna next to the Iraqi Ministry of Information without harming the Ministry of Information itself.

      • Ben

        I can get behind that.

        • SJE

          Better to be behind the penetrator rods than in front of them: definitely agree

    • Steve

      Took the words right out of my mouth.

    • Baduyo

      they are invisible so they don’t hurt people;

    • USAF Dad

      this is assuming the enemy is not human, as in ‘they are Terrorist’. M detail mst miss.

  • hunter76

    This magic bullet doesn’t seem real to me. At best this is a faint to deceive our enemies.

    • greg

      How can it be a faint when it’s already been used in combat?

      • ShellfishJellooFarts


        • blight_

          Feints aren’t for the faint of heart.

      • Rest Pal

        which one?

        those happened in your dreams don’t count.

    • Rest Pal

      LOL … “a faint to deceive our enemies.”

      more like a “faint” to deceive the American people. And I’ll bet the farm it rarely fails (just look at yourself).

      To the extent that the American people might be tired of war or afraid of casualties, they are indeed the enemies of the Establishment.

  • David

    I don’t understand how someone dying from a chemical attack is any different than someone dying from a bullet or bomb? It didn’t seem to bother anyone when Syrian civilians were dying from bullets. Why is Obama got his panties in a twist? Dead is dead.

    • orly?

      Ask WWI survivors, or better yet, Holocaust survivors/liberators.

      • IknowIT

        Hmm- there were ones shot and ones gassed? Which one would you like to blow your dumb answer out of the water? Or, should I read deeper into that answer and ask if you are in the “whatever’s better for Israel camp?”

      • blight_

        The German camp system was divided into death-by-work/typhoid/dysentery and death-by-various-nefarious-industrial-systems camps. Do you suggest that the latter is more evil than the former? Both are evil regardless of the means chosen to kill Jews, Roma, Slavs, LGBTQetc, political prisoners, cognitively defectives.

        Dialing back to WW1 survivors, these would be the people who got their lungs shredded by mustard gas and probably pushed hard for “peace in our time” until they got Chamberlain?


      Well. Chem weapons are much more destructive per gallon than a case of bullets. Release a toxin, and you can take out way more people than before.

      • Rest Pal

        Why did the US supply chemical weapons to Saddam Hussein in the 80’s then?

    • yogiberra111

      Chemical weapons are different because they are indiscriminate killers over widespread and unpredictable areas. They are as likely to kill civilians as combatants. They are weapons of widespread extermination. Same with biological weapons and nukes. That is why they are viewed very differently. Yes, civilians are killed, sometimes in great numbers, during most wars. But WMD’s make it too easy, too tempting to kill lots of people in a hurry. Its better that you have to work harder, and maybe think, before you kill lots of innocent people.

      • yogiberra111

        Also, the particular chemical agent used in Syria was Sarin. That agent was developed by the Nazis during WWII. However, the Nazis never used chemical weapons during the war. They kept them on hand in case the allies used them first. Hitler specifically ordered that they not be used. You know that CWs are different if even Hitler was against using them.

        • Joseph Senko

          They are considered the poor man’s atomic bomb.

        • blight_

          Sarin and Zyklon B were both developed as pesticides pre-WW2; because you know, Germany was /the/ premier spot for organic chemistry research for decades, and probably still competes with the United States even today in terms of quality researchers. They weren’t explicitly designed to kill people, but when ACh inhibitors designed for insects happen to have good specificity to ACh receptors in people, well…

      • Rest Pal

        America had actively supplied chemical weapons to Saddam Hussein for use against the Kurds and the Iranians in 80’s.

        What have you ever said about that?

        Did you urge the UN to bomb the US?

    • Rest Pal

      The NATO-backed rebels were most likely the ones that had used chemicals. Anyone who has followed the current events with open eyes can identify the same old hallmarks of the US-NATO false flag ops used to start the illegal invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan

      Propaganda campaigns across US mainstream media (e.g. Fox, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS etc) have been a very accurate predictor of the hidden evil agenda being covertly carried out.

      When you see negative “news” about Syria every other day for months

    • worldlypatriotusaveteran

      Here’s one possible explanation:

      Conventional bullets and bombs are NOT prohibited by international conventions and norms.

