US Destroyer May Sail by China’s Manmade Islands

Caption: The Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Lassen (DDG 82) launches a Standard Missile (SM-2) in the Pacific Ocean, April 11, 2013. (U.S. Navy photo by Timothy Tran)Caption: The Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Lassen (DDG 82) launches a Standard Missile (SM-2) in the Pacific Ocean, April 11, 2013. (U.S. Navy photo by Timothy Tran)

Should President Obama order the U.S. Navy to immediately sail a ship near China’s manmade islands in the South China Sea, the vessel that would likely make the transit is the USS Lassen (DDG 82).

The Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer is already in the area and, if directed, would sail within 12 nautical miles of the disputed Spratly Islands as part of a freedom of navigation operation that hasn’t happened since 2012.

The littoral combat ship USS Fort Worth (LCS 3) in May conducted patrols in international waters near the islands as the People’s Liberation Army-Navy guided-missile frigate Yancheng sailed close behind — but the American ship didn’t come within the 12-mile limit.

Sending the destroyer deliberately within that demarcation would send a message to China that the US doesn’t recognize its territorial claims to the islands, where it has rapidly expanded territory.

Arleigh Burke-class destroyers are typically armed with the Standard Missile (SM-2MR), Vertical Launch ASROC missiles, Tomahawk cruise missiles, MK-46 torpedoes, Close In Weapon System, 5-inch Mk45 Gun, and the Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile, according to the equipment guide.

Chinese navy ships last month were spotted off the coast of Alaska for the first time. The discovery came the same week China held a massive military parade in Beijing to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Japanese surrender during World War II — and highlighted its ambition to become a global military power.

A Pentagon official declined to identify the names of the vessels but said they included three combatant ships, one amphibious landing vessel and one replenishment ship. The ships were sailing in international waters in the Bering Sea and at one point reportedly came within 12 nautical miles of the U.S. coast.

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  • Ddbbb

    Divide the big nations that are rogue and do not respect International Law and rights of smaller nations because they perpetually threaten world peace. Form a global coalition to conquer and divide their land.

    • blight_

      Unfortunately many of the world’s great powers are perceived as threats to world peace. The top 10 countries if broken apart would probably do the trick.

    • Ties

      It would be a good time for America to stop throwing it’s weight around…. America is no longer the super power… And it is because of America that all countries are building larger military and weaponry … America used Na zi’s wearing swastikias to over throw Ukraine and Muslim terrorist to over throw Yemen and Syria

    • hohoho

      you are 100% right. We divided USSR, and now we can move forward to dividing North America and Asia? Let us dream.

    • Andrew

      @Ddbbb, well said about the world’s greatest imperial aka the united war-monger states.

    • Sum Tin Wong

      Start building our own islands with Japan,Philippines,and anyone else…….China won’t do shiet!

  • Henry Nguyen

    As a Former of South Republic Vietnam-I think US should this first before take the ship to China’s man make islands at Pacific Ocean. Sent this case to United Nation to condemn
    China violation the international rules,and not recognized it.Of course Soviet will veto and I guess majority of other countries will vote yes …..and from there US can take further action by sent the Navy ships as plan .

    • CK Way

      We don’t need any Vietnamese (American or maybe not even) to instigate the US into a war with China. If they are so keen on fighting, first they should go back to Vietnam and liberate their own country, then they can go and fight China themselves.

      It’s easy to ask other to go fight for your country while you guy s are just sitting around enjoying the benefits of this country.

      • Dan

        and you’re not enjoying the benefits of this country? is the U.S. so stupid as to go to war with china for the Vietnamese? I think not.

    • Alabama

      Hey the Soviet is not a country and China can do its own veto..

    • Boomer52

      America is the most powerful country on this planet because pf the ability of our diverse citizens to put aside petty cultural differences and band to gether as one group of brothers to wipe the scum bums off the face of this great earth. God Bless America and may the angeles keep vigillant gaurd over or troops, at home and abroad.

      • Capt Obvious

        China is the #1 trade partner with most of the world.

    • TomHummm

      By the that time China would’ve built 5 air strips. I’ll say nuke Beijing first!

    • warblade

      China dont respect any Law aside from theirs. So US should start Flexing its muscles… China already sent their ship near Alaska, when Pres. Obama visited Alaska!!!!!

