Suspected Russian Mini-Submarine Found off Swedish Coast

A 66-foot submarine with reported Russian script on the side was discovered by a private company off the coast of Sweden.

Discovered by the company, Ocean X, Swedish authorities are investigating video recorded by Ocean X to determine the submarine’s origin. It’s unclear how long the submarine has been there and old it is.

A diver for Ocean X, Stefan Hogeborn, told Reuter the hull remains “intact” and the hatches remain “closed.”

A submarine expert told Expressen, a Swedish tabloid, he believed the submarine was a Russian “Catfish” which were built in the early 20th century.

Ocean X officials said they will send a team to investigate the wreck further.

Russian aggression in Ukraine and sightings of Russian submarines across the North Sea and Arctic Ocean have worried Scandinavian countries such as Sweden and Norway.

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  • Brian B. Mulholland

    Early twentieth century? In that case … RIP for the crew.

    • Bronco46

      With the history of aggression, suppression, and murder of the Soviet Union. And the continuation of a lot of those same kinds of actions. I can not imagine worrying about the crew of this sub. Tens of millions of people have died under soviet regimes. Why would we feel sorry that they lost one of spy submarines. This sub was up to no good. The Russians are being intercepted to this day spying in this whole area. Did you ever get to Berlin to see the wall before the Russian finally had to let it come down? Did you ever get to the 50 meter zone on the Czech. border where you could be shot by Russian guards for just walking there. How about Afghanistan where Russians ran rampant murdering whole villages. That war was about muslim aggression. It was just about Russian domination. It set the stage for the problems in Middle East that are going on to this day. And set Osama Bin Ladin on the path to be an islamic terrorist.
      All that being said. A sunken Russian sub; is a good sub.

      • blight_asdf

        If it’s pre-Soviet, then it would be an Imperial Russian Navy craft.

        • Bronco46

          If it’s actually an Imperial Russia submarine that would be a different matter. But any thing from the Stalinist era or after is not something to mourn.

          • Brian B. Mulholland

            Sorry. Remarkably few of us can choose the time and the place and the government of the country in which we’re born. Most of the poor SOBs whose bones lie down there will have been draftees, whether they were Imperial sailors or Soviet, and I can feel for anyone who died gagging on seawater while trying to breath.

            Yes, I did see the Berlin, and the submachine guns in the hands of East German guards on the subway stations underneath it.

          • Bronco46

            Draftees are not put in submarines. I’m not sure what your motives are in attempting to make excuses for stalinist/soviet aggression.
            All they had to do to avoiding” gagging on seawater” was stay at home. Not join the communist era military and volunteer for submarines.
            Submarines by the way whose mission it was to clandestinely spy on American Navy forces, sink American Naval forces, and in the case of boomers. Fire ICBM’s at the United States and our allies.
            So I reiterate. I do not see why any tears should be wasted on enemies of liberty and democracy.

          • Brian B. Mulholland

            “Making excuses for Stalinist/Soviet aggression”? In 1916? Bizarre. Firing ICBMs in 1916? No draftees in submarines now, but in 1916?

            I’ll reiterate too. RIP.

          • Muttling

            If it’s a Catfish, that’s the old Russian Som Class boats. Only 7 were built and they were built before 1910.

          • Jon

            Bronco, you confuse Soviet and Stalinist, and you think Imperial Russia was better times. What you say is clearly propaganda, please read some history.

      • troys

        Ditto to what Bronco said. I wonder how much further advanced our entire civilization would have been if it hadn’t spent so much on military budgets during and after the cold war?

        • troys

          Whups, sorry about my last post…..obviously a boat built in 1916 predates the cold war by a few years………..I’ll try to pay better attention.

          • Bronco46

            I agree if the boat is from Imperialist Russia that would be a different story. And I even said so in my earlier post. But there is no confirmation on that yet. I don’t think this boat has been officially identified. I’m sure the Swede’s have a lot more images and a formal identification will be made.

  • max1mos111

    A former naval commander says this is a WW I era sub.

  • max1mos111

    The date it sunk, according to Ocean X, is 1916.

  • max1mos111

    Have the Russians sold any of these subs to Turkey or Greece?

  • blight_asdf

    If anyone’s interested in some early line drawings:

    Guess the submarine. Begin!

    • blight_asdf

      • Bronco46

        Great resource. I didn’t realize the Russian were producing submarines that had the range shown on this site in the World War I era. Thanks for posting this interesting site.
        But. Unless it’s an Imperial Navy sub. I’m not sorry it sank.

        • oblatt23

          Don’t let your ignorance get in the way of your anger.

