Navy Develops Bio-Coatings for Implants, Dressings

Navy researchers are working to create nanofiber coatings for surgical implants and wound dressings that would help promote healing and also combat infection.

The work is being done by the Naval Medical research Unit, San Antonio, according to a report in the July issue of Naval Medical Research and Development News.

In one research area, the report states, scientists “plan to integrate [biocompatible] nanofibers into coatings for use on medical materials, such as titanium implants, to improve treatment for craniofacial injuries.”

Nanofibers bonded to the surface of implants could contain antibiotics to be released directly in the treatment area over a sustained time. Researchers believe this would reduce instances of postoperative bacterial infection and implant rejection resulting in further surgery.

The Navy’s researchers are also looking to create what it’s calling a “biomimetic wound dressing.”

Biocompatible nanofibers incorporated into a dressing would help spur tissue repair by mimicking a natural cell environment while releasing proteins to spur growth and of targeted cells and  helping to minimize formation of scar tissue, the report says.

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  • hibeam

    What a waste of money this is. Big government is the same thing as having one team on the field. How can that ever be efficient? Give the money to two or three or four top notch private entities. Keep them in rigorous competition with each other. Award contracts on a yearly basis based on past performance. What we got here is one team of fat lazy players out on the field sitting in lawn chairs drinking beers. Huge waste of money.

  • A.g.

    I remember reading Navy doing research about synthetic blood, now synthétic tissus…
    Did they want cyborg on their ships ? More simply, did they spent more money to make believe that “all will be good” for their crew in case of war on sea in crapy project. I just see another technological lies from crooks to people who don’t want to face responsability about the inhérent risk of their activities.