  • vincent nguyen

    I say right on that neutral Zone , and it’s belong to Vietnam not china . China claim and invade those Spralty from South Vienam in 1974 and some more in 1988 From Vietnam communist . china are Aggressors and The Thief that don’t care

    • vietcom

      Vietnamese has been stolen islands from China for many years, and stole the oil and gas as well. It is time for pay back.

      • Trapcam

        China is like little man (literally), only able to bully weaker neighbors. Dare to confront with giant USA, they will nuke Communist China to flat land just like they did to Japan during WWII..!!

      • thomas

        China shall not learn the lesion from .German and Japan ,,they end up to be destroy by US , evil won’t last long ,just wait and see ,china stole people’s land more then any one else ,

        • shooi dan tom

          Those people are going and gone. US will become part of Mexico. Mexicans
          will be too busy swallowing America and nibbling on Canada. Mexico will not be going to South China Sea.

      • Dan

        really, funny how everyone calls Vietnam a weak country that can’t defend its territory, yet it can steal resources and territory from it bigger neighbor.

    • LongLiveUSA

      Well vincent nguyen, if you believe it is belong to Vietnam not china, why Vietnam not stand up against evil communist China itself, rather than use US as the shield? What US will benefit from this? Or Vietnam going to fight along with US? I know your leader actually went to China to talk with chinese leader not very long ago and tried to appease China’s communist party.

      • Dan

        This is not their first rodeo. Vietnam has gone to war with china before. War will be use as a last resort, not a first option.

  • Big H

    We the USA, should have stopped China as soon this was starting. But NOBAMA is out to busy fund raising for his own cause! No one has to look any further than his net worth now well over 10 MILLION, when he went into office he was only worth $250,000.00!

    • joe

      Obuma was too busy playing golf to be concerned about what China has been up to.

    • Ziv

      Dude, I hate to bring this up, but W didn’t exactly stand up to China when their fighter struck an American EP-3 sig-int aircraft in April of 2001 and forced it down to an emergency landing on Hainan island. The US pretty much has to walk smaller than they would like with China, because we really don’t want a confrontation with them.
      We should demonstrate that the Chinese claims are not accepted, but we should be doing it with support from Australia and the Philippines or Vietnam. This shouldn’t be a single US destroyer, though I imagine there will be some sort of submarine support even if they do send the USS Lassen seemingly alone. Trying to turn a reef into an island deserving the 12 mile border is specifically mentioned as being a non-starter in the law of the sea.

    • ties

      America can’t stop nothing without help from Na zi hate groups or Muslim terrorist helping them…. America and it’s evil government is a thing of the past…. America needs to stop lying to it’s people and remove the criminals in there offices or will face very bad days ahead…….The dollar will be nothing in less then 2 years and nobody trusts America including Americans….. The most deprived people in America is a non gay male white person….. If you are straight and white Russia is wright

      • caracoid

        Actually, of all things, I agree with the last part.

    • boy vergara

      if, in case, the US will commit to send a naval ship, which i doubt, i think the US military think-tanks should anticipate any eventuality. put your feet on the shoes of the chinese. they’ve been warned, or given the clue, that there will be a foreign naval ship that will pass by in your military installation. if i were a chinese, it would need a naval blockade to prevent these ships from passing through. we have already gained a foothold in these island we’ve made, so nobody should mess with us around. we will fortify and see to it that nobody can ever even come near our fortifications. the chinese have been moving in those islands with a calculated operation. why should we be ejected from our own installation when we have already made a gain.

    • bum

      NOBAMA was chicken in this instance

    • Ken

      History proved Democratic Party is chicken craps when come to foreign policy. They only good at spending tax payers $ on illegal aliens. Nobama is also good at defending his kind and bs like a criminal preacher. He looked like a wimp when facing a real criminal Putin.

    • Capt Obvious

      I think it’s easy for an uneducated citizen to say “so and so should of done this or that” but the fact is, you don’t have a better solution, so making that comment in the first place just makes you look really bad.

    • j v v v

      umm is net worth is 7 million and before 2008 it was 1.5 million he gets paid 400,000 a year do the math idiot

  • worldlypatriotusaveteran

    It’s doubtful any plan to initially penetrate the 12-mile zone claimed by China would involve only one vessel.

    I believe it will be accomplished by unmanned assets, both air and subsurface.

    • ties

      China can whip America without Russia’s help… And NATO will do nothing but look the other way as will most countries

      • Capt Obvious

        Removing nuclear exchange from the table, China does not have the ability do “whip America” other than around the Straight of Taiwan.

