Air Force Set to Launch Next Generation Engine Program

JSF engineAir Force leaders say the service is preparing to launch a $1 billion new-start next-generation jet engine development program to be detailed in the upcoming fiscal year 2015 budget proposal.

“What we’re looking at is adaptive engine technology. We think this is a big area for us to move into,” Ricky Peters, executive director, Air Force Research Laboratory told an audience Feb. 26 at the Bloomberg Government Defense Summit, Washington D.C. 

The roughly $1 billion in funding will span a five year period which will focus on developing, validating and demonstrating new engine technologies which increase speed, thrust and power while also improving fuel efficiency.

The service’s current program, Adaptive Versatile Engine Technology, or ADVENT, advances a similar concept regarding what Peters referred to as adaptive engine technology.

The effort is aimed at not only achieving far greater speeds in flight but combining that technology with fuel efficiency improvements and other performance enhancements.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel mentioned the new Air Force engine program in his Feb. 24 comments on the upcoming 2015 budget release.

“We recommended investing one billion dollars in a promising next-generation jet engine technology which we expect to produce sizeable cost savings and reduce fuel consumption,” Hagel said.

Hagel said the new engine technology program will also lower maintenance costs for aircraft and help preserve the industrial base.

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Kris Osborn
Kris Osborn is the managing editor of Scout Warrior.
  • William_C1

    Hopefully this could be as great or greater leap forward as the first military class turbofan engines were.

    • Dale Christopher

      Flying tanks on the way. First comes Chinook, the comes Osprey, then comes flying BMP, then comes jet powered flying tank. Not M1A1 obviously, more along the lines of Crusader Class.

    • Jorge

      the first turbofans were a huge advance in technology compared to turbojets. If the technology and performance gains are similar the DoD will be very happy

  • hibeam

    Next Generation Engine Program? I will alert the Commander in Golf. This money could be used to pay people to not work.

    • Kurt Montandon

      Do you enjoy coming here to be mocked?

      • oblatt2

        No reply… we’ll ask it again… folks do you enjoy coming here to be mocked by hibeam ?

      • hibeam

        Do you ever follow the national news? Obama is eviscerating the military in favor of welfare programs.

        • Dale Christopher

          Obama is eviscerating the military because over ten years in a war without hardly a purpose, looking for guy that could have been caught in the first couple months if Bush had deployed what his generals told him to deploy (the marines instead of army mountain brigade, my terminology may be off here but that’s how it was), many of these people (service members) have been corrupted by the terrible power at their disposal and the constant killing they do. They don’t deserve the honor of serving. They can’t possibly be kept in the positions of power they are in with good conscience being maintained.
          We are ready to fight a big war, against a capable adversary rather than just militants.
          In the meantime we need to treat the Republican party as pariahs, and vote third party members into their seats in the senate and house. This will solve the budget crisis in four to six years. (I’m talking back in the BLACK, not just paying down to reasonable level.)

          • sickunclesam

            The unit requested and not delivered was an Army Ranger Battalion to block the exits at Tora Bora in late 2001. Rumsfeld refused and the rest is history. Just one of many of Rummy’s horrible decisions.

          • Dale Christopher

            I had heard differently. Also it was the decision to seize that mid ground of the mountains rather than the ground.

          • Boy you are a stooge for the Dems aren’t you. Your favorite President was mocking Romney about the 80s wanting their foreign policy back too. But go ahead, let the Russians walk all over the Ukrainians. President Obama only promised them that we would uphold their national territorial borders. Good thing the Ukrainians trusted Obama isn’t it.

        • getoverit

          obama bad! welfare bad! boohoo! whatever will we do? its all obama’s fault! waaaaahhhhh!

        • Kurt Montandon

          I’m guessing you couldn’t name the defense budget off the top of your empty head if a gun was held to it.

          • Dale Christopher

            How does a gun being held to someone’s head make it easier for them to name something?

          • burkefett

            It’s the motivational aspect.

  • Lance

    More like there green Navy engine experiments that blew 100+ Billion for nothing and don’t forget regular jet fuel was cheap compared to green fuel which is $400 a gallon yeah that real brain power.

    • Hunter76

      Where do you get your nonsense? $400/gal for green fuel? $400/gal gets quoted for (air-dropped) gas in Afghan.

      • DRTexas

        You’re right Hunter. The “green fuel” was estimated to have cost only $18-$20 per gallon; compared to the $4 they were currently using.

