Vets Slam VA Tweet on Protecting Oceans

VA signA Department of Veterans Affairs tweet is drawing attention to threats to the world’s oceans spurred a Twitter tidal wave of criticism from veterans and others who felt the VA has no business talking about anything other than the ongoing controversy with patient wait times.

A VA spokesman on Tuesday said the tweet originated with the State Department but distributed through Twitter pages of VA and other federal agencies to spread the message.

“Our ocean is under threat. Join people all over the world and make a difference,” the tweet read, followed by #OurOcean2014 and a link to a State Department page. The tweet preceded Tuesday’s announcement by the White House of new steps being taken by the U.S. to protect the oceans.

But with the VA reeling from confirmed reports that 18 veterans died waiting for an appointment at the VA hospital in Phoenix, Arizona, more than 150 veterans and their supporters expressed online outrage at the VA addressing any other crisis.

“Why don’t you work on not killing vets 1st,” one reader replied, while another wrote “Instead of worrying about fish, could you guys hurry up w/ my paperwork so I can go to the doctor? Thanks.”

The oceans tweet was sent out as a “Thunderclap,” that is a single message originating at one source – in this case the State Department – but sent out through other Twitter accounts whose owners or managers have authorized the broadcast.

Thunderclap is the online platform that arranges the message burst. It is identified in the abbreviated Twitter link as, though it leads to the State Department’s page.

“We amplified the voice of a government partner as others have done for us. Our most recent Thunderclap was Veterans Day,” VA Deputy Director for Media Relations Linda West said.

For Veterans Day, the VA’s tweet – also sent out via Twitter accounts of other federal agencies – read: “This Veterans Day, and every day, my thoughts, thanks and gratitude are with our nation’s Veterans.” The VA message also included #HonoringVets and a link

The VA’s Office of the inspector General is currently investigating allegations of patient wait-times manipulation at 70 VA hospitals and clinics around the country. Following confirmation last month by VA investigators that 18 veterans on a secret list of people awaiting an appointment at Phoenix VA hospital died, VA Secretary Eric Shinseki resigned.

Since then Acting VA Secretary Sloan Gibson has been traveling around the country to VA hospitals and clinics, working to re-establish the VA’s credibility with veterans, veterans’ service organizations and Congress.

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Bryant Jordan
Bryant Jordan is an associate editor and White House correspondent for Bryant covers all corners of the military arena, is an expert on "Don't Ask Don't Tell" issues, religious proselytizing and other ongoing military policy issues. He has covered Air Force support missions during the Kosovo War and in 2006 the aero-medical evacuation mission out of Balad Air Base, Iraq. A journalist since 1979, Jordan also covered stories in Lebanon, Gaza and Morocco. During the Vietnam War he was assigned to 15th Admin. Co., 1st Cavalry Division, Bien Hoa Army Base. Before joining Jordan was a staff writer and deputy news editor for Military Timesnewspapers in Springfield, Va.

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  1. To care for him, who hath fins, and swimith in the Oceans –O Bama

  2. This has Obama's filthy hands all over.

  3. As anyone who has worked with veterans knows they are the most self centered people on the planet. Ive heard nurses for very severely injured veterans complain that their level of self absorption is just unbearable.

    You can see why they are so upset about a broadcast tweet about anything else.

  4. JohnnyRanger | June 17, 2014 at 9:31 pm |

    It's Chelsea with an "ea", you Neanderthal *sarcasm*

  5. I really find it hard to believe that a tweet is worthy of any news article whatsoever.

  6. Kurt Montandon | June 18, 2014 at 2:12 am |

    So a bunch of anonymous people – not verifiably, or even likely – vets on Twitter, slammed a retweet from the State Dep't that probably took 20 seconds to write and zero seconds to be automatically retweeted.

    Clearly, this is the worst thing ever.

  7. People care about a tweet? I’m a veteran and that twitter message doesn’t bother me in the least. They need to fix the VA now, and we should want to save the oceans. A lot of people will starve to death if we don’t. We should care about both of those things, not the crap on Twitter.

  8. Why does state think that every damn time they post a new comment that they are going to send it to all the other agencies and tell them to post it an compiles?

    Welcome to the Obama presidency.

  9. retiredmilitary | June 18, 2014 at 3:21 pm |

    HOPE nobody notices, AND if they do, CHANGE the subject. This is Obama's and the Dem's m.o., and it's working thanks to the complicit media.

  10. JamalTheBanker | June 18, 2014 at 4:10 pm |

    Defense Tech?
    VA=Defense, Twitter=Tech..
    I guess this article works?

  11. Al A. Akbar | June 18, 2014 at 5:16 pm |

    I thought their primary focus was recently clarified to be "Muslim Outreach"?


  13. glenn57377 | June 18, 2014 at 7:39 pm |

    This isn't news. Someone made it news. Someone else got a hold on it and elevated this news. This is now news and is not worthy of thought. Stay vectored on your goals and the direction you are heading. Don't waste your time with these trivial things. Like I just did.

  14. ronald w.childers jr | June 18, 2014 at 9:53 pm |

    I just cannot believe the va. I was a dependent when my father died when I was 6 and he was in the navy reserve. I did not even know that dependents could get anything fro the va. Now I am a totally disabled vet getting 100% benefits but only back to when I reapplied for benefits after I had been ordered not to talk about my experiences and knowledge of certain classified things and threatened with court-martial under the national security act of 1946 and eternal imprisonment if I did! I finally decided to tell all. The doctors I saw at Hines VA hospital, say I am "Delusional NOS" and so far after 2 + years, I have yet to receive anything but medication.. at least I got group therapy in the service.. but nothing to speak of here.. I WAS TOLD WHEN I WAS DISHARGED THAT MY RECORDS WERE 'DESTROYED OR BURIED SO DEEPLY THAT THEY EWOULD NEVER BE FOUND|" I this is true because I have never received all of them. Since I am "Delusional NOS 100%", there is no reason to look for my records. Anything I say is delusional… I contacted Senator Durbin and got a reply that once again showed me t hat no one in power cares. no one as actually read my records or my letters etc. Has anyone else experienced something like this? I would appreciate knowing about it….. I feel like an "untouchable" with the doctors and the va… I cannot even get physical therapy even though I walk poorly and with a cane!!!

  15. This just shows that VA management expects this to blow over without ant serious consequence to them. And when it does blow over, it will be back to business as usual, that being make the numbers look good so senior management can collect their bonuses! They said before and now veteran are the priority, but they could care less about veteran's. Al they care about in manipulating the system to make the number look good so they can collect that big annual bonus!

    The only way this will change is fire every VA manager from VA Central office down to the hospital/regional office level and recreate the VA from the bottom up!

  16. JJ Murray | June 19, 2014 at 7:44 am |

    So once again, the disconnect for this Administration shows itself for all to hear. Of course this stupid twit pales in comparison to the acting head of the VA saying no one should be fired for what has happened in the VA. THAT guy should have been fired the very next day…but most likely he was just parroting the words of his boss – the President.

  17. I think its inappropriate for the VA to be sending out smoke screens to divert attention away from its mission; and, that is to take care of our veterans that need care not trying to spend time in other fields that it does not put its efforts nor should put their efforts in. Our government will simply create an office to do just that if one is not available. The VA has more important things to do and should concentrate on those problems first before expanding their ideals elsewhere.

  18. Taking care of our disabled should be a top priority point blank.
    Semper fi!

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