    • Diesel

      I think one warship would be sufficient. This isn’t like the right-of-navigation operations against Libya (Action in the Gulf of Sidra -1986), or similar actions near Iran, China’s leaders are rational, have a vested interest in peace, and in control of their military. Any attack would be absolutely catastrophic for them. Any undue interference would be “caught on camera” and hurt their image.

    • Dirk Diggler

      Agreed - and it would also be good if it was multinational - gather the ships south of Japan and then steam on through.

  • George

    This was what president Eisenhower most afraid of : the industrial military complex. The military has the manpower and hardware. It gets bored when the world is stable and peaceful. The generals and admirals are afraid that they would lose their relevance in peacetime. This article is published by the military mouth piece to pressure the civilian leadership to create crisis. The perfect example was the Iraq invasion 12 years ago.

    Consequently, all the lieutenants got promoted to the majors and colonels. Colonels got promoted to generals. Majors got to appropriate millions of dollars in the war zone.

    And the defence companies got to sell more hardware to the military. And the American tax payers would foot the bill without complaints.

    All was well until the military got into a quagmire and thousands of soldiers lost their lives and maned all for the cause to enrich the military industrial complex.

    The navy got out of Iraq too easy, and got too lonely. So now the admirals want to get some actions too.

    The mouth piece whips up the emotions of the innocent American public.

    The military industrial complex lives on.

    • Carl Nemo

      Spot-on analysis George. Ike warned us in his farewell address. No one listened. Now we’re tax slaves to the MIC who in time will get us all killed…believe it!

      Carl Nemo **==

    • rose

      War make USA rich.

    • caracoid

      After forty years of hearing paranoids talking about the nefarious “military industrial complex,” never have I heard a shred of evidence to support its “underhanded back-door dealings.” Other than the patent phrases: “follow the money,” “doesn’t it seem like . . . ,” and “it just makes sense that . . . .” Well it makes sense if you’ve pieced together history through movies, television, self-published books, and the internet.

      Problem is, like all other conspiracy theories, you can’t combat it because you can’t prove a negative. It’s impossible to prove that Bigfoot doesn’t exist. We can have a pretty good idea through LACK OF EVIDENCE, but other than that if somebody wants to believe it-or any other crazy idea-there’s no way to prove them wrong.

      But, hey, conspiracists are never alone. About every other comment on this site is something conjured up in somebody’s primitive mind that has zero awareness of the Enlightenment, the Scientific Method, and other human breakthroughs that have taken us from a world of witches and Leprechauns into a world based on what we know is true.

      And judging from the blank faces or sudden onset deafness whenever I point this out to the wild-eyed, I’m not even sure if their brains are designed to understand it.

  • tealkin

    Maybe their should be a new military alliance in south asia between the nations that china is trying to intimidate along wirth the usa.

  • Chinesesuck

    as a world leader US must enforce freedom of navigation. These man made islands thief China stole from neighbors no one recognize as China sovereign. US has the right to travel near islands with bomb and nuke on Fort Worth ship. China barks

  • lulu

    It does not matter who or what the world said. As long as you have big guns & strong armies you will write history. Look at USA vs Irag, China vs Tibet, Vietnam vs Champa, Germany vs Poland, USA vs Apache/Navaho… the list goes on….

    • Nobody

      Those big guns something the WORLD does not want. I believe it has to be very boring sitting in an office and nothing happens, but when something happens it may happen nobody left to right the history of the world, You, and your children’s children will be annihilated because of your boredom.

  • Billy Nguyen

    Please do it rather talk only…. No Action Talk Only NATO

  • Greatodu

    It will be good judgement for the U.S. not to start a war it can not win. It did not win wars against North Korea, Vietnam, Iraq (where ISIS grew), Afghanistan and brought home casualties and dead. It may not win against China or Russia.

    • Lpc

      Agree! Mind our own business first, do act like a world police! It is a war without victory!

      • jim

        LPC. The re-education camp wants its excaimation points back.

    • Ken

      It’s all about politic and money. All these super power countries are players on a chess game. All the weak countries are just pawns. At the end of day all these players got their share of the pot. All politicians are dirty scammers.

