Army Looks to Add Field Artillery Data to Handhelds

A Soldier uses Maneuver Aviation Fires Integrated Application, or MAFIA, application during the Army Expeditionary Warfighter Experiment at Fort Benning, Ga. in March 2015. (US Army photo)

The Army is upgrading and more widely deploying a cutting-edge battlefield force-tracking technology for dismounted Soldiers, enabling them to know the locations of their fellow Soldiers and more quickly find, identify, target and destroy enemy fighters.

Called Nett Warrior, the technology is a cell-phone-like device showing graphics on a small, digital moving map identifying fast-moving combat information.

“The power of this is to network the Soldier,” Lt. Col. Adrian Marsh, Product Manager, Ground Soldier System, told Scout Warrior in an interview.

The Army plans to more-widely deploy Nett Warrior, which has already been fielded with operational units, Marsh said.

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Kris Osborn
Kris Osborn is the managing editor of Scout Warrior.
  • stephen russell

    I would add these to handhelds:
    Logistics, Intel ( thru secure channel), Backup forces, Medevac alone to mix
    & planning firebases

  • AviationFan

    Hopefully there is some type of security system on these in case an enemy soldier takes one from an dead soldier. The enemy would be able to get the location of our forces on the battlefield.

    • blight_

      Just like Blue Force Tracker…?