U.S. Moves Global Hawks to Japan

The U.S. military has moved a handful of Air Force RQ-4 Global Hawk surveillance planes from Andersen Air Force Base in Guam to Japan in order to avoid dangerous weather conditions and improve mission effectiveness in the region, Air Force officials said.

“An initiative is underway to forward deploy our Block 30 fleet to Japan this summer which will allow the these aircraft to avoid most of the thunderstorm activity that is present in the vicinity of Andersen AFB during the summer months. This type of adverse weather decimated mission effectiveness last year,” Maj. Guy Perrow, Deputy director, Air Combat Command Multi-Role Reconnaissance Operations Division, said in a written statement.

The Global Hawks, which will conduct routine intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions in the region while deployed from Japan, will return to Andersen AFB later this summer, Perrow said.

The Block 30 Global Hawk can fly missions up to 28 hours equipped with a synthetic aperture radar, or SAR, an electro-optical camera and SIGINT sensors. However, only one of the sensors can be used at one time, Perrow added.

The Air Force is also currently developing a next-generation Block 40 Global Hawk which is slated to be ready sometime this year. The Block 40 aircraft will feature an active electronically scanned array radar which will provide SAR and Ground Moving Target Indicator data, Air Force officials said.

In total, 42 Global Hawks are in service worldwide, with 32 currently making up the Air Force’s inventory.

About the Author

Kris Osborn
Kris Osborn is the managing editor of Scout Warrior.
  • hibeam

    These will be RQ-4 Global Dove surveillance planes under the Obama regime rules of engagement.

    • Blake

      Are you really playing the Obama card again?
      I just saw you use it in the last article.
      Is that really your only argument?

      • Rod

        I heard that Japan bombed Pearl Harbor because of our lax stance on foreign policy. Thanks Obama.

      • https://www.facebook.com/kuzinov Steve Jenkinson

        It’s actually kind of sad, isn’t it?

    • Kurt Montandon

      Because if there’s one thing Obama’s not known for, it’s drone strikes.

      • https://www.facebook.com/kuzinov Steve Jenkinson

        and “rules of engagement” for a recon drone, BWAHAHAHAHA

      • Nah

        Obama is a war criminal. Drone strikes has been his signature move.

        • wtpworrier

          I would expect that attitude from the taliban, but not….wait a minute!…..you’re not taliban are you????

          • Lois

            The US helped create the Taliban, trained and funded it for a long time. Even today the US government is talking to and negotiating with it. Your ignorance is showing. By the way, many nations consider Obama a war criminal, just like GW Bush and Cheney.

          • tiger

            No…… We funded the Mujahedin. The The Taliban came later after the war & were opposed by many ex fighters. Your ignorance is showing…..

          • DRm

            Lois is right. You are going by what is being reported in the MSM. You will always be in the dark about lots of things if rely on the MSM. And you don’t read much. Even the MSM has reported US giving money to the Taliban on a few occasions. You are so out of touch with reality.

  • 009

    When the Chinese spot this hawk and they will they’ll shoot it down and cook it in the pot for dinner

    • https://www.facebook.com/kim.scholer.9 Kim Scholer

      No they won’t. According to folk lore the Chinese will eat anything with leg, but a table. And anything with wings, but a plane. So there.

    • Brian COPP

      ‘That’s why were sending Global Hawks, F-18’s will scare the
      poop out of them…

  • https://www.facebook.com/kuzinov Steve Jenkinson

    Well, alrighty then.

  • Marc Winger

    The number of these craft will need to be increased.

  • Bernard

    I was expecting this. They should send a something to Nigeria as well under close supervision of course.

    • FormerDirtDart

      Already in the region working,

      • jacob

        but,they will just sit while the desk sitters try to fight it out with obama’s SECDEF and the president himself.so they will just sit until the are moved again to do nothing because all the high leadership of the taliban are now KIA.

  • jacob

    we need these things,altough i do not trust the local population.

    • orly?

      Why the hate for the Japanese?

    • tiger

      Huh? What the hell is wrong with the “local population?”

      • Jacob

        I don’t trust mostly the Chinese,although we could fly these things from South Korea where the skies are friendler.

        • orly?

          Japan has much friendlier skies compared to SK in more than one way.

          • Jacob

            That’s bullshit,I don’t trust anyone over there and I also don’t trust that PLAAF fighters won’t go and accidentally blow up one,which they then say it was intruding inside chinsese airspace.

          • orly?

            Facts are well, facts.

            The US has more active airfields in Japan.

            Japan has alot airspace/ADIZ between itself and the nearest landmass rather than SK which has the DMZ and China from the East.

            Also basing the entire US 7th Fleet there for decades shows alot don’t you think?

            Get over your problem.

          • Jacob

            What problem,may I ask?

            It is totally true,we may have the seventh.
            Do you see drones escorted by fighter,no,you do not so it is totally illrelavant to the situation at hand.

            You need to wait and see when one of our drones goes “missing” it will be the chinsese to blame.

          • orly?

            A drone going missing is more likely to happen in SK simply due to its proximity to China, while Japan’s much farther away.

            SK also has a higher risk of infiltration/espionage due to several other factors.

  • Dfens

    A handful of Global Hawks go to Japan and that’s news? Must have been the entire “Pacific Pivot”.

  • andy

    And this mission FOR ?????????

    • Tiger

      Lots to have a eye in the sky on in the region.

  • blight_

    Cool story.

    A quick google search is…interesting.

  • Mitch S.

    Guess they feel the need to beef up the Godzilla alert patrols.

  • FlyHigh

    Why did the USAF have to move the GHs to Japan—couldn’t they fly their “summer time” ISR missions out of Guam where they have been for years. HMMMM?

  • SaeMarke

    Did you not read the article? Guam has crap wx in the summer and too many missions were cancelled. Aircraft cost a lot of money even when they are not being used.

  • brian c.

    Japan will have an offensive military soon enough. China will not mess then. My thought anyway.

    • Jacob

      The Chinese dont give crap if the JSDF has a working military,they just don’t want our drones in “Chinese airspace”

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