F-35 Nickname Controversy Brewing with Reaper

F-35 sea trialsNew military aircraft get their official nicknames and with time they receive an unofficial nickname from the ranks. Some unofficial nicknames like the A-10 Warthog or the B-52 BUFF stick. Others like the B-2 Boomerang don’t catch on quite as well.

Last month, a panel of F-35 pilots were asked at a Navy conference in San Diego if the Joint Strike Fighter has received an unofficial nickname yet. The F-35’s official nickname is the Lightning II.

Recognizing the gravity of the moment, a colonel in the audience yelled out to the panel, “here’s your chance to make history.”

Navy Cmdr. Luke Barradell, the fleet integration team and operations officer for Carrier Air Group Eleven, didn’t flinch. He said the F-35 pilots and aircrews would like the Joint Strike Fighter to be called the Reaper. He said the Lightning II wasn’t intimidating enough. The other three pilots on the panel nodded in approval. None of them disagreed.

Of course, Reaper is the official nickname of the RQ-9, the Air Force’s large scale drone. Not sure how that gets settled.

Considering the attention the F-35 has had received throughout its development, it’s likely there are other underground nicknames being brainstormed for the aircraft.


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Michael Hoffman
Michael Hoffman is the executive editor at Tandem NSI and a contributor to Military.com. He can be reached at mhoffman@tandemnsi.com.
  • blight_

    I thought nicknames tended to be gained once an aircraft went into general use, and its quirks drove the nicknames.

    • Bernard

      The F-35 Chickenhawk

      • Anonymous

        The F-35 Lockheed Martin Clusterfk

      • Musson


        • A.g.


          • gildas


    • Weaponhead

      No aircraft has ever taken this long to get to IOC so maybe they felt like they couldn’t wait for that to happen.

    • YoDa79T


  • Mark

    “Solomon’s mine” – for the cost, or “Money Bucket”, “The money pit” like the movie. “Are we there yet?” “F-22’s R now cheaper”

    • pogeybait

      Blunder Bolt

    • kingsnake11

      “Money Pig” is probably more on the mark.

      • gildas

        Thud II
        Because it shares the same stupid premises as the F105 and will suffer the same consequences…

    • the Suppository. no explanation needed.

  • Mark

    With the -35 flying around all day, every day at Eglin, I think a fitting nickname would be Thunder or perhaps Thunder Bolt. It’s guaranteed noisy!

    • Baron

      It would have to be the Thunder Bolt III, the A-10’s already claim that one..

      • Joshua Teel

        Thunderbolt is already taken. A-10 Thunderbolt

  • Dfens

    I’m sure they meant the “Raper” as a pithy reference to what they cost of the program is doing to the US taxpayer.

    • Lockeed is reaping in the cash

    • Guest

      “I am SO not a Raper.” – Dale Doback.

    • how about the Viagra. takes a lot of money to keep it up.

  • guest

    Easy “The F-35 Day Ender”

  • The Old Bear

    I semi call the different variants according the NATO Phonetic alphabet:
    F-35A = Alpha,
    F-35C= Charlie
    However due to the F-35B gross obesity and other problems I call it the Bunter.

    • JEFF

      F-35A = Average
      F-35C= Costly
      F-35B= Bertha

    • Amicus Curiae

      For the B model I nominate the name “Mach Zero”, and I do not mean it is a compliment.

  • John

    Looks like a Flying Squirrel to me

    • Chip Kozy

      So “Rsckt” fits.

      • Chip Kozy

        Sorry…can’t spell…try “Rocky”.

  • Foamythedog

    F-35 Sucker

  • Do not confuse Reaper with Cheaper.

  • derkaderka

    Introducing the all new F-35 Boondoggle…

  • Barry

    The F-35 Kakapo

    • RyanTheeRed

      “the world’s largest, fattest, and least-able-to-fly parrot”

  • Mitch S.

    F-35 Porky (as in heavy and pork barrel).

    F-35 Windows edition (considering the virtual transparent cockpit feature and the bloated software problems)

  • oblatt22

    F-35 Baby Seal

    • Shane

      Yes. Real intimidating.

  • Lance

    Try the: F-35 “Money Pit”, “Boondoggle”, and “Money Sucker”

    And since its slower and less maneuverable than the F-16 and F-15 and F-22 call it the F-35 “slow poke”.

