SLBM Test Failures Halt Russian Submarine Development

Alexander NevskyThe Russians have experienced significant problems with the development of two new nuclear submarines after a submarine-launched ballistic missile malfunctioned, according to reports.

A Bulava missile failed in the second minute of a test after it was fired from the Alexander Nevsky submarine, according to a report by RIA Novosti. The Russian navy has started an investigation into the mishap.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu  suspended further tests for the Alexander Nevsky and the Vladimir Monomakh to include five future missile tests.

The Russian Navy has experienced a string of problems with their SLBM tests from the two submarines. Eight of 20 tests launches have been deemed unsuccessful, according to RIA Novosti.

The testing delays will likely push back the plan to put the Alexander Nevsky into operation by Nov. 15.

19 Comments on "SLBM Test Failures Halt Russian Submarine Development"

  1. That's stupid. Keep spending money and "spiral" a new BM missile out of the failed program until you win, then spend billions rebuilding the submarines you have around the new missile.

  2. Putin lives in a fantasy world. The days of Russia being a Super Power are long since gone. Move on dude.

  3. They have "experience significant programs?"

    In Soviet Russia, Copy Edits You!

  4. I mean "experienced significant programs?"

    In Capitalist America, Stones Ruin Glass Houses!

  5. Don't worry someone will blame us in the US.

  6. No …. not the US …..

    ….it's that that damn …..

    …GW struck again …..

    ….even in old Vlad the Impaler's navy!

  7. More junk from the Mafia State known as Russia. Pisstin and his gang of crooks seem oblivious to their demographic nightmare, fracking and subsequent destruction of their assumed energy revenue models, appalling manufacturing and tech industries and the fact his military would struggle to beat Poland.

    A joke of a country that still ignores its deal with Hitler and the massacre of 60,000 Poles in WW2.

    If the US had made a more affordable fighter than the JSF they could have consigned the Russian aerospace industry to the dustbin.

  8. Well I think Russia spent more time and Rubles on the new Borie class subs to replace old Typhoon and Kilo class subs than work on there new Missiles to be fired from new sub and the BIG bump in the road for Russian navy modernization plans. We cant brag like many here on many weapons we made the same mistake, (F-22 and life supports systems cough).

  9. Where is Restore Palestine to tell us how great foreign made weapons are?

  10. This is a news article? it seems more content was written in comments than in the article.

  11. The USS George Washington was commisioned in 1959 and was operational with the Polaris missile in 1961. There were six SSBN in the fleet when the Kennedy debacle of 1962 (Cuban Missile Crisis) occured and probably saved his ass, along with 220 million other American asses.

  12. What else is new ? Russian subs have always had ongoing problems.

  13. Lest not forget when the great Bear finally dropped his Iron Curtain all his under garments were exposed. Between those lofty sheets were the true capability and quality of it's Nuclear Forces including Submarines amongst other Secrets. It was found that the USSR was not anywhere near to the capability and quality of USA. This is not to say, the Bear still has many sharp teeth, but one could assume they are as always, covered with plaque and decay.

  14. "I'm just Putin it out there, I will order submarine production halted if you do not fix the SLBM launch problem!" ~Vladimir Putin, puttin' it out there.

  15. Awwe! Thats so sad…NOT! I find it humorous personally!

  16. SU30 does NOT consistently beat F15. They did well at cope India when India’s best pilots flew against a regular US squadron out of Kadena but when they brought regular operational units to fly Red Flag they got pasted by F15s.

    This ignores the fact that you’re comparing a very modern Russian design to a much older American one. How would the SU do against F22?

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