Report: Israel Passes U.S. Military Technology to China

mq1_predatorSecret U.S. missile and electro-optics technology was transferred to China recently by Israel, prompting anger from the U.S. and causing a senior Israeli defense official to resign.

The head of defense exports for the Israeli Defense Ministry resigned after a U.S. investigation concluded that technology, including a miniature refrigeration system manufactured by Ricor and used for missiles and in electro-optic equipment, was sent to China, according to the Israeli newspaper Maariv.

Another Israeli news site, Aretz Sheva, reports the U.S. is concerned the technology could ultimately find its way to Iran, which last year sought to buy military equipment from China for its nuclear program.

Ricor, on its company website, identifies a number of defense programs using its miniature cryo-coolers, including UAVs, airborne enhanced vision systems, missile warning systems, hand-held thermal imagers and thermal weapons sights.

The Maariv report identified the Israeli defense official as Meir Shalit, and said he apologized to U.S. officials on a recent visit.

Israel has a long record of getting U.S. military technology to China.

In the early 1990s then-CIA Director James Woolsey told a Senate Government Affairs Committee that Israel had been selling U.S. secrets to China for about a decade. More than 12 years ago the U.S. demanded Israel cancel a contract to supply China with Python III missiles, which included technology developed by the U.S. for its Sidewinder missiles, The Associated Press reported in 2002.

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  • Andy

    and Congress just give them $175 millions in AIDS….

    • Riceball

      We gave them AIDS? Wow, that’s just wrong and here I thought that we were working on trying to stop the spread of AIDS.

      On a more serious note, although I do understand that they are a valuable ally in the region we really can’t afford to keep on giving them military aid like we do if they’re just going to turn around and sell a bunch of the tech to China. Between Israel selling China our tech an their own espionage programs it’s no wonder that China has made so much progress in such a short period of time.

    • Little Bill

      I wonder if it is the Israeli government or some individual who knew of the technologies and hated the U.S.A. and Israel so he decided to kill two birds with one stone.

      • Musson

        I wonder if someone in the Obama Administration transferred this technology using Israel as the fall guy. Lord knows they hate Israel.

        • Obama admin. might hate Israel but it is the US interest to keep close military and technology relations with Israel. Israel gives the US new hi-tech and scientific knowledge and technologies that cost at least the annual military aid that the US gives Israel. Examples of Israel help to the US: “arrow”, “iron dome”, “David sling”, predator, Drones, Oshkosh technology that save the lives of thousands of American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan , aviation technologies and many more items. Israel gives or sale about 2000 military items to the US a year !!!!!!!!

    • steve

      Resignation of the traitor is not any punishment, and should NOT be aloud. This S.O.B. should be hung out to dry and to rot away in the desert Sun

      • real Patriot

        What a load of crap
        The imbalance is Massive
        Nice try, Abe

    • American

      They own us. The congress is paid for and bought up by AIPAC money. They can and do squeeze our balls when ever they want to and we sing.

    • Have you ever thought that it might be done with US former acceptance? and think about that option ….

    • Warren

      If you don’t want to support Israel then find another democracy in the Middle East to support. Hmmmm can you think of any

  • Andy

    Goole other Defense website and see how much we give to Israeli.

    • Nick

      With allies like this…

  • Andy

    U.S. Congress gives Obama okay to fund Israel rocket defense

    Lawmakers voted to give Israel $205 million for its production of the short-range rocket defense system, Iron Dome defense, by 410-4 margin.

  • Andy

    For the first time within the framework of its regular annual budget, the MDA has requested $220 million for Iron Dome batteries in fiscal year 2014, which begins on 1 October, plus an additional $175 million for FY2015.

    If approved through the annual defence budget process, the extra money could come on top of the $486 million the White House and Congress have requested or added for the Iron Dome system in recent years after formal budgets were submitted. This includes $211 million in the defence appropriations bill for 2013, which US President Barack Obama signed into force in March.

  • Andy

    The $220 million request for FY2014 “is new money, and it is the first time funding specifically for Iron Dome procurement has been requested in our budget submission”, the MDA says.