  • SFCPappy

    F-35 Sergeant York II

    • tiger

      Really? for a plane?

      • SFCPappy

        If you are old enough to remember the Sergeant York infantry fighting vehicle you will remember the millions spent on it, it didn’t work and then they melted a dew hundred of them when it was canceled. Quicker to take all that money and burn it in a fire and still be cheaper and safer than either the F 35 or the Sergeant York.

        • DB-1

          Actually the Sergeant York was a mechanized Air Defence Vehicle, like the German Gepard and NOT an INFANTRY FIGHTING VEHICLE, like the M3 Bradley or the BMP, PUMA, MARDER etc.

        • SMSgt Mac

          And if you are old and smart enough to remember, it was an air defense weapon that ran into development problems that got it cancelled about the time it overcame most of it’s problems. you would also recall most of the sensational criticisms against it were wild distortions and untruths: such as the tracking of a building fan..

          • Mike

            I remember the one I was near, she (Sgt. York) was named “Miss Piggy”

  • Rest

    Fitting nicks for the F 35s … Born Loser, Welfare Queen, Fat Turkey

    • Rest

      Other alternatives … F-35A = Arse, F-35B = Broke, F-35C = Crappola.

    • Rest

      Why the down votes? Did I say anything wrong?

  • guest

    F-35 widowmaker

  • PolicyWonk

    Maybe “Hanger Queen”…

  • strategicservice

    F-35 Bolo

  • Mark

    You knew we were going to have fun with this.

  • BlackOwl18E

    My suggestions: F-35 “White Elephant” or F-35 “Turkey.”

  • bobstr

    F-35 THUD, just like the F-105, the sound they make when they hit the ground…..

  • Lets call it the “DUD” or the “TURKEY”.

  • Smith28

    F-35 Gold Digger

  • Tribulationtime


  • satan

    F-35 Chub: its a fat little airplane and about as useful in combat as a chub is at fornicating.

  • Jacob Coop

    Being that the f-35 was to work in conjunction with the F-22 Raptor, it should be of a similar family of names. I believe Raptor refers to a predatory eagle. Being the F-35 is smaller and not as suited for high altitude it should be a lesser name than Raptor. Maybe F-35 Raven or F-35 Hawk. You catch my drift ?

    • oblatt22

      yea or Passenger Pigeon

      • mike

        The snipe hunter

      • Travis

        A raven isn’t a raptor. If it’s as slow as you say and you want a bird name for it call it the F-35 Vulture.

    • Zmann

      Humming Nerd?

    • tiger

      NO……….. As a Lockheed product, it needs a traditional Lockheed family name. Lightning 2 is ok.

      • swatter

        Or Lightning Bug.

  • Stan

    I feel the drone lived up to its moniker admirably and should be able to keep it. It’s too soon to name the F-35 and I get the feeling naming it now would amount to a promotional campaign.

  • Josh

    F-35 “Crackpot” – since it seems to be cracking into many pieces.

  • Stan

    F-35 “Short Bus”

    • As an airmen who works on A10’s, I fully support my jet being “replaced” by the Short Bus.

  • voodkokk

    It does not look like a Reaper, plus that name will probably piss off someone like the Crusaders. We need a more pleasant name like Happiness.

    • Dfens

      Maybe they should call it “Black Friday” after the first shopping day after Thanksgiving? I know Lockheed is happy every time they deposit a government check for that airplane.

      • Guest

        The F-35 Profit Margin.
        Or just the F-35 Profit.

  • DLM

    F-35 Scythe

  • dubweiser101

    When taking into consideration the amount of money this thing has cost us, and how that money was actually obtained, I think a fitting name would be: F-35 Shilock.

    • Shakes

      Three thousand ducats!

    • aaron schlosberg

      As in Jew? Really, you’re that much a big got?

  • Alf

    How about moneypit?

  • Nessuno

    “Turkey” or nothing.

  • William_C1

    The F-35 haters aside I can’t think of any recent aircraft nickname that expresses a feeling of negativity or dislike by the actual pilots of that aircraft.

