China’s Shows Off Lunar Rover with Nuclear Europe

china-yutu-nukePlenty of questions came to mind for those who took a close look at the diorama China used as a backdrop to a model of its lunar rover, Jade Rabbit, when it went on display last month at the China International Industry Fair in Shanghai.

Behind the rover, set up on a mock moonscape, is an oversized picture of the Earth from space – with a nuclear bomb going off in the area that would be Europe.

In the above image of the display, which DefenseTech found on a Hunan Province government website, the rover is blocking the nuclear explosion. In the other photo – a detail from the original image used to create the display – the distinctive mushroom cloud is clearly visible.

china-yutu-nuke-stockdetail (1)As far as we’ve been able to tell from monitoring some of the media buzz on this, the Chinese government has offered no explanation. The original is a stock photo available by download to anyone, Epoch Times reported last week.

Okay, so it’s possible those responsible for setting up the display didn’t look closely enough at the Earth image to notice that something, well, unpleasant was happening in Europe.

You’d also have to assume that the art director or technicians who found and acquired it for the display did not read English, since the image is called “Nuclear Explosion on Earth from Space.”

China launched Jade Rabbit – Yutu in Chinese – on Dec. 1. It marked China’s first soft landing on the Moon. Yutu, which has been sending back video and still images from the lunar surface, is named for a pet rabbit belonging to Chang-e, goddess of the moon in Chinese mythology.

Yutu touched down on the moon Dec. 14.

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  • Sulaw00

    Maybe an oversight, maybe not. Either way, I believe it’s another example of Chinese cockiness.

    • No53
    • Umar Sheriff

      i suspect these are merely illusions created by 1 person lacking communication skills and lacking the capability to maintain personal health.

    • steve

      Never “undersell” any Oriental…..that’s about the tie one loses his head….literally!

  • MCQknight

    The specific location of the (massive) nuke going off look like it would correspond pretty close to Moscow. *gasp*

    • Peter Davidson

      I pulled up google earth and lined it up, turns out its over the u.k????
      Iwould`nt trust china as far as i could pee a kidney stone!!!!

    • Z Tucker

      Yes it is. After looking at satellite photos compared the with the very accurate depiction of the Arabian peninsula, and the Black And Caspian Seas in the painting, I can concur that the location is in or around Moscow or that Region of Russia, a pretty highly populated area compared with the general sourroundings in that part of the world at any rate.

      Was this created by an American artist during the cold war maybe? Perhaps they agree with the U.S.’s position in the Cold War now that we’ve abandoned it.

  • Big-B

    im not sure if this is planet earth at all… europe? moscow? maybe it the pangaea version of earth? however: someone copied too fast without checking ;-) how embarassing for a “superpower”

    • Ben

      Arabian Sea and surrounding areas. Can’t recognize your own damn planet if it’s rotated a few degrees?

      • Big-B

        I recommend to google “joke” and “fun”

        Merry Xmas

      • bob
    • Jay

      How much more embarrassing for a superpower to charge into a certain Stone Age central Asian country expecting victory only to be given a bloody nose by a few thousand desert nomads wielding nothing but AK-47s.

      To give you an idea how massive the said embarrassment was, let’s use a Star Wars analogy: the U.S. defeat in Afghanistan is akin to the Galactic Empire losing to the Tuskan Raiders.

      How do you say ‘epic fail’ in Galactic Basic?

      • Big-B

        Yes bashing americans is always fun i know it i have some good friends over there :-) but remember when you point your finger at other people there are 4 fingers pointing at you at the same moment

        epic fail in galactic basic: “winning hearts and minds”

        • Jay

          Yep, winning hearts and minds… How’s that going?

      • michael


    • Umar Sheriff

      i suspect these are merely illusions created by 1 person lacking communication skills and lacking the capability to maintain personal health.

  • Clint Notestine

    is it just me or do they and the Iranians love stock footage that seems to always slip by people who can think

  • Hunter76

    Yeah, what bodies of water are those?