        The military was the only place the administration could force to buy it from the subsidised “green producers”.

        • Meatpopsicle

          Do you not see the strategic value of a renewable fuel source? A fuel source that wouldn’t rely on the middle east?

    • Todd

      bio fuel and other sustainable fuels were tested and developed by the military but never saw operational use. Also, the Navy did not blow 100 plus billion dollars on “green engines.”

      Where do people get their facts?

  • rtsy

    Looks like this is ADVENT program is an offshoot of the F-35 program, designing a future replacement engine for it.

    • rtsy

      And as a side note, don’t you love how everyone has just forgotten about the F-22?

    • CharleyA

      Which it sorely needs, now that it seems we are stuck with it. The F-35 lacks the range to operate in the Pacific. This engine will help somewhat, and the technology could be adapted to other turbines.

  • Tinto

    Hope it works better than the F-35 program, otherwise they will have a new engine in about 2050 @ 14 Trill over budget.

    • Musson

      Here is another delay in the F35 program. It seems that the 4 prototype
      suddenly became self away and the plane had to be destroyed.

      • Hunter76

        The article you’re citing is literally a joke. There’s no truth there.

  • retired462

    I guarantee you that the admin awards it to “GE”. Still have to take care of “buds”.

    • Bronco46

      Too True! Thumbs Up on your comment. NBC, CNBC, GE, all in the Democratic parties back pocket.

  • hibeam

    If you rotate the picture clockwise by 90 degrees you are looking at the Marine version.

    • Dale Christopher


    • Anonymous

      How much do I need to spend to rotate the picture 90 degrees?

      • Dale Christopher

        That depends on who you contract out to! remember, a small start up company invented the designs for the classic and universally loved Jeep in WWII! How much longer before the military can do all the work IN HOUSE?

      • Nadnerbus

        first you are going to need to get a picture rotation joint study group together to establish picture rotation requirements. Then you are going to have to submit a Request for Proposal out to industry with the parameters created. Then the contract will go to Lockheed anyway. About halfway through the picture rotation development program, it will be time to change the original parameters after about two thirds of the work has already been done. It’s ok though, since Lockheed is on a cost plus contract anyway.

        All told it should come out to around six to eight hundred billion.

  • John

    My guess for the push on this program is to improve the performance of the F-35.
    This engine will get the fighter back to the original design goals on speed and range.
    It will also allow the Marine version to get back the vertical performance that will be lost by the time they can pass the long term stress testing they are now failing.
    This engine will be a failsafe for Lockheed to save the program if “real” performance cant compete now or in the future

  • Ben

    This could easily translate to upgraded F-35 engines down the road, but more likely is that they’re trying to break ground on tech for 6th Gen platforms. You know, so the tech is actually ready by the time we begin building a next gen aircraft *cough*F-35*cough*

    F/A-XX, save us.

  • BobSacamano

    I look at the accompanying photo and I see, albeit hard to make out, but there appears to be two air intakes out front of the exhaust, maybe that’s the answer to increased performance? Maybe one of the intakes is a bypass, akin to a J-58, although there is no Mach plus airspeed associated with a static test — just musing folks, just musing…

    • Atomic Walrus

      Or they’re testing it with an inlet configuration they’d expect to see on an F-35, given that it’s an F135.

  • Ben

    That’s a P&W F135…

    • Ben



      • BobSacamano

        I sure as heck hope you noticed my admission to my post being a musing? I’m not trying to come across as an expert, just inquisitive. And I’m really impressed with your ability to distinguish exactly what kind of engine that is — extraordinary!

  • Eggshen

    P&W, GE, and I’m guessing RR have each been developing their own versions of the ADVENT, which does draw on technology from the F135 and F136 development, but is not a replacement for said engines. This program is aligned with the nex gen bomber which will, in theory, have both super cruise and low speed/high effeciency loiter capability…thus the term “Adaptive”. Look for more on the capability front in the coming year or two as the engine companies ramp up the marketing push.


    Hagel and Obama when spoken of collectively to function as “leaders” in defense of this Country are equivalent to the computer concept of garbage in garbage out.

  • Speedy

    If you turn the picture upside down, and reveres it… it looks like a giant laser gun.

    Mind you, the Chinese recently announced that their SMOG is a defence against American laser armed warships…

  • Frank TF40/B

    More waste ,fraud and abuse of tax payer money. Sounds like GE A winner

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  • OldBUFFkeeper

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