      Chemical and biological warfare are prohibited by the 1925 “Protocol for the Prohibition of the Use in War of Asphyxiating, Poisonous or Other Gases, and of Bacteriological Methods of Warfare,” commonly referred to as the Geneva Protocol.

      According to the White House, the signatory nations of the Geneva Protocol represent 98% of the world’s population.

      Hence, the world has already condemned the use of these weapons.

      To ignore the Geneva Protocol, and do nothing, would set a dangerous precedent. Other nations, who currently would never consider using chemical or biological weapons, may be emboldened by the world’s inaction against Syria.

      Whether you are for or against a USA-led military strike, to do nothing, or merely placing additional formal UN economic sanctions on Syria, are not the answer.

      Dictators and despots fear very little, but two things they DO understand and fear are violence and potential destruction of their military capabilities.

      • blight_

        They’re already emboldened by the thought that if their country is invaded, noble freedom-fighting patriots will bleed the occupier and fill his national cemeteries, and keep the Chinese flagmakers going. They’ll just buy tons of AKM’s, RPG’s, Komets and anti-tank mines and hand them out like hotcakes when Americans cross the line of departure.

      • Rest Pal

        For your information, the US has been the biggest violator of the Geneva Convention.

        That you are still relying on the White House - a long-proven source of lies (Iraq, Afghanistan, 9-11, Libya, Sudan) - for information shows us just how appalling ignorant, naive, and brain-washed you really are.

        The link below is for your reflection and edification:

        U.S. implicated in chemical attack in Syria:…

  • Chris

    Hmm, this is one of the worst-written articles I’ve seen on DT, I’m afraid. It’s ‘sabot’, not ‘Sabo’, and they do NOT ‘melt’ their way through a target - the detonation of a HEAT warhead produces a stream of fine particles that punch through armour through kinetic energy alone - no melting. And too-many uses of ‘so-called’; in all cases, that IS what the thing is called!

    • IknowIT

      HEAT is not a kinetic energy round, so I think you might have misread something. On the other hand, not sure if yo can have a HEAT round in a sabo configuration- you tankers will have to tell me.

      • RWB123

        Chris has the correct spelling - it’s sabot, with a silent ‘T’ at the end.

        And no, there are no HEAT rounds in a sabot configuration. It would be kind of pointless to even consider such a thing. Sabot rounds get their penetration from the sheer speed with which they strike the target. So smaller the cross section to cause wind drag the better. HEAT rounds get their penetration from the Monroe/Neumann effect and the larger the diameter of the charge (and the greater the cross section/wind resistance) the better.

        • drone

          Actually, the current M830A1 120mm HEAT round is a subcaliber discarding sabot projectile:…

          While the added velocity does not enhance penetration, indeed the reduced diameter of the warhead technically reduces it, but the smaller frontal area means that it has a flatter trajectory and therefore easier to shoot accurately at longer ranges.

    • Mystick

      “Sabot” also doesn’t refer to the projectile itself, but rather the device used to stabilize the projectile while it is within the “launch system” of whatever is moving it downrange…. a gun barrel, deployment tube, whatever, maintaining chamber pressure during deployment, where applicable. The sabot then falls away from the projectile after it leaves the barrel either via drag or centrifugal forces longitudinally, mechanical separation, or in sections radially, via drag or centrifugal forces..

      Hence, the APFSDS (Armor Piercing Fin-Stabilized Discarding Sabot)

    • ronaldo

      I agree ! Seems they do a poor job of editing the stories they publish.

    • Kimberly

      I agree with you Chris.

  • basesurge

    ‘A Sabo round is essentially the same thing, a combination of spalling and heat effects. The round melts its way into the tank,” he said’

    “Sabot” has a “T” in it.

    It’s French - yea…

    • blight_

      Like other ‘murrican words, like bouillabaisse. :D

      Though terms like fougasse might be more appropriate for the military set, and the latin abatis, and abattoir…

    • timothyj999

      Yeah, this article is full of technical mistakes. You would think they would assign someone with some military background, or at least someone who had ever read a Tom Clancy novel. The word ‘sabot’ is very common military jargon-getting it wrong is a big miss by the author and his editor.