    In 2012, House and Senate defence committees signalled an intention to approve spending up to $680 million on Iron Dome until 2015.

    • cesar arellano

      With the present exposee and revelation stop all monetary support to israel military support. its treacherous revelation and should never be condoned imagine for the past 10 tears they have been helping China, with American technology. By golly we were blindfolded by our so called ally and help our enemy… whats next ? its’ sickening!

  • Andy

    July 27, 2012

    WHITE HOUSE — President Barack Obama has committed another $70 million in U.S. military aid for Israel.

    • orly?

      So he’s no radical Muslim extremist.

      • blight_

        He’s a Marxist, pro-Semite, anti-Semite, Muslim, atheist American Kenyan Soviet Egyptian Saudi Salafi Pakistani Chinese North Korean.

        Confused yet?

        • Gordo
          • Bernard
          • blight_


  • orly?

    Again, no surprise.

    But I’m sure people wanted the US to go to war with Israel back then too.

    I mean, look what certain people kept saying about the President back then.

  • Andy

    Administration is keeping to terms of agreement

    Updated: Wednesday, February 1st, 2012 | By Louis Jacobson

    During the 2008 presidential campaign, Barack Obama promised to “implement a Memorandum of Understanding that provides $30 billion in assistance to Israel over the next decade — investments to Israel’s security that will not be tied to any other nation.”

  • Andy

    and More of it.

  • david

    This should surprise no one. Israel spies on America almost as much as China and Russia. But when Israel is caught they always cry and say they must do it too survive even though the American taxpayer gives them most of our advanced technology free of charge.
    The Israel gov’t is not too be trusted. This is just another case that underscores this.

    • Howard Immanuelson
      • guest

        Excellent rebuttal.

      • Stan

        Especially in the light of how this tech could come back and bite them on their ass by way of Iran and other such gifts to the human civilization. I mean this is a lack of foresight, understanding, and principles all rolled into one stinky falafel.

    • Guest

      And with the NSA spying on everyone, the US government is to be trusted. Personally, I don’t believe this article. Why would Israel sell any military secrets to China. China is not their friend.

    • bryan

      Right on

  • John

    Why is the American taxpayer giving Israel 5+ billion dollars every year and the German taxpayer giving them over 15 billion a year? Shouldn’t Israel be out of diapers and out of it’s parents house by now??????

    • Careful here: Arguing against help to Israel – economic, military or otherwise – will automatically get you labelled an enemy of that state.

      • Ben

        God forbid them ever being self-sustaining. That would be horrible!

    • Joe_Sovereign

      If they had to support themselves they would have agreed to a peace agreement three decades ago.

      • jake ashkenazi

        There are members of US Congress who rely on AIPAC support and if they vote against Israel, their jobs will be targeted so they must walk a ‘thin line’ between their support for US and support for the state of Israel. There are even Veterans’ group who, wholeheartedly support foreign aid to Israel vis a vis their own US service.

    • Guest

      Why aren’t you complaining about the even larger amounts of money we give to their Arab Muslim neighbors, who they’re trying to protect themselves from? Money to Israel is a drop in the bucket compared to what it’s neighbors get. Israel also pays money back – the Arabs don’t – and they benefit the US and the world with lifesaving inventions and pharmaceuticals. They are the only democracy in the area, which is why they’re an ally.

  • Bronco46

    I’ve been along time supporter of Israel; but this could affect my support going forward. We are giving Israel a lot of the technology, that’s helping keep them safe from their neighbors. They need to think hard about what they have been and are doing. We can’t afford to keep sending the next generation of technology to people who are going to pass that tech. to our “enemies”.
    The sad thing is there’s no way to fix this; the damage is done.

    • David Benedict

      I stopped supporting Israel on 8 Jun 1967 after they killed 34 American Navy personnel and wounded another 174 when IDF attacked the USS LIBERTY in the Mediterranean. At first they had hoped to blame Egypt – then it was a case of mistaken identity which our govt. bought and shut down the investigation right after it had begun. Never did a full investigation. The KIA’s and WIA’s were compensated by Israel probably with our money. I was there on 9 Jun 1967 and saw first hand the damage done to our ship. I was on the 6th Fleet Staff aboard the USS LITTLE ROCK.

