Video Copter Drone Built to Follow You

AirDroidThe engineers at AirDroid have developed a miniature helicopter drone that can carry a GoPro camera and follow you through the air simply by tracking the smartphone in your pocket.

Called the Pocket Drone, it was built to offer aerial video and photography to hobbyists and action sports adventurers, but it’s not hard to see the possible benefits this technology could provide to special operations teams or intelligence collection missions.

AirDroid has only built a prototype as the company itself looks to get off the ground with a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for the company.

The Pocket Drone comes ready to fly right out of the box and deploys in less than 20 seconds. It weighs only 1 pound and is easy to carry with three folding propellers.

The drone features a camera mount and built-in landing gear. The tri-copter design also allows for extended flights with flight times as long as 20 minutes.

What sets this copter drone apart is its “follow me” mode, which allows a skier or mountain biker to go down a trail and have the drone follow him while collecting video. All you need is a smartphone in your pocket.

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Michael Hoffman
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  • Bernard

    This thing is an RF controlled toy, any hacker kid with a radio could take over control of this thing, or even snoop on it’s signal. You need line of sight satellite coms or go home.

    • JamcaicanMeAfraid

      I don’t think they are actually selling it as a military tool. it seems marketed for the hobbyist or for personal use.

      • Bernard

        I know that, I’m responding to defense tech ‘ comment that Spec Ops could use it. They can’t, it’s not secure.

    • JohnB

      No. Smartphone is not easily hackable if at all.

    • You actually consider yourself important enough for that to ever by an issue? Do most who would use this device think think that way? You may be overplaying it some.

      • Bernard

        You need to work on your reading skills. If Spec Ops used an RF toy in theater, it would be compromised. This has nothing to do with me, I’m not actively serving anymore.

  • Musson

    Just think of what Jim Rockford could have done with one of those!

  • hibeam

    These things could be the anti dote for the knock out game. Don’t leave home without one.

  • Mikey

    Follow me and they will be bored to death. Besides I never go anywhere.

  • david
  • Dave

    I could use one to inspect my gutters.

    • gogoody

      Dave…, this got a big laugh out of me. But, then I am a sucker for simple humor. Thanx.

      • It is after all only limited by ones imagination. There are lost of things you could look at without a ladder. So safety is one asset. Looking for a lost pet or child one could get the additional view from above as you looked. What they need is a shield to prevent the blades from doing damage if it goes down.

    • Good idea !

  • Lance

    Last thing we need another spy toy for Obama to use against the people of this nation.
    Im With many this is for hobbyist NOT for military use at all.

    • Jim C

      How many “spy toys” do you think Obama actually developed dumb ass… His spy toys were all developed by Republicans

  • guest

    throw it with your hand, not drone.

  • Hunter76

    Train your own dog.

    • gogoody

      Don’t throw it.., stroke it.

  • Dan

    I have built my own quadcopter version of this. Mega Pirate open source software allows the GPS follow feature. Nothing new here. Any hobbyist can build this.

  • anthony bauwens

    How can we stop our houses air space from such things? I mean could have a bad neighbor and wqell be sold>>>

  • Jimmie

    Not able to see the video only see this video is private.