    • Will Smith

      You might want to brush up on your history. North Korea’s army was totally destroyed during the Korean War. The Chinese became involved because they were afraid MacArthur was going to in invade China and they wanted North Korea as a buffer. Most of the North Korean army was actually trapped in South Korea when MacArthur executed an amphibious landing north of them at the Battle of Inchon. The Chinese died by the 10s of thousands in human wave assaults with many of them unarmed and instructed to pick up weapons from dead Chinese soldiers. The Chinese bodies were reportedly stacked 6 deep at the battle of the Chosin Resevoir. By that time there was not a North Korean army which had suffered almost all killed or wounded and virtually all of their equipment was destroyed. The US basically signed a truce with what was the Chinese Army. So calling that losing a war is a little misleading.

  • IamaGuest

    “Sending the destroyer deliberately within that demarcation would send a message to China that the US doesn’t recognize its territorial claims to the islands”


    “The [Chinese naval] ships were sailing in international waters in the Bering Sea and at one point reportedly came within 12 nautical miles of the U.S. coast.”

    So, does Brendan McGarry believes China doesn’t recognized American’s sovereign claim when they sailed within 12 nautical miles of the US Coast? If so, then howcome the Americans didn’t do anything about it? If no, then how can the US be sending a message to China that it doesn’t recognized their territorial claim by doing the same, sailing within 12 nau.miles of those islands?

    • G. Venable

      China did not encroach the 12 NM zone they sailed near it. China is building these islands on submerged reefs which can not be claimed by any country according to international navigation laws. So in other words these man made islands do not legally belong to China and the free navigation travel laws should be enforced.

      • oblatt23

        According to the US those laws have no standing and were never ratified.

    • Navyjag907

      Warships may make an innocent passage through another state´s territorial sea. We had no problem with what the PRC was doing around Alaska.

  • shooi dan tom

    Leave China alone. It s a 3rd world country trying to defend itself against invasion from_the US, Japan, Russia, Britain, Portugal, France, Germany…. by building in its front yard. China can t just sit there. China is just trying. Chinese could be doing what your_muslim, African, Mexican…… friends are doing. 100 million Chinese could be refugeeing_to America, Australia, Europe. ….. Think about that. Impact!!!!!


    This is Obama’s golden chance to boost America’s image as the world’s police and superpower. China is in clear violation of international laws and therefore must be put in their place. Not only will this help the Democrats image of being too soft when it comes to international affairs, it will somehow unite America with a common purpose. I would rather have an American superpower than any other nation on earth, that’s just how it is. Southeast Asia is the future of world economic power and the United States need to be the prime player in the region. The Philippines clearly made a mistake when it kicked the American bases out, not anticipating the danger of Chinese aggression. And now the Filipino government leaders are scrambling and begging for the American forces back. American presence in Southeast Asia will benefit not only the Philippines, but the rest of ASEAN! America is not perfect, but it sure is the best in the world!

    • Capt Obvious

      ASEAN doesn’t want to have to choose between China or the US. Many of the countries benefit from trade between one another (especially with China) but like to cling to the US for their military support.

  • Saulun

    Here is my suggestion :
    1. US. Navy conduct free air space across island
    2. US. Navy ship passing through international water
    3. During item #1 and #2 happening , people in USA that involved in the South Asia should protect at China consulate across US.

    • whitieboi

      Obummer hates white folks so much that he will use China and Russia to destroy the Usa by starting or provoking WW 3 !!
      Well done Obama, Kull those rednecks!!

    • Capt Obvious

      Simple air/sea transits through international waters will help establish the point that these territories are not up for dispute. If the Chinese want to bite back, then they’ll have to deal with the ramifications.

  • hoang

    no country in the world do something or behave violently,badly like china.thay are very provocative on almost everything…you name it.thay pose threats to the table region at peace by building manmade island in southern china sea which never belong to them as thay claimed historic ocean long before their ancestor passed down to them.thay can not even prove or have documents that prove the ocean is belong to them.thay also drawn the nine dot line…the whole southern china sea belong to them.this is very ridiculous.they don’t know what they doing or what they are saying.I think they are just grow up kid or tenager just being grown how thay can understand what thay are doing to the region as a whole and the world we live in.they are insane.they are dreaming something which never can be belong to them.the world not gonna seat quiet and see what they doing to the region and the world as a do not seat down,watch the time go by like the world war 2 what hitler do to the act today before too late

  • Eddie C


  • Sons of Adam

    The US is looking for war. China have to be prepared. US wants hegemony in the South China Sea. China had a history of invading hia and Asian countries. ITs time to make the South China Sea as US waterloo,

    • phycologist

      you are absolutely right.