    To mid-level functionary: Get a picture of the model with spacey background.

    Mlf to worker: What do we have in storage?

  • Lance

    More fear mongering from the auothor on CHina which is really being over done and bloated. This is be breaking tech if…………. it was 1963!

  • Craig

    A depiction of impact from space. Not necessarily a nuclear strike, more like a devastating blow from a space rock. Interesting picture. Nice Rover :)

    • reader

      Exactly, that original artist had very little understanding of basic physics if he thought that any nuke will create a cloud that big. Only a massive space rock could create that mushroom.

  • STemplar

    Oops, accidentally switched the secret plan to conquer the Earth slide with the, market how cool we are at conventions slide………

    • guest

      More like a hint of America’s next major false flag operation, donating a nuclear bomb on the increasing independent and assertive Europe, and use it as an excuse to start a war against Russia, Iran, or other countries in Asia.

      • friskydingo
  • Uncle Bill

    It’s clearly a not so veiled threat of what China intends to do when it is strong enough. Isn’t this moon landing being sold in China as the first step to a nuclear missile base on the moon?

    And what’s all this Pangaea crap, it’s clearly the Red Sea and Persian Gulf looking towards Europe.

  • Ben

    You probably shouldn’t have passed your elementary geography class if you can’t immediately tell that it’s a shot of the middle east/asia.

    Also, it’s been on the moon doing its thing for over a week now.

  • Mitch S.

    Maybe that explosion was from some weapon of “Emperor Ming” - as in the bad guy from “Flash Gordon”.
    That scene looks like something from a 1930’s comic.
    Or maybe it was painted by Bob Ross (lets put a little nuclear explosion right here…), he was an AF Master Sergeant BTW.

  • PolicyWonk

    Well, the Chinese rarely do anything without thinking about it first. In this case, if whoever chose that picture for the backdrop is suddenly never heard from again, then we know it was a screw-up.

    OTOH, if he’s still alive and not arrested within a week then it was intentional.

  • IKnowIT

    Uhh, why are you deleting my posts? All I used was the word “retarded” in the context of a Pangaea map, saying it was a bad map… If this site of going to get so PC that I cant even say that, then screw you, I am gone. Your news is becoming old and mostly irrelevant anyway..

  • oblatt2

    Its ok most Americans don’t know where Europe is either.

    • Big-B

      Which isnt a bad thing because if any potus wants to nuke europe we will most likely not being hit :-)

      • guest

        You will be hit when they nuke Africa or the Middle East.

  • blight_

    Looks like it’s more eastern Europe. A mushroom cloud of that size would be…gigaton?

    Also, they probably just stole the image. Bet whoever owns the image never got paid.

    Someone printed this on giant canvas, thought “good enough” and moved the rover to cover the nuke. Good enough to get it done by 5, let’s go drinking.

  • Sean

    I don’t get why the first thing that comes to mind is a nuclear bomb…
    The first thing that came to my mind is an asteroid crashing into earth…there this corresponds perfectly with space exploration…as in to find another earth like planet so human may one day relocate???

  • Dfens

    What is really funny is that we here in the United States have done such a great job of f’ing up our own space program that we can no longer repeat the feat that John Glenn accomplished in 1962 of merely orbiting the Earth, let alone put a man on the Moon like we did in 1969. Hell, in order to get our asstronauts to our “international” space station we have to buy a ride from Russia on an ex-Soviet Union designed rocket. Apparently our own house can never too f’ed up for us to find something to laugh about regarding China’s actual accomplishment of sending a rover to the Moon to look for a good place to start digging for the resources their industrial plants will need to continue to supply the world with manufactured goods.

    • Z Tucker

      Uh, didn’t we send a rover to Mars last year? I’m no fan of the current administration, but they have done some space exploration type work.

  • Dan Plesse

    MILEY CYRUS - Wrecking Ball - Why Did Building 7 Fall That Way - Version 2

  • Hialpha

    June 20, 1969 was when the first two humans landed on the moon which is arguably the greatest feat of engineering in history and though the program was very expensive, the social, scientific and economic benefits are great in the long run.