      • Bronco46

        Sorry but that’s not good enough. I didn’t like what happened to the liberty; but it was an isolated incident. We killed a number of British soldiers in Iraq. Should they stop supporting us. This kind of thing has been going on for centuries. When it come to world politics the enemy of my enemy is my friend.
        Israel did compensate the US, and the families of the victims.

    • Musson

      Exactly why I think this might be a set up.

      • Bronco46

        Paranoid much!?

  • blight_

    Not surprised. Perhaps we should give Pershing IRBMs to Iran, and show them how we feel about technology transfers.

  • Sounds like a fair trade. US spies on its close ally for decades and in return Israel sells defense technology to China.

    Honestly, the USA has zero grounds to complain about any wrongdoing with the constant bullshit they pull with *everyone*. Israel spends 75% of their so called “aid” on US military products anyway.

    • DHYF
      • guest

        The government is spying on YOU as well, naive one.

    • Byblow

      So they graciously spend 75% of the $3 billion we give them each year in the USA. I see. Do they spend that money on things that benefit Americans, like new bridges, water treatment plants, schools, etc.? No, they buy US products with our money and use these products in Israel for the benefit of Israelis. That $3 billion gift each year — to a nation that has zero strategic value to the USA — enables these Israeli bastards to spend money that would have gone to their defense on illegal “settlements.” They spit in our eye, even though they depend on us, and we beg their pardon. Israel is not a part of the United States of America!!

    • ted

      Terms of the U.S. military aid is they Have to spend a certain percentage ( I thought it was 80) on U.S. weapons. Don’t make it sound as if they are doing us a favor. In the past Netanahyu has said that Israel doesn’t need our aid. Plus Israel has a budget surplus. Why are we giving them a dime? We have to borrow money and go further in debt to give them aid.

    • Zapata

      You are right, the USA should “pull” our shit back, get rid of the zoomcopter kids, and start arresting the professional victims who spy on us – we are not victims, never will be- God bless America- and anyone else who does not whine from one gen to the next.

    • Really
  • Dfens

    But when Boeing gives China B-2 technology so they can outsource major sections of the 787 they get to brag in the news about it. Israel has nothing vested in the decline of the US or the rise of China’s military might. The US defense contractors, on the other hand, would love to have another war, cold or hot.

    • Could you give us the definition of “B-2 technology” to clarify your argument?

    • guest

      When there is a major war, US defense contractors can count on the government spending hundreds of billions within 2-3 years. What other business sector has this kind of profit potential? None. The official business of the United States is war.

  • broken

    “U.S. demanded Israel cancel a contract to supply China with Python III missiles” Oh, you mean the PL-8? Yeah that missile is currently the widest deployed, most capable IR missile within the Chinese Air Force/Navy. Thanks Israel!

    Let’s not forget a host of other Israeli prodcuts that have ended up in Big Red’s hands i.e. Harpy UAV, Lavi (J-10), Phalcon radar, Patriots, and a host of air to ground missiles from the Maverick to the Hellfire.

    • Joe

      LOL, Israel doesn’t even have the Maverick missile. The Lavi has jack sh!t to do with the J-10 (which was built on the J-9) and the Phalcon radar wasn’t sold to China and the loss of the deal was billions to the private companies that were to sell it.

  • STemplar

    If I was President I’d get up and ask if people understand why we spy on everyone now.

    • guest

      and then someone appears out of nowhere in the Oval Office with gun pointing at your pointy head and order you to be a good kid. You wet the floor uncontrollably and beg for mercy.

      Next day, it’s business as usual.

    • Taum Beene

      IF you would do that you have more intestinal fortitude than the occupier of the White House.

    • Loki

      I propose the President tells the NSA to put video cameras in all of our houses just in case too.

  • PolicyWonk

    So much for being the “trusted friend and ally” Israel/Netanyahu pretend to be and claim they are. Every time an event like this happens, Israel should have to lose a years worth of funding.

    Then it’ll stop. And if it doesn’t then: kill it completely and let them hang themselves.