    • Capt Obvious

      The US is not looking for war. This is another uneducated comment. The Chinese currency isn’t strong enough to stand on its own and its value is extremely tied to the US dollar. If we were to wage war against one another, it would be detrimental for the Chinese as well. Please do more research.

  • odonnet2

    I don’t think Pres. Obama with few months remaining in office will destroy his legacy of no WW3 under his reign to challenge a more advanced PLA naval fleet in the South China Sea. It is really a provocation to make advanced announcement of violating Chinese territories. There’s really nothing the U.S. can do if the Chinese sinks a bully U.S. warship on a suicide mission. What law applies if a man desires to commit suicide and dies for doing so?

  • Commander

    People still don’t know that China owns a trillion of US debt…. it will bring the US economy down whenever they want to

    • thanh

      i was told i will be a voluntary training ,so i can fly a one way mission Kamikaze to drop at chinese headquarter whit a Atom bomb to kill all them at once .caused they invaded all small country surround

    • Leo

      U.S will never bring the economy down. Forget the trillion debt if there is, it is only a matter of big mouth talking, in reality, none. China should be bombed now so that they will know what they’re doing by bullying small countries. China has nothing to do with the man made islands where ever they go, they are wrong. They trillion debt that you are saying will be vanished because they will pay the prize for violating international law (law of the sea)._China is a joke, they signed and agreed about the International law, the law of the sea, the 12 nautical miles limit but they are dumbed. I thought they’re very good in mathematical maters but for only 12 miles nautical limit they could not understand.

    • davec.0121

      Ah, but the Chinese are riding the tiger’s back on that issue. Pre-supposing they could “bring the US economy down”, what would that do to their own economy? I don’t think they could afford to write off a trillion dollars. In addition, we’re the biggest customer for their exports. We fall, they fall.

  • Youyou

    It will be stupid to fight with China. Let Vietnamese flight it.

  • Bob Vu

    Haha! Ho cho(dog) Minh and his gang VN communist party sold Vietnam island to China for weapon to invade South VN. They were dogs to their Master Mao. I want these dogs and their master fight each other and all die and vanish from this earth

  • Nano

    Must stop China what ever it caused. They are not Human anymore…They think small countries are animals. If someone give me power i will removed the artificial island and being greedy.

  • Benjamin Tan

    Bong Go
    When Obama run for reelection, China wanted him to win rather than Romny, because a second termer president would not be aggressive on foreign policy that would cause destabilization of world peace. A bad legacy. At nearing his(Obama) 2nd term, China and Russia started invasion of territories calculating that Obama would be reluctant to decisively respond as it will make his exit difficult. Prolonging to 2016 presidential election is the only acceptable option and was most welcomed by Russia and China as it bid them time to reinforced their military for a stronger position. At this point in time, even if the U.S. succeed in patrolling the SCS, other allied nations already lost their territories without the benefit of international law prevailing powerful bully nation. Moreover, given a few more years, China will definitely improve an strategic military infra over SCS to deter US patrol in the coming years, which could make it more difficult and complicated that once China decide to block, they will make sure they can win the battle. That the beginning of WW3. America , when signs indicative of military treat to allied nations pops up, should nip it from the bud.

    • Ed C

      Rule of thumb…whenever there is an election, the enemies of the US ALWAYS want a democrat elected….they know they’ll be easier to dominate.

    • blight_

      “a second termer president would not be aggressive on foreign policy”

      Second termers are lame duck and don’t have to worry about the next election.

      However this gives Congress incredible power to do what they want. Most second terms have the power shifted to the people with indefinite terms: the legislature.

  • leon

    If Obama doesn’t have the balls to do it I’m sure Putin will.

  • José

    U.S. can burn all the oil they want with their battle ships on that region which will only crowd more the already most gathering routes on that Chinese waters. A total waist of time and resources as nothing will change.

  • jes rumba

    China’s claim to the South Sea is a test for the United States to stand up against a charging bully. Creating a man made island, extending their own no zone illegally is a clear insult to the United States as a world power, maybe not anymore…

  • Tom

    China wants to take most of South China. US needs to stop China ASAP.

  • Jim

    Think! How will the PRC respond? The vessel that represents the tip of the spear should be on old ready to retire girl. Why? Any military planner will tell you why. The PRC is going to send out a flotilla of junks to ram and harass. Deny them the satisfaction of damaging a line ship. Lots of our support ships will be out there (we all know that), so why give the PLA Navy a real target when this is a freedom of the seas protest action. God, are all of our modern Obama-era Admirals stupid? From 2009 to 2016, all flag officers should be retired at O-8 (not O-9 or O-10), that is all they deserve.

