Report: Iran Drone Crashes West of Tikrit

Ababil-3A Kurdish newspaper is reporting that an Iranian drone crashed west of Tirkit, Iraq, where Iranian Quds Forces are working with Iraq soldiers to retake Tikrit from ISIS militants.

Iran has flown drones over Iraq since last year when militants with the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria started over taking Iraqi forces in Northern Iraq and gaining large swaths of land. The New York Times has reported that Iran has flown the Ababil-3 drone out of the Al Rasheed air base in Iraq.

This is not the first Iranian drone to crash in Iraq. ISIS militants have posted photos of destroyed Iranian drones on Twitter before the social media site blocked ISIS propaganda.

The Kurdish Globe reported that the Iranian drone crashed in Khurmatoo, Iraq, which sits south of Kirkuk and west of Tikrit.

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Michael Hoffman
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  • Lance

    When it comes to ISIS and Iran id say let them blast each other in the stone age.

  • GI dude

    Iraqi’s are as balless as they’ve ever been, letting the persians PWN them!

    • Indian

      these moslems are tough only when their enemy is waker or out numbered

  • Cataldo

    Iran intelligence activity in Iraq achieve remarkable results, like the “scorpion sting” operation

  • Jim

    And if we had US personnel in that location, the remains of the drone would be at Wright-Patterson AFB right now being studied. One study I would hope can be conducted is how much STOLEN US technology is incorporated in the drone’s flight abilities, but especially the electronics it uses. Just from the nose section, it looks very much like a Predator or a Global Hawk.

    • Don

      What do you mean stolen? US corporations are happy to provide technology to anyone. That is the “game” to them. It doesn’t matter the who,, just the how much.

    • fred

      Wouldn’t be the first time our research was diverted. All US based corporations have foreign subsidiaries. The US based company doesn’t perform the transfer, but a foreign one does.

    • blight_

      We have US personnel in country. My guess is the Iranians secured the site first and have more guys with guns.

    • Godzilla

      Well it looks more like a clone of an Israeli drone to me. It looks kind of like an IAI Eitan. I wouldn’t be surprised if they reverse engineered one that dropped in Gaza or whatever.

      Manufacturing drones isn’t that complicated to begin with. It’s not that different from making a model airplane. Of course it depends on how advanced you want the electronics to be but you can do a lot with off-the-shelf components.

    • Jon

      You are complaining about somebody stealing to the USA, in a news related to Irak? If all this subject wasn’t so sad, it would be funny.

  • Brian B. Mulholland

    Or a Heron.

    The bulk of the forces engaged in operations around Tikrit are Shia militias under Iranian leadership. Not a good thing for us.

  • bbabbitt

    Wow! Save the pieces. Maybe we can trade it for ours that Iran is copying.

  • steve

    Gee, can’t imagine why Iran wants a real time eye on what’s going on with ISIL.

  • guest

    Increased Iranian influence in the region was one of the extensively predicted consequences of Bushco’s invasion of Iraq. The neocons, paleocons and all the other cons were wrong then, wrong now.

  • NSA

    Is that a intelligence message being passed on to the terrorists in the usa?

  • MLS

    Same people who attacked Camp Shocker !

  • Leo Johnson

    Well some conspiracy heorist’s .ISIS is a CIA creation .That is why Iran is fighting with Iraqi soldiers.To defeat ISIS and the U>S.

  • blight_

    iswiraq reports that the Tikrit re-take is starting today (and a drone loss from March 10 may be a prelude to today’s operation). We will see if the Iraqi Army is up to snuff, or if the Iranians have to bail them out.

  • dubweiser101

    The Islamic Republic of Iraq is being carved out of the sand as we speak. Out of the 30,000 soldiers attacking Tikrit, about 75% of them are Shia Militiamen, the rest are Iraqi Army, and Iranian Qud’s force. I suspect those Shia will not want to cede conquered territory over to the Sunni’s when the sand settles after ISIS is dealt with. Nothing new when it comes to religious disputes in the Middle East though.

  • GI dude

    The photograph is reversed, left-to-right. The English inscription should read “SORTOF”, as in sort of a crummy mock-up made of cardboard and paper-mache’.

  • pat

    correct ballless iraqis … after years of training by US forces and billions of $$$ worth weapons ..they ran from a bunch of AK-47 wielding terrorists ….and he neocons wanted to send in US forces on the ground …Will we ever learn? Let them fight their own wars …

  • Jim

    Military and Intelligence are a contradiction of terms.