App Gains You Entry into Military Cockpits

DF-ST-89-06288If you’ve ever wanted to get a close-up look in the cockpit of a World War II bomber or fighter, or the CIA’s M-21 Blackbird, then Lyle Jansma has an app for you.

AeroCapture Images Cockpit 360 provides an interactive tour of more than 40 historic aircraft – U.S., allied and enemy. And those are in addition to non-combat planes such as the Boeing 40C – a 1920s mail carrier – and the Apollo Command Module 007, which was used for astronaut training.

A sample tour is available on his website. By holding down the up/down/right/left arrows on the bottom of the image you can see even more than what the app names implies. Not only can you see 360 degrees all around you, but you can look down to the floor and scan the top of the cockpit as if you were tilting your head back.

There is also a zoom in/zoom out feature that lets you move in for a closer inspection of the switches and dials.

Jansma is a real estate and aviation photographer in the Northwest, where he is also a volunteer and resident-photographer for the Tillamook Air Museum/Erickson Collection in Oregon and the Heritage Flight Museum up in Bellingham, Washington. According to his website, Jansma got the idea for Cockpit360 while at the Heritage and a wheelchair-bound visitor asked to get a look inside the museum’s P-51 Mustang Val-Halla.

It just could not be done safely, but Jansma – who had the skill, equipment and experience in creating panoramic real estate images – figured he could put all that to use developing 360-degree cockpit panoramas, he says on his website.

There is only one drawback to the Cockpit360 app. For now, it’s only available on iPhones and iPads. But if you’ve got that going for you, you’re ready to make the virtual climb into the cockpit.

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  • Christopher Bloom

    Not all of us worship at the temple of Steve Jobs!!!!

    • Bob

      Apple Zombies

  • Robert Thivierge

    Of course this is a result of espionage by the Chinese. If we didn’t push so much money on the F-35 & the LCS, we would have enough funds to stop their intrusion attempts.

  • Blake

    I like it. I would enjoy using it while waiting around for something … if I had an iPhone

  • Dickie Cockpit

    I don’t get why the title can say the too dirty to print word Cockpit and I can’t even use it as my name.


  • fuzznose

    I’ve gotten up close and personal with the SR-71. I’d like to see if that app has the SR-71 in it…….maybe a P-51, F-14…….

  • Daniel Pecora

    what cockpit is the sample one?

  • Cloid L. Dokich

    How come no one refers to the SR -71 sleigh ride anymore? Everyone likes to spy on each other but I think it shoud be more detaunt or as exciting as the first Casino Royale was with David Niven, but as thrilling as Ian Fleming, Alfred Hitchcock, and Robert Ludlum? North by Northwest ?

    • tiger

      It’s a museum piece now. Nothing new to say…..

  • scott

    i can see any terrorist getting this app and then bringing the plane into range to be shot down. honestly not the best idea from the DoD

  • Dfens

    Too bad someone doesn’t come up with an “app” to design more good aircraft like the SR-71 instead of the current string of crap aircraft like the F-18, F-22, X-32, and F-35.

  • HeavyArrow

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    If you have nothing nice to say, the why must you comment? There’s a string of comments that has nothing to do with the article!

  • Cloid L. Dokich

    Well ever since NORAD had to quit tracking Santa Clauze and his seigh because of budget cuts? Of course they go after Blackbirds for a sleighride at HEO’s? You know if they take spy plane money for those new F-35’s? Well they never would pull that on Doolittle, Hap Arnold and the Army Air Corps, I like Ike screw you guys I’m going home. Screw you Cartman fatass back. You know if I didn’t know better I would think you all are a bunch of lunes not tunes? Get it tunes. Like cartoons? No I was reading the human anatomy and wanted to share on facebook. So here I am the flying deuce. Kind of like Laurel & Hardy the Flying Deuces? Still number two horse manure none the less? Right comrades?