Video: Northrop Teases Sixth-Generation Fighter Design

A screen grab showing Northrop Grumman's new sixth-generation fighter concept from a commercial that premiered Feb. 7, 2016, during the Super Bowl. (Northrop Grumman)A screen grab showing Northrop Grumman's new sixth-generation fighter concept from a commercial that premiered Feb. 7, 2016, during the Super Bowl. (Northrop Grumman)

Northrop Grumman Corp., maker of the B-2 stealth bomber and the company chosen by the U.S. Air Force to develop a Long Range Strike Bomber, or LRSB, ran a new commercial this week during the Super Bowl showing its concept for a sixth-generation fighter jet. Check it out:

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  • Larry

    We of the Military community, active, reserve and retired are so thankful for these technological advances that do and have protect us on the ground. We as a nation are advanced in a multiplicity factor not an addition due to our civilian leaders willingness to seek out the brightest and best minds there are in our multi-cultural society. We seek highly educated civilian input and innovation to keep us years ahead of our enemies, thus allowing for a leaner meaner and more intelligent ground fighting force. Our American Volunteer Marines, Air Force, Army and Navy allows for times of draw down knowing a force will arise when the threat arises and we will prevail due to our peacetime research and development of Next Generation fighting equipment. We as a nation have learned from our failures of the past to be ready now for the future.

  • benamin

    Larry, what is the name of the planet you live on? URANUS??

  • Bill

    What the jet jockeys can’t accept is technology has passed them by. I can remember the same thing happening when the 1st electronic calculators came out The mechanical calc. companies poo-poo-ed as it as unfeasible. Friden-Singer produced a “last” great mechanical calculator. To make it smaller. it had counter rotating shafts on the same axis. To make matters worst, the main drive gear was plastic .. . buried in the heart of the machine. Guess what broke 1st ? ? O.K relating it to current times. The F35 costs $40000 an hour to fly. This is just for an incomplete aircraft, fuel and maintenance. It doesn’t take in support aircraft, tankers and AWACs.
    We also have submarines with Tomahawk missiles, which are largely fire and forget.
    Between the F35 and the Tomahawk . . .only one has been successful in the combat theater. But the jet jockeys keep fighting for a ticket to become an astronaut.

  • Founders1791

    Why on earth would you want to show our enemies designs of our military weapons? The ideas from America are the most valuable in the world and should be protected like gold bars.

  • BuzzSaw

    I’m OK with Larry’s lavish praise and comfort re the brilliant and innovative minds producing the incredible military hardware he exalts..
    What worries me is that in almost no time, moles at Boeing, L’Martin, N’Grumman, Ratheon, etc. have passed huge amounts of the
    “secret’ tech going into the hardware to their sponsors, i.e. China and Russia., esp the latter. The amazing modernization of the Soviet air force, mostly their fighters over only 5-7 yrs could not have occurred w/o considerable inside US DOD industries.

  • Artyom

    Почему решили, что такая форма крыла подойдет для 6-го поколения?

  • Sooo, more tax increase in these up in coming years I take it??

  • splasher6

    a manned aircraft limits the capabilities by a 100 fold. The F-22 should have been the last manned fighter, the F-35 should have never been made

  • bad wolf

    stargate sg1

  • Preston

    Cancel a few of these planes and we then can afford to take care of our veterans, you know, the ones that actually fought in a war. The VA fiasco simply highlights the failures of this government and the power of the MIC lobbyists, selling us technology we don’t need based upon some esoteric future threat at ridiculous prices and robbing those wounded in our past wars. Further, the costs of these new weapons are so high nowadays, they lose their primary reason for existence, which is utility. What good is a weapon that is too expensive to risk in a high threat environment? .

  • cuace

    Being a Broncos fan I wasn’t really paying much attention to the commercials. I saw it briefly and just assumed it was another Independence Day 2 trailer.

  • Chuck

    It is always good to have a diverse array of weapons, be it manned craft or drones. We have to make them cheaper , better , faster….therefore less complicated.
    The reason why TOP GUN was created was that the MiGs were very maneuverable, had good engines. The F4 Phantoms of the time were proof bricks can fly. Have many electronics in a plane is nice, but it is preferable they be made simpler so you can swarm the enemy. By the way our A10 Warthog is one great attack plane

  • Jack Handy

    When can we start spending our tax dollars on education and health care? How many stupid weapons do we really need?…..we would do more damage with TNT strapped to a Chinese made robot then any of that multi billion dollar crap.

    F’ing stupid…

  • itzscott

    Why do these things even need pilots?

    Why can’t they be flown remotely from some secret location??

  • Suds


  • Bob

    I’ve got a better teaser for you. Search for “U.S. National Debt Clock”.

  • Oscar_X

    You all do realize this is probably just deception. The tile of the article is wrong. It should be “6th Generation Fighter” and not “6th General Fighter”. This whole thing is just military disinformation.

  • bruce

    Chinese can’t wait to get there hands on the design, thank you U,S A.

  • Rick

    You meant, “Northrop Teases Sixth-Generation Fighter Design.”

  • Larry

    That’s funny, these look just like the images from the movie “Stealth”… funny that huh?

  • dasthakeer

    to my knowledge, these fighter have designed for outer space combat as well…

  • Stan

    It’s a cartoon, an artist’s concept.