  • Parrotnorth

    Since the Syrian’s know we are coming I find it hard to believe any WMDs are now stored in any quanity worth the use of a bomb on. I would have scattered them all over the place. Maybe even sent some back to Iraq.


      nuke ’em.

  • Hibeam

    Our bombs are capable. Our leadership not so much.

    • Frank Schiffel

      That’s what some people said about Bush. Look where that got us. Destroying CW means its going to be in a bunker. If its outside Assad is dumber than Saddam.

  • N. B. Forrest

    According to Drudge, the military is a little cash strapped; hey buddy, can you lend me a bomb or two??

    • Vpanoptes

      Might get a few from the Brits….

    • Baduyo

      Reminds me of our bombing missions in Laos/Vietnam; Sending an F4c out with just two bombs and sometimes homemade napalm; We could always borrow from China to pay for the new war; They will be more than happy to provide us with a trillion or two at a fair interest rate and collateral.

  • Matt Course

    How about just not going in anyone think of that why do we need to go in to syria and do anything what are the Exec’s motives for this, I don’t think it’s A good idea at all maybe I’m wrong but that’s how I feel, at this time we don’t even have solid evidence as to who used WMD’s so what up with even thinking about A strike on their country ????

    • charlie

      Excellent idea Matt. STAY THE HELL OUT OF THE WHOLE MESS. If anyone needs to be concerned it’s the Israeli’s and I’m sure they’ve been monitoring the situation have all their options considered and are ready to deal with it..

    • Z99

      Let Allah sort ’em out. We don’t need another war in the Mideast. Especially with a country allied with Russia and Iran. Even china doesn’t want us doing anything. nope nope nope nope

    • Jim Collins

      We signed treaties, signed by former presidents and ratified by the senate,one was called the fourth Geneva protocol then came the anti chem and bio treaties.Sixty nine percent of the public thinks we should not go. I ask which is more important our honor or present public opinion? If the answer is present public opinion then we don’t need the Executive branch to make tough decisions, or even congress all we will need is pollsters. I propose that we honor our word and trust that the guy with 7,000,000,000 lives on his mind will give it some thought.

      • peters

        Collins, those who oppose Obama’s war effort are over 80% and as high as 90%+ in some states.

        Using your argument, the US should be the first country to be bombed by the international community because the US is the largest producer of chemical weapons, has the largest stockpile of chemical weapons, and is the largest arms dealer in the world.

  • Stephen Platt

    A. Proof that Syria detonated the gas: There is no proof.
    Obama claims to have Syrian voice communications.
    However he will not release them to the American public. Why?
    1. A shot across the bow is a threat; it does no damage.
    2. In Obama-speak, he means to bomb alleged Syrian
    chemical weapons sites.
    3. Co-lateral damage. If he does hit a chemical storage
    site, they may detonate, causing more civilian death and injury.
    4. Any US strike gives Assad the opportunity to detonate the
    chemicals, and blame resulting civilian death and injury on
    the US. World-wide condemnation of the US would
    5. Assad could retaliate and overwhelm the US Embassy in Syria. Remember what happened when our embassy in Libya was attacked.
    6. US missiles may miss their targets and destroy civilian
    population. Assad could bomb his own people and blame
    it on US missiles.
    7. If the US strike escalates into a war, the US will own it, just like
    Iraq and Afghanistan. We do not want to pay in US lives and money for another damned war!

    • Mystick

      Chemical weapons usually aren’t “detonated”, but rather “deployed”, “delivered”, or “dispersed”.

      The whole point of this article is to acknowledge that the Air Force has researched weapon systems that are capable of neutralizing the chemical agents thermally, or otherwise destroying the delivery or storage systems in-place with a smaller dispersion footprint than either designed delivery or dispersion through common explosives(without thermal effects)

      • hibeam

        How will the US Air Force respond to chemical weapons smuggled into US cities and used as blackmail? You could drive a herd of elephants from Mexico into Tucson undetected.

        • oblatt1

          Ask for more money for long range bombers of course.