    Even many unflattering nicknames like “BUFF” (B-52) and “SLUF” (A-7) were often used as a strange term of endearment by their own crews. Others like F-15 pilots calling the F-16 the “lawn dart” based on the high crash rate in early years were rarely if ever used among “Viper” pilots and maintenance crew.

    I’m sure pilots of other fighters will come up with some humorous titles. Probably centered around costs or the fact it is a short and heavy machine. Sort of like “lead sled”.

    I’m guessing F-35 pilots themselves will come up with something relating to the positives of the aircraft, yet unofficial nicknames are really the sort of thing that will just appear on their own.

    To all of those suggesting “Turkey”, the F-14 was commonly referring called that based on looks when wings are fully unswept, flaps fully deployed, and all of that. It was certainly called a turkey by the programs opponents but I doubt many on carriers called the F-14 that in a derisive manner.

    • SMSgt Mac

      This is just VFA-101 Grim Reapers (Eglin F-35 trainers) trying to get their own little imprimatur on the plane before it goes into the fleet. The name will come when it comes, but I say give it the ‘Rhino’ handle on the big decks. The F-18E/F didn’t deserve the honor.- Hey! This throwing out cheap shots without supporting rationale IS easy isn’t it? No wonder it’s so popular in these parts. [;-)

  • ericgmail

    but officially stating an unofficial name seems like a PR stunt to me. unless reaper is referring to plane and the pilot is the target. that wouldn’t be the first time a plane has been given a fatal nickname.

  • mark spicer


  • 009

    F-U ALL

  • S O

    The Swedes once called a fighter of theirs “Tunnan” – ton
    I think the F-35 deserves to be called “ton” or “barrel”.

  • Dickus

    So the decision is left up to three random pilots? Anyway, who cares what the nickname of a lowly drone is? F-35 is pulling rank on that one.

  • Weaponhead

    Gotta be the “Black Hole”. Perfectly describes its stealth capability and its ability to suck up the entire DoD budget.

  • docmortis

    F35 Dork

  • Chris

    F-35 TERMINATOR……”Don’t fear the Reaper.”

    • Rest

      To be more precise … USAF-terminator, because it has made USAF a lame bluff.

  • lukequarter

    It’s quite hilarious that one person went through and down voted EVERY negative comment.

  • Bob

    the leech

  • Ben

    Call it the ground-hugger, since it isn’t fit for the air.

  • whackattack

    How about F-35 Junker

  • Lewis Mashburn


  • FryaDuck

    F-35 X-Wife

    X being an unknown quantity, Wife being a drain on finances

  • Justin B

    I’d settle for Ford’s lead and call it the “Nova”… or better known as No Va..

    • tiger

      Chevy made the Nova.

      • SFCPappy

        The F-35 Edsel

    • blight_

      Or in french, “no go” would be ne va…never!


  • Pretor

    F35 – Lazarus (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lazarus_of_Bethany). Maybe Jesus can make it wake from the dead….

  • winghead

    They used the A 10 as a reference of a nickname not because they want to call it a warthog. To the few who commented duh the warthog is taken. As far as naming it…..”Paperweight” because various parts will be available as paperweights soon. The 22 kicks it’s ass

  • Jimmy

    How about the F-35 Obummer? All show and no go!!

  • Jimmy

    How about the F-35 Obummer? All show and no go!

  • The “Obama”. It promises a lot but doesn’t deliver shi*

    • LGM30G


  • F-35 Zeus, F-35 Scythe, R-2D35

  • Ryan11

    F35 Budget Killer.

  • Dondi

    Coz of the Boredom i’ll call the F35 wildbore!

  • Greg Maloney

    Pop-up The Failure Plan? Sailor Inhaler?

  • Outhouse?

  • Eddie Orozco

    F-35 Ex-Wife

  • Mike

    For a so called stealth jet it is noisy as hell. They should nickname it budget killer. We don’t need an aircraft like this. Not a fan of single engine jets.

  • mike


    • mike


  • Nemesis

  • Freddie

    Striker ! But first get it working right…

  • Bronco46

    Very true!!!

  • Mangled Baby Duck is my suggestion. Of course you’ll have to be a fan of early SNL to get that one.

  • Frank

    What’s laughable are the comments comparing it unfavorably to the F-22 which has been grounded more than my 4 teenagers AFTER it went into operation.