  • guest

    My first reaction upon reading this is that the story is US fabrication as usual. My second impression is that it’s not Israel but the US that’s deliberately leaking it as a way of ensuring continued Chinese lending. Think of it as a form of compensation for the losses China is suffering by investing in US T Bills. The government doesn’t want to be the bad guy, so it blames Israel.

    • FreeAmerica

      Whoa, whoa, whoa there. Are there unicorns and pigs flying around in your world? This is hilarious.
      “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

      — Abraham Lincoln

  • An American Veteran

    Up to now I have trusted news from “Defense Tech”. This story is not in American newspapers and I doubt its credibility.

    • jack

      I hope your reality isn’t based on what’s not reported by US corporate media, who some suggest [me] is very pro Israel

    • Zapata

      I think the NY Times did quite an extensive piece on Pollard and where that stolen navy crypto-electronic schematics went to after Israel found its highest bidder.- Again, it is the NY Times-so trust your gut-and do not fail to remember that Israeli military motive is FEAR of losing that edge of guilt that they tactfully have used for quite awhile-WE must encourage that new breed of Israeli-the non-NYC version-to cast away the nabobinyahoo’s and the Ashkanazis, they will then be forced to stop the bulls**t and not start seeking favour with the winner the next Hyperwar.

  • Roy

    FYI – the technology that was reportedly found in china is _Israeli_, not American (although the US Military might be using it…). The US is using its leverage to prevent Israel from selling its own advanced technology to “frenemies” of the US, such as China.

  • This article contains such blatant fallacies it’s not even funny. First, there was no American, and I repeat, NO American technology involved in this case. Ricor is an Israeli(!) company, which can be extremely easily verified. Second, the components in question were not sold to China, but to another European company, which deals with China. This was a failure of this particular public servant not verifying the end client, for which he took responsibility.

    • blight_

      Excellent point. RICOR is definitely an Israeli company. There’s a branch, RICOR-USA that is established to get a foot in the door in American defense procurement (since we are supposed to buy from American manufacturing, even if that includes foreign manufacturing and/or final assembly in the United States).

      This is like Pratt and Whitney Canada selling stuff to the People’s Republic, and PW trying to wash its hands of the matter. If Ricor-USA gets a contract to develop something, and passes it along to the PRC…

      I think I’ll have to find the original article and cut through the reporting.

    • guest

      That’s the way American media operates. It’s an established culture now. They don’t even apologize when the false stories get exposed. That’s why you simply cannot rely on the mainstream media for accurate news and fair reporting. There has been a clear pattern of selective news coverage based on some kind of unspoken agenda.

    • SJE

      Good points. I think part of the problem is that the Pentagon will continue to work with contractors who let their tech get into the wrong hands. If USMIL refused to buy from Ricor or PW for 10 years, the contractors would suddenly find it in their interest to be more careful.

    • Zapata

      You seem to have more information on this particular incident-however, Israel has in the recent past been caught selling exclusive US defense info to the RED star-without our permission-Dig it up, the data is out there, they cannot hide everything and not everything is disinfo. You must know that our minds are the grids where infowarfare is fought.

      • Joe

        Go ahead and show it then. What U.S. technology has Israel sold to China?

        (use verifiable sources)

  • Bobdob

    They are the worst ally. This isn’t the first time and it won’t be the last time they sell us out to China.

    • goldo62

      i agree… When the six days war came (started by Israel) : General de Gaulle order to end the sell of 50 Mirages… one year later : they have the plans (very mysterious….. Dassault…. it is Bloch before…… bad planes in WW II but….. understand?….)
      So , they product the Kfir…..a copy of Mirage….. they have not country they are a Community welds between them.
      They create the Lavi : an improved version of F16 : american says stop : they sold to China : it is now the J 10…..

      • guest

        The Lavi and the J-10 are two different designs. They are in totally different weight class and require different software algorithms for aerodynamic control. Canard configurations had been under research in China since 1960’s. Go ask any experienced fighter jet engineer.