        • blight_

          Clearly more SWAT teams to be used on raids on Americans homes will do the trick

      • Rest Pal

        US air force is just BS’ing when it claims that it has any “specially designed weapons” to take out Syrian “chemical stockpiles”.

        They just want the funding and help their buddies in the military industrial complex get paid tens of billions of easy taxpayer money. In the process, a brutal dictator who is “friendly” with the West may be installed in office and give some US companies a second chance to rob Syrian citizens, i.e. a copycat of operations the NATO crime syndicate has pulled in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya etc.

        Samantha Powers, Susan Rice and Hilary Clinton should also be arrested and prosecuted along with Dick Cheney, Condi Rice, GW Bush etc for lying to the American people and advocating / participating in war crimes against civilians in the Middle East.

        • ChuckL

          You forgot to include the Indonesian Muslim masquerading as the President of the Unted States

          • Rest Pal

            My bad.

            Obama is hereby included in the list ( regardless of his religion, party, and citizenship).

      • Dan Dewey

        I would think the HE would detonate from heat before the chem could be neutralized by heat

    • Rest Pal

      Not only is there no proof of Syrian government involvement in the alleged chemical attacks, there is strong circumstantial evidence that the NATO-Israel supported rebels were the real culprits.

      Why would the Assad govt use chemical weapons when it’s winning, and has allowed UN inspectors inside the country?

      Such ultra-lame false flag tactics and saturated non-stop propaganda in the US media may work on the uninformed and uneducated Americans (with degrees or not). But the rest of the world know better. Even the UK parliament is having a hard time approving another illegal, unilateral military operation.

      Obama is getting more and more pathetic and criminal every year.

      An impeachment might be in order, even by the lowest-in-the-world US standard of official accountability.

      • Rest Pal

        A report linking the US to the use of chemical weapons in Syria:…

        “… the media has spread new proofs of the U.S. intelligence involvement to chemical attack near Damascus. Hacker got access to U.S. intelligence correspondence and published U.S. Army Col. ANTHONY J. MACDONALD’s mail. Macdonald is General Staff Director, Operations and Plans Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence the Army Staff. It’s about chemical attack in Syria.

        In the message August 22 Eugene Furst congratulates Col. on successful operation and refers him to Wasington Post publication about chemical attack in Syria. From the Anthony’s wife dialog with her friend it’s clear the video with the children killed in the chemical attack near Damascus was staged by U.S. Intelligence.

        Published data indicate Washington is willing to do anything to achieve its goals in the Middle East. Support for the Syrian opposition with political means and weapons hasn’t brought the expected results.”

      • ChuckL

        Your evidence is what?

        • Rest Pal

          See below.

          You may also use google but make sure to avoid mainstream US media - they are puppets of the government and military for the most part.

        • Rest Pal

          forgot to mention that the US (Obama, McCain, other lying politicians) and the media etc) have provided NO evidence whatsoever to support their accusation of Syrian government’s use of chemical weapons.

          All they got is their usual BS claims. Since US politician and US media have zero credibility (some would say negative credibility), the usual presumption applies - it’s a false flag operation by the US or some NATO lapdogs.

          Now the presumption seems to have been verified by strong circumstantial evidence of US military involvement in planting false evidence against the Syrian government.

  • Jacob

    Have we actually tested this “agent defeat weapon” to see if it actually will work as intended? This is the first I’ve heard of this weapon, and I would imagine that our government would be extremely reluctant to put sarin or VX precursors in the middle of a test range and hit them with a bomb, for fear that something might go wrong.

    • Ben

      What better way to test such a bomb than on a country full of america-haters? Win-win no matter what, right?

      Joking aside, I wonder the same thing. I find it hard to believe that they would completely destroy the chem agents, but they probably get rid of most of it. Likely a “lesser of two evils” option.

    • Frank Schiffel

      there are people that do this well.

    • Watersisland

      Gee! That’s a great idea Jacob. Since this is the first that YOU’VE heard about it….they’ve probably been hoping it would not catch your attention and thus your scrutiny. Submit your ideas to the DOD and the Pentagon….”Hey guys….neato idea—lets test it first”.
      On second thought….continue scrubbing those latrines and be grateful they lowered the standards to even allow you to join.