  • niboshibandito

    How about Edsel?

  • oblatt22

    F-35 Inevitable Failure
    F-35 Failure Assured
    F-35 Failure is Normal
    F-35 Loser Special

  • oblatt22

    Rumor has it that F-35 pilots will not call out Bogeys but instead call out “Canadian ! Canadian !”

  • JJ Murray

    They should be calling it the DOA. If they want to call it Reaper however, that’s not a conflict, they’ve got enough money flowing into this program they can BUY the nickname from the drone community.

  • Starbird2000

    F-35 Ghost

    “Call in the Ghosts”…:)

  • Anonymous

    What about the F-35 Havoc? Seems fitting…

  • Angie

    To commemorate some “classic” birds, which never quite lived up to their hype, I suggest “Buffalo”, or perhaps “Aerocobra” !

    • buffalo would be appropriate. just like the infamous naval fighter of ww 2 . or how about the target.

    • I just finished rdaieng Thirteen Days to Midnight, and I think it is one of the best books in the world!!!! It would be totally awesome if you wrote a sequel to this book, maybe where Jacob, Oh, and Milo meet another kid with the Diamond and they sort of compare notes and stuff once again, great job on the book!!! YOu are a very talented writer and I aspire to be like you when I’m older!

  • Tom

    F35 DAGGER

  • Stan Meyer Jr

    Lawn Dart

  • tiger

    In keeping with Lockheed name tradition, fearsome, A play on a hard to kill project?

    Thinking out the box? HYDRA…… 3 Versions, 3 headed monster…

    Hydra |ˈhīdrə|
    1 Greek Mythology a many-headed snake whose heads grew again as they were cut off, killed by Hercules.
    • [as n. ] ( hydra) a thing that is hard to overcome or resist because of its pervasive or enduring quality or its many aspects.
    2 Astronomy the largest constellation (the Water Snake or Sea Monster), said to represent the beast slain by Hercules. Its few bright stars are close to the celestial equator. Compare with Hydrus .
    • [as genitive ] ( Hydrae |-drē|) used with a preceding letter or numeral to designate a star in this constellation : the star Beta Hydrae.

  • Ricardo Briozzo


  • chip

    I read lot of cool nicknames, may I suggest also:

    [ ] F35 “gold sucker”
    [ ] F35 “junk suck fighter”
    [ ] F35 “money guzzler”
    [ ] F35 “lemon fighter”
    [x] F35 “dead duck” , that’s my favourite because F35 can’t run, can’t climb, can’t turn http://youtu.be/UQB4W8C0rZI

  • manny

    ok folks let’s take a break here ,. but for me I will call this plane DEEP POCKETS because after a few times In the air it will cost millions just to keep up with it ok. and they try to compare it to the a-10 please

  • Mambo

    I get a kick out of the comments on here whenever the F-35 is brought up. 99.9% of the people on here know less than nothing about the aircraft and couldn’t find Eglin on a map. It’s a perfect example of the media creating the narrative. In due time the F-35 is going to revolutionize air warfare and you won’t find an active duty pilot that flies them to say anything different.

    • SFCPappy

      Let us see how great it is when they are flown regularly and how many pilots are killed just for the sake of a new toy that the kids will break a day after opening it up. Look at aviation history and you’ll find many aircraft that were duds and some were killer duds. But at least then the prototypes were FULLY tested before buying a few hundred.

    • Red Ryder

      Eglin, Isn’t that in the closest the Air Force gets to getting its feet wet?

    • GFace

      Is it tough for you to walk with your nose held so hi in the air?

  • Dfens

    I like the names that stick with the star theme so how about Canis Majoris or Big Dog? It’s a huge, dying, red giant star in the constellation of Canis Major. It is what a star becomes just before they go dark, much like our aerospace industry.

  • Since its a VSTOL type aircraft, “The Wasp” seems fitting! It can hover and also fly off just like the insect.

  • Mash

    F-35 Cinderblock

  • gkm

    F-35 flying dud

  • Michael_AF_Ret

    If you fly it you can name it. If you don’t you can’t. Three variants, so far, with changes in specifications from multi-national sources makes big changes in cost. We sell the aircraft with basic avionics to other nations the cost goes down. It ain’t over gentlemen. How much money went down the drain when Obama financed alternate energy research? And, I still can’t afford an electric car. A car that uses more fossil energy and resources to build than current vehicles will cost over a lifetime.