  • Taum Beene

    Talk about selling out… Obama sold out the doctor in Pakistan that led the military to where Osama Bin Laden was. He sold out Seal Team 6. He sold out the 4 killed in Benghazi. Ho has sold out Isreal several times himself. People need to wake up and realize it is a GAME to all the people in power. We as citizens, of what country doesn’t matter, are nothing but pawns.

    • PolicyWonk

      Well, if we look at Obama’s predecessor:
      – He sold out an active CIA operative, and his own father (former POTUS and Director of the CIA) won’t talk to him anymore (they make nicey-nice for cameras at political gatherings, and nothing more).
      – He sold out the entire US military in Iraq by sending them to remedy a personal vendetta, on what that administration knew was false information. Over 40k casualties and $2 Trillion spent on that mess so far.
      – He not only let Bin Laden get away – he allowed his entire family to leave the USA on 9/11 – when the entire air traffic control system was shut down.
      – He sold out US national security by allowing a large portion of the US strategic manufacturing base, tens of thousands of dual-use technologies, manufacturing techniques, over 8 million jobs, and the tax base – move to communist China.

      Compared to the above – everything wrong Obama has done doesn’t match a decent fraction of even ONE of the above.

  • Les

    IF THIS IS TRUE, this country needs to re-assess it’s defense programs and what we pass along to our allies. China is really starting to piss people off, and we definitely don’t need our closest NATO partners contributing to the distrust.

    Let all the terrorists and those out there who wants the US to fail, that they are on notice that we will not accept failure as an option.

    • guest

      China is the biggest lender to the US government. Our standard of living would have been far lower if China had not been supporting US government’s deficit spending. You analyze problems like a little kid, focusing on one tiny aspect and ignore the overall picture.

      • Bernard
      • FreeAmerica

        You make statements of opinion like they are fact.

        • guest

          China is the biggest lender to the US government. It’s a fact. You are not only ignorant of widely known facts, but also ignorant of simple ways to verify the fact.

          • Mao’s Dong

            Here’s a fact for you:

            Declaration of war expunges all debt between the adversarial nations.

    • blight_

      It’s not a huge deal. Elbit would be happy to outfit their aircraft if LM or Boeing wants to sell neutered, useless export versions of aircraft to the Israelis.

  • America should cut ties and leave them to their Arab and Persian neighbours!

  • Oli
  • Oli
  • Oli
  • Oli
  • Oli

    If the US gives billions in defense to ISRAEL They have a stake in the technology and companies that exist. Yes it maybe an Israeli company but where did it get its funding from. Where do all Israeli defense companies get there funding from. Israel would not exist with out US funding and support period. So when you say the company is an Israeli company to me its all semantics.

    • Stephen Nair

      If incidents like these are such a big problem for the US than why don’t the administration give aid to Israel with a conditional clause in place. That way we won’t have to bicker over who gives what to whom. Israel is doing exactly what the US does, supplying military know-how to the highest bidder. Now you know why NSA has to spy on the world. We cannot trust any country further than the formal relations established under international protocols. Most of the so-called technology transfer to other countries from the US were facilitated by our allies or ‘loyal’ citizens. Its unfortunate but the reality of geopolitics demand our constant monitoring of who does what. So all of you who cry foul over what Israel is doing should first support our government in its endeavor to keep tab of both enemies and allies alike.

  • Lance

    Israels revenge fro Obama spying on there leaders????

  • Bastardus Obesus

    Ricor is an Israeli company, morons! It sells Israeli tech used in America, but invented and designed in Israel. Please also note that Israel is not under obligation to transfer advanced military tech to America. Do you really want to compete with Israeli scientists and engineers? You may come to the finish as the fastest loser.

  • robertsgt40

    Israel has been selling everything the US has for decades. A buck is a buck.

  • Geoff Goldberg

    Thank you, happy merchant!

    You are greatest ally!

  • DBM

    Never forget Israel is our allie and not our friend. They have their own agenda which coincides only because they are the only non muslim country in the area. Israel has a long history of corruption and selling our technology to china. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ The people sell china the same technology that will ultimately be used by Iran to destroy them. Guess they figure that before that happens they will move back to America with all that money they made selling us out.