    • Baduyo

      Remember the “Peter Principal” If things can go wrong, they probably will

  • Lucinda Salazar

    I am so afraid this is going to go so wrong!!!! I think everyone should go to confession as soon as possible and ask GOD for forgiveness!!!! This may lead to the end of the world!!!!!

  • Rob

    The USAF…Ya gotta be in awe of them…(The tip of the spear…).

  • dr

    Just Nuke the bastards

    • TheDude

      You gotta nuke somethin’.

  • Richard

    Unfortunately, there is no one to get behind who can replace Assad. He kept the peace with Israel all these years. What comes next will be true savages.

    • Watersisland

      And so the Syrians shouldn’t be permitted freedom from tyranny and to control their own destiny… that Assad may pacify the Israelis? Let the Israelis deal with that.

  • Jeff M

    Advanced air defenses haha, that is just a joke these days, did anybody not see what the champ missile can do? These “air defenses” are cold war era junk! Radar sites are the easiest target to destroy. There are untold ways to defeat these S-300 sam sites, simply flying a stealth weapon to them is probably just the cheapest.

  • Lance

    Nice but the president said it will be a Cruise Missile attack for now so no fixed wing manned planes will be used. I dont know why you think a NFZ will be used now in this conflict your wrong.

  • wmcritter

    Can we drop one on the White House and eliminate the toxic agents that are currently stored there?

    • Kjon24wr

      wmcritter … good point ;-) LMAO :-D Ponder this: If “Progress” is defined as moving ahead, what does “Congress” mean ?!

  • d. kellogg

    In this era of so much fiscal concern and “where are we going to get the money to fund our military effectively enough?”,
    it’s odd that our president is so eager to waste even more financial resources in this proxy-war-turning-hot-soon.

    Sad thing is, all weekend on various TV news, we hear of the surrounding neighbor countries and so mant Arab nations decrying, “something must be done!”
    Perhaps this time we (the West and Europe) need to take a stance back and let Syria’s Arab neighbors handle the situation.

    • SJE

      Letting Syria’s arab neighbors handle it? The gulf arabs are handling the situation by funding the Sunni elements, and ramping up the radicalism. This is guaranteed to keep everyone else (Shia, Druze, Kurd, Christians, Jews, Alawites, Alevis, moderates) siding with Assad just to keep from be slaughtered. The Alawites remember what is was like for centuries under the Ottoman Turks, when they were second class citizens, as the non-Sunni in the gulf arab states.

      I’m not saying the USA needs to go in, but its hard to believe that the arab states are helping the situation.

  • amazed108

    Has anyone noticed any any convoy going to Iraq? Maybe the Syrians would return the WMDs to their friends in Iraq to put them out of harms way just like so many of you believe Saddam did. Maybe we should be using these weapons on trucks heading east.

  • ch1ch2

    Why are we not hearing any mention of Russia’s treaty/agreement to defend Syria?

    • Rest Pal

      probably because the US media and government, under the control and influence of big oil & defense lobbyists, have long decided to get directly involved (in fact, the US has never stopped funding and arming the gangsters / terrorists / rebels in Syria).

      Therefore, reporting Russia’s intention to defend Syria might intimidate the soldiers and diminish public support for another illegal war. That’s why the US military staged a chemical attack on Syrian women and children, then blame Assad for the atrocities (same line of strategy used to drag the US into the Vietnam War).

  • Mark

    Could this prophecy be that which is coming to pass?
    Isaiah 17:1
    Proclamation Against Syria and Israel 17 The burden against Damascus. “Behold, Damascus will cease from being a city, And it will be a ruinous heap.
    Jeremiah 49:23-27
    23 Against Damascus. “Hamath and Arpad are shamed, For they have heard bad news. They are fainthearted; There is trouble on the sea; It cannot be quiet.
    24 Damascus has grown feeble; She turns to flee, And fear has seized her. Anguish and sorrows have taken her like a woman in labor.
    25 Why is the city of praise not deserted, the city of My joy?
    26 Therefore her young men shall fall in her streets, And all the men of war shall be cut off in that day,” says the Lord of hosts.
    27 “I will kindle a fire in the wall of Damascus, And it shall consume the palaces of Ben-Hadad.”
    Amos 1:5
    5 I will also break the gate bar of Damascus, And cut off the inhabitant from the Valley of Aven, And the one who holds the scepter from Beth Eden. The people of Syria shall go captive to Kir,” Says the Lord.