    • Dfens

      Yeah, one welfare program promotes another. Spoken just like a bureaucrat.

      • Michael_AF_Ret

        Hi! Dfens. I thought you might show up. Welfare is your answer. So, when you turn on your television, drive your car, turn on a light switch, make comments on your computer – you recognize they came from “welfare” programs. The development programs conducted by the military may not reflect fiscal responsibility to you and others. But your computer’s ancestry was a “very, very basic computer” used to calculate naval ballistic tables. When the military wanted to make radios smaller, the transistor was created. Now, think about the 10s of millions of jobs throughout today’s industries and the rate of technological change. And, I bet you carry a cell phone that has a GPS chip. And, do you answer “Yes” each time your computer asks if it should use your current location. Everything the military invests in, or creates, will one day trickle down to the consumer level creating demand, new jobs, new ways to use the technology. One day the F-35’s technology will trickle down and do the same. I guess you can call it Welfare. If you focus on just one tree; you will not see the forest. You see the dollars: but, you don’t see the jobs, new technology, detterence, and the pilots. I see all that and the fact that every dollar goes somewhere to be taxed, invested in other businesses, buy food, buy new cars, pay more taxes. Follow a single dollar bill spent on one component on the aircraft. How many hands does it pass through? Each time it changes hands, it starts a cascade for tax revenue, more product resources, wages, did I mention taxes. Multiply that for each change of hands. I’m sure those people don’t look at it as welfare. They work at a job so they get paid in dollars, even military R&D dollars. You can’t name an industry that has not benefited and profited from the military. If you think of one let me know,

  • Rob C.


  • Rob C.

    My only thoughts is the crews should name it not the some officers who will never fly the plane or even take care of it. Nicknames come from usage, not from officals. Officially its Lightning II, but in end crew’s name will be one look for.

  • dan762

    Fuzzy Puppy

  • Red Ryder

    “Reaper” projects an appealing vision! “Pale Horse” would be a great squadron name. Or, how about “Horsemen”?

  • mario


  • JustLaughing

    How about FORD – Fix Or Repair Daily?

  • Gweed

    F-35 iFighter

  • chris

    I am going to try this again. I am sorry if I offended anyone in my first comment.

    At this point in the history of the US Military it would be easier to name any major project that the US Military has wanted, designed or developed in the past seventy five years that did not have technical or fiscal problems of some kind.

    These kind of problems are to be expected and also happen in other new designs in the private sector. Anything from baby swings to cars seats to plumbing fixtures, to household appliances. With the use of computers and simulators the risk and dangers of test flights are lower than they were forty years ago. Using computers and simulators are one of the reasons these new system cost so much.

    Also policies and actions of Washington bureaucrats and the news media have a lot to do with the success and failure of these projects. If there wasn’t any problems at all that would be the time to worry.

    The success the US had during and after the Cold War was from systems that during development gave as much if not more problems than the ones the F 35 face today. During the first Gulf war the newest plane, The F 18 had more combat losses than any other plane in the conflict.

    • Dfens

      But it is so damn cost effective. Who gives a damn about the pilots?

  • IronV

    Jeesh. Not much original thinking coming out of the old Academy these days… “Reaper??!!” A nickname the same as the official name for another (quite active) aircraft? How about “Eagle?” or “Fighting Falcon?” or better yet, “Stratofortress!” Yeah, that’s it. The F-35 Stratofort!

  • Jim

    It’s a shame to see so many suckers that believe all the left wing media bashing of the F-35.

  • Stevedabeast

    “Vampire” for all the money it has sucked out of our pockets.

  • Dan

    I heard that a former SECNAV already gave it an unofficial nickname several years ago. It was the Brewster Buffalo II.

    • TheBoomerangKid

      That big fat body = the Buffalo. Congratulations, you get my vote. That is perfect!

    • Vpanoptes

      I vote for this one.

  • Kevin

    F-35 C.E.O.

  • Taxpayer

    F-35 Stink Bug

  • Guest

    The F-35 Grounded

  • Dfens

    The F-35 Walk.