  • james

    give chinese a lesson….very ambitious and arrogant..cripple them now rather doing it later…strike now while they are not yet full monster

  • Pete

    Whatever ship the USN sends in there - it needs to have a very STRONG hull. I’m prepared to bet you that Chinese patrol ships will ram any US vessel that goes inside that 12-mile radius from the Spratlys. The last thing we need is a stranded vessel in distress … so the hull on that American vessel needs to be able to “take a lickin’ and keep on tickin'”.

    • blight_asdfljk

      Krivaks were used to ram Ticos waybackwhen. Didn’t seem to have problems. Submarines also rammed each other.

      I can’t speak for LCS though.

  • HUNG

    Who believe OBAMA and his men will go to hell….talking never doing…cool feet

  • rodolfo lorayes

    People who have never been in real combat at sea land and air can talk so much about entering or provoking a combat situations, but I am sure they have some friends or even relatives who have been there.??? US may arrange for a diplomatic talks with the countries involved in the West Philippine Sea (SC Sea) to settle once and for all this problem. The results of the talk will guide all the nations what to do next with the //great American Navy leading .

  • leo

    Spratly Islands belongs to the Filipino People not for any country period. Philippines is very small country, and cannot fight militaristic and maybe lacking of military arsenal but they fight in any court for the right one against those violators. In any mandate of the law, if you violate it, subject to a prize. In other words, ignorance of the law excuses no once.

  • Ken

    Never trust the communist Vietcong, they alway playing trick on their own people. This is all an act. Their corrupted leadership sold most of these islands to the Chinese during the Vietnam war in exchanged for weapons and support to win the war. It was all dirty politic games.

  • Beef Stick

    U.S. media won’t cover this as well. None of the big outlets cover the Alaska incursions.

  • Nguyen Nguyen

    China will fight a day and surrender.

  • Funny

    Funny that the US has been making the fuss for about two weeks now while no action is taken. It is not that the US does not know the common sense that military actions should be speedy and before the enemies gain any knowledge. But the US really fear that the Chinese may take this opportunity to test their missiles.

  • Miguel Chamintes

    Why would we sail a war ship within 12 nautical miles of China’s manmade islands in the South China Sea? Just want to make a point that we are cable of doing that? What if China alarms us with the message “You are entering China’s territory” or sending their coast guard (or war ship) sailing with us side by side? Are we going to fire a shot? Are we looking for a local war in the disputed area? My opinion is asking Philippine (one of the claimant) to send their war ship to do the dirty job first!

  • @bitra6237

    I am totally support Obama and US navy to stop China violence !

  • BobSacamano

    If Obama actually gives the okay to deploy a ship to sail close to an island/islands in the South China Sea, he’ll also have to deploy his diaper! Of course if the Chinese were republicans, he’d be deploying with guns blazing and a snarl in his face!

  • mountainman1usa2002

    I say blow those man made islands out of the water….

  • Guardian Phantom

    Obama, do it. Obama, enough talk already. If you keep talking without actions, rogue nations have sensed your weakness, non-decisiveness, and your inferiority. And they will get bolder and many more of those rogue nations will take this opportunity of this presidency to cause unrepair-able damages. Do it, please

  • Watcher

    US keep Press release try to get their allied for support but none of them only Phil. the weakest even Australia refused to join US patrol within 12 miles because non of their business . Nuclear power China is not small nation like Iraq or Afghanistan to be bully by a world policemen.

  • sam watson

    FREEDOM, is a sacrifice that we must have and pay for, it does come cheap or free.
    china on the other hand, to own and to have ( that they don’t have ) they can copies or steal it, it a quickest and simplest that chinese knew how. using their population to gain control of other, but… their population can also be china worst enemy, remember this.

  • Alberto

    How is this destroyer supposed to sink any Chinese ships? It has no anti ship missile. A big embarrassment for the U.S.

  • Ed C

    What a difference in presidents…..if Reagan was president when they started building these, he would’ve had the whole 7th fleet drop anchor right offshore…..

  • Lex

    GO FOR IT! If we don’t there are more to loose. Guaranteed the Chinese won’t do anything. But if we don’t go sail thru the international waters we will send a signal that the won and own the backyard of the smaller nations.

  • John Moore

    Question is if the CH did shoot even a warning shot would Obama give the navy authority to fight back?

  • test

    lookie here