Russia’s Satellite Nuclear Warning System Down Until November

Russia’s Aerospace Defense Forces will not have their new military nuclear warning satellite systems in place until months later than anticipated, the Moscow Times reported June 30.

Citing the TASS news agency, the Times reports that Russia has delayed the launch of its new military satellites by at least four months, leaving the country unable to detect a potential nuclear attack from space.

The first launch of the new satellites, referred to in the report as the “United Space System,” is slated for November, according to the report in the Moscow Times story.

“Today we are nearly prepared to launch the first satellite into a highly elliptic orbit, the launch of which will take place in November 2015,” Major General Oleg Maidanovich, commander of the Aerospace Defense Forces, said Tuesday, according to a TASS report cited in the Moscow Times.  Maidanovich did not explain why the launch was delayed, the Times added.

The Moscow Times also adds that Russia’s Soviet-era early warning satellites were left nearly blind last year due to a technical malfunction,

The new system, which is closely integrated with ground-based early warning radars to provide an extensive picture of global missile launches, is expected to be fully operational in 2018, the Moscow Times reported.

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  • JimBobJoe

    Hmmmm…. you guys thinking what I’m thinking???

    • Imdumb

      Preemptive nuke strike? maybe…

      • Montaudran

        Ah ? You really want to become the most hated People of the world ??

    • ben

      yep, and if I were president it would already have been done

    • Dave Barnes

      My first and only thought upon reading the headline.

    • John_B

      ..four, three, two, one …. whoooosh !

    • Bronco46

      The Patton Plan!

    • Wulf145

      And what would you get out of it since even if only half of the US cities would be destroyed the nuclear winter would finish off the rest of the population.

      If you are so motivated to die, there are a lot better ways without dragging the rest of Humanity with you.

  • Richard

    I wouldn’t put it past Obama to do such a thing. The Under ground Bunkers in DC are all stocked up. There were hundreds of Food trucks, Wal-Mart trucks, coca cola trucks and many others in a convoy going to the white house a few months ago.

    • FormerDirtDart

      Please, please get back on your meds

    • blight_

      Another proponent of Secret Underground City theory?

    • Bronco46

      You must be talking about some other obama. The one in the USA doesn’t have the stones to attack ISIS.

  • Anthony Cashmere

    Living in a rat hole underground, (regardless of how luxurious), while the outside world is irrradiated by nuclear weapons, sounds like a special place, in hell to me.

  • ben

    this is the chance of a lifetime for the United States to hit Russia with a preemptive nuclear strike, and I wanted to add I bet we are the reason for there warning system to be down

    • blight_

      They still have enough resiliency to launch all missiles on second strike.

    • thexfile

      Russia still has a lot of nuclear strike submarines.

  • Warfighter


  • Marcase

    We almost, almost got there. Google the Russian who saved all our bacon: Vasili Arkhipov

    • Ned…

  • Stratege

    “this is the chance of a lifetime for the United States to hit Russia with a preemptive nuclear strike,

    Stupid idea. Russia’s ground-based early warning radars still here. The new/updated “Voronezh” radar systems. These systems scan a wide area in many directions.

    • JohnnyWalkr

      “Scan a wide area in many directions” except the direction of most importance, overhead HAHAHA

  • Steiner

    And there is also the Mertvaya Ruka… or the “dead hand” !

  • Dfens

    Russia is falling apart under their new form of socialist government. Fascism isn’t working any better for them than it does for us or for any other nation that’s used it. Prices for everything go up. Wages go down. The rich get richer. The poor get poorer. It ends in war or civil war. Sadly, we are going down the same path.

    • crackedlenses

      Just remember that everyone thought that fascism looked like a great idea back in the 1920s; too bad our Progressives keep trying to rehash it as , uh, “progress”.

  • ccc40821

    Ok, if there ever was a proper time to sit back, relax and watch ‘Dr. Strangelove’ again, it’s now.

  • mpower6428

    Its Slim Pickens’s wettest dream….. YEEEEHAAAAAWW……….MEIN FURHUR, I CAN WALK….!!!! don’t let them get our precious bodily fluids…..

  • Fatman

    On the bright side the US isn’t the only nation that has trouble fielding its high tech programs.

  • Jbadwin

    The Russian early warning system is always down, even when it’s up and running it’s down in one way or another .

  • orly?

    Like the ENTIRE decade of the 1990’s?

    And before that Post WWII before they had nukes?

    When we were/ARE not warmongering with nukes?

    Yeah, I’d say the entire world could trust the United States instead of Russia.

  • navy259

    Why would a country admit that. The less others know, the better.

  • nobody

    Holy shit Russia, get your shit together.

  • Major Kong

    The US are not going to launch a preemptive strike against Russia, as all we know… including Putin and those that said that the ABM Shield is up against Russia, the West is “encircling” the Mother Russia and bullshit like that… but, let´s think for a moment on the nightmare scenario.

    The Russians have SSBNs, for sure… but only a small fraction of then are on deterrent patrol at a given time… and the USN has scores of SSN, what if every Russian SSBN is been trailed… and is sunk before the nuclear attack? Of course, the Russian SSBN´s bases would be among the first in the target list… so the remaining subs would not survive.

    This left the Russians with their bombers (also vulnerable to a nuclear first strike if not in high-readiness alert) and their land-based ICBMs. If the Trident SSBNs are deployed near their targets (Norwegian Sea, Eastern Med, Arabian Sea, West Pac…), most of the silos and air bases would be destroyed before they could launch their birds… this left the mobile missiles, the most survivable asset of the Russian Strategic Rocket Force… but even this missiles (not too many, 135 out of 305) are not deployed in the field all the time. It´s up to the US Intelligence agencies (or even the Special Forces) the job of track them down, providing targeting information for the B-2s.

    So… 1st, EMP strike to blind the radars and shut down the C2 system, 2nd decapitation strike (bye, Tovarich Putin) and 3rd, counter-force strike.

    Of course, this is only a theoretical study… even a surviving missile could destroy a major US city… and it would be launched by the “Doomsday Machine” (a.k.a. Perimetr). And the odds are that more than one missile would survive… or even a SSBN, and Russia is not an existential threat to the US, not one that justifies risking a retaliation like that.

  • Andrew

    The russia is preparing for a third world war. Just do not see who does not want to.

  • Bill

    Quick, quick, quick have an election immediately and elect that iidiot McCain president so he can nuke Russia. Thank God we have President Obama as President of these great United States.

  • WithBrain

    Please go back to your pc games:There is no victory in a nuclear ww3, you can only decide if you die fast or slow.