  • JustLaughing

    I know most of you won’t like or agree with this – but just when is too much enough????? I do expect to see a lot of thumbs down – but I support the military – what I don’t support is making corporations rich off of American’s backs. So line up those thumbs down boys!!

    America Spent $1.5 Trillion On A Jet That Doesn’t Work. How Many Schools Is That, Do You Think? http://www.upworthy.com/america-spent-15-trillion

    • William

      “Spent”? no, the original $1.2T (not $1.5T), now $0.9T is a rediculous 50 year from now WAG, most heavily influenced by fuel prices. Never before has any weapon system been made to forecast a total end-state prediction. Interesting there has yet to be a similar forecast for the combined cost of the F-15, F-16, F/A-18, A-10 and AV-8B aircraft which are being replaced by the F-35.

  • Gerald

    I’m a Retired Air force Mechanic, I wold call it the Striker .

  • J. Montana

    If they want a really intimidating name they should call it the F-35 ‘Death Dealer’.

  • John D

    Should be “Bank Breaker”!

  • It’s a bit wordy, but how about the F-35 JOBS-PROGRAM?

    • Dfens

      More like the F-35 Welfare program.

  • F-35 Grounded Goose
    It lays golden eggs and it does not fly!

    But Gold Digger or Hydra are worthy names.

  • GFace

    I’m saying “Brass Goose”
    Some of the favs:
    Chicken Hawk, X-Wife, Black hole, Kakapo, Ghost

  • jsallison


  • xzimppledink

    “let them eat cake” would be too long,

  • f101 voodoo crew chief

    Honey Bucket, cost over run bucket of bolts.

  • WOW

    For the jet that lost in a close quarters dogfight to an F-16 LMAO XD

    • William_C1

      Don’t underestimate the F-16 in a dogfight. Even today few aircraft can match its sustained turn rate. Chances are the F-16 could beat an F-15 or Su-27 in a close quarters dogfight although both are far superior in other areas.

  • zoneofsubduction

    The logical choice is F/B111 version 2.0, aka “McNamara’s Revenge”.

  • Obilic

    F35- Budjanovci II

  • They had it right. The Reaper will be the new F-35′ s replacement, to costly, unable to carrying adequate weaponry, and not able to do a close ground support mission as it’s to fast and lacks the dodgem skills… It’s engines IR plumes will lead weapons right to it. All that signature conrol don’t mean squat if your going to use this POS to repalce A10’s in that terrain hugging ground support role. Its down and out after one slug tears into it…

  • redviking

    How about “Waste of Money”, ” EGO TRIP” or “I cost so much we fired everyone else to pay for it” (might have to wrap around the tail several times but is probably the most accurate.

  • Ben Strasser

    How about Rapier as in a Fencing Sword.

  • TX Chainsaw

    All these suggestions are better than the obvious names had the gov’t picked the Boeing X-32. Thanks to. Clinton, it was nicknamed, The Monica … history buffs should enjoy recalling the rationale.

  • Mike

    The F-35 Greased Palm

  • The Dodo

  • glenn57377

    Just wait to see how it performs in combat after they work the normal bugs out of it. It might be pretty bad***, or, not. The Raptor can handle multiple targets at one time, which can justify a cost. Not sure about the F-35. Nonetheless………air superiority is no longer an option……..let’s see if we the taxpayers have been cheated…..or if we got our money’s worth. Also, don’t forget about the spin-off technoligies the US benefits by research and later release to the public.

  • John Deere

    The “F-Knox”, as it’s become a repository for all the US gold.

  • Muddewater

    F-35 Tim Tebow

  • JEMcKellar

    Cuckoo! Because it eats up so much funding, it kicks all the other birds (F-22, A-10) out of the nest.

  • Asam

    Widowmaker…fitting moniker…as it’s killing the backs that create it!

  • Goldfinger!

  • Solo

    F-35 Mosquito
    F-35 Reaver
    F-35 Dragon
    F-35 Dragoon
    F-35 Horseman

  • iMe

    Bit late, but I like “The Keg” as a nickname to match its profile.

  • How about the widow maker?