    What do you think?

    • Rest Pal

      the Lord sounded pretty violent.

      but then, as far I as I’m concerned, Bible = Boring Babble.

      don’t waste your time reading the Bible. Go for a date, or go to the gym, or go read a novel, …

    • Thomas L. Nielsen

      “What do you think?”

      That you should get out in the fresh air more.

      Regards & all,

      Thomas L. Nielsen

  • Will
  • Will
  • Dwebb
  • Torrance

    Let me get this. We spent billions of dollars and ten years on incinerating our chemical weapons stockpiles and all we needed to do was drop a bomb on them?

  • George N Roll

    Syria’s use of chem weapons in nothing compared to what happened in Iraq. Tens of thousand of Kurds and Iranian soldiers were killed by the use of chemical agents, yet we did nothing to punish Sadam till President Bush took action years later. Where was the moral outrage then? Why didn’t we attack Iraq when this happened?
    Syria is in a serious civil war many thousand of bombs rockete and over 100,000 deaths so far a few dozen cruise missiles thrown in at empty buildings and vacant airfields will do nothing to change anything. The goal is not to effect regime change well what will be accomplished? Nothing except Asad will probably use more chem weapons to show he is not intimidated, Iran may take actions the chefs may start showing up in the hands of terror groups used against Israel Jordan, or other friendly nations. So why throw a few missiles at a nation that won’ t care? Will it make President Obama seem more statesman like more credible or just lost in the failed area of foreign policy? It is my belief that this is political theater not the foreign policy of a super power.
    George N. Roll Ltc. (ret) USAF PhD candidate, MS MPA

  • Ben Leonard



    Make sure we target the Russian and the Chinese embassies while we are at it, just as we did in Yugoslavia. Embarking upon a belligerent act on false pretenses again and getting away with it just because as a big bully we can on behalf of our paymasters the Saudis. A bunch of gangsters that’s what we have become.

  • Dick

    First if we violet a foreign country by bombing it is technically an act of war. Second these people have been fighting among themselves for hundreds of years. When and if this may develop into an actual security threat to the homeland then we can blow someone out of the water so to speak.

  • Nelson

    One thing of which we can be quite certain is that if there is ANY way for Obama to screw this up, he’ll find it.
    That alone is enough reason to stay out of Syria.
    But most important…. Why does Obama feel necessary to intercede here, but stayed away fro Benghazi where the United States WAS attacked?

  • DB Cooper

    The developers must be Sci-FI readers. In one book metal spikes were shot out of cannon like devices to acheive hyper velocity speeds to penetrate deeply buried bunkers and caves where civilians were hiding and kill them the same way the authors describe destroying the chemical weapons..

  • alaa

    Does US emperor wants to test their new technologies on Syrian people?
    What if some of those poisons were released?
    US admin. is guilty same as Russian… both are fighting each other using the Syrian blood…. the first used AlQaeda and supported them, the second the russian used Assad regime and supported him
    In Syria there are humans Mr Obamam…

  • Ted Ward

    Why waste such a high tech weapon on such a low tech problem. The russkies will just easily monitor the flight activities with various radars until they figure out a way to defeat the stealth properties of the aircraft. They did this in Kosovo and eventually succeeded in shooting down an F-118. Better to send in a few hundred drones with standoff weapons. Save the best for more serious problems that we hope never arise, but as history shows, do arise.

    • Rest Pal

      LOL. The F-22s and B-2s have no stealth properties to the Russians.

  • Jim

    @Jacob; there is a range within CONUS that is designed for testing ordnance and other measures against live agents such as sarin, VX, and mustard. Also, the Brookings Institute scientist quoted at the end of the article speaks of determining ‘the threshold temperature for rapid agent neutralization’, which is somewhat confusing since there is quite a bit of data available on the physical characteristics of various chemical weapons.

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