  • ulisesvelez



    For Israel to do this type of thing is just wrong. You would think that Israel would be smarter than this.

  • Mikey

    A grain of Salt please.

  • Doubtom

    Not one question as to WHY Israel would be ‘giving’ technology to China??? Was there profit involved? was this actually a “sale”? Can we justify continued support for such a bunch of back-stabbers.

  • John
  • Mark

    It’s well known that a lot of China’s tech advances in the past 10-15 years have come from the Israelis.

    • Joe

      Yup, because a country of 1.35 billion people with better test scores than the Americans can’t do any advances on their own….

  • texmcfaden

    So now, on top of the muslim terrorists, we have the jewish traitors.

    It’s time to stop helping others when we hav 1 out of every 4 American children going hungry in the “second wealthiest nation in the world.”

    It’s bad enough America is no longer the best educated country, but now we rank #1 in the world for hungry children too?!?!??

    Congress and the White House go beyond pathetic, and all of the “do-gooders” so concerned with children around the world are ignoring people on their own streets and in their own schools and churches.

    How can anyone take a country seriously when it cannot even manage its own money or feed its own children.


    Just like Israel for selling U.S. technology to an oppressor of people… which quite frankly has to be contrary to everything jews are taught!

    • FreeAmerica

      Unfortunately for you you don’t seem to understand that America is not utopia. Nothing is this world is even close. We are on a big rock flying around a ball of fire at 18,000 MPH, its all chaos. The government isn’t responsible for feeding the children, their parents are. If they cant feed their children don’t have children. The government doesn’t feed my children, I do. I am also responsible for their education. If my child does poorly I blame me.

      • guest

        I don’t see how you can possibly be responsible for your kids’ education while you yourself are so ignorant of so many things.

  • Guest

    Where is MAJROD on this subject. MAJROD always has ready “Excuses” for everything
    the Government of Israel does. Lets hear Your lame Excuses for this latest Israeli outrage MAJROD. = ____________________________________________

  • ucair

    Name of the game; Chess.
    Players are the grand masters, those decision comes from grand thinker behind them.
    Every piece on the chess board are “zombies” with high technologies waiting for the grand master to make a move. The grand master could be between US-China, Israel-China, Europe-Middle East or US, Israel, Saudi-Iran or what ever. Game never played outside the board of UN. Who ever win or lost, is still on the board of UN. For the masses, they are audiences. Some thinking they known the next move to be taken, a minutes group can only guess close enough to what is the next move. But majorities are sleepers thinking they know something but they are sleeper and may be would not ever wake up.

  • tom

    The governance of Israel is rotting the core of the U.S.G. By kissing up to china, again. It wouldn’t mind at all to see a war between China and the U.S.A. It would just infiltrate that govt. like AIPAC has done to this country. If that goal becomes difficult, it would play its “Ooh Pitiful Me” song about its famous holocaust and the world would continue to tear itself apart while the Zionist Illuminati puts another notch on its gun…that the U.S.A. gave it.

  • Tad

    When has Israel NOT passed US military technology on to the Chinese? And when has Israel NOT spied on the US as if it were spying on an enemy? And I would point out that Israel had mastered the art of spying on the US with human assets since not long after the NSA was first created. IMO, if the NSA is spying on Israel, and I haven’t heard that it is but I would assume so, then I would simply say turnabout is fair play.

  • It’s a larger problem. Ricor coolers can be used for military IR technology, but also for tech that can detect pipeline leaks, and other dual-use roles.

    The same loopholes let Eurocopter export its Dauphin helicopter (now China’s main Z-9 naval helicopter, plus a Z-10 attack helicopter variant), and ensure that China’s diesel-electric subs run on German engines. Among other European dual-use exports.

    Countries around the world will trade with China, and more and more items are effectively dual-use. The difference is that Israel has both an agreement with the USA, and avenues through which pressure can be applied. France and Germany just tell the USA to mind its own business.

    It would have been nice if DefenseTech had been a bit lighter on the Jewish Conspiracy angle, and actually reported the larger issue that VOA raised at the same time.

    As the USA continues to get weaker, expect more of this from Europe and other source of military technology (now including Brazil, Turkey, etc. as well as the usual suspects).