  • Mark

    F-35 Megabucks

  • shawn1999

    Just call it the F-35 US Congress.
    Loud, large, useless, able to bring down large governments with a single indecision, and a complete and utter waste of finances to both build and maintain….

  • Mastro

    The “Ex-Wife”- expensive and deadly.

    The Stealth Sled

    The Last Plane (the Air Force can afford to buy)

  • Duuude

    F-35 Mugger



  • How about Lawn Dart II?

  • herpaderpa

    Why not the Anvil ?

    It looks like an anvil, flies like an anvil, weights like an anvil, and is as useful against an opponent as an anvil : the only way to win is to crash it into the enemy’s face.

  • “POS”

  • wpnexp

    Since none of you are actually F-35 pilots, you don’t really get a say in the matter. Sorry. The plane will get a nickname, but it will come from those that actually fly it.

  • St. Bernard……….Oh Snap !!! Kinda insulting to the dogs, eh ?

  • Jeff

    F-35 “Kill Bill”; as in kill money bills.

  • Dear All,

    F35 should have a nick name: Night sky invator. Its missions very good for the night military missions to protect our USA Country.


  • Belkin

    The Barney Fife

    • Belkin

      The Barney fife special

  • Who

    The F-35 “Lightning II” is meant as a replacement for the F-16 “Fighting Falcon”, F-18 “Hornet” and the AV-8B “Harrier II”. Let’s just call the different variants based on their predecessors:

    F-35A “Fighting Falcon II”
    F-35B “Harrier III”
    F-35C “Hornet II”

    As for the unofficial nickname for the overall F-35 program, Hydra is perfect as no matter how much this program has proven to be a failure the politicians in the senate, DoD, and corporations just won’t let it die. It’s causing havoc in all the services.

    The Bradley II will work too. (reference the movie “The Pentagon Wars”)

    • William_C1

      The M2/M3 Bradley proved itself a useful vehicle in several conflicts now. Not perfect by any means, but good by Cold War IFV standards.

  • Magistrate

    honestly the only people I care to hear an opinion about this aircraft from are the people who fly them

  • Missedtheputt

    F-35 Dracula. That Blood Sucker has been putting fear into people for Years never mind what a fleet of Drac’s would do…………….

    • Rest

      It has been putting fear into the wrong people … US tax payers.

      Why not just call it the Blood Sucker, or BS for short.

      I prefer AsinineAss for F-35A, BrokeBroker for F-35B, CrappyCrappola for F-35C.

  • Ronnie


  • Zspoiler

    How about the Black Hole Is it ever going to join the Fleet.? Or will the B-52 still be flying by the time it shows up?

  • opsman

    Nightmare, either it will be the enemy’s worst nightmare or it will be the maintainer’s nightmare when things go wrong with it.

  • how about the lead sled or the lead balloon

  • the lawnmower

  • My name

    F-35 Stripper :3 ?

  • jex

    Fucked 35. as in how the pilot feels when he has to rely on the planes air to air prowess

  • Amicus Curiae

    Lucky Day (F-35A), Dusty Bottoms (F-35B), Ned Nederlander (F-35C),: The Three Amigos!

    Lucky Day: Wherever there is injustice, you will find us.
    Ned Nederlander: Wherever there is suffering, we’ll be there.
    Dusty Bottoms: Wherever liberty is threatened, you will find…
    Lucky Day, Ned Nederlander, Dusty Bottoms: The Three Amigos!

    El Guapo: Are gringos falling from the sky?
    [Ned falls from overhead and lands with a thud]
    Jefe: Yes, El Guapo.

    Dusty Bottoms: Time for plan B. Plan A was to break into El Guapo’s fortress.
    Carmen: And that you have done, now what?
    Dusty Bottoms: Well we really dont have a plan B. We didn’t expect for the first plan to work. Sometimes you can overplan these things.

    Dusty Bottoms: No, we will not die like dogs! We will fight like lions! Because we are…
    Dusty Bottoms, Lucky Day, Ned Nederlander: The Three Amigos!

    Juanita: Which one do you like?
    Carmen: I like the one that’s not so smart.
    Juanita: Which one is that?

    • Tiger

      NOw that was a movie that needed a sequel. Not Transformers… Good flick.

  • DRm

    F 35:: The Flying Coffin.

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