Russia to Hold Major Nuclear Exercise

The Russian military branch responsible for the country’s nuclear arsenal will hold a nuclear exercise in September that will include over 4,000 Russian troops, according to reports out of Russia.

Russian Defence Ministry officials announced that nuclear forces will conduct “combat missions in conditions of active radio-electronic jamming and intensive enemy actions in areas of troop deployment.” Russian troops will also work to counter “irregular units and high-precision weapons.”

The announcement comes as NATO leaders meet in Wales to discuss the conflict in Ukraine and the war in Afghanistan. The exercise also comes days after  Russian President Vladimir Putin highlighted his nuclear force at a youth forum.

“I want to remind you that Russia is one of the most powerful nuclear nations,” Putin said. “This is a reality, not just words.”

Russian Maj. Dmitry Andreyev, an official in the strategic rocket forces, said MiG-31 fighter-interceptors and Su-24MR reconnaissance aircraft would take part in the exercise.

Last summer, Russian Tu-95 Bear nuclear bombers flew simulated bombing runs against California and Alaska. Russian nuclear forces also tested their abilities to transport tactical nuclear weapons near its border with Europe.

Russia continues to train pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine and flood the area with Russian weapons and armored vehicles. The U.S. has countered by sending troops to the region to hold exercises of their own.  About 200 paratroopers from the U.S. Army’s 173rd Airborne Brigade will travel to Ukraine.

In remarks to the Naval War College in Rhode Island, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said that Russian President Vladimir Putin bore sole responsibility for the Ukraine crisis.

“It’s one individual – it’s the Russian president who continues to take very dangerous escalatory action,” Hagel said.

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  • amauyong

    hmm….Nato say gonna form another rapid reaction force of 4000+ troops…

    Russia now says gonna have a nuke exercise also with 4000+ troops…

    Tit for Tat….so…kid kid at a playground somewhere…zzz

  • retired462

    It is going to show the world that Russia is NOT living up to their nuke treaties, and yet we are. Time to back out of previous commitments with Russia.

    • blight_qwerty

      Which nuke treaties? As far as we can tell, Russia continues to abide by INF. ABM was folded so we could deploy the expanded missile defense system, since ABM only allows for point defense, with Russia chosing defense of Moscow and the United States briefly trying defense over the Dakotas before giving up.

      There are arms control treaties regulating quantities of nuclear weapons; and it’s always an interesting question to determine if compliance with those counts is truly possible. Their drills are probably what they have been missing out on for the last ten years. The only really intimidating thing about Russia’s land forces is the use of TEL’s instead of hardened siloes. Some kind of tracked TEL that could cross the border into Canada and fire ICBM’s into Russia instead of being stuck in north and south dakota would present a first-strike problem for the Russians. That said, all eyes are really on the nuclear deterrent that hasn’t been mentioned: the submarine force.

  • Andy

    I was wonder if these missiles are still functioning since they design and built back in the 70’s-80’s…LOL

  • Atomic Walrus

    Putin is gambling on the notion that the US won’t risk nuclear confrontation on the behalf of Ukraine or NATO allies. That’s not surprising for an ex-KGB officer - they used to try to play on the same notion during the Cold War. The antidote is to remind Putin about the “mutual” part of MAD doctrine.

  • Chris

    The last few times they held exercises they invaded someone.

  • Darren M

    this is what we get for supplying Afghan militants with stingers and weapons back in the 80’s when russia was in Afghanistan. now our partners are getting the same thing done to them.

  • Jeff

    The hell with the damn russians. They may have been invited to play with the rest of us kids in the sanbox, but let’s just kick the sand into their faces!

  • superraptor

    In 2010 Obama had all 200 US Navy tactical nuclear missiles destroyed. The USN now has no tactical nukes for self defense in case of a nuclear cruise missile attack on its ships which is something the Chinese Navy is contemplating in case of conflict. Russia has hundreds of nuclear navy based missiles and torpedoes and could wipe out the entire USN in one coordinated attack. If we want to give the USN a fighting chance in a major war with Russia or China, it is imperative that a US-led congress pushes legislation to reequip the USN with tactical nuclear cruise missiles. We also need to revamp our nuke labs so that we can produce plutonium ptis again and we need to develop a small nuclear warhead for JASSM-ER and LRSAM

  • LIAM

    …what is old is new….welcome back to Cold War 2.0!!

  • jg cat

    don’t under estimate Putin.

  • IronV

    Hope they don’t blow themselves up…

  • William J Kincaid

    Nothing should worry Americans more than the fact that, while we have shockingly ignored our nuclear TRIAD weapons and delivery systems for the last 10 years, the Russians have put top priority into developing new, better, bigger nuclear weapons, as well as servicing those presently in their arsenal. The status-quo we held back during the Cuban Crisis no longer exists. The Russian nuclear forces presently are superior to ours. Both Putin and Obama know this. How did we permit ourselves to get into this frightening predicament!!!

  • Arif

    I think American and Zionist are playing the game to control, Today Russia is not 1991. Russian are far more advance, wealthy and wise. Russians known American military is tired of war fight and they lost all wars and they are short of ammunition and weapon to fight a big war. They also know as well UK too that Russians are strong, Eastern Europeans dump and believe what American say. How cam US or NATO defend against nuke. Even no Air defense system can defense Russian Nuke missile which travels at speed of 10,000 km/p also each of Russian missiles carry 5 war heads. This conflict in Ukraine led by US made big blunt risk to EU and their economy.

  • Edward M. Soria

    Putin is playing a mind game and selling wolf tickets and being stupid and starting WW111 is not an option… however, proxy wars are possible. Putin is not going to inflict return fire on his own country but he will allow it on his borders with the same tactics as China used in Korea-volunteers. Putin is trying to set up the western nations and especially America with this façade… the answer to this KGB is economic strangulation.


  • Rotwang

    Two Near Earth Objects are due to pass dangerously close to Earth on the 14th and the 16th of September, 2014. Just after the Chelyabinsk asteroid exploded over Russia on 15 February of 2013, the Russian Missile Forces went on full alert even going so far as to send Tu-95’s to attack Guam on the next day —…

  • Jim

    Maybe Obama should drawing another red line in the sand like he did in Syria?

  • bob

    I would like to convene in a format that is conducive to reformation/formation which is capable of engaging in modern warfare.

    For the losers the bombs only get bigger. They are jealous and afraid.

    Responsibility, accountability, management, organization, control and command. An opportunity to fall out of rank. Just don’t let me down. It all comes from within.

  • DennisJP

    To me I think it is the Governments that act like kids and hate each other. while every day citizens in both country’s could set down and have a meal together.
    I think we put the governments in the ring and let them box each other or AFC fighting and let them go at it after they decide on hat will happen when its over to the looser.