          • crackedlenses

            His single-minded hatred is probably preferable to your resolute insanity. The Soviets were most definitely the bad guys; one can be forgiven for feeling less than charitable towards them. Cheers.

          • Brian B. Mulholland

            A 1916 sinking predates things Soviet. Even if it didn’t, you ought to be able to feel for people dying in an iron coffin, getting cold water as they tried to draw breath.

            There’s no resolute insanity here, only single-minded hatred. Most of the people who lie in that tomb were young men, and their deaths were as meaningless to the policymakers in the Kremlin, be they Imperial or Soviet, as they are to you and Bronco.

  • Retired Army

    Make sure you get to it before the Russians.

    Check out what’s inside.

    The Russians, as devious as they are, may have taken an old sub, loaded it up with spy equipment, towed it out there and placed it in “observation mode”. Used old sub so as not to draw attention if found. Doubt that’s the case, but you never know.

    • ccc40821

      No can, I’m afraid. If it’s a crewed submarine, and it lies there with hatches closed, it may well be considered a war grave to be left undisturbed. Doesn’t matter if it is a friendly one, or one belonging to an adversary.

      • Retired Army


  • extreme_one

    Now dont forget to buy Adult pampers before you all shit yourself being afraid of ghost russian submarines.

    • Bob

      Idiot! Maybe you should read “Retired Army” response. The Russians are masters at deception and, obviously, they can easily fool people like you. During the Cold War, Russia “deployed” thousands of tanks in the fields of Eastern Europe to “show” the US that they had overwhelming armor superiority. We bought into it for decades until someone discovered these were nothing more that replicated empty plywood shells used to dupe US satellite images. Unforunately for the Russians. however, the great deception proved disasterous to them. In response to the “armored” Russian threat, the US eventually developed and deployed thousands of high-tech, state-of-the-art, and far superior Abrams tanks!

      • blight_

        “Russia “deployed” thousands of tanks in the fields of Eastern Europe to “show” the US that they had overwhelming armor superiority.”…

        Any definitive numbers? The Yugoslavians were pretty good at it, and presumably learned from the Soviets.

  • Allen

    It’s a SoM class midget sub, lost in 1916′ .imperial Russia , design based on USS Holland designs bought by Russia.

  • stephen russell

    maybe sub dated from WW1, not Cold War, from then Russian sub patrols??

  • BlackOwl18E

    In America you submerge the submarine, in Soviet Russia submarine submerges you!!

  • amauyong

    RIP….till the end they did it for their country and loved ones…not for the gov’t at the time.

    • Partizan

      Oh? I am sure you knew the sailors and officers serving in that tin-can personally.

      Even in the imperial russkie navy there were pro-government soldiers, y’know… White movement and all that.

      • amauyong

        Soldiers do not choose to fight for the gov’t usually in the end. It is for their country and loved ones in the end. Whether the gov’t is a just or honorable gov’t or an evil regime.

        As to whether i know them personally. I did my time too. So yes…that kinship or brotherhood which all of us uniformed chaps went thru… the pain, the fear, the danger, going the distance with a brother…cannot be define in words…so i am if i have offended you i am sorry..

        Good day to you sir.

    • Bronco46

      Guess again mauling. They did it for their country. Which if this is an Imperial Russia era sub. That’s one thing. But if it’s stalinist era sub. These are communists. And communists have one thing in their mind. Help their government over throw Democracies.

  • Guest

    Raise the thing and end all the frivolous speculation.

    • blight_

      If it were an American ship or a British ship or a German ship we wouldn’t have all of this controversy. It is long lasting distrust of the Russian Federation that is behind it.

  • Navyjag907

    I hope it’s raised. It would be quite an artifact. However, it may be a war grave which would give the Swedes an excuse to do nothing.

  • franklin

    Maybe it’s an alien spacecraft using camouflage to fool the hostile native life forms who are preparing to destroy the planet in the name of self defense and security?

    Secretly they are here to observe the birth of a new species of artificially intelligent life forms who are unaffected by biospheric extinction!

  • Robbie

    I dunno. It’s so clean for supposedly being down there so long. Also, the fairing shapes and construction in the photo don’t feel WWI era. Very surprised more photos haven’t been released if it is what they say it is to end the speculation……..

  • daniel ross

    I heard it’s elvis

  • Brian B. Mulholland

    Robbie makes a nice point. It IS remarkably clean for something lost in 1916. This leads me to wonder how deep the wreck lies, and whether it’s sitting in water that is very poor in oxygen.

  • Rob C.

    Som-Class Submarine, originally designed by the United States. America’s first production submarine after the Hollander. Which the article be updated little bit.