    Great thing the Chinese are doing. Hope that the US can get back on the horse soon with Europe and Russia.

    • guest

      We didn’t land two humans on the moon and return them to earth in 1969. The video footage released by NASA is simulation shot in studio and Area 51.

      • Dfens

        It is sad that you find it easier to accept that they had special effects of such high quality in 1969 to pull off such a huge conspiracy to fool the entire world than it is for you to accept the depths to which our aerospace technology that makes the same feat impossible now.

        And as for the first moon landing costing too much, the truth is we now fund NASA at a yearly basis equal to that of the average funding over the Apollo program. They had peak funding that exceeded today’s spending levels, but the average spending is the same as NASA’s current budget. What we don’t need is more spending on space. We need more bang for the buck from NASA, just as we do out of most of our federal government.

      • Big-B

        They were on the moon dude, they had excellent german engineers :-)

  • Thinker

    Earth is titled 90 deg, north is to the right and south to the left. The landmass in upper left is africa.

  • hibeam

    Meanwhile in Obama’s America: “He gabe us a phone” “He gonna do more”

  • bill

    They should do away with NASA. A giant waste of taxpayers dollars. We have plenty
    of problems need fixing in the U.S. without going into outer space. As far as China
    exploding a nuclear weapon in Europe. God bless them. They are doing
    what we shoudl be doing. Put Germany (Europe) out of the picture while we can.
    Hitler is creating The Fourth Reich” in Germany/Europe right now from the grave.. The U.S. is still
    asleep at the switch.

    • Dfens

      Yeah, I mean hell what could China possibly find that would be valuable on the moon. I mean, we already proved that the moon is made of the same stuff as the earth. Doh!

    • Big-B

      “Hitler is creating The Fourth Reich” ??? I missed that movie damned is it already in the cinemas? Whatever you take dude: take less… :-)

  • TLAM Strike

    It is actually not a stock photo it is a piece made by a deviantART used named N4u2K

    • TLAM Strike


    • Wham-O
  • Hefe

    It’s funny, there are so many news outlets that talk about the rise of China as being a good thing for the world. Yet, when articles like this dig a little deeper; we find that China really does have a very aggressive posture in its’ dealings with the rest of the world.

  • glenn57377

    The United States put men on the Moon in 1969, so this achievement pales in comparison. What this does do and we should pay close attention, is show they now have the capability. It’s a big deal concerning their growing abilities in space. To show a mushroom cloud on the Earth is very bad form. Either their thought processes are somehow unusual to the Western mind or they are complete idiots. I see China as our new cold war for many years to come. They are the new military Soviet Union. Count on it.

    • Big-B

      At least this cold war with china will stay cold, china has tons of us-dollars and wont risk that they will become worthless. And they need the usa as one of their most important export markets. A perfect win-win scenario for companies like boeing, lockheed and so on: a never ending cold war :-)

      • glenn57377

        I think you are right on with China being swayed by the large debt owed to them by the US. Same with the export markets. I really do not know the exact numbers, but I have read about them before. The debt owed to China is big……but not as much as people think. Of course, other nations hold our debt as well……..and we are also indebted to ourselves by a huge margin. It would be interesting if China committed an act of war and we decided to cancel our debt! I’m not sure how or if that can be done………just a though out of the blue.

    • Z Tucker

      I couldn’t agree more.

  • Highguard

    People! Hello! You don’t need a nuclear missile on the moon. All you need is a “mass driver” and a not-so-big rock to hurl at the earth. Everyone, including Defense Tech, missed the point of this picture. The Chinese are not suggesting the nuking of Europe. Small asteroid impacts have the same shockwave and mushroom cloud signature. The message here was clear and simple: “When we [PRC] control the moon, we can hurl lunar rocks at your cities at will with no fallout ramifications for Beijing.” This is why Newt said we need to get back to the moon. He was right and the people laughing at his suggestion are dufuses and goofs.


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