Video: Pentagon Explains F-35 Fire Investigation Findings

The head of the Joint Strike Fighter program and the Pentagon’s top weapons buyer discussed at the Farnborough International Airshow what the U.S. military has found duringĀ its investigation of the F-35 fire that occurred in June in Florida.

Lt. Gen. Christopher Bogdan and Defense Undersecretary Frank Kendall explained alongside Lockheed Martin and Pratt & Whitney officials why the F-35 remains grounded and what chances remain for the F-35B to perform at Farnborough this year as the U.S. had scheduled. Bogdan and Kendall explained in detail what the Pentagon believes caused the fire and why they don’t thing it’s a systemic issue.

Above is the video of the event put together by Managing Editor Ho Lin. Here is the article written by Associate Editor Brendan McGarry who is in Farnborough covering the airshow and was in attendance when Bogdan and Kendall spoke.

  • hibeam

    What we found is that no one is ever held accountable. And new money always pours in. So its just one bone headed blunder after another and the long suffering US taxpayer is left holding the bag. Not unlike the border fiasco unfolding right now.

  • Lance

    Other words the DoD stay in denial and tries to cover up that there hyped jet is a piece of crap.

  • Rod

    Different variants – but the fact that a friction fire was caused before take off is not very reassuring. I couldn’t imagine what the longest flight in the aircraft’s history across the pond would do.

  • Big-Dean

    So the real story behind the story is that the F-35 pilots are on strike-no one wants to fly one across the pond

  • oblatt22

    What people don’t realize is while they removed the damage control equipment from the F-35, each one now comes with a fully equipped PR team ready to explain when your aircraft has burns to the ground on the tarmac “it isn’t a significant problem”.

  • damadtech

    That general has no business briefing anyone on anything more complicated than a pencil. How did he ever get promoted and put in charge of anything so technical or critical? It’s rather easy to see why these type issues continue to occur.

    • theDrD2k

      He got promoted because he knows nothing about the tech and is very confident in that fact.

    • samuel

      You dont send out your best technical scientists to break down the problem for the enemy to understand. You send someone like him out to breeze about the issue and then something about lower cost. mission accomplished

  • xXTomcatXx

    Whoa!!! Forget the stupid manufacturing issue. Are we going to just ignore the latest cost estimates?!?! $85 million per copy for the FY19 buy?!?! That was unimaginable a year ago (at $161 million). Show me a new program cost estimate based on those numbers.

    • oblatt22

      Show me a F-35 cost estimate that has ever been right LOL.

      The price is going up next year and that is the only thing that has been locked in the rest is just marketing flim-flam

  • hibeam

    Don’t call it a grounding. Call it the Humvee variant.

  • Mark

    No video love for iPads. :-(

  • Eggshen

    As a GE Aviation quality guy and former army ground pounder I’m going to actually defend Pratt a bit. Suck, squeeze, bang, blow…that’s how a jet works in simple terms. You don’t want to lose any air in the suck and squeeze steps so keeping the outer gaps tight between the compressor blades and the non-rotating case is critical to performance. There are actually whole teams of engineers that work on the space between rotating and non-rotating parts. This joke is they are in charge of nothing. The fire was not directly caused by friction. Friction caused the stage 2 blades to fail much sooner than designed and it sounds like some blades actually came apart and were ingested into the remain stages…which can cause a fire. If none of the other engines show this type of wear then it’s too soon to throw bombs at Pratt about design or manufacturing issues. That said, if the engine were dual sourced only 50% of the fleet would be grounded.

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