  • israelisellouts

    Israelis are traitors, cut ALL funding and any other aid we give to them.

  • A. Griffin

    We should cut down our support to Israel and spent that money for our own Military and other development. . . China is now an economic giant, we should tax heavily american companies that are operating in China so that it won’t be worth having factories there. It will help our neighbor in the south of the border to open the factories there instead of China thereby also solving the illegal immigration from south of the border. If they have jobs there they won’t cross the border as illegal immigrants instead as a tourist thereby benefiting our tourist industries.

  • Joe

    RICOR – Cryogenic & Vacuum Systems
    En Harod Ihud 18960, Israel.

    American company and technology huh?

  • Patriot

    This report is inflammatory bunk. I’ve looked to see what is actually going on, and what I find is that US technology makes it’s way to China through European purchasers of weapons sold to Israel, that Israeli technology is being sold to China that is void of American content, that the US has a huge anti-China stance regarding technology sales and ANY tech sales to China is slammed, and that both Israel and the US don’t want high technology to fall into the hands of, or be sold to, countries that could harm them. I didn’t find anything in Maariv about this, and they’re leftist liars anyway.

  • that hideous parasite is still trying to get Jonathon Pollard freed … time to call out israel for the frenemy they are and cut off ALL money and military aid to them

    • Joe

      You mean like how they freed American spies in Israel.

  • oh yeah, and we need to make it illegal for dual-citizens to hold any positions of high office in the United States and/or security clearance … most who do are, of course, israelis

  • Frank C

    They need to stop transferring technology to Israeli until they get their people under control. Period.

    • Mao’s Dong

      They’ve already got the Palestinians under control…

  • Bill

    It’s sad we consider Israel our “closest ally” when they pull shit like this, and this isn’t the first time. Selling out allied relations to make a quick buck; apparently in the jewish kingdom of god lies the fact that money > morality… great allies.

  • elmo

    may be u should ask ur cia about those dealings. i doubt they are unaware of it. now china is more bold on its plan to dominate asia pacific and it affect us. would u mind letting us steal some tech we can use on them? never mind may be we turn to china now. its more … how u say it.. cost effective

  • Carroll Knapp

    We should cut out all aid to everybody including Isreal, before we go down ourselves which is where were headed.

  • Speedy

    It is nice to see Israel and Iran getting along now, sharing technology and weapons etc.


    Israel equally supply U.S, with technology, including Drone technology, intelligence and special military equipment. Israel is also America’s front line and carrying out all the dirty ops Americans are either not permitted to or unable to do. Passing a package of technology that included a bit of U.S. technology is a strategic input to China’s Silk Routes offensive which will sooner than later alleviate pressure on the U.S.


    Yet there seems to be no problem with Clinton transferring aerospace guidance systems and engine technology for missiles to target our air craft carriers.

  • joe

    “Another Israeli news site, Aretz Sheva, reports the U.S. is concerned the technology could ultimately find its way to Iran”

    You would like to think that Israel would find things finding their way to Iran concerning too.

  • Joe

    Here is the real story, not this unsourced trash tabloid drivel that DT posted:

    The cooler was just sold to a French firm for use in their equipment. Turns out it was the French that transferred the electro-optical part to China.

    • Mao’s Dong

      It’s in the hands of the ‘yellow peril’, now, so how it was conveyed is immaterial. The missiles will still rain down like wormwood irrespective of how many passport stamps it has.

  • Menzie

    I am usually pro-Israeli but in this case they are pushing the bounds of friendship. Maybe it is time for us to re-think our guilt based relationship. I mean c’mon for chris’sake this is ridiculous. Why are we giving them billions in aid, FMS and tech transfers when it goes right to potential foes?

  • frank

    from the ones who brought us… Attack and murder on the SS Liberty?
    DUMP isreal

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  • e-cigs safe Report: Israel Passes U.S. Military Technology to China | Defense Tech

  • Brutal Honesty

    They’ve been caught over and over again for decades.

    They basically can’t control themselves – selling US secrets to the Chinese who turn right around and sell